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BREAKING: New World Oil & Gas - Reynolds has saved the day: Redomicile to BVI underway

2017-08-29 03:01:25

Some folks appear to think that New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has been a failure for Adam Reynolds. Sure it got booted off AIM for failing to do an RTO but you still have a company and news is imminent.


New World Oil & Gas booted off AIM but all is not lost. Oh no!

2016-11-10 03:29:46

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has today been booted off AIM for failing to fulfill its investment policy following the collapse of the Big Sofa RTO but all is not lost...far from it.


New World Oil and Gas: Nomad walks, execution scheduled for 10 Nov

2016-10-24 06:10:10

In a corporate update released at 4.03pm this afternoon, AIM-listed (pro tem) New World Oil and Gas has announced the bad news that its Nomad, the disgraced Roland “Fatty” Cornish at Beaumont Cornish is to walk as at the close of play today. It also announced that its scheduled AIM execution under AIM Rule 41 is on 10 Nov, not 9 Nov as previously advised. One last hurrah for checking and verifying RNS announcements for the now ex-Nomad to the company. How fitting.


Roland Fatty Cornish Caption Contest in wake of New World Scandal

2016-10-20 02:49:38

I trust that you have written to the wretched bogus Sheriff of AIM, the head of the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, Mr Marcus Stuttard demanding that Roland Fatty Cornish be struck off as a Nomad after the New World bank heist scandal? If not write now! In light of that please submit suitable captions for the picture below in the comments section. The deadline is midnight on Thursday


New World Oil and Gas – AGM update, warns on delisting. Can the mess be sorted?

2016-10-19 03:18:38

Last night after hours AIM-listed New World Oil and Gas updated the market on a number of matters and it looks to be bad news all round. Having already announced that its proposed RTO with Big Sofa was off the table, the latest bombshell was that under AIM Rules it is to lose its listing on 9 November and that it had already agreed to part company with its Nomad (the useless Beaumont Cornish) as from the close next Monday. The mess could hardly seem worse.


Write to Marcus Stuttard at AIM Regulation NOW to Demand Roland Fatty Cornish is struck off

2016-10-17 04:12:07

Today is a very dark day indeed for AIM as the scale of the white collar crime at New World Oil & Gas under its former management team has become clear. That former directors should be investigated by the SFO and others is clear. But AIM Regulation must act quickly to cut one cancer out of the system, it must stop Roland "Fatty" Cornish individually and his firm Beaumont Cornish from ever acting as a Nomad again. I urge you to email the boss of AIM Regulation Marcus Stuttard demanding this happen and suggest what to write below. You can email Marcus at


New World Oil and Gas – will the Oxymorons apply the same interpretation of AIM Rule 41 as they did with LED Holdings?

2016-10-17 01:56:12

Tom Winnifrith has already commented on the appalling mess at AIM-listed New World Oil and Gas. I shall not repeat any of that, but there is one angle to this which is worth mentioning, and it regards the looming deadline as regards the suspension of the company’s shares from trading. Under AIM Rule 41 you get six months and then you are booted off the Casino. Except when you don’t…..


Exclusive: New World Oil & Gas - RTO off because of the Kazakh bank heist & Niel Petroleum money laundering

2016-10-17 01:13:27

This needs to be the day when London's worst Nomad Roland "Fatty" Cornish is drummed out of the City of London for good. This will shock you. New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has abandoned the RTO with Big Sofa but has not said specifically why. So let me assist.


Well done Flip Flop Ben Turney - New World's shite directors ousted

2016-07-12 00:24:33

I am happy to congratulate flip flop Ben Turney. Of course he remains a clown capable of bollocksing up much in life but yesterday he claimed notable scalps as three disgraced, discredited and utterly shite directors of New World Oil & Gas (NEW) walked the plank with immediate effect and that is down to Flip Flop.


Flip Flop Ben Turney submits EGM request for New World - wants cull of useless old guard directors

2016-06-21 01:14:27

There are five directors at New World Oil & Gas (NEW), two new regime (Adam Reynolds and Nick Lee) and three of the utterly loathed and discredited old guard who spunked £33 million of other folks cash on deals that were either fraudulent (the fake Sheikh) or just crap. How Messrs Einchcomb, Polakoff and Sztyk have the brass neck to hang around like a lingering mega fart defies belief. But not for much longer.


Doc Holiday's share tip of the year Number 1 - buy New World Oil & Gas

2015-12-27 02:02:17

After an annus horribilis for New World Oil (NEW) in 2015 which (to put it midly) has been engulfed by shady business, things now appear to be looking up for shareholders as Adam Reynolds '' front man supremo '' and corporate sanitiser Nick Lee join the board to help clean up and vend in a more attractive proposition.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Beowulf Mining, Fast Forward Innovations, Independent Oil & Gas, New World Oil & Gas, Proxama

2015-12-22 04:16:24

Featuring  shares in Beowulf Mining (BEM), Fast Forward Innovations (FFWD), Independent Oil & Gas (IOG), New World Oil & Gas (NEW) and Proxama (PROX) with share price targets set for all five stocks.


New World Oil & Gas; overwhelming victory for shareholders

2015-11-19 03:09:45

So there we have it. Adam Reynolds and Nick Lee have received an overwhelming mandate to transform New World Oil & Gas (NEW). Both men got elected to the board with over 99% of votes cast. This represents a great victory for shareholders and goes to show that positive, organised shareholder activism on AIM can work.


What next for New World Oil & Gas?

2015-11-16 02:28:55

Tomorrow I am off to Jersey for New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) Annual General Meeting. If all goes to plan, Adam Reynolds and Nick Lee will be elected to the board, while Peter Sztyk will be deservedly kicked off. Although this should prove to be the watershed moment in New World’s transformation, it will not necessarily trigger an immediate rally in the share price. The hard work begins, once the result is known. However, if Reynolds and Lee remain true to form then 2016 could be incredibly exciting year for this company.


Vote at New World Oil & Gas’ AGM. Get behind Adam Reynolds and Nick Lee

2015-11-04 07:03:53

The vote at New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) forthcoming AGM on 17 November is not yet won. Shareholders still need to unite behind Adam Reynolds and Nick Lee to give them as strong a mandate for change as possible. A cleansed New World could present a fantastic prospect, but the market remains sceptical. The toxic legacy of the current board will take time and effort to clean up, but for once on AIM private investors have a genuine opportunity to make a decisive difference in the company they own.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Goldplat, JKX Oil & Gas, New World Oil & Gas, Physiomics, Shanta Gold, Totally

2015-10-28 00:49:20

Featuring shares in Goldplat (GDP), JKX Oil & Gas (JKX), New World Oil & Gas (NEW), Physiomics (PYC), Shanta Gold (SHG), Totally (TLY) with share price targets for all these minnows.


New World Oil & Gas; shareholders on the cusp of a major victory!

2015-10-27 06:51:38

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has finally announced the date of the AGM. This marks the culmination of months of hard work behind the scenes, ensuring an orderly transition for the company from being one of AIM’s most despised stocks to one with an extremely bright future. As expected, Adam Reynolds is on the ticket for election to the board, but in a surprise twist he is joined by Nick Lee of Paternoster Resources (PRS). Lee will have the full support of NWOGaction, so his appointment is almost a foregone conclusion. Fred Hodder is retiring and Peter Sztyk now deservedly faces the wrath of his shareholders. This is all fantastic news.


ShareProphets RNS Translation Service – New World Extends Belize license

2015-10-23 00:37:51

Despite knowing that its execution is booked as soon as soon as it gets around to calling the now overdue AGM, the Board of AIM-listed New World Oil and Gas (NEW) has announced the triumphant extension to its exploration license in Belize. To help you understand what is really going on, here is the ShareProphets RNS Translation Service on today’s announcement (original in bold)


Tuesday Caption Contest - Useless Nomad Roland "Fatty" Cornish Edition

2015-10-20 07:18:51

By now it is clear after the numerous scandals at New World Oil & Gas (NEW), Gate Ventures (GATE) and so many others that we’ve forgotten, that Roland “fatty” Cornish is officially London’s worst Nomad. His latest triumph is to allow shares in Golden Saint Resources (GSR) to continue to trade even though the company is insolvent and its Richard "Gollum" Gill crowd funded debt death spiral has only raised MINUS £1938.50.  To celebrate this walking disaster story we have another caption contest. Don’t hold back…there is a prize.


New World Oil & Gas – What’s the Ukrainian for “piss off”?

2015-10-15 02:36:55

On 21 September I received an incredibly snotty letter from New World Oil & Gas (NEW). The letter was marked strictly private and confidential, so I won’t publish it. However, now that New World has decided to smear NWOGaction in our latest TR1, I will publish my response to Peter Sztyk. What’s the Ukrainian for “piss off”?


New World Oil & Gas – staggering (and perfectly timed!) incompetence

2015-10-06 01:56:58

NWOGaction, the shareholder action group for New World Oil & Gas (NEW), is delighted at this morning’s staggeringly incompetent announcement from the company. Having previously announced that New World’s Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) comes to an end on 15 October, today it’s dawned on the board that the actual end date for the PSA is 31 October. Arguably this is an honest mistake, but New World has two (yes, TWO) lawyers on its board (Peter Sztyk and Stephen Polakoff, who will both be up for re-election at the AGM), yet still it took “legal advice in Belize” to uncover this basic error. Jesus wept. These men can’t even be bothered to read their own contracts.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Afriag, Castle Street Investments, Findel, Gulf Keystone, Intelligent Energy, New World Oil & Gas, Orsu Metals

2015-10-04 03:15:33

Featuring shares in Afriag (AFRI), Castle Street Investments (CSI), Findel (FDL), Gulf Keystone (GSK), Intelligent Energy (IEH), New World Oil & Gas (NEW), Orsu Metals (OSU) with share price targets for all seven stocks.


The Best £5 you will spend this week… we screwed up on our last share tip

2015-09-25 09:05:50

Some folks never make mistakes with shares. They are the heroes of the Bulletin Boards.  You read their boasts all the time. So that is why they are still living in Council Houses trading parcels of £500 worth of shares. Yes they are making it all up. In the real world everyone gets it wrong some time. The hard thing is admitting it and acting on it fast.


New World Oil & Gas: analysis of Paternoster’s 8% purchase

2015-09-22 03:19:05

This morning, Paternoster Resources (PRS) announced it has bought an 8% stake in New World Oil & Gas (NEW). In yet another unexpected twist in the unfolding New World story, Paternoster’s motives are unclear. With New World’s AGM looming, shareholders in the company will be faced with a clear choice. Support the existing failed management and plan, or vote in Adam Reynolds and his team. Given this situation, there will be speculation why Paternoster has chosen to buy into New World at this particular point. However, judging by the manner and method of its announcement today, there could be some interesting clues that might help answer at least some of the questions.


New World’s Peter Sztyk’s AIM Rules Up his Nomad’s fat arse – will his law breaking be allowed?

2015-09-17 08:19:01

Ben Turney has just revealed HERE how the discredited Peter Sztyk, the CEO of New World Oil & Gas (NEW) told today’s investor call that the company would spunk two thirds of its £3 million net cash on a new well (to follow its previous duster) in Belize within weeks. This is price sensitive information. This should have been issued via an RNS.


New World Oil & Gas: Peter Sztyk claims shareholders are behind him. So call the AGM.

2015-09-17 07:06:42

There is still an opportunity to settle the future of New World Oil & Gas (NEW) like gentlemen. That is unless current Chief Executive Peter Sztyk gets his way. Having just lost an hour of my life to the company’s futile shareholder call, it is quite clear that Sztyk is the only man in the room who cannot see the game is up. To his credit he fielded some of the more difficult questions he was sent, though ducked the most challenging ones. Despite this, his answers were highly unsatisfactory. Sztyk claims he has a mandate from his shareholders to pursue the company’s interests in Belize. That is complete balderdash, as he knows full well.


New World Oil & Gas: useless tossers continue to piss shareholder funds away - Chris Oil is their ONLY friend

2015-09-15 05:37:47

What the bloody hell do those useless tossers at New World Oil & Gas (NEW) think they are playing at? Last night the feckless twats confirmed they are going to waste shareholders’ money in a pointless conference call on Thursday. The bare minimum this will cost is £5,000 and is a total waste of everyone’s time and of shareholders money. These directors know they are done for, so why don’t they just have the common decency to take glasses of whiskey and a revolver into the corporate study and do the decent thing?


New World Oil & Gas – enter Adam Reynolds, salvation awaits

2015-09-13 01:07:21

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has yet to comment but the New World Oil & Gas action Group (NWOG) announced that it had proposed that company rescuer Adam Reynolds and 2 pals join the board at the AGM later this month while 2 existing directors step down.


New World Oil & Gas; White Knight Adam Reynolds to the rescue!

2015-09-11 03:18:23

This morning NWOGaction, the shareholder action group for New World Oil & Gas (NEW), announced its support for Adam Reynolds and his team’s bid for election to the board, at the forthcoming AGM. This is an exciting turn of events for New World’s long-suffering shareholders. It promises to set this stricken company on a much more positive path, led by the value creating force behind the recent flyaway successes of Optibiotix (OPTI) and Premaitha Health (NIPT). Reynolds and his experienced team of turnaround specialists have identified a project and new executive management for New World, in the booming Med Tech space. Now all shareholders have to do is vote in favour of this radical change in direction.


New World Oil & Gas interims - buy at 0.07p

2015-09-04 03:10:37

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has announced interim results – noting “as a result of the Placing and Open Offer that concluded in July 2015, the company's cash position (as at closing of business on 28 August 2015), stands at approximately US$4,479,266”. This equates to a current £2.93 million.


New World Oil & Gas – board fulfils first commitment to shareholders

2015-09-01 04:38:36

This morning, New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) board of directors was true to its word and published the company’s unaudited interim figures nearly a month early. The numbers are encouraging. The company had £2.9million cash on Friday, the executive directors have been offsetting all fees since March against their outstanding loans and the board continues not to draw salary or accrue benefits. The company is not yet out of the woods, but today represents a tangible step forward. Next up is the AGM…


Change is coming at New World Oil & Gas

2015-08-31 03:58:57

Over the last six weeks the New World Oil & Gas (NEW) shareholder action group, NWOGaction, has been quietly laying the foundation for a most surprising turn of events. Where the market has given up hope, thirty-seven private shareholders have continued fighting for their company’s future. Their efforts are about to bear fruit.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Caza Oil & Gas, Iofina, New World Oil & Gas, Petroceltic

2015-08-29 01:41:29

Featuring shares in Caza Oil & Gas (CAZA), Iofina (IOF), New World Oil & Gas (NEW), Petroceltic (PCI)


Think you own your shares? It turns out you might not.

2015-08-23 02:04:07

The New World Oil & Gas (NEW) forward selling fiasco exposed one of AIM’s most significant structural faults; do you really own the shares you’ve purchased? The secretive role of market makers in the function of AIM is not widely understood or appreciated. Few private investors realise just how much power and control this furtive group wields over physical stock and, therefore, share prices. During the New World controversy the London Stock Exchange proved itself ineffectual in enforcing its own rulebook, which is meant to oversee the actions of market makers and protect the legal rights of shareholders. Below I share some correspondence I had with major retail broker Share Centre, six weeks ago. This helps demonstrate how certain City firms directly interfered with the legal rights of New World’s shareholders, while the London Stock Exchange stood idly by. 


Has Britain’s Better than Buffett, Chris Oil lost £0.5 million since July 13?

2015-08-20 00:24:59

Market abuser Chris Oil modestly claimed that he was better than Warren Buffett when it came to stock selection. But it seems that the Sage of B&B had a rather bad month or two. In fact his losses on just three stocks since early July appear to be almost £0.5 million. Given that Oil reckons that his family discovered the North Sea, this may well be small change to the Sage of Fantasy, but we suspect however that it is not.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show - Chris Oil Special: MX Oil, New World Oil & Gas, Oilex, Sefton Resources

2015-08-05 01:35:09

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at MX Oil (MXO), New World Oil & Gas (NEW), Oilex (OEX), Sefton Resources (SER), the "dream portfolio" of the man who claims to be better than Warren Buffett, Mr Chris Oil 


Notes from Underground - When Irish eyes are smiling

2015-07-26 05:50:56

In the past seven days, 42,864 unique readers read 77,162 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.


Exclusive: New World Oil & Gas shareholder action group to relaunch tomorrow, with an indicated 4.11% of the company.

2015-07-23 05:33:45

Last night, NWOGaction set the date for relaunching itself as the formal New World Oil & Gas (NEW) shareholder action group; tomorrow. Early indications are that the new action group will receive confirmed support from 4.11% of New World’s shareholders. This number is expected to grow in the coming weeks. The full statement can be read below.


New World Oil & Gas; administrative error sees Alliance Trust Savings take a 13.25% stake

2015-07-22 05:59:34

The New World Oil & Gas (NEW) forward selling fiasco took yet another bizarre twist this morning, as the company announced that Alliance Trust Savings had taken a 13.25% stake. There was widespread speculation that this announcement was a cunning ploy from market abuser Chris Oil, as this involves his broker, but I didn’t believe that for one second. Chris Oil has proven beyond all doubt that he doesn’t have the gumption for cunning ploys, so this transaction looked like something different. The question was what?


New World Oil & Gas: More proof Chris Oil is a fork-tongued liar

2015-07-22 05:48:01

This morning’s RNS from New World Oil & Gas (NEW) proved once again what a fork-tongued liar Chris Oil is. At some point we will probably get bored of running pieces about our favourite market abuser, but the latest cack-handed deception is worth a quick mention.


Exclusive: letter sent from Cornhill Capital to clients re. losses suffered from New World forward selling fiasco

2015-07-21 04:34:33

The New World Oil and Gas (NEW) saga is something that I’ve avoided making too much comment on, but now find myself in possession of information pertinent to it. Below I provide a copy of a letter that has been sent to me, which was sent from Cornhill Capital to its clients about the losses they suffered as a result of forward selling New World's unconfirmed placement. 


Exclusive: New World Oil & Gas shareholder action rises like a glorious phoenix from the ashes

2015-07-20 06:26:52

It’s not fashionable to say this, but there are times when it is impossible not to feel intense pride at being British. I experienced one such occasion last Thursday night. It is deeply woven into our national spirit never to give up; a characteristic which New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) ordinary shareholders are increasingly demonstrating in spades. While the naysayers and market abusers crowed that the desire for shareholder action would be broken by the heavily dilutive, mispriced open offer, New World’s shareholders rallied to the call for positive change in their company. As of writing, as much as 4.8% of the company has indicated its intention to join the reformed NWOGaction (


Market abuser Chris Oil tries to ramp New World Oil & Gas - ShareProphets Translation service

2015-07-19 07:49:12

Market abuser Chris Oil has amazingly still been offered a platform by the ADVFN Newspaper to write his semi-literate shite. Today he tries to pump New World Oil & Gas (NEW) with a ludicrous suggestion that a company with piss-poor worthless assets, a totally discredited management and c£3 million of cash could be worth £40 million. In this podcast I serve up a translation of the Oil piffle which you can see below. 


New World Oil & Gas: Last Line Of Support At 0.06p

2015-07-17 04:47:09

Even at the best of times it is not exactly easy to get a handle on the technicals of stocks priced at fractions of pennies, given the way that even those stocks priced above the 1p mark can be problematic to say the least. 


New World Oil & Gas shares start trading and crash – are they a buy? And what happens now?

2015-07-17 02:33:56

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) shares were suspended at 0.24p because of the inability of shareholders to get trades settled. Following a £3.5 million fund raise at 0.09p that seems to have been settled and the shares have restarted trading today, duly crashing to 0.08p -0.1p. Questions, questions.


New World Oil & Gas returns to trading tomorrow. Have the shysters got away with it?

2015-07-16 08:41:21

We’ve just heard that New World Oil & Gas (NEW) returns to trading tomorrow.  Denzil Jenkins, the Head of UK Compliance and Regulatory Policy for the London Stock Exchange, is now going to have to prove that his job isn’t just a pointless paper pushing exercise. Having failed utterly to enforce its three rulebooks (“Rules of the London Stock Exchange”, “AIM Rules for Nominated Advisers” and “AIM Rules for Companies”), the embarrassment the New World forward selling fiasco has caused to the London Stock Exchange is acute. There are now serious questions about the integrity of the exchange and the viability of the AIM model of self-regulation. Private investors have lost millions of pounds to the regulated City perpetrators of this mess. And so far nothing has been done.


New World Oil & Gas – unsettled positions being settled, what next from the authorities?

2015-07-15 01:53:24

This morning, Metal Tiger (MTR) announced that its outstanding unsettled position in New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has been settled. Two months late, the failure of regulated market participants to fulfil their contractual terms has materially and detrimentally impacted the fortunes of hundreds, if not several thousand, private shareholders up and down the country. The shareholder action group could not reach the 10% threshold to requisition a general meeting directly because of this. While the London Stock Exchange failed miserably to enforce its own rulebooks, the FCA stood idly by and did nothing. This whole episode is dreadful for the reputation of AIM and calls into question how trustworthy or viable is this market?


New World Oil and Gas – Placing and Open Offer result. Will it work?

2015-07-09 05:38:40

New World Oil and Gas (NEW) has been explicit with its warnings that the plan to conduct a Placing and Open Offer is not guaranteed to solve the settlement crisis, which saw the London Stock Exchange belatedly step in and suspend trading. Tuesday night’s RNS (after hours, natch) with the results of the offer continued to warn that it may still not result in the lifting of the suspension. Let us have a look at the numbers.


Last chance for the London Stock Exchange to save the credibility of AIM ref. New World Oil & Gas

2015-07-08 03:08:52

The New World Oil & Gas (NEW) forward selling fiasco has been a disaster for the credibility of AIM. So far, every single safeguard that is meant to be in place to protect private investors has failed. Predatory regulated City firms are on the cusp of making millions of pounds of profit from the chaos they have caused, while hundreds of private investors stand to suffer unacceptable and unjust losses. Had the authorities been doing their jobs properly in the first place none of this would have happened, but such is the paucity of regulatory oversight on AIM that the conditions have been primed for this shambolic situation for a long time. Nevertheless, the London Stock Exchange has one last chance to prove itself deserving of its licence for self-regulation of “the world’s most successful growth market”.


Confessions of a forward seller; how AIM corrupts ordinary private investors - ref New World

2015-07-04 03:50:57

At the start of the New World Oil & Gas (NEW) forward selling fiasco Liam was cited as being one of the “innocent” forward sellers, who “accidentally” got himself embroiled in this mess. In fact, Liam was the primary example used to paint a human face on perhaps one of the most reckless market acts ever witnessed on AIM. Unfortunately for those who chose Liam as the forward sellers’ poster-boy, he has not behaved well. Posting under the username “Awkward Turtle” across social media, Liam is quite removed from being an “ordinary” private investor. Mr Turtle, as it is perhaps more appropriate to call Liam, is a small, yet revealing, part of something far more sinister and well coordinated.


New World Oil & Gas; the open offer that causes the London Stock Exchange an almighty dilemma

2015-06-29 06:31:38

In one week New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) highly controversial placing and open offer closes. The company expects to announce the result the following day. It then hopes that the London Stock Exchange will admit the new shares to trading on 10 July. This will present an acid test for AIM’s integrity and credibility. Few seem to appreciate the dilemma now facing the London Stock Exchange.


New World Oil & Gas; could it pay a shameful £1.15million in fees to Cornhill Capital?

2015-06-22 02:24:30

I took a temporary vow of silence last week concerning New World Oil & Gas (NEW). We should learn soon enough whether my faith in the regulatory authorities was misplaced, but there is one issue I am compelled to speak out on; the sickening and unconscionable fees New World has agreed to pay Cornhill Capital in relation to the highly controversial open offer.


New World – A case study in catastrophic shareholder value destruction on AIM

2015-06-17 04:19:40

In my last piece on the latest twists in the ongoing shambles I looked at the apparent mis-match between what New World Oil and Gas (NEW) was saying, and the Market Notice issued by the London Stock Exchange. Ben Turney has since published this incredible article – I hope that he made sure that the board of New World had been offered a chat with the Priest and blindfolds all round before releasing the trap door. And if that was not enough, there are today’s revelations that placees of the failed placing were not informed of the required shareholders approvals. Meanwhile, a look at shareholder value.


Exclusive: New World Oil and Gas – the smoking gun

2015-06-17 00:01:31

Deputy Sheriff Towers is in receipt of an astonishing document - a Placing Letter sent out by Cornhill Capital pursuant to the abortive fund-raising announced by New World Oil and Gas (NEW) at the end of April. The placing was, of course, conditional on the passing of resolutions at an EGM, which shareholders blocked. But here is the thing: I see absolutely no reference to that requirement in the Placing Letter- indeed, the acceptance form describes the transaction to buy stock ‘Placed Firm’. Who will be first up to the gallows?


Has New World Oil & Gas made a catastrophic error in its open offer?

2015-06-16 06:20:55

By Friday afternoon it looked like New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) board and its hapless regulated advisors had made yet another catastrophic error. Even by this group’s sheer rank incompetence over the last seven weeks, the latest blunder could be the worst. Not content to forward sell an unconfirmed placement, trample over shareholders’ lawful rights, ignore market rules, waste the company’s dwindling cash on an unjustifiable battle to save its advisors to the detriment of shareholders and try to force through an abysmally mispriced open offer, New World and its grossly inept advisors appear now to have broken the law.


New World Oil & Gas – an Omnishambles with bells on. Alarm bells.

2015-06-15 01:06:43

Back at the start of May I asked who was regulating the omnishambles that is New World Oil and Gas (NEW) on the back of what appeared to me to be quite obviously a disorderly market. It looked as though there had been rampant forward selling of a conditional Placing which was, in the event, scuppered by shareholders. I was not the only one making noises about a disorderly market – see HERE and HERE from my more esteemed colleagues, yet the LSE allowed trading to continue for another couple of weeks before the stock was suspended due to a deteriorating settlement situation - ie a disorderly market. Now we have a monster of an open offer, backed by a placing which effectively underwrites the offer. Will it cure the settlement problem? And what other issues are thrown up by the new proposals?


Could the New World & Gas naked shorters really make £5million from the havoc they caused?

2015-06-14 04:37:14

If New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) board of directors gets its way and saves the skin of the naked shorters, then this group could stand to make at least £5million from this fiasco. As disgusting as this figure it, what is most troubling about it is that the group of naked shorters must include a number of regulated firms, who have acted incredibly recklessly and irresponsibly. Will the London Stock Exchange and Financial Conduct Authority stand by and allow this to happen?


Why is New World’s board so determined to save the naked shorts?

2015-06-14 00:39:07

Thursday’s announcement from New World Oil & Gas (NEW) made one thing crystal clear. New World’s board is determined to do whatever it can to let the naked shorts off the hook.


RNS Translation Service on behalf of New World Oil & Gas' 0.09p open offer

2015-06-11 03:25:12

So New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) board has announced its long-heralded 0.09p open offer. Nigel is off today, so it falls on my to run today’s RNS Translation Service. There is so much to say about New World’s deeply flawed plan, but for now let’s just take a look at the not so hidden meaning of board’s conclusions.


Exclusive: Cornhill Capital’s damning placement agreement - ref New World Oil & Gas

2015-06-10 01:52:45

I’ve been passed a copy of Cornhill Capital’s standard placement agreement template. Normally this wouldn’t be remotely interesting, but in light of the broker’s role in the New World Oil & Gas (NEW) fiasco it makes for fascinating reading. In particular, the document I now have appears to blow out of the water any notion that Cornhill could have “accidentally” enabled the forward selling of New World’s conditional placement. This now leaves one question. Has Cornhill Capital totally lost control?


ShareProphets Translation Service – New World’s extraordinary after-hours RNSs last night

2015-06-09 03:18:20

The New World Oil and Gas (NEW) farce took another bizarre twist yesterday with not one, but two extraordinary after-hours RNSs. We have never before seen a holdings in company RNS which contains not only a cautionary statement, but also references to media commentary. These RNSs ought to come under Red Flags at Night, but the ShareProphets RNS Translation Service got in first. First up, at 6.18pm……


Why has New World Oil & Gas not sacked Cornhill Capital?

2015-06-09 01:49:58

There are grave concerns about the conduct and behaviour of New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) board of directors, in response to the forward selling fiasco embroiling the company. Specifically New World’s private shareholders worry whether or not the directors are acting in their interests or rather are acting to save the company’s regulated advisors from the financial consequences of their incredibly reckless actions. Until New World’s board engages with its ordinary shareholders these fears will not go away, but there is one much more pertinent question that no-one seems to have asked. Why has New World not sacked Cornhill Capital?


Exclusive: Evil Knievil’s take on Room Service ref. New World Oil & Gas

2015-06-08 00:55:55

About thirteen years ago, there was a tiddly company, quoted on AIM, called Room Service. Room Service was in serious trouble with its business and more than a few entirely reasonable people reckoned that not merely did it need to raise cash quickly, but there wasn't much point since it was a useless, shortly to be insolvent, business.


New World Oil & Gas; how large is the naked short?

2015-06-07 07:01:26

Various parties involved in the New World Oil & Gas (NEW) fiasco seem determined to spread false information about the current size of the naked short position. At the EGM, one of Cornhill’s representatives laughably tried to claim that the volume in the first three days of trading wasn’t so spectacular and “at least 650million of the shares traded were done over two transactions, which were ‘bed & ISAs’”. That was an interesting enough revelation, but what is the true state of play?


Exclusive:New World Oil & Gas - RNS due Monday about new action group

2015-06-06 06:10:14

There is only one legitimate way that the New World Oil & Gas (NEW) fiasco can be resolved and that is to involve the company’s rightful owners. I understand that this week New World’s board and reckless advisors have spent a lot of time trying to persuade the London Stock Exchange (LSE) to accept an open offer at 0.09p. This has been a complete waste of time. Even if the architects of this scandal somehow manage to fool the LSE that this is a viable solution to the settlement mess, it will not be the end of this matter. Does anyone really believe that New World’s shareholders will accept the heavy financial penalty such an open offer would inflict?


Open letter to AIM Regulation – time to act on Beaumont Cornish re New World Oil

2015-06-02 05:44:31

On publishing this piece, I will send the following letter to ask formally for an investigation into the professional conduct of New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) nominated advisor, Beaumont Cornish. Regular readers will be aware of Beaumont Cornish’s abysmal track record in discharging its duties as far as New World is concerned. It is high time the authorities investigated, so feel free to send a copy of the letter to the email address I give below.


The must-read final Room Service ruling – New World Oil & Gas

2015-05-31 23:55:34

For anyone still interested in the New World Oil & Gas (NEW) forward selling fiasco, the old FSA’s final notice concerning the Room Service scandal makes for compelling reading. It turns out that there is a very clear precedent for how the New World omnishambles can be resolved. And it doesn’t end with happy smiles for those poor old “innocent” forward sellers.


London Stock Exchange – China Frauds and New World: how many more failures will it take? Heads must roll

2015-05-25 10:05:36

Xavier Rolet thinks he is delivering great things to all people on his watch as CEO of London Stock Exchange plc. His board would have us believe that. Marcus Stuttard thinks he is the sheriff of AIM. They extol the virtues of London’s junior market. We are told of how they have raised billions for smaller companies, and how this has added billions to GDP. Well that is just rubbish: what about the billions of pounds that investors have lost on AIM? AIM is a failure.


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest #21 - In honour of market abuser @ChrisOil

2015-05-24 03:37:16

On the very day that market abuser Chris Oil started selling 96 million shares in Sefton Resources (SER) he tweeted out that the stock was a buy to those who follow him. There were other ramps to follow as Oil cleared his position which were so blatant that the FCA is now investigating him. To be so blatant with your market abuse surely makes you a Bulletin Board Moron but perhaps you have spotted someone tweeting or posting something even more stupid. we suggest that boards for New World, Sefton and Worthington will once again throw up some examples.


New World Oil & Gas: Did Chris Oil vote yes and betray private shareholders?

2015-05-22 05:56:27

Wednesday night’s result of New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) EGM threw up an intriguing figure; 68,105,573. Now that figure might not seem particularly stimulating to the casual observer, but this block of votes voted in favour of Resolution 1 (for the placement) and against Resolution 2 (for the director/advisor warrants). Quite why anyone would have been in favour of the placement yet against the warrants is a bit on the peculiar side. Then again the New World debacle has attracted its fair share of odd characters. Speaking of which, did I mention that Chris Oil’s broker held 69,815,402 New World shares on the morning of the EGM?


New World Oil and Gas – implications of the EGM result for the company and its advisers

2015-05-21 06:56:35

Now that the Placing is all off (quite how they calculated whose EGM votes counted is a bit of a mystery, but I shall return to that in a moment) we are told that the company is now planning to go ahead with an Open Offer which we were previously told would be underwritten by Cornhill – the placing agent now with no placing to place.


Exclusive: London Stock Exchange has now suspended New World

2015-05-21 05:24:11

On Monday evening, New World Oil & Gas (NEW) put itself into “temporary suspension”, pending the outcome of the EGM. Last night New World announced the results of the EGM, but the stock remains suspended. It turns New World’s suspension is now out of its hands. The London Stock Exchange has stepped in and suspended New World, until the settlement situation is resolved.


ShareProphets Exclusive; The hidden truths of New World’s EGM result

2015-05-21 00:32:22

Tomorrow’s AIM-related headlines will be dominated by news of New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) resounding shareholder rejection of its highly controversial placement. While this is cause for much celebration, this story is far from over. New World’s board appears determined to push ahead with the proposed open offer, to save the reckless forward sellers, despite such categorical resistance from the company’s rightful owners. The situation is now more explosive than ever, as illustrated by the figures from the vote.


New World Oil & Gas EGM votes No - Shares to stay suspended as Omnishambles rolls on

2015-05-20 11:00:38

At No-one is watching O'clock ( 6.29 PM) the news finally came through. Congratulations to Ben "pitchfork" Turney - the EGM of AIM casino posterboy New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has not passed either proposal made by the board.


New World Oil and Gas – ShareProphets RNS Translation Service

2015-05-20 04:11:26

Last night (after hours, of course) New World Oil and Gas (NEW) issued an RNS to report on the fiasco that was its EGM called to pass proposals which would allow the controversial Placing announced on 29 April to proceed. Every man and his dog knows that there has been a disorderly market in the company’s shares pretty much ever since, and so with speculation rife that the company would have a spot of bother working out who was entitled to vote as massive multiples of the issued share capital traded through the market and even a formal notice from the LSE that shares were not settling in a timely manner, the ShareProphets RNS Translation Service is pleased to help readers understand what is going on. Quotes are in bold with our interpretation in normal script. 


Exclusive: Observations from New World Oil & Gas’ EGM

2015-05-20 03:37:19

I took notes during New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) EGM. Although these aren’t a comprehensive record of what turned out to be a very long meeting, they should hopefully provide some insight to those shareholders who were not able to attend.


Why New World Oil & Gas cannot, in good conscience, proceed with Open Offer

2015-05-20 02:19:26

We still don’t know which way the vote from New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) EGM will go. No doubt recognising that a show of hands would have resulted in defeat of Resolutions 1 & 2, meeting Chairman Peter Sztyk’s first action was to announce a poll. He was well within his rights to do this. The poll results should be available in the near future, but there is one point I have to make, while we wait. Based on what Mr Sztyk said in the meeting, in front of New World’s solicitor and brokers (four of whom were in the room), if Resolution 1 is defeated it is inconceivable that the company can proceed with an open offer in good conscience.


New World Oil & Gas EGM farce details emerge

2015-05-19 11:23:22

Detail is slowly emerging from the farcical New World Oil & Gas (NEW) EGM in Jersey today. Criminal market abuser Chris Oil was not present - maybe his passport has already been confiscated. But Ben Turney was attending as were no less than four heavies from broker Cornhill Capital.  The bottom line is, knowing that a show of hands would go against the company, it started the meeting by calling a poll - that is to say a vote of those actually casting votes on the two resolutions. However...


New World Oil & Gas; the London Stock Exchange sails into uncharted waters

2015-05-19 00:30:46

Since arriving in Jersey yesterday morning, it is clear that whatever happens at New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) EGM today the aftershocks of this fiasco will continue to be felt for quite sometime. New World has 702million shares in issue, yet in the twelve trading sessions after the company announced its unconfirmed placement somewhere between 6.5billion to 9.5billion shares exchanged hands. So far the authorities have largely washed their hands of this mess, but sooner or later it is going to dawn on them that they cannot ignore it indefinitely. Heads have to roll.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: New World Oil & Gas, Sefton, Xtract Resources

2015-05-17 23:52:52

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at New World Oil & Gas (NEW), Sefton Resources (SER) and Xtract Resources (XTR)


New World Oil & Gas; Chris oil to vote “No” with 6.93% of the vote?

2015-05-16 18:08:45

I noticed yesterday morning that New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has updated its AIM Rule 26 disclosure concerning major shareholdings. Of all the changes, by far the most significant is the inclusion of Alliance Trust Savings Nominees Limited. Alliance Trust didn’t feature in New World’s previous disclosure and yet now apparently holds 6.93% of the company. Why does this matter? The answer is simple. Alliance Trust is Judith and Christopher Williams’ (a.k.a. Chris Oil) broker.


Dear FCA, about your table of most shorted shares and New World Oil and Gas

2015-05-13 08:16:20

I have taken a look at the FCA spreadsheet on the most shorted shares, having read Steve Moore’s table of most shorted AIM shares and one company name seems to be conspicuous by its absence: New World Oil and Gas (NEW).


ShareProphets Exclusive; proof of drought of New World Oil & Gas stock

2015-05-13 04:49:45

The unfolding New World Oil & Gas (NEW) fiasco has taken some bizarre turns, but I’ve just seen written evidence from one new New World shareholder that his broker has only been able to settle 1,060 of the 10,000,000 shares he should have received last Tuesday. That isn’t a misprint. He has only received 1,060 shares, as of writing. If there were any doubt how serious the settlement situation is in respect of New World’s stock that is now blown away. All that can save the reckless forward sellers is for New World to issue more shares.


Photo Exclusive: New World Oil & Gas; Happy Fake Sheikh Day!

2015-05-13 00:02:07

Today is Fake Sheikh Day. Exactly one year ago, New World proudly announced to the world it had signed its absurd sale purchase agreement with the now infamous Fake Sheikh, “Dr” Muaaz KH M Alfahaid, to gain supposed access to the Kuwaiti oil market. Whether or not New World was ever able to determine if “Dr” Alfahaid was even Kuwaiti is unclear, but there is one thing we can be sure of. Having given “Dr” Alfahaid €1million, in the expectation of receiving $20million (ho, ho, ho), the good “Dr” promptly buggered off to leave red faces all round. Twelves months later, and with New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) latest fiasco raging, ShareProphets is now delighted to share a photo once more of the good “Dr” together with none other than Bill Kelleher, Peter Sztyk and two other interesting chaps…


New World Oil & Gas: Chris Oil & the Shorts off the Hook: shares collapse

2015-05-11 10:06:28

Oh dear. Those following flip flop pitchfork Ben Turney and the loons on the LSE asylum and filling their boots with New World at up to 0.85p ahead of “The biggest bear squeeze in history” have today done their conkers. The shares have crashed by more than 60% to just 0.16p bid thanks to two announcements. Ouch, how does it feel being skewered on your own pitchfork? Ask Ben.


Chris Oil & Sith Lord Zak Mir Marble Bath Caption Contest – with David Lenigas

2015-05-10 23:56:52

As deranged blogger Chris Oil sweats on whether the Takeover Panel will make him bid for New World Oil & Gas he is bleating in twitter about how no-one is talking about his penchant for inviting foppish middle aged Old Harrovians into his hotel bathroom anymore. Always keen to please we bring you our Monday Caption Contest. Simply post your entries in the comments section below, deadline midnight tonight (UK time) 


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week #19 sponsored by Ben Turney

2015-05-10 07:47:52

Ben Turney seems to think that bankrupting a stack of private investors and allowing a false market to run in an AIM stock is a good thing and will clean up AIM. Apparently young Ben has a lot of supporters on the LSE Asylum which is a clear sign that he is losing the plot. Anyhow, as such he is not allowed to enter his own tweets or posts in this week’s Bulletin Board Moron contest as he needs to give others a fair chance. With four days to go to the General Election we are also allowing any daft MP quotes in this contest.


Tom Winnifrith BearCast - New World Oil & Gas Special

2015-05-10 03:03:28

What a total omnishambles New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has become. Why were the shares not suspended last week as I advocated to howls of abuse from followers of flip flop Pitchfork Ben Turney who now - belatedly - seems to agree. In this podcast I pose some serious questions for the company and its advisers and have a few suggestions on what needs to happen. And a warning for some of flip flop Pitchfork's followers who have piled in.


When will the New World Oil share price crash?

2015-05-10 00:42:19

I’ve been following the New World Oil (NEW) story with interest, and also a fair amount of surprise. The surprise element has largely come from reading the various chat forums, and even Twitter, and seeing the general lack of understanding of the situation the company and those taking part in the potential placing have found themselves in. 


Is New World Oil & Gas’ board legally allowed to issue shares or conduct a vote?

2015-05-08 05:20:29

There are an increasing number of indications that New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) board of directors has lost control of the company’s share capital structure. If this is the case then the implications for the growing fiasco, concerning the reckless forward selling of the company’s unconfirmed placement, are immense. With material uncertainty over who owns the company, how can New World’s directors possibly hope to conduct a legal issue of shares in the company, or even run a fair and legal vote, until after it has cleansed the shareholder register?


On large holdings, New World Oil and Gas, disorder and the Takeover Panel

2015-05-08 03:24:50

My tongue-in-cheek piece of Wednesday on New World Oil & Gas (NEW) seems to have set the cat amongst the pigeons. Clearly my attempt at making light of things was not appreciated by all, but there were serious points at the heart of the piece so I’ll do it in a more grown-up manner this time.


Exclusive: New World Oil & Gas - London Stock Exchange confirms it will allow a short squeeze to happen

2015-05-07 03:52:17

Within the last hour, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) has issued an official statement concerning the settlement situation involving stock in New World Oil & Gas (NEW). In short, the LSE has confirmed what we already knew, after it allowed New World to open on Tuesday. It is going to stand by its rulebook and allow market forces to try to resolve the fiasco created by last week’s reckless and incredibly forward selling of New World’s unconfirmed placement. The stage is now set for perhaps the biggest short squeeze in the history of AIM.


ShareProphets Appeal: save Chris Oil: persuade the Takeover Panel that he is 100% clueless

2015-05-06 00:19:33

We are just such nice guys here at ShareProphets – we want to help out those least able to help themselves. And so we come to the case of Chris Oil (AKA Mrs Williams) and that holding of 48% of New World Oil and Gas (NEW) – as opposed to the 10% figure that Nomad and Broker Beaumont Cornish was happy to sign off just last week. Mrs Oil/Chris Williams (mix and match as appropriate) has a potential £7m problem – but YOU can help save him/her.


Could Chris Oil lose £7 million on New World Oil & Gas? Or more?

2015-05-05 05:07:59

This morning’s RNS from New World Oil & Gas makes it abundantly clear that the takeover Panel is at least considering forcing the eccentric blogger and hit and (largely) miss share tipster known as Chris Oil to make a mandatory offer for the company and this could well set the poor fellow back a net £5.5 million or more.


Serious (impossible?) questions about this morning’s RNS from New World Oil & Gas

2015-05-05 04:10:26

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) issued this RNS announcement this morning, in response to the omnishambles it now finds itself in. Crucially, New World did not deny the “Internet Commentary” it referred to, all but confirming that its unconfirmed placement has been legitimately and excessively forward sold. As of writing 460million shares have traded hands in New World stock (nearly half the issued share capital) and the price is off slightly at 0.08p. My personal view is that there are some incredibly lucky forward sellers out there who are covering their positions, but the epic mess is still a long way from resolution. As for the message circulating, that the Rights Issue is going to solve the problem, it seems that people just have not thought this through properly. Here’s why.


New World Oil and Gas – ShareProphets RNS translation service

2015-05-05 00:20:30

It is hard to imagine a messier situation than the current predicament of New World Oil and Gas (NEW). Having had the opportunity to force a temporary suspension while the mess over the proposed Placing and all that it entails, New World seems to have decided not to go down that path. Instead, we have had an RNS this morning. It was a little confusing, so the ShareProphets RNS translation service is pleased to offer its interpretation.


I did not go into journalism to see small PIs burned but to nail bad guys & I won’t change just to win New World popularity

2015-05-04 03:41:52

That New World Oil & Gas (NEW) is an omnishambles is clear. Ben Turney has one route for going forward (see HERE) which has made him the hero of the LSE Asylum and the twitter lynch mob. I regard his actions as morally reprehensible but publish his articles anyway as I support free speech. But his case is both misleading and shocking in that it targets the very folk that I thought he, Brokerman Dan, Nigel Somerville, Malcolm Stacey and others who have written on this website wanted to protect – ordinary punters.


New World Oil and Gas – who is regulating this Omnishambles?

2015-05-04 02:47:43

I’ll say from the start here that I have no position at all in New World Oil and Gas (NEW). That is just as well, I suppose, because viewing this from the sidelines is going to be a hoot. But it does ask a few questions of AIM Regulation (the gargantuan nature of this Orwellian misnomer is all too apparent these days), and the Nomad to New World – that fine upstanding firm of Beaumont Cornish.


New World Oil & Gas; Why the forward sellers must pay

2015-05-04 01:53:54

Tom last night published this charming bear cast. Buried deep within his signature potty-mouthed tirade he made some points, which demand addressing. Tom would have us believe that the poor old forward sellers should be given a gimme by the London Stock Exchange and let off the hook for the appalling losses they are going to suffer, as soon as New World Oil & Gas (NEW) resumes trading. This is wishful thinking for very simple and practical reasons, as I explain below. What is about to happen to the forward sellers of New World’s placement could prove to be the caustic cleansing experience that the Alternative Investment Market is in such desperate need of.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - to the New World Lynch Mob: show some compassion, get real & go after the real targets

2015-05-03 10:59:53

There is an ugly lynch mob out there - led by Ben Turney - screaming "burn shorter burn". They think those who have opened a vast naked short in New World are evil City banksters & flippers who deserve to burn and who have deliberately wronged. The lynch mob is wrong.  The "shorters" are just ordinary Joe Schmoes many of whom could be ruined by this. I ask the lunatic fringe to show compassion, to do what is best for the company but to go after the real villains of the peace. Show some humanity guys. Get real. And go for the real bad guys.


Will Beaumont Cornish lose its Nomad license over the raging New World Oil & Gas scandal?

2015-05-03 08:03:10

In his bearcast earlier, Tom Winnifrith suggested that Beaumont Cornish should lose its Nomad licence for its appalling efforts this week, in overseeing RNS announcements from New World Oil & Gas (NEW). While I disagree wholeheartedly with Tom’s suggestion how the epic mess at New World might be resolved (cancelling trades would only leave the London Stock Exchange open to a massive class action lawsuit from and all those who bought New World stock), I agree entirely with Tom’s conclusion about Beaumont Cornish. Beaumont Cornish should have been investigated long ago for its conduct over New World, but this week’s succession of catastrophic errors leaves it extremely vulnerable. Here’s why.


New World Oil & Gas, additional issues & thoughts - bearcast extra

2015-05-03 00:48:06

I stand by my thought on New World from yesterday's bearcast HERE. But having slept on the matter new issues arise. Could the turnout at the EGM exceed 100%? Yes. Should the shares be suspended? Who is Mrs Williams? Should trades be unwound? Arguably yes. Should Roland "fatty" Cornish lose his Nomad license? No question - yes.


Tom Winnifrith BearCast 2 May - New World & Aquatic Foods

2015-05-02 07:03:17

Two looming scandals on the AIM casino -next week will be New World Oil & Gas (NEW) where it could be an explosive headache for ninth rate Nomad Roland "fatty" Cornish and then Aquatic Foods which the Chronic Investor reckons is a Red Flag free China play. Au contraire.


NWOGaction; why I am voting against New World’s placement

2015-05-02 04:13:39

As co-founder of NWOGaction ( I intend to vote against New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) placement at the forthcoming EGM on May 19th. After an extremely intense 72 hours, I have given this a great deal of thought and explain below my rationale.


New World Oil & Gas; embezzlement arrest warrant for director’s wife

2015-05-01 06:21:20

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has not issued an RNS to confirm whether or not Bill Kelleher has repaid the several hundred thousand dollars he owes the company or if he has left his role as a well-paid technical advisor. Frankly, New World should have done, but we’ve now been passed some other interesting information concerning one of the directors’ wives. It appears that the Kazakh Department of the Agency for Public Service and Anti-Corruption is seeking the arrest of Peter Sztyk’s wife for “misappropriation or embezzlement of entrusted property”.


New World Oil & Gas tells outright lie about placing in RNS today – Chairman & Nomad Fatty Cornish should quit in DISGRACE NOW

2015-04-29 01:27:11

Shares in New World Oil & Gas (NEW) have today slumped as it announced that it had raised £1.5 million at 0.55p. The statement that accompanies this news from non-exec chairman Chris Einchcomb is a lie. He should be fired as should low life scumbag Roland “fatty” Cornish who has allowed this LIE of an RNS to be issued.


New World Oil & Gas; the most insane placement ever?!

2015-04-29 00:31:26

Is there a better example of why AIM is in such desperate need of reform than New World Oil & Gas (NEW)? This is a company that has habitually lied to and misled its shareholders, paid its rapacious board of directors inordinate sums, delivered next to nothing for over two years and, lest we forget, foolishly gave €1million to a fake sheikh, in the bizarre hope of breaking into the Kuwaiti oil market. You couldn’t make this stuff up, so it almost defies belief that the company has been able to raise £1.5million this morning


New World Oil & Gas; another laughable bogus ramp perpetrated through

2014-12-19 01:26:19

Over the last few days, we’ve witnessed one of the most laughable bogus stock ramps of the year. Using and a little known website called, certain unidentified parties are distributing wildly misleading “research” about my old favourite, New World Oil & Gas (NEW), in a classic a pump and dump. Unfortunately, the New World pump and dump isn’t the first time we have come across this particular operation and there are now serious questions about what is up to.


New World Oil & Gas; is the Niel deal off?

2014-10-14 13:27:49

In the RNS announcing its AGM, New World Oil & Gas (NEW) forgot to mention it had posted on its website the notice of the AGM together with the proposed resolution for shareholders to vote on. The proposed resolutions and voting papers can be found here and, as is ever the case with New World, there are some extremely interesting omissions. First, despite having committed to it in the annual report, new CEO Peter Sztyk is no longer retiring as a director and seeking re-election. Second, and possibly much more significantly, there is no proposed resolution concerning the Niel Petroleum deal. Considering that the Takeover Panel’s verdict was that New World requires shareholder approval to complete this deal, this leads to the obvious question; is the Niel deal off?


New World Oil & Gas shafts its shareholders to the bitter end

2014-10-13 10:13:56

What is happening at New World Oil & Gas (NEW) is simply outrageous. This is fast becoming the perfect case study to demonstrate why AIM is in such desperate need of reform. Not content with the royal shafting it has already inflicted upon its shareholders, the wretched board of this wretched company has the nerve to claim its actions are being done in their interests. New non-executive chairman Chris Einchcomb must have had a good belly laugh when he said his fellow porcine directors are “committed to… maximising the value to shareholders and believes the actions taken above are important steps to achieving this”. Retaining Bill Kelleher on a consultancy contract so he can “repay” the loan he took out to participate in March 2013’ controversial placement is hardly the act of a board committed to maximising shareholder value. No, it’s more a case of the parasites bleeding every last drop from the now rotting carcass that has been such a generous meal to gorge upon. These people give leeches a good name.


New World Oil & Gas – Roland "Fatty" Cornish pins his colours to the mast of the sinking ship SS POS

2014-10-09 08:50:34

After months of painstaking investigation by our very own Ben Turney, yesterday, New World Oil & Gas (NEW) finally fessed up that it had sent 1 million Euro to a fake Sheikh and will struggle to get it back, admitted that it was in dire financial straits and its broker Shore Cap quit. But it still has one good friend, Roland “Fatty” Cornish. of the fine firm Beaumont Cornish.


New World Oil & Gas: The ShareProphets Style of Rooting out Fraud & lies Vindicated again – BB Morons weep

2014-10-08 14:28:22

Once again this website has exposed fraud, lies and deceit on the AIM casino – with regard to New World Oil & Gas (NEW). The statement from today vindicates everything that we have written and it has vindicated our approach. To the Bulletin Board Morons who attacked our articles as they averaged down I have no sympathy. You were warned but you insulted us. And you know who is next….


New World Oil & Gas; finished on AIM, board in disgrace, Beaumont Cornish entirely discredited

2014-10-08 12:26:33

Shame on Roland Cornish and Felicity Geidt of Beaumont Cornish, New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) nominated advisor. Shame on Stephen Polakoff, Roland Hodder and Chris Einchcomb, New World’s non-executive directors, who comprise the company’s remuneration committee. Above all, shame on Peter Sztyk, Georges Sztyk and Bill Kelleher. Shame on all of you, shame on your wilful lack of disclosure, shame on your disregard for New World’s shareholders and shame on your greed. 


New World Oil & Gas - $4.8million from Niel Petroleum. Is it a loan? Is it an investment? Is it a fee? No, apparently it’s a gift!!!!

2014-10-08 08:34:34

If you thought that sending €1million to a man you hadn’t completed due diligence on, in the hope of receiving $20million, was the height of stupidity, you’d be wrong. Taking €1million out of an escrow account, set up expressly for a deal that has failed to close after more than a year’s worth of delays, to pay said amount to said man, in the hope of receiving $20million, is probably a good deal more stupid. Yet this is exactly what New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) $1.75million a year board of directors did, at some point between the middle of May and end of June this year. Unless Niel Petroleum has taken leave of its senses and given, as a gift, this money to New World, this spells big trouble if Dr Alfahaid doesn’t soon make good on the $20million he was meant to have paid by August 8th.


New World Oil & Gas; are Bill Kelleher, Peter Sztyk, Georges Sztyk, Stephen Polakoff, Roland Hodder & Chris Einchcomb the most incompetent businessmen on AIM?

2014-10-07 11:17:15

Things go from dire to abysmal at New World Oil & Gas (NEW). With the after market release of New World’s interim figures last Tuesday, there are disturbing questions about the company’s financial position and the nature of its financial arrangement with Niel Petroleum. I plan to return to these tomorrow, but in the meantime there is a much more serious problem concerning the €1million payment made by New World to Dr Alfahaid of Al-Maraam Al Ahliya Trading & Contracting before June 30th this year. It appears, by its own admission, cash-strapped New World has paid what amounts to a €1milion deposit to an individual it had not completed due diligence on. Even by the calamitous standards of what passes for corporate decision making at New World, this action could prove to be the most inept. Here’s why.


Beaumont Cornish; has it failed miserably as New World’s Nomad?

2014-09-12 12:05:21

The silence from New World Oil & Gas (NEW) is deafening. It’s been a week since I first revealed that CEO and Chairman Bill Kelleher’s February 2011 $550,000 default on a loan, which he secured against his private yacht Neftegaz. The company hasn’t sent its lawyers into battle nor made any attempt to deny the allegations. By mid-January this year, Mr Kelleher still owed $298,000 on the debt, despite having earned $1.56million from New World. A Texan court then ordered he surrender all of his eligible stock in New World in partial settlement of the loan. None of this has been announced to the market. I have previously asked what the company’s Nominated Advisor, Beaumont Cornish, knew about this. Today, I reveal what they should have known and question whether the historical relationship with Mr Kelleher has clouded the firm’s professional judgement. 


New World Oil & Gas; did directors dispose of 3.84% of the company’s stock without announcing it?

2014-09-09 11:13:33

According to New World Oil and Gas’ (NEW) AIM Rule 26 Disclosure “5.19% of the Company's securities are not in public hands”. This is all well and good, but for one small problem. The figure should read 9.03%. Based upon previously announced director holdings, it appears at least three directors have disposed of or transferred holdings equivalent to 3.84% of the company’s equity, including (but not necessarily limited to) Bill Kelleher, Peter Sztyk and Georges Sztyk. New World has not issued any RNSs declaring disposals, so what on earth is going on?


Exclusive Expose; Did Bill Kelleher partially settle the $298,000 he still owed on his defaulted yacht debt with his company stock in January 2014?

2014-09-08 07:35:15

On Friday, I revealed the Texas Community Bank’s legal action against New World Oil & Gas (NEW) CEO Bill Kelleher for his apparent default on a $550,000 debt. This was immediately before New World listed on AIM. Mr Kelleher had secured his unpaid loan on his private yacht, Neftegaz. In the original action the Texas Community Bank sought to take possession of Neftegaz, but by January 14th 2014 it seems that Mr Kelleher still owed $298,846.25 of the original debt. On this date the US District Court Southern District of Texas granted an Order for Turnover Relief against Mr Kelleher. It ordered him to “turn over for levy to the Harris County Constable… within ten days… all shares of stock in New World Oil and Gas, PLC, except those that he is restricted from transferring or selling under the terms of the agreement with his employer, cash and securities in bank and safety deposit accounts totalling $298,846.25”. Funnily enough, I can’t find any reference to this court order in an RNS.


New World Oil and Gas; will CEO Bill Kelleher repay his controversial loan at the end of this month?

2014-09-06 08:28:13

In March 2013, one month before the company announced it had plugged and abandoned the non-commercial Rio Bravo exploration well, New World Oil and Gas (NEW) conducted a highly controversial £6.3million placement at 2p. The controversy stemmed from two sources. First, there was the suspicion that this placement was heavily forward sold, which resulted in the calamitous price. Second, New World lent vehicles controlled by its three executive directors a combined sum of  $1million so they could participate in the deeply discounted placement. CEO William Kelleher borrowed $333,000 from the company and the outstanding balance on this amount is due at the end of this month. After yesterday’s revelation of the Texas Community Bank’s legal action against him for nonpayment of >$550,000 in February 2011, will Mr Kelleher repay the money he controversially borrowed?


Exclusive Expose: Bill Kelleher’s default on $550,000 yacht debt at the time New World Oil & Gas listed.

2014-09-05 09:13:01

In February 2011, just over two months before New World Oil & Gas (NEW) came to market, the Texas Community Bank brought a court action against CEO Bill Kelleher for failing to repay a $585,000 loan. This loan was a mortgage on Mr Kelleher’s private yacht, Neftegaz. With less than a month until Mr Kelleher is due to repay New World whatever he owes the company on the $333,000 he borrowed in March 2013 to participate in that month’s controversial placement, troubling questions have arisen about the state of Mr Kelleher’s finances, the extent to which he disclosed his financial difficulties and how these might have affected corporate decisions at New World. Would British private investors have been prepared to back a company, whose CEO had apparently defaulted on an outstanding $550,000 debt? More to the point what did New World’s Nomad Beaumont Cornish know about this? Surely mention of this live legal action should have been published in the original prospectus?


Takeover Panel demands New World Oil & Gas seek new approval for Niel deal

2014-06-26 10:22:17

Just over a week ago, I wrote this open letter to the Takeover Panel about New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) never-ending deal with Niel Petroleum and whether the original shareholder approval granted on September 12th 2013 was still valid. It looks like it wasn’t. On Tuesday, New World issued this RNS, in which it was forced to announce “the Transaction [the Niel deal] will be subject to the waiver of the obligation on Niel Petroleum SA to make a general offer under Rule 9 of the Takeveor Code being approved by independent shareholders on a poll”. This is good news for shareholders as they now have the opportunity to scrutinise more thoroughly Kuwaiti firm Al Maraam Trading & Contracting Ltd’s (Al-Maraam) involvement in this. In particular serious, unanswered questions remain on what basis New World can claim that “Al-Maram will participate in all future bid rounds for the drilling and production of oil and gas in Kuwait”.


Open letter to the Takeover Panel concerning shareholder approval of New World Oil & Gas’s Niel deal

2014-06-17 13:50:07

After nearly nine months of inadequately explained delays to the completion of the Niel deal by New World Oil & Gas (NEW) there are serious questions whether or not the original shareholder approval granted to New World remains valid or if the company needs to call another general meeting to ratify the proposed new deal. Apparent material changes resulting from the introduction of the mystery Kuwaiti partner, Al Maram Trading & Contracting Ltd, to the transaction have raised concerns and New World’s shareholders remain in the dark. I have now drafted a letter to the Takeover Panel to ask them to look into this matter. 


New World Oil & Gas – an extremely simple question to answer

2014-06-10 09:14:39

Yesterday, shareholders in New World Oil & Gas (NEW) were treated to yet another excuse for inactivity in Denmark (whoops, sorry, I meant “extension to the licenses”). But fear not, those extremely generous director salaries are still being paid, so it won’t be long now before CEO William Kelleher and the two Sztyks have repaid the $1million in loans they took out from the company, to pay for their participation in March 2013’s controversial placement. What a carry on! However, there is one easy, easy question this board can answer. On what basis does it claim that its proposed deal with Al-Maraam will enable New World to “participate in drilling and production in Kuwait and marketing of crude oil abroad”?


New World Oil & Gas: Why won’t its Nomad Roland Cornish answer his phone…an open letter

2014-05-29 13:23:09

I have asked very serious questions of New World Oil & Gas (NEW). But still we get no answers. One fellow who seems remarkably unkeen to pick up his phone is Roland Cornish, Nomad to this company.  You will be aware that under AIM rules a Nomad must verify all statements made by listed companies. As such I have today sent Mr Cornish the following letter.


New World Oil & Gas; Al-Ma..who?!!!

2014-05-20 08:05:34

When New World Oil & Gas (NEW) announced its surprise potential entry into the Kuwaiti oil sector, the market reaction was ecstatic. The company’s shares nearly doubled in price, as speculators salivated at the prospect of gaining access to at least some of the 3.5MMbopd, which Kuwait plans to produce by the end of 2015. Taken at face value this sounds like an incredible deal; except there is one small problem. I cannot find any reference, whatsoever, to New World’s apparent Kuwaiti partner in any of the published lists of approved contractors, authorised to tender for work in Kuwait’s oilfields.


New World Oil & Gas – where is the Niel Deal?

2014-05-02 14:04:38

A month ago, New World Oil & Gas (NEW) announced the latest delay in the completion of its so called deal with Niel Petroleum. Once again New World decided not to explain the hold up, but it did say it would extended the deadline for completion to  April 30th. If you expected this to happen, then please leave your details at the bottom of this page. I have some magic beans I’d like to sell you...


Four questions for Beaumont Cornish, New World Oil & Gas’ Nomad

2014-04-07 14:53:31

After nearly a year of little to no operational progress, New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) shareholders would do well to ask what exactly have they been paying their directors such exorbitant amounts for. As the company’s cash reserves dwindle, the only announcements forthcoming have concerned delays, delays and more delays. Chief executive William Kelleher clearly doesn’t feel that he needs to explain just what is going on, so perhaps it is time to ask his Nomad, Beaumont Cornish, a few searching questions.


New World Oil & Gas burning cash to pay salaries

2014-04-04 08:10:14

On Tuesday, New World Oil & Gas (NEW) announced yet another failure to close its elusive deal with the mysterious and privately held Niel Petroleum. The new deadline is April 30th and once again I will not hold my breath. Today, I’d like to remind you about the $1million in loans New World’s executive team took out to pay for their participation in the $10million placement, just over a year ago. Yes that’s right, the company further diluted its shareholders to lend money to its executive directors, to buy shares in the business. What a wonderful use of working capital!


New World Oil & Gas: nice work if you can get it

2014-03-04 14:41:30

If you have the misfortune to own shares in executive beneficiary scheme New World Oil & Gas (NEW), the chances are you get an extremely sore feeling each time you sit down.


New World Oil & Gas – Where’s the Niel deal?

2013-12-17 10:37:31


One of the most frustrating aspects of researching stocks on AIM occurs when directors don’t fess up to failed goals or missed targets. This is particularly problematic when companies explicitly announce they are going to do X by date Y through an RNS. Then, as is often the case in the performance graveyard that is AIM, date Y comes and goes, but the promised X does not materialise. At this point, companies can become mysteriously quiet on the matter, almost certainly in the hope that disappointed expectations will slip quietly into the night.


New World Oil – Speculative buy at 0.55p

2013-07-23 23:35:50

Whilst New World Oil (NEW) shares have suffered dreadful ride in 2013, losing 94% of their value from the glory days of 10p, now may be the time for a small speculative buy at 0.55p.


Sell New World Oil

2013-05-13 00:32:35

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) is a classic example of where a calamitous decline for the share price was flagged by the technicals.


Chasing New World Oil and Gas’ mud logs

2013-05-13 00:11:08

Two weeks ago I wrote this piece, publicly calling for New World Oil and Gas (NEW) to release the mud logs of their recent drills in Belize.


Come on New World, let’s see the mud logs!

2013-04-30 10:09:24

New World Oil and Gas’s (NEW) latest failed (ahem, sorry, “non-commercial”) attempt at finding oil in Belize has left many wondering at what point does a management team go from being very encouraged about a drill in progress to deciding not to test at all?


New World Oil & Gas – Drilling Failure - Just Truly Shocking

2013-04-26 09:32:17

The prize for the biggest POS among AIM oil explorers and producers is a hotly contested one but New World Oil & Gas (NEW) is – after today’s dreadful announcement of drilling failure – an almighty strong contender.


New World Oil & Gas – Boardroom Greed – shareholders screwed

2013-04-19 06:50:28

Shares in AIM listed New World Oil & Gas (NEW) were trading at 9.625p a year ago. Today they are at 1.85p. Shareholders have every reason to be unhappy with the board. But it gets worse. Much worse.

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