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Marks & Spencer – 'Never the Same Again'...

2020-05-20 09:49:59

Confession time first. I do own some Marks & Spencer (MKS) shares…they are though right at the bottom of my SIPP and equate to approximately 0.2% of portfolio value. Clearly I should get rid or stick to my own rules of having no position smaller than 1% nor greater than 10% (hello Barrick Gold!). If truth be told, I have been considering whether I should quintuple (or more) my holding. Today's full year (to the end of March) results seem like a good chance to consider when I pull the trigger…to buy or sell...


At least the incoming Marks & Spencer CFO knows how to admit a wrong strategy!

2020-02-11 09:50:00

I had a feeling that the Marks & Spencer (MKS) regulatory news update was something to do with a new CFO appointment. Longer-term readers may recall back in September last year I mused about the resignation of the wonderfully named Humphrey Singer, concluding that 'my guess is that Humphrey despite a big old salary and historic reputation just cannot quite cut it'. Today's news that in June this year 'Eoin Tonge will be joining the Board of Marks and Spencer Group PLC as Chief Financial Officer' looks positive…


Marks & Spencer – you know what happens when there are no believers...

2019-11-06 09:30:00

You all know I am a Marks & Spencer (MKS) shareholder and - as I described here a couple of months ago - my basic view that the recent harsher and focused management style of Archie Norman and Steve Rowe has given the company the most viable future potential backdrop for a generation. I still think this despite being down on my two quid odd average in price and the recent resignation (or push out?) of the CFO, who I do not think was up to that sort of a job. Today's half-year update ('far reaching change - delivered at pace') is a classic interim statement…


Why Marks and Sparks Has Lost Its Spark for this Old Punter

2019-10-02 08:35:37

Hello Share Takers. Gosh, it’s a heck of a long time since I sold all my Marks & Spencer (MKS) shares because they were static. I bought them for £3 a throw and what are they now, many, many years on? About 188p, that’s what...


Is it good or bad that M&S loses another CFO?

2019-09-23 10:20:50

So the weekend press story that the Marks & Spencer (MKS) chief financial officer Humphrey Singer was set to resign has been confirmed this morning. Naturally it is all nice words ('I feel privileged to be a part of the challenging but hugely rewarding turnaround at Marks & Spencer') but let's face it, no CFO exits into the night if something is about to go hugely right – especially after some well-publicised tough times…


Whilst some go back to school, M&S goes back to the FTSE-250: problem or opportunity?

2019-09-01 11:54:37

Investment is a credibility and confidence game. And part of this game is admitting that sometimes (actually quite often) you are wrong on shares.  But as always it is how you react that matters and with psychology being an important driver of share prices in the shorter-term, trying to work out what the average investor is thinking is part of the game.  


Quelle surprise - being the failed Halfords CEO doesn't make you a M&S clothing genius!

2019-07-12 10:15:24

Undoubtedly you have read in the press that embattled retailer Marks & Spencer (MKS) has just lost its fourth clothing chief in a decade. Apparently it is something to do with a lack of skinny jeans availability. Whatever...but it goes to show that M&S is still struggling to find its place in the modern day clothing retail market. Perhaps even more intriguingly Jill McDonald is going to be temporarily replaced by Steve Rowe, the current CEO of M&S...and ex-head of clothing. I cannot remember it doing that much better under his tenure...


Late May performance update: start of 2019 top shorted London-listed shares

2019-05-28 17:00:25

Early this year we showed the top shorted London-listed shares at the start of 2019. How's the performance at the late May bank holiday? (those in bold remain from 2018)...


Marks & Spencer says it is 'getting match fit' should you back the rights issue?

2019-05-22 10:00:23

Well a year has passed since I wrote on these pages that:


M&S, Smith & Nephew and PR puffery press articles

2019-01-06 07:28:28

I noted two different hope cycles in the weekend press commentary.  The first is a short term one based on the plethora of retail sector numbers that will be published over the next week or two. The headline that caught my attention was 'M&S’s (MKS) lifeline from last-minute spending spree' which seemed to be a straight extrapolation from the Next (NXT) numbers, which I wrote up last week.


The Most Frequently Tipped Companies by Professional Tipsters in November

2018-11-17 01:55:09

What blue chips do the "professional" share tipsters like and should we care?


This is a test article by Darren. Please do not delete

2018-06-13 09:43:24

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Marks & Spencer - 'interesting things are starting to happen'. Really?

2018-05-23 02:20:23

What to make of events at Marks & Spencer (MKS) over the last 24 hours? I last wrote on the embattled retailer back in July last year, concluding back then that:


On You Marks? Ready to Spark? Perhaps Not if you Heed a German Bank

2017-10-10 00:02:12

Hello, Share Puzzlers. What do you think might be the results of Marks & Spencer (MKS) for the second quarter of its year? If you are a long-time holder, you will not be very excited. I first bought this share at least 20 years ago. It was 300p a throw, quite a lot of money, then. Yet despite a huge devaluation of the pound and inflation the share is still only 349p today.


Marks And Spencer: the management better hope Margins Are Sustainable

2017-07-11 06:30:58

The macro news today showed a glimmer of hope for retailers with the UK British Retail Consortium (BRC) data showing a 1.2% rise in June like-for-like retail sales compared to a year ago.  All hail the hot weather and the Eid celebrations which apparently - according to the experts - helped out.  


Why Marks and Sparks Fails to Spark My Investing Fire

2016-11-30 01:08:23

Hello Share Squeezers. You have to love traditional institutions. Marks and Sparks (MKS) is certainly one of those. But apart from a purchase early on in my investing career (not far beyond the Iron Age) I have avoided the shares. Reason: I bought them at £3 plus and for most of the years ever since the share price has monkeyed about at roughly the same level.


Marks and Sparks' Flat Share Price Belies a Tasty Dividend

2016-06-02 02:52:01

Hello Share Tasters. As far as I can see the share price at Marks and Sparks (MKS) has not moved very much in the last 10 years. There have been some alarming peaks and troughs along the way. But its the overall flatness of the share price that’s the main reason why I sold all my stock some time ago - and won’t be returning. However, I can see the advantage of being on board for all those share shifters who relish tasty dividends. And with the general performance of most shares at the moment, who can blame them?


All That Super Yuletide Nosh Could Make Marks and Sparks a Tasty Punterooni.

2015-12-17 00:42:39

Hello Share Shufflers. I've been a bit wary of Marks and Sparks (MKS) on this scintillating website before now. But I'm beginning to change my mind. I still find its clothing range a bit bland. Though I'm, not a fashion expert, and maybe what I see as a bit bland is really exciting new fashion.


Marks Profits Sparkle, But Are They Still Worth a Punt?

2015-05-21 00:11:03

I got rid of my Marks and Spencer (MKS) shares a few years ago now. They were among my slowest moving stocks of all time.


Marks and Sparks May Not Spark This Time, Either.

2015-03-31 01:03:39

Hello Share Mates: I only rarely consider punishing a share on this glittering website, but even I, occasionally, succumb to a negative frame of mind.


Marks & Spencer– after the Christmas period, where now?

2015-01-08 00:38:44

When I had a look at the prospects for Marks & Spencer (MKS) last July - when the shares were trading at around 423p - I came to the conclusion that its shares could move well ahead, citing my subjective estimate of a possible potential extra one pound a share.


Sell Your Shares in the Rag Trade – It's Likely to Wear Out.

2015-01-08 00:38:10

Hello Share Shakers. Up-to-the minute research suggests that developing most cancers is a matter of bad luck, rather than lifestyle or diet.


Marks and Sparks Soar by 9% - But I'm Not Buying 'Em Back.

2014-11-06 00:44:54

Hello Share Twiddlers. Marks and Sparks (MKS) is a traditional British share I bagged almost the first day I started trading shares. And that was at the time of the Big Bang in 1987.


Marks & Spencer interims – time to buy?

2014-11-05 07:45:35

Christmas has come early at Marks & Spencer (MKS) – or almost: “Joy to the world” and “God rest ye merry gentlemen.” As a long term bull of the long awaited Marks & Spencer recovery these figures are an unsurprising pleasure and the shares have rallied to 439p. The market has for long taken progress on the food side as a given; a section of the business that can look after itself. And so it proved once again food sales up 3.6% in the first half and a quarter of one percentage improvement in gross margins on food sales. 


Marks and Spencer at 426p ‘ex’ a finance director. What does it mean?

2014-07-11 13:20:39

Two days ago I gave my opinion on Marks & Spencer (MKS) shares. Today its Finance Director announced that he is off to Tesco (TSCO). This is an understandable move for the man in question, Alan Stewart, and for Tesco where ‘every little helps’. Although, judging by Mr Stewart’s hefty salary increase to £750,000, plus a ‘golden hello’ worth a reported £1.73 million, his contribution is expected to be more than a little. 


Marks and Spencer at 420p: looking at the first quarter’s results.

2014-07-10 08:48:09

In the last year to 29 March 2014 we were told that the first fruits of restructuring and reforming Marks and Spencer (MKS) were starting to appear. The company had just started up its own new digital buying web site rather than relying on sales through Amazon and the important women’s’ ware had been revamped by someone with the credentials to do a good job. The first quarter’s results were thus looked forward to with the anticipation that horticulturalists have each spring. Were the green shoots appearing?


Marks & Spencer – 20% upside in share price at 445p

2014-05-26 01:44:03

Researcher Edison has published a non-commissioned report on retail giant Marks & Spencer (MKS) arguing that a recovery story is emerging. The report suggests this will be “evolution not revolution” – i.e. not rapid but suggests that the shares are undervalued at a 445p share price.


M&S Clothes: Mirrors & Smoke?

2014-04-14 09:59:28

Mirrors are important when selling clothes, smoke less so. So once the air had cleared on Thursday's latest M&S results, (the 0.1% rise in like for like clothing sales and the optimistic shoots of recovery); the markets reflected and stripped 3.1% off M&S's share price.


Buy Marks & Spencer at 442p after mildly disappointing trading statement

2014-04-11 09:00:31

The shares of Marks and Spencer (MKS), once the nation’s clothing retailer of choice and the very emblem of Britishness, saw its shares fall 3% to 442p, suggesting that the share price fall of 12% from last September’s peak of 520p had not quite discounted everything. It has now fallen 14.7% from that peak! Is this the time to abandon hope? Or has the fall gone far enough?


Whatever Next for Marks & Spencer?

2014-03-20 11:32:06

Amidst the doom and gloom of big high food street retailers, it's great to see the success story of Next stores moving through the gears, poised as they are to make more money this year than Marks & Spencer (MKS) for the first time ever. CEO, Lord Wolfson, noted the performance was “significantly ahead of expectations” and announced the company will pay a £75 million special dividend to shareholders to distribute surplus cash.


Long Live the Jewel in the Crown - ref Marks & Spencer

2014-02-20 07:37:34

Hello Share Shufflers: There I was with a difficult decision. Should I sell my Marks and Sparks shares (MKS) or should I dump another High Street outfit – Signet Jewellers (SIG)?


Marks & Spencer: a 23% share price gain in 6 months – what now?

2013-11-06 08:54:33

The first half results from Marks & Sparks (MKS) were positively received by the market with the shares at 507p a share last seen. So what next? 


The Case for Marks and Spencer

2013-07-07 22:43:43

Marks and Spencer (MKS) was once ‘made the weather’ in UK clothes retailing. But that was a long time ago. It was so successful on the high streets of the UK that it’s then commercial mission and revolutionary business model – essentially doing everything in-house from design to sales – was exciting material for management studies. M&S was the future and remained so for many years. 


That was until relatively recently as I noted at the weekend HERE in a discussion on Next.


Marks & Spencer vs Next

2013-07-06 00:44:39

Outwardly Marks and Spencer (MKS) and Next (NXT) seem similar business’s; although we know that Next has been a far better investment than Marks, as is shown by the relative earn-ings and dividend records.


Buy Marks & Spencer: Gap Fill Failure Buy Signal Targets 440p

2013-04-20 04:59:18

I am surprised that I have not been approached by private equity groups to launch a takeover of M&S at say no more than 600p a share to split up Middle England’s favourite retailer into a standalone grocer and a standalone fashion retailer. I am thinking a new Waitrose and a new Next (NXT). Presumably after this article on ShareProphets, Blackrock, CVC et al will be beating a path to my door.

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