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I shockingly agree with Vince Cable on the London Stock Exchange

2019-09-16 09:35:34

I put my hands up and admit there are some companies about which I just cannot get my head around their share valuation. One of these is the London Stock Exchange (LSE) which - from the perspective of its share price appreciation over recent years - has performed rather well. Yes, I get the natural monopoly angle and some well-timed expansions into different markets and different products, but a x54 P/E and a measly 0.5% dividend yield are starting metrics that indicate...enthusiasm rather than value. And then, of course, there are the range of critiques that this website has highlighted for example, here. Anyhow, back to me and Vince…


LSE AIM Statistics for June 2019 - these truly are awful stats for the “worlds leading growth market”

2019-07-06 13:33:49

The joke management of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) continues to insist that the AIM Casino is the world’s leading growth market. But the hard data from June 2019 shows once again that the fat cat LSE bosses are ‘avin’ a giraffe.


The Stock Exchange steals my cash because I am relatively efficient

2017-12-22 04:13:56

Via our broker,the London Stock Exchange (LSE) warned me that unless FIML and also my pension fund had what is called an LEI number by January 3rd it would be unable to trade. I filled in complex forms on behalf of FIML and applied. I handed over £138 including VAT and today FIML got its number.


So farewell then useless froggie Xaviet Rolet...our in-house poet writes

2017-11-30 01:30:07

Our in house poet EJ Somerville-Thribb, aged 17 3/4, offers up a few words on the departure of the CEO of the London Stock Exchange (LSE):


AIM fraud should be food for thought for Deutsche Boerse CEO Carsten Kengeter as lawyers lick their lips

2016-09-03 01:24:01

A chance encounter with a London lawyer whilst on holiday has drawn my attention to the issue of the useless regulation of London’s AIM market and how market forces may find a way to address the shortcomings so often bemoaned here on ShareProphets.  


London Stock Exchange Still in Denial on AIM

2016-04-29 23:42:49

I couldn’t make the London Stock Exchange (LSE) AGM on Wednesday but by all accounts it was more amenable than last year’s disgraceful affair at which bona fide shareholders were frisked and refused entry by boot faced, thuggish bouncers, but I am disappointed that the board still seems blissfully unaware of the reputational damage being inflicted on the LSE by the dysfunctional AIM Market.


Stock Exchange chairman Brydon tells AGM he reads Tom Winnifrith - as AIM Sheriff quizzes board

2016-04-27 05:00:14

Not only did I get into the AGM of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) but in response to one of my two questions chairman Donald Brydon fessed up to being a reader of my work, saying how glad he was that I had got in this year. And as I chatted to my new best friend afterwards up wandered the bogus Sheriff, Marcus Stuttard, head of the oxymorons at AIM Regulation and guess what?...He's a reader too.


London Stock Exchange AGM Wednesday - 89% of you think LSE will stop Tom Winnifrith from asking questions

2016-04-26 03:41:59

I shall endeavour, as the owner of two shares, to gain admittance to the AGM of the London Stock Exchange tomorrow morning. Im coming up from Bristol so may be a few minutes late but I trust that Lucian will be there for the 10 AM kick off at the Banksters Hall but it seems that only 11% of you reckon that the crony capitalists will take my questions on AIM fraud. We asked how the LSE would treat me - having barred my last year as its press office lied: You said:


Reader Poll: Will Tom Winnifrith get into Stock Exchange AGM next week & if not why?

2016-04-21 03:49:16

Tom has been assured by the London Stock Exchange that a share certificate and a passport will get him into the LSE AGM this year. But the same folks lied to him in 2015 so will he get in and if not why not? Vote now in our reader poll:


Want to join Tom Winnifrith & Lucian Miers as we storm London Stock Exchange AGM 27 April?

2016-04-21 02:59:45

The complacent and overpaid useless bastards who run the London Stock Exchange (LSE) hold an AGM at the Bankers Hall on Cornhill in the City at 10 AM on 27 April. I shall be there with a share certificate and passport and so cannot be denied access. Last year the press office lied to me and blocked my entry.


London Stock Exchange tries to screw us all – a broker complains

2015-09-08 03:52:35

One of London’s top brokers argues that the London Stock Exchange’s (LSE) lust for screwing the last nickel out of anyone it can is a disgrace and perhaps a sign that on a PE of 42 the shares are a sell. Despite an Oxford degree this fellow needs a grammar lesson so to spare his blushes I have semi-subbed accordingly? The broker writes: 


Am I being paranoid or does the London Stock Exchange not like me very much?

2015-09-03 05:37:15

As you know I was filming with the BBC today. I shall let you know when the programme is set to run. We started off with an interview on the 24th floor of a very tall building. If I look a bit green at the gills it is because I suffer from chronic vertigo so I really did not enjoy that much. Then we moved over to film a few shots outside the Stock Exchange…


Exclusive: How the London Stock Exchange Secretly Screwed investors over Daniel Stewart PLC clients

2015-05-14 01:27:35

In November of 2014 the Qualifying Executives in the Nomad team at Daniel Stewart, led by China fraud specialist Mr Paul Shackleton all quit and it was forced to tell those AIM Casino companies it represented that they needed a new Nomad or would be slung off AIM. I can now reveal that the London Stock Exchange then secretly screwed ordinary investors in order to avoid its own humiliation.


More China fraud thoughts post the LSE AGM & Good news on Afren

2015-05-02 08:28:56

Attending the London Stock Exchange (LSE) AGM on Wednesday was a profoundly depressing experience. It was like what one imagines a Communist Party Plenum in some third world country might be like, packed with muscular security and unsmiling jobsworths. Extremely un-British in all respects. A photocopy of a letter from my broker confirming my holding in the company was not deemed acceptable and I had to take a cab ride up the road to get the original.


Sorbic International and Naibu – All is well on the AIM Casino, according to the London Stock Exchange

2015-05-01 05:04:33

This must all just be a complete coincidence. Two AIM China companies have announced the sacking of their head honchos by the non-execs. Both are suspended pending financial clarification. Both have engaged Chinese legal firms to gain control of cash/assets of their respective companies.  Both apparently have plenty of cash, it is just a small issue that the cash seems to be stuck in China.


London Stock Exchange -- the AIM Casino is a tremendous success caption contest

2015-04-30 02:12:39

No prizes just a chance for folks to show their wit and to show their appreciation for the LSE in its heroic efforts to make the AIM Casino the success that it is. Perhaps shareholders in Arria NLG, Optare, JQW and other star performers today might be especially incentivised to enter. Post your captions in the comments section beow


LSE – Laughing Stock Exchange holds AGM for selected shareholders

2015-04-30 00:47:07

You couldn’t make this up: ShareProphets has piled scandal upon scandal on to the authorities at the London Stock Exchange (LSE), with particular reference to the (complete non-) regulation of the AIM Casino. And so, with a golden opportunity to face down the critics the LSE decided that it did not want Tom Winnifrith present. No matter that he is a shareholder, turning up with proof of ownership and photo ID. No matter that, as a journalist, he had already been given clearance to attend. No, the LSE didn’t want any awkward questions. Is that because they knew that Tom is correct, and that therefore they would not be able to answer?


London Stock Exchange Refuses me AGM entry as its press office lies – what is it scared of?

2015-04-29 05:28:23

Another day and another day refused entry to an AGM. This time it is the London Stock Exchange. Thanks to its press office for being a bunch of lying wankers – what exactly makes me so scary fellows?


The London Stock Exchange...I’m coming for you on April 29...calling the peasants to arms

2015-04-22 02:35:22

On April 29th the London Stock Exchange (LSE) holds its AGM and this is a call to arms to all you peasants out there, that is to say ordinary decent private investors who have been shafted and screwed by the way that the LSE has mismanaged AIM turning it into a crime infested casino. It is time to hold the Board of the LSE to account.


Who would like to attend the LSE AGM with Lucian and myself on 29th April – half price pizza after

2015-04-13 04:09:01

Ok I am up for it. In response to popular demand I will be coming up to London on April 29th in order to attend the London Stock Exchange (LSE) AGM to give the useless tossers in charge a hard time about fraud on AIM, both Chinese and otherwise. Lucian Miers is up for it, anyone else fancy a bunfight followed by pizza.


Should I go to the London Stock Exchange AGM to ask about China frauds?

2015-04-12 08:27:32

Whaddya think? Lucian Miers reckons that we should both buy a few shares (and this time I will have full documentation) and head along to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) AGM on April 29th to pick a fight over Naibu (NBU) and the other China frauds. Should we go?


London Stock Exchange plc – FY Results: This is why market regulation is failing

2015-03-08 03:24:31

To much fanfare the London Stock Exchange (LSE) announced its full year results for calendar 2014 this week. We had CEO Xavier Rolet all over the news, telling everyone what a marvellous success story the LSE is. Sure, it made plenty of money for its own investors, reporting adjusted profit before tax of £492 million. But what of the users of its products? How have they fared?


Buy London Stock Exchange (LSE): Finally Feeling The Benefit Of The Stock Market Surge

2013-05-05 08:05:28

Just why LSE made such efforts in the noughties and before to remain independent, rather than allowing itself to be swallowed up by an international / U.S. counterpart remains something of a mystery.

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