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Novacyt admits possibly loss making – a reminder of that porcine executive bonus plan

2021-09-16 10:21:55

You may remember that directors of Novacyt (NCYT) made an abosolute killing because of a cash bonus plan which was dependent on the share price at October 17 2020. Assisted enormously by news of a massive contract win with the DHSC announced on September 29 the shares were c930p on D day. Today they are 325p as the horror of the DHSC feck up emerges. As a reminder here is what Novacyt said on 29 September sending its shares roofing it:


BREAKING: Cambridge University serves up damning data for Novacyt, today's IPO Abingdon Health and others

2020-12-10 13:04:13

I accept that you might justifiably question a minor institution in the Fens which has historically only excelled in the production of homosexual Russian spies. But Cambridge University is not all bad and today it has served up data which should send shivers down the spine of those holding shares in Novacyt (NCYT) or planning to back the luducrous AIM Casino IPO, announced today, of Abingdon Health.


Will Novacyt follow Bidstack or Henderson Morley?

2020-12-06 13:13:48

The Annual AIM awards were a virtual event this year. So there was no need for 1200 crony capitalists from the City to fork out £150 for a ticket, pour themselves into DJs and party frocks and head off to tell each other how wonderful they all were. The crony capitalists will have to spend cash ultimately leached from mug punter investors elsewhere. What good news for coke suppliers and hookers.


Post Pfizer – what is Novacyt worth? Far from zero but it’s a slam dunk sell.

2020-11-10 12:13:05

Some of us were always of the view that our leaders were somewhat overreacting to a disease where the average casualty lived longer than UK life expectancy and where the survival rate is 99.97%. But yesterday, Pfizer announced it has a vaccine which will protect 90% of those injected which would mean that your chances of perishing from Covid will pretty soon be less than that of being mown down by a bus carrying a West Ham team that has just won the FA Cup. So where does that leave Covid testing play Novacyt (NCYT)?


Novacyt: the desperate ramping continues as CEO Graham Mullis can almost smell your money

2020-09-04 11:40:36

Remember, as I warned you in my first ever video show, that bosses at Novacyt (NCYT) will get millions of pounds in a few weeks if they can keep the Novacyt share price where it is. The higher it goes, the more they get. They will get the bonus in hard cash, potentially exhausting most of the company’s bank balance in the process. What happens thereafter is of no consequence for Graham Mullis & co, October 17 is ching ching day. To that end, the company is in ramping overdrive and Mullis can now almost smell the cash heading into his bank account. 


Novacyt – the desperate share-ramping continues: Reminder that October 17th is Noses in Trough day

2020-07-27 12:38:21

On my first weekly video show, I spelled out to you all why bosses at Novacyt (NCYT) will do absolutely everything they can to ramp the shares ahead of October 17. Every extra  penny on the share price on that day is worth more than ten thousand pounds to the CEO alone. In that vein, we have more ramptastic “news” today. But perhaps you are excited about a “second wave” of Covid deaths in Spain.


Novacyt talking bullshit again

2020-07-13 13:37:56

Remember from episode 1, this is all about ramping the shares ahead of October 17. The higher the share price then the greater the size of the multi-million quid bonus pool for Novacyt (NCYT) bosses notably CEO Graham Mullis. Oink Oink. Ching. Ching.


Novacyt Coronavirus update – when will the bandwagon shudder to a grinding halt

2020-06-02 12:04:25

In April and May we were at peak Covid hysteria. Across the world authorities like the disgraced Public Health England which had shamed themselves by having limited supplies of PPE and other items hastened to order as many Covid tests as they could. Now they are well stocked by testing at way under capacity. So what is going on and why should Novacyt (NCYT) care?


Novacyt shareholder commits market abuse impersonating Tom Winnifrith to keep the ramp going

2020-05-26 08:30:01

In yesterday's new video show I explained why Novacyt (NCYT) shares were 90% overvalued and presented damning new evidence of the management ramp. Yet immediately a raft of twitter fools - who clearly do not listen to what I have repeatedly said about this stock  - accused me of a volte face? And one particularly deranged individual showed "evidence" of me ramping the stock on May 18. Hang on Henry! This is market abuse. It's personation. It's fraud.


Novacyt Final results and trading outlook show valuation truly insane

2020-05-14 10:59:35

I do not deny, nor have I ever denied, that Novacyt (NCYT) is a winner from Coronavirus but the data out today must make you reflect on the past, present and future and conclude that the valuation, £213 million at 372p, is just insane.


This Rocketing Virus Weapon is Worth Keeping an Eye on, Though I'm Avoiding it at the Mo

2020-04-08 09:25:10

Hello, Share Mashers. Most of you will be hopeful about the current rise in share prices. But when the real recovery finally gets underway, a few companies will deliver to rally their share prices to outdo previous levels. Obviously, a few medical companies could shine here. I’ve looked at a few contenders over the last fortnight, but here’s another one you may wish to keep track of...



Novacyt is being pumped on coronavirus fears but my money would be on pharma giants like Roche to provide most of the tests - as Public Enemy rapped, 'Don't believe the hype'

2020-02-02 18:12:41

I wondered how long it would take before people started trying to cash in off of the back of coronavirus and pushing shares in small AIM listed companies that are supposedly going to make a fortune from this outbreak.


Red Flags at Night – Novacyt death spiral: SELL

2019-05-06 08:58:13

AIM-listed diagnostics play Novacyt (NCYT) announced a death spiral deal on 23 April 2019 and at 6.23pm on Friday evening it slipped out details of the first two rounds of conversions – at no-one-is-watching o’clock….except ShareProphets was watching. It is also listed on the Euronext Growth market (ALNOV), and joined AIM at the back end of 2017 – since when it has been heading heavily southwards, as you can see from the chart below.

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