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Reason to Hang onto Morrisons Shares as the Take-Over Tussle May Not Be Over

2021-08-11 08:10:50

Hello, Share Wonderers. What about shares in Wm Morrison Supermarket (MRW)? There’s a takeover situation which can see the price rise. But it’s also been argued on this illustrious website recently that it might be better to sell at the across-the-counter price now because if rivals walk away, we can expect the share price to retreat.


Wm Morrison – Apollo Global Management update, take profits?

2021-07-24 06:37:46

We previously updated on Wm Morrison Supermarkets (MRW) including noting Apollo Global Management stating that “it is, on behalf of certain investment funds managed by it, in the preliminary stages of evaluating a possible offer for Morrisons” meant that we could still see further upside potential with a competitive bid situation developing. There has now been a further announcement from Apollo.


Wm Morrison – recommended offer, but is there still more to come?

2021-07-06 17:31:00

Wm Morrison Supermarkets (MRW) is “pleased to announce” a recommended offer for the company from Fortress Investment Group at 252p per share plus a 2p per share dividend. That compares to a 181.75p offer price recommendation on this website just in January this year...but also a current 267.5p share price. Why the latter?...


Good news at Morrisons (and possibly Playtech)

2021-07-04 16:16:31

A couple of stories to think about this Sunday.  The first has got to be a 252p-a-share offer for Morrisons (MRW) by Fortress with their range of interests including a Canadian pension giant (and which is also owned by the Japanese investment giant SoftBank).  So two bits of difference versus the news from a few weeks ago.  First, it is not from a US focused private equity interest (with assistance from the ex-Tesco CEO Terry Leahy), and second, it is better than the previous big of 230p-a-share bid. 


Bid discussions at Morrison

2021-06-20 14:35:22

It has been quite exciting this weekend reading about one of my favourite FTSE 100 plays, even if the index has naturally remained closed (even I am not enough of a saddo to need the markets to open on a Saturday or a Sunday).  Last Friday I wrote about Tesco (TSCO) but I also mentioned that ‘if you do want to buy more of a UK food retailer then I would suggest reading my Morrison (MRW) piece from last month HERE‘. Well that looks pretty smart as a story broke yesterday that ‘buyout giant CD&R weighs £5.5 billion takeover of supermarket chain Morrisons’.  That does not sound too shabby given its £4.3 billion market cap at Friday’s close. 


Morrisons is still rudely unloved

2021-05-11 10:44:00

Back in early January I observed that ‘Morrisons (MRW) is rudely unloved’. Since then the shares have done very little, but this morning’s update is another indication that the stock remains cheap – and that Morrisons is a good place to do your food shopping too.


Wm Morrison – full-year results, still an Income Buy

2021-03-14 17:23:35

Wm Morrison (MRW) has announced its results for its year ended 31st January 2021 and that it is confident it can continue momentum into the new year, expecting both profit growth and a significant reduction in net debt.


Wm Morrison – an Income buy?...

2021-01-15 15:25:21

We’ve produced an update on a positive trading statement from J Sainsbury (SBRY) but it is not the only one in its sector that, despite recent gains, looks to offer long-term income value...


More Reasons to Buy More Shares in Morrisons

2021-01-11 08:10:20

Hello, Share Scrapers. My holding in Morrison (MRW) the supermarket is one of those stocks I wish I’d sold ages ago. After many years, I’m still nursing an 8% loss. But things are improving for it and among the four big British supermarkets it’s gaining market share. Also, with the lockdowns, sales are well up, with supermarkets staying open and still also selling unimportant stuff.


Morrisons is rudely unloved

2021-01-05 10:21:30

It is good to be back writing a few thoughts on UK stocks. Another time I will update some views on a few names such as GVC, which renamed itself Entain (ENT) back in December. What a last few months for it, and the Americans now want to buy it. I also need to do an update on my old pal DS Smith (SMDS), which performed very strongly whilst I was not watching the markets. And on a whole load of other favourites I will update over the next month or two. I am going to leave Next (NXT) to the experts, as an 8% odd romp in the share price has pushed it to crazy levels, and focus here on Wm Morrison (MRW) instead...


More Reasons to Look at Morrisons

2020-09-17 08:14:00

Hello, Share Pals. It’s hard to see why supermarkets are not scorching ahead during this pandemic. They're among the few retail operations that have stayed open throughout and so competition for non-food items has been very weak...


Wm Morrison: we don't make that much money, honest Guv...

2020-09-10 10:33:27

I shop reasonably frequently in my local Wm Morrison (MRW) store and generally I have a positive view, a perspective I have generally applied to the shares too. Last month, I concluded that the company was in a good position including its savvy hook-up with some small distribution partner called Amazon. Today's interim results to 2nd August are headlined 'responding and growing' and these two attributes are absolutely at the core of any appraisal that needs to be done...


Morrison Makes a Bigger Profit - and before the Panic Buying

2020-03-19 08:21:27

Hello, Share Troopers. Even the worst of economic disasters can provide a boost for some firms. Purveyors of pills, potions and medical gear are an obvious choice. As are supermarkets as the less-than-enlightened keep on panic buying. The manager of one of my local supermarkets was called to the till yesterday to settle a dispute over a loaf of bread...


More Reasons to Sell My Shares in Morrisons

2020-01-14 08:08:21

Hello, Share Scrapers. Morrison (MRW) and Tesco (TSCO) are the two British supermarkets in which I still hold shares. I’m happy about the Tesco investment because I still think of it as a recovery play, after some big set-backs a few years ago now. But I don't really know why I still have Morrison because the shares continue to disappoint...


Wm Morrison – no fire and brimstone but workable

2019-09-12 09:30:57

I quite like Wm Morrison (MRW) as a company and reasonably regularly go to my local store. Back in January I observed that 'I think the shares are cheap but I might be waiting a bit of time for my (target of) three quid share price. I guess if you hold, you keep on holding but it is not a top ten tip for me or anything'. In the interim eight months or so, the share has been sideways-to-down albeit compensated by a near 3.5% yield, which has been augmented by a special dividend – which helps takes the remuneration yield to well over 4%. Today's update is a bit of a mix of push and pull…


Why I Might Sell My Holding in My Favourite Store

2019-01-14 01:12:19

Hello, Share Followers. Though I’ve held my Morrison (MRW) shares since Adam took up gardening, I’m not sure I should continue my loyalty. For a long time, the shares have been going nowhere. I was up 10% at one stage, but I’m back in negative territory now. However, I do like the stores more than those of rivals Tesco (TSCO) and Sainsbury (SBRY)...


You Won't Be Off Your Trolly by Checking Out What Could Be the Best of the Supermarket Bunch

2018-04-03 00:15:21

Hello, Share Cats. For many years I’ve held shares in the Morrison (MRW) supermarket empire. I am still about 10% down on my choice. I also hold Tesco (TSCO) and Sainsbury (SBRY), but I save my highest hopes for Morrison. In fact, my Tesco and Sainsbury shares should have been sold years ago.


More Reasons to Avoid Morrisons and other British Supermarkets

2018-01-10 01:04:09

Hello, Share Stackers. Of the four big British supermarkets, I have the most hope for my holding in Morrison (MRW). This is not saying much, as I think they all suffer in comparison to the cheaper prices offered by the Germans. Aldi and Lidl still attract my custom more than Tesco (TSCO) and Sainsbury (SBRY). And I know I’m not the only one. But Morrison reports a bouncy Christmas.


Morrison's beats the Christmas retail blues with friendliness

2018-01-09 02:58:25

I know I have been loving up Tesco (TSCO) recently, but time today to talk about its Northern heritage industry peer Morrison (MRW) whose Christmas trading statement today observed that:


Morrisons Could be the Most Hopeful Share Among British Supermarkets

2017-04-12 00:21:15

Hello Share Pullers. Sometimes we keep shares due to inertia. There are some less than great performers in my bag which have been there for years and so have the status of being a bit hard to trade. I have this illogical urge to get all my money back first.


Why Supermarkets May Not Be a Super Investment in 2017

2017-01-06 01:25:23

Hello Shares Casters. Though I’m bullish about UK shares generally, and while I hold quite few shares in Tesco (TSCO), Sainsbury (SBRY) and Morrison (MRW), I am worried about the ability of supermarkets to shine in Shareland in 2017. I suppose of all three stores, I’m most optimistic about Morrisons.


Morrison Profits Up - but I'm Still Wary of British Supermarkets

2016-09-16 00:06:20

Supermarket shares are to be treated cautiously in my view. I say that even though I am a long-term holder of Tesco (TSCO), Sainsbury (SBRY) and Morrisons (MRW). All are currently showing red in my portfolio.


Despite Rising Food Costs, There Are More Reasons to Look at Morrisons.

2016-03-14 01:34:46

Hello Share Wangers. It’s a dangerous game commending supermarket shares. I’ve done so before and been largely disappointed. But I do rather like the look of Morrison (MRW).  Though ever since I've held this stock, the price has been ticking down.


A Few More Reasons to Give a Second Chance to Morrisons.

2015-12-14 01:36:34

Hello Share Squirters. About six years ago I bought some shares in Morrisons (MRW). And I immediately regretted it. And that was before all the hoo-ha about Lidl and Aldi taking the customers of the big British supermarkets.


More Reasons to Buy Morrisons.

2015-10-15 00:01:24

Hello Share Monkeys. Good old Morrisons (MRW). It has decided to spend £40 million pounds to boost the pay of 90,000 shop workers to £8.20 an hour. That's a tasty improvement on the present rate of £6.85.


Zak Mir's Bear Call Of The Day: Morrison Supermarkets: Danger Of Dive To 150p

2015-05-30 00:55:42

It would appear that one of the major casualties of the deflationary scenario that we have at the moment in the UK is the way that the supermarkets have been struggling to survive on a fundamental basis. This crisis is reflected on the daily chart of Morrison.


Changes in disclosable net short positions - week to 01/05/2015

2015-05-07 01:20:44

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details changes to net short positions in the last week (red if short increased, green if reduced)...


Why you can call Morrisons shares better than overpaid City analysts

2015-03-12 05:57:42

One of the biggest fallacies of this whole investment game is that a sensible individual investor cannot beat the professionals expensively employed in the City of London.  As – I guess – a previous member of this latter club let me tell you a little secret: you can…and even in the trading in the largest of large companies out there.  Believe me the debate on Tesco (TSCO) on this website was far better than in most ‘professional’ circles. 


Good, good, good…bad: earnings season update time

2014-11-07 08:55:46

Thursday and the first part of Friday kind of went well for some of the shares I have discussed on these pages. Randgold Resources (RRS) proved again why it is really the only larger cap gold company to worry about.  Rising production?  Tick. Cash costs below US$700/ounce?  Tick.  Ungeared balance sheet?  Tick.  High reserve grade and exploration potential?  Tick.  It is good to see the shares back above the £40 level again – and I think they have much further to go.  Gold shares are horribly out-of-favour but when you have a company with the above attributes and who only build and develop mines from the perspective of US$1000/ounce gold you have a buffer.  Good news too that ebola has had no impact in the areas of Africa they are mining in.  Buy any dip. 


Morrisons begins Fighting Back with Match and More

2014-10-12 09:13:51

For quite a while, I believe that Morrisons (MRW) has lagged behind the competition in the supermarket sector. It’s been years behind Asda, Sainsbury’s (SBRY) and Tesco (TSCO) in terms of online shopping.


Morrisons – reiteration now and a surprise to follow?

2014-09-11 10:24:26

It would be fair to say an interim results statement from Morrisons (MRW) that reiterated their profit range and debt reduction hopes for the current financial year was not a consensus view amongst the (to quote a Chancellor of the Exchequer of yesteryear) ‘teenage scribblers’ that populate the professional analytical ranks of the City’s investment firms.  Still, sentiment towards the company feels as low as it was when I first wrote on the stock a couple of months ago.  The shares are certainly still kicking around the 170s. 


A Tale of Two Checkouts – And I Choose Morrisons

2014-08-29 07:22:55

Hello Share Swingers: Generally speaking, I hold no truck with silly supermarket shares. Firstly, they are boring. They go up a bit, the come down and then regain their old value. But they never seem to get anywhere.


Should you put Morrisons shares in your shopping trolley?

2014-07-17 09:25:44

At the start of the year a Morrisons’ (MRW) share was worth about 270p, whereas today you can own a stake in the UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain at a share price in the 170s.  So much for supermarkets being defensive businesses, but is there any hope for this chain?  


Morrisons: The Billy Crystal Connection

2014-03-28 10:43:46

I confess: "When Harry Met Sally" remains my all time favourite romcom.  In an early scene, no not THAT scene, Harry teases Sally over her lack of carnal experience. She defends herself, "I had great sex with Sheldon". Harry retorts..".A Sheldon can do your income taxes, if you need a root canal, Sheldon's your man."...Sheldon is not your man for passion.Which brings me to Morrisons...


Morrisons: The Axe Man Cometh

2014-03-14 16:12:51

Following on from this week's results, there are rumblings from Morrisons (MRW) in Bradford: range cuts are coming. This is serious and, if confirmed, mirrors Archie Norman's "Sauna" process of the mid 1990s at Asda.


More reasons to shop at Morrisons

2014-03-13 12:56:06

If there was any doubt about the severity of the challenges facing Morrisons - yesterday’s quarterly figures from Kantar World Panel which showed a real-terms 5.1% decline on the same period last year, and this morning’s announced losses of £176m  - nail them. Morrisons is in play.


WM Morrison: buy of the year?!

2014-03-03 12:43:45

I accept that the words “excitement” and “WM Morrison” (MRW) don’t usually go hand in hand. Even so, today I feel surprisingly exhilarated to have opened a position in the beleaguered supermarket chain. Despite the relative dreariness of WM Morrison’s business, this has the potential to be one my most exciting trades of the year, as I explain below.


William Morrison: Buy the assets at 238p a share and get the earnings free - or almost free. BOGOF!

2014-02-13 08:45:12

Supermarket William Morrison (MRW) has underperformed the market by nearly 20% over a year and by 66% over 5 years. Below I explain why I believe it’s still a buy.


Wm. Morrison Supermarket: a jolly attractive share for dividend and assets?

2013-04-05 16:00:27

I can remember when William Morrison (MRW) was once the most fashionable share in the food retailing sector. Not only fashionable, but exotic too; an emergent hitherto unknown northern kind of retailer, that was culturally different; more direct and tougher than softer southern food retailers like the then Tesco and Sainsbury. In stock market terms it was a bit like one of the heroes from one of those gritty fifties novels set in the north like ‘This Sporting Life’ and the ‘Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner’. 

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