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Mothercare to shut its 79 UK stores and sack 2,500 workers: Quelle fecking surprise!

2019-11-04 10:39:26

It was only a week ago that on orders from the evil PR spinners at Mothercare (MTC) the Sunday Times was running a puff piece about how the company was bringing in “restructuring experts” to look at its 79 UK stores (having shuttered another 55 in a CVA not that long ago) which racked up losses of £36 million last year. How time flies for the discredited deadwood press. Today Mothercare has called in the administrators for its UK stores.


Clearly Mothercare and Cobham are stuck in some kind of bizarre time loops

2019-10-27 11:03:56

It has been five months since I last wrote on troubled retailer Mothercare (MTC) where I observed that it was ' all sorts of terminal problems...and good luck to anyone who wants to pick up its UK franchises'.  That advice still appears to be on the money as apparently the company 'drafted in restructuring experts to assess options for its troubled UK business'.  Oh dear...  Start the chalking up for another win for the troubled and evolving retailer backdrop.  


Mothercare – “refinancing, restructuring and reorganising… to ensure a sustainable future”. Is there?

2019-05-24 14:30:58

Mothercare (MTC) has announced results for its year ended 30th March 2019, emphasising they reflecting “a huge amount this year, refinancing, restructuring and reorganising Mothercare to ensure a sustainable future for the business”. Is there?...


Mothercare needs a fantastic Christmas in...Moscow, Beijing and Jakarta (and the UK!)

2018-11-22 02:30:21

Oh Mothercare (MTC). It has been eight months since I last wrote about the self-styled 'leading global specialist retailer for parents and young children'...and once again the shares are kicking around just a couple of pence away from (all-time I believe) lows…


Mothercare: it is as if the Titanic changed skipper after it hit the iceberg

2018-04-08 04:45:00

And so in a surprise move Mothercare (MTC) fired its CEO Mark Newton-Jones last week and replaced him with David Wood who has a great CV and is, I am sure, a terribly good fellow. We were told the same about Newton-Jones four years ago. But as with the Titanic the iceberg has already struck and it is too late.


Mothercare - This is just not going to end well

2018-03-05 02:10:33

I have been a long term bear of Mothercare (MTC) on the simple basis that I do not see it as having a USP any more. It is a pointless dinosaur like Toys R' Us. The latter is already toast as of last week, the most recent trading statement from Mothercare indicates that it will go the same way.


The Dark Destroyer warns that Mothercare won't exist in two years time

2017-11-24 01:27:38

I was uber bearish on Mothercare (MTC) in yesterday's bearcast and could easily see it go to zero as I explained in full. My confidence in that assessment is reinforced by comments made by Matt Earl, the Dark Destroyer who is the Mothercare specialist in the global shorting conspiracy.


Mothercare – interims emphasise “progress”, so why are the shares a further more than 16% lower?

2017-11-23 07:59:29

A half-year report from Mothercare (MTC) includes “we are on track with our transformation plans for our business, with like-for-like sales in the UK growing 2.5% and gross margins up by 34 bps year on year, in the first half. Across the business, we continue to invest and make progress, developing the Mothercare brand into a digitally led, global specialist”. So why are the shares currently a further more than 16% lower, at circa 70p?...


Mothercare - The turnaround story which might finally be on the turn

2016-07-16 02:29:35

Mothercare (MTC) has been a potential turnaround story for the past several years, and has doubtless tried the patience of many long-suffering investors. Thursday saw the release of a Q1 trading update.


Mothercare – how low will it fall?

2014-07-28 14:13:53

Mothercare (MTC) shares are down by 10% to 234p today as Destiny Maternity formally pulled out of a bid approach. Quelle frigging surprise! The only question is how low the stock will fall? Ask the experts.


Exclusive: Evil Knievil: Biggest short is now Mothercare and a Racing Nap & Market Comment

2014-05-15 09:32:55

Bear raider Evil Knievil has revealed to me that his biggest short position is now Mothercare (MTC). Evil opened his position at north of 170p ten days ago and the shares are now 157.25p, off another 2.5p today. Knievil warns that a big collapse is on the way.


Mothercare: When the wind blows

2014-05-09 05:59:42

Mothercare, the UK's iconic retailer in all things baby and toddlers, is having it's cradle rocked.


Mothercare at 170p – Target price 0.01p (generous): look at the balance sheet

2014-05-07 08:53:39

This is a train wreck. At 170p Mothercare (MTC) is capitalised at £150 million. But this company is essentially worthless – just look at its balance sheet. My target price is 0.01p and I am being generous because I am in a good mood.


Mothercare at 178p, a speculative buy at a massive 78% market cap discount to revenue

2014-04-11 12:25:54

Away from the flat fortified wine of the Marks & Spencer (MKS) trading statement to the bubbling champagne and apple pie of the Mothercare (MTI) statement. Having driven shareholders to despair in Q3, along with the departure of CEO Simon Calver (appointed in April 2012), the Q4 Mothercare results did the reverse. The shares rose 14.6% to 187p. Bears did not know if they were coming or going and former bulls found themselves lifted out of the gutter to smell fresh air and coffee again.


Mothercare: No Raison d’etre - sell

2013-01-15 06:32:23

The Christmas trading reports from the retailers do not make for pretty reading. There are some who simply cite consumer confidence (or lack of it) in austerity Britain. But I would suggest that there are far wider structural changes afoot, ones that make me wonder if some companies really have a raison d’etre at all going forward. If it did not exist already would anyone bother to establish Mothercare (MTC)? Somehow I rather doubt it. Certainly when it publishes its Christmas trading statement on Thursday it will be grim.

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