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China AIM fraud Naibu – NEDs who failed & took their dosh now take Pinsent Masons & Daniel Stewart to Court

2018-07-09 09:57:48

At the last AGM of Naibu (NBU) before it was booted off the AIM casino I attended its AGM, held at the offices of its Nomad Daniel Stewart, and accused the company of fraud.  Only the NEDs were present - Chinese executive directors failed to show. As I asked about a loan to the CEO’s mum that had not been repaid, the NEDs said they were unaware of this.  I pointed out where the loan was referenced in the annual report and the NEDs said they would go away and investigate. They did not. Only when they stopped getting paid did these useless upper class twits start to ask questions. Wind forward to today and it is time to shift the blame.


Naibu – SHOCKER filthy forty update and litigation news. Who's in the frame?

2017-06-22 01:59:44

Out of the blue this morning, we have had an update from ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty Naibu. This was an obvious fraud and delisted in 2015 when the money stopped flowing and Houyan Lin disappeared. But the board decided to stand up to be counted. They may have been taken in and signed off on all sorts of lies, but they have been pursuing the case and today have also announced that viable legal causes of action look to exist to go after certain of the various professional advisers who were involved at the time of the flotation.


The fraud Naibu - the NEDS report back - sheer 100% AIM Casino comedy

2015-12-15 10:38:42

Our coverage of the AIM Casino fraud Naibu (NBU) was detailed and we called it out as a fraud openly more than six months before its shares were suspended. Staff at Daniel Stewart (DAN) knew it was a fraud and did nothing. The NEDS were in denial when I ambushed them at the AGM - HERE. The NEDS and Daniel Stewart staff were a bunch of upper class twits who patronised me and failed investors. But now it is mea culpa time. The hooray Henry's who took the Naibu shilling as NEDS have today published a full update on what is going on. It is horriffic reading.


Naibu - non-executive director update a further reminder of China investment peril

2015-12-15 08:05:37

With the company’s shares having been suspended and then cancelled from AIM in the first half of this year, the non-executive directors of Naibu have updated on developments. Unsurprisingly, things ain’t looking good! …


Naibu - the smoking guns that show it was an AIM fraud from day 1

2015-05-25 06:31:43

Naibu (NBU) joined the AIM Casino on April 5 2012 and from that day to the bitter end it always insisted that it had zero debt and cash of c£40 million. That was, as I shall demonstrate below, one monstrous lie. And this now brngs to the fore the whole issue of all the other China frauds on AIM claiming to be drowning in cash and debt free and the pathetic regulation of this whole shambles.


Exclusive: Which AIM CEO has been in gaol since mid-November? The casino’s darkest hour is now

2015-03-01 06:09:42

Yes you read the headline correctly. The CEO of an AIM listed company has been languishing in prison since mid-November and no-one has been told about it. Two Nomads, the non-execs, AIM Regulation you stand accused of contributing to the darkest hour of the Casino. Anyone who has bought shares since the incarceration you know who to sue. Surely heads must roll?


Tungsten, Naibu & Afren – 3 big bear wins on the way

2015-02-23 05:42:46

The disappearance of the Executive board at Naibu (NBU) will come as no surprise to those who follow my writings. It caused quite a stir in the investment community even making the front page of the FT


China – AIM just does not get it – shocking revelation

2015-02-22 02:22:47

AIM is owned by the London Stock Exchange and regards itself as the junior market for the world. I regard it as a casino and its regulation department headed up by Marcus Stuttard, the self-styled Sheriff of AIM, as the biggest joke in London. I now have a shocking revelation for you which exposes the conflict of interest which will destroy what little credibility the casino still has.


Naibu – Comedy and Tragedy – you cannot say I did not warn you

2015-02-18 05:30:51

The statement today from Naibu (NBU) is comedy. This is such a slam dunk fraud I cannot see why we bother pretending otherwise. The tragedy is that with the shares still suspended investors face a 100% wipe-out. I turn to the statement and also to the roll of shame and how this MUST BE CAREER ENDING for some folks if AIM Regulation is to retain any credibility. Are you reading Marcus Stuttard, the phoney “Sheriff of AIM”? The Real Sheriff has a message for you too. Let’s start with the statement which comes after a suspension on January 9 as the NEDS sough clarification of Naibu’s financial position.


Five ways to reform AIM – a market veteran writes

2015-02-14 04:50:57

A reader who knows AIM from the other side writes in with some fairly draconian suggestions for reforming the AIM Casino. He clearly knows what he is talking about and I have real sympathy with the points he makes. Will the casino take any of them onboard? Our correspondent writes: 


Rangers FC: Paul Shackleton – You’d never represent a crook would you, er hang on?

2015-02-07 02:21:14

I shall turn to the matter of the forthcoming Rangers FC (RFC) EGM later but the high-handed statement signed off by its adviser Mr Paul Shackleton of WH Ireland yesterday should be viewed in light of a shock revelation I serve up today about his own actions (or inactions) regarding AIM listed China fraud Naibu (NBU).


An Open Letter to Big Ray Zimmerman of ZAI re his fraudulent client Naibu

2015-01-30 05:58:46

It is now three weeks since shares in Naibu (NBU) were suspended from the AIM casino pending clarification of its financial position, notwithstanding the fact that it claimed to be profitable, cash generative and to have net cash of £32 million – a multiple of its market cap. In light of this I have again written to Big Ray Zimmerman of ZAI Corporate Finance, Nomad to this fraud because the implications of the fraud are severe for not only Naibu but also ZAI, Daniel Stewart (DAN) and the other members of the Fujian four – China Chaintek (CTEK), Camkids (CAMK) and Jiasen (JSI). Plus for good measure JQW (JQW).


Naibu, China Chaintek, Camkids, Pinsent Masons and Crowe Clark & an open letter to Ray Zimmerman of ZAI

2015-01-22 04:35:10

Shares in the fraud Naibu (NBU) were finally suspended on the AIM casino on 9 January 2015 after the NEDS woke up and requested clarification of the financial position of a company claiming to be cash generative and drowning in cash. How long does it take to check this out? What next?


The end of squalid China fraud Naibu - who is next?

2015-01-10 02:46:26

As predicted just days ago, I see that the non-executive directors at the squalid China Fraud Naibu (NBU), “experienced” accountant Giles Elliot and “experienced” lawyer David Thomas have extracted their heads from their arses and had the shares suspended. 


Happy New Year At Naibu

2015-01-08 04:55:22

What a surprise: on the first trading day of 2015 Naibu (NBU) announced that it has lost its Finance Director.  After two years as a public company it rather looks like Naibu is shutting up shop and disappearing into the night.


Daniel Stewart – Two clients suspended – who will be next

2014-12-04 02:59:00

As we know Daniel Stewart (DAN) has lost its NOMAD licensed. Not because it floated a series of frauds which it did. But because its staff, its Qualifying Execs have all quit. So the individuals who earned whacking bonuses for floating frauds can now float frauds elsewhere. This is shocking – there is no personal sanction for them. But this means that Daniel Stewart’s PLC clients must now find a new Nomad or they will be booted off the AIM Casino. Carnage ahoy, two down, who is next.


Naibu: Even House Broker Daniel Stewart Gives Up, forecasts, stance, targets all suspended

2014-11-25 01:22:22

Daniel Stewart earns £6,250 + VAT pcm for being Nomad and broker to China fraud Naibu (NBU) – it needs the cash. But its latest note from respected analyst Simon “Wincey” Willis shows that even it has had enough. All forecasts, recommendation and target price have been withdrawn. It seems that even Daniel Stewart is alarmed by this total joke for reasons I explained yesterday HERE.


The Fraud Naibu lies again – you could not make this up (but Daniel Stewart believes it)

2014-11-24 02:58:06

The China fraud Naibu (NBU) has today served up a ghastly profits warning but it gets better – it has now changed its excuse as to why a company supposedly drowning in cash has had to scrap its dividend. But Nomad Daniel Stewart, the specialist in floating China frauds, has signed off on the ludicrous statement so that is alright then. Another £6,250 pcm retainer saved for Daniel Cesspit. Ching. Ching. Coke and hokkers all round.


Naibu – a Damning Indictment of the failure of regulation on the AIM Casino

2014-09-20 08:13:42

Shares in China fraud Naibu (NBU) bounced to 27p at the tail of the week. That is a dead cat bounce. This is a fraud and the shares are worth 0p. But the episode shows just why regulation on the AIM Casino is such a total joke.


GOTCHA! Naibu - The bombshell revelation - surely the shares must be suspended NOW

2014-09-17 21:02:45

I do hope that someone round at Daniel Stewart, Nomad and Broker to AIM listed China fraud Naibu (NBU) has learned to read Chinese since the crony capitalists FAILED to do adequate due diligence on this POS before it listed. Because I have a little press cutting for you chaps from 2008. If you are not too busy spending the £600,000 you have made in fees from Naibu in the past 18 months you need to read it and then resign at once as Nomad and broker and have the shares suspended. This is a bombshell.


Daniel Stewart, Abchurch, AIM Regulation are you ready - Its a Gotcha on Naibu at 7 AM

2014-09-17 17:20:54

I hope that Daniel Stewart and upper class twit PR buffoons Abchurch Communications have enjoyed spending the vast fees they have earned in assisting China fraud Naibu (NBU) to list on the AIM Cesspit. And I hope AIM Regulation are ready because at 7 AM the Sheriff of AIM will be breaking news which MUST result in a share suspension if the Casino is to retain any credibility. It is Gotcha time for these bad guys and then we can start moving onto Camkids (CAMK) and China Chaintek (CTEK). Oh.....


Naibu FRAUD watch Day 1: now on a PE of 0.46 and 132% upside in shares if Daniel Stewart believes its own SHIT – why wont it say buy?

2014-09-17 13:28:23

Shares in Naibu (NBU) have slumped another 10% today to just 21.5p. The company is an out and out fraud and it is only a matter of time before the shares are suspended. If it had a smidgeon of integrity, its Nomad and Broker Daniel Stewart (which likes acting for China frauds on the AIM Casino and also listed Quenron) would resign. But it seems that the greedy ethics free crony capitalist bastards at Daniel Stewart would rather keep banking fat monthly retainers.


Almost Half ShareProphets Readers think ALL China AIM stocks uninvestable

2014-09-17 08:14:47

In the light of the fraud revelations at Naibu (NBU) and many more tales of woe regarding AIM Casino listed Chinese stocks we asked our readers for their view on Chinese AIM stocks – only 8% appear prepared to buy. My surprise is that even 8% of you are prepared to chuck your cash away. The results were explicit.


Now on a PE of only 0.45, why does Daniel Stewart not rate Naibu as a buy? Because it’s a fraud!

2014-09-15 12:07:42

Shares in China based AIM listed fraud Naibu have slumped to just 23p today – they were 50p on Thursday before the disastrous interims were published. House broker and Nomad Daniel Stewart (the firm that signed off on the Quenron IPO) stated on Friday that earnings will be 46p this year and that fair value is 50p. So why is it not rating the stock as a buy?


Giles Elliot of Naibu, you are an honourable man being made to look like a fool – will you quit?

2014-09-15 06:34:49

Giles Elliot, the non-exec deputy chairman of AIM listed China fraud Naibu (NBU) strikes me as a good and thoroughly honourable man. But he has been made to look like an utter fool by CEO Houyan Lin and I ask Giles when is he planning to quit?


The Naibu fraud – two critical questions and tests of integrity for Daniel Stewart as the stock heads to 0p and/or a delisting

2014-09-13 14:20:55

Apparently at 31p shares in Naibu now trade on a 2015 and 2015 PE of c0.7. Any stock trading on such a rating is either the cheapest stock on this planet or an outright fraud, a Norfolk. Naibu is a fraud. My target price is 0p and this stock will lose its Aim listing soon. It could be very soon. If Daniel Stewart, nomad and broker to this POS – and the firm that listed Quenron – had any integrity it would resign at once as Nomad and broker. As such I ask two questions of Daniel Cesspit.


The Naibu Norfolk – house broker slashes target price by 75% and rates as a “corporate hold” – nonsensical note

2014-09-12 08:54:36

I feel rather sorry for my old pal Simon “Wincey” Willis the analyst at Daniel Stewart, house broker and Nomad to Chinese Norfolk Naibu (NBU) as he has been forced this morning to publish a note that he knows is nonsensical.


Naibu Interims – this stinks to high heaven, shares plunge but target is 0p – this is a Norfolk

2014-09-12 07:44:14

Shares in Naibu (NBU), the AIM Cesspit posterboy Chinese company that claims to make sports shoes are off 30% today at 35p. You cannot say that I have not warned you that this is an outright Norfolk and interims today make that clear. The target price is 0p.


Naibu Q&A throws up more Qs than As.

2014-09-10 11:41:32

At the shambolic Naibu (NBU) AGM on June 30th this year, a number of questions were asked of the non-execs and advisors which they were unable to answer but which they kindly agreed to pass on to the three executive directors who for some reason had not showed up. (Visa problems were cited. Yes really! All three of them) 


Naibu – A Question or Two for Mr Lin, the CEO

2014-08-09 21:02:54

As you know, I believe that AIM listed Naibu (NBU) is a total POS. I do not believe its numbers or its CEO or his mum who still owes the company £2 million she “borrowed” a few years back. I think that the shares at 43.5p are in fact worth 0.0000001p. A 4p per share dividend is due to be paid on Friday. So here is a question for Mr Lin.


The Top 10 Shorts for the summer reviewed – Naibu leads the way

2014-08-08 04:51:48

A month ago myself, Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers and Matt Earl (the Dark Destroyer) agreed on a sort of joint top ten UK stocks to short for the summer. Since then the FTSE 100 has fallen by 8%.  As you can see below our average fall is 10.51% so we are doing okay so far. Only two of the ten are up. 


Naibu – Daniel Stewart pumps out buy note but will not answer critical question – target price cut to 0.0000001p

2014-08-07 08:48:09

Following the comical trading statement from AIM listed POS China joke company Naibu (NBU) earlier this week – see HERE - Broker and Nomad to this Norfolk, Daniel Stewart, has published a buy note but refuses to answer my utterly critical question. The shares have slumped to 43.5p putting them on a PE of 0.95 and a yield of 13.8% if you believe the forecasts. I do not and am thus slashing my target price from 1p to 0.0000001p and will reduce it further if Daniel Stewart cannot answer this question:


Naibu – Comedy RNS, Tragedy awaits – sell at 51.5p – target price 1p

2014-08-05 11:01:24

A Trading statement from China based AIM Cesspit POS Naibu (NBU) today is sheer comedy genius. The shares are off again at 51.5p and I am now minded to revisit my 1p target price as I am being generous.


Naibu – a Poem by MP Earl, aged a bit more than 17 ¾

2014-08-05 08:13:59

With a hat tip to EJ Thribb from Private Eye, Matt Earl, the Dark Destroyer, has penned a poem in honour of joke China AIM company Naibu (NBU)after its comedy statement of today. It reads:


Exclusive: Naibu – Evil Knievil admits he was wrong & The Sheriff Right and sells all his shares

2014-07-09 08:52:22

Until now bear raider Evil Knievil has been the highest profile supporter of Chinese gym shoe producer Naibu (NBU) arguing that on a PE of c1 and yielding 12% the shares were cheap. However I can reveal that he has seen the light and sold out completely.


The Sheriff of AIM at the Naibu AGM – Post Shoot-out Video

2014-06-30 13:29:51

Outside the palatial offices of City financiers Daniel Stewart I considered a quite bizarre AGM. The chairman had a few problems with his visa so could not be there leaving two hapless NEDs to field questions. I congratulate the Naibu (NBU) shareholders who attended – they seemed a well informed and perceptive bunch.


The Sheriff of AIM at the Naibu AGM – Pre Shoot-out Video

2014-06-30 12:33:22

Outside the palatial offices of City financiers Daniel Stewart I waited for the massed herds to arrive at the Naibu (NBU) AGM. In the end seven other folks attended. Before going into battle I composed a few thoughts and recorded them on video.


Questions to ask Naibu at its AGM

2014-06-27 18:51:25

Being a bear of Naibu (NBU), I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to attend Monday’s  AGM at the offices of Daniel Stewart, but if anyone is going they might like to ask the boss Mr. Houyan Lin ( via his interpreter) the following questions. And as it happens someone is going, Tom Winnifrith, the Sheriff of AIM. If he has nothing better to ask how about?


The Sheriff of AIM is off to another AGM on Monday – Naibu (with some questions)

2014-06-27 10:27:56

This time I shall gain admittance! Naibu (NBU) has just confirmed in writing that I shall be allowed to attend as the representative of Evil Knievil who (for reasons that I cannot understand) is long of this stock. And I have a few questions for the board. For starters:


Waiting for Naibu

2014-04-25 06:47:36

As investors await the preliminary results of Naibu (NBU), the remarkable  Chinese sports shoe manufacturer, about which I have written before, they should steel themselves to be extra cynical.  While it is doubtlessly true that there are some decent Chinese companies listed overseas, the idea that the dodgy ones are just a few bad apples is, in my opinion, dangerous. On AIM in particular, it is the decent ones that are in the minority.


Naibu – The Question is do you believe? Evil Knievil vs. Lucian Miers (I'm with Lucien)

2014-01-29 11:55:33

Naibu (NBU) has today issued a trading statement boasting that its sales in 2013 zoomed ahead by 15% and that with increased production capacity due onstream in February 2014 this year would be even better. If you believe that the shares are stonkingly cheap. Bear raider Evil Knievil does. Bear raider Lucian Miers, bear Matt Earl (The dark Destroyer) and I do not.


Naibu Global International: Buy -Triple Support Below 60p Hints At An 80p Return

2014-01-29 08:45:16

Despite the grand sweep of the company name it can be seen from the daily chart of Naibu Global International (NBU) that the shares have experienced a progressive decline from the best levels seen in early 2012 at 160p plus. 


Devastating new Naibu Analysis - target Price Buttons

2014-01-28 09:05:47

Last week yet another insider in Naibu (LSE:NBU) has dumped its stake at a discount to the market price.  Mysterious founder shareholder Easy Capital has followed fellow seed investors, (as these entities are euphemistically known) out of the stock and it would appear that there are now no original investors left apart from founder and boss Huoyan Lin.


Why I am shorting Naibu

2014-01-17 13:14:55

When looking at the accounts of UK companies one should remember the adage that profit is a matter of opinion while cash is a matter of fact. When looking at the accounts of Chinese companies the above does not apply.  Cash should also be treated as a matter of opinion.  Indeed as a rule of thumb, the best way to look at Chinese companies, particularly those quoted on AIM is to assume that everything about them must be questioned, unless specifically proved otherwise.

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