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NMC now in administration - first move, dump the board – but what happened to Shetty Jnr as E&Y sweats

2020-04-14 15:03:37

I see the shambles left behind by the very naughty Dr Shetty that is NMC Health (NMC), now in administration, has seen the first move of newly appointed administrators Alvarez & Marsal Europe LLP: the board has been sacked en masse. There's a vote of confidence for you!


NMC throws in the towel – it is Game, Set and Match to Muddy Waters

2020-04-09 08:44:57

NMC Health (NMC) announced late yesterday that it was “not in a position to oppose successfully the court application by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank to have the company placed into administration at today’s hearing. In other words it is game over...


NMC – ‘fesses up about application for Administration

2020-04-06 12:03:28

We learnt yesterday that Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) had applied to have NMC Health (NMC) placed in administration. We now learn that the hearing is scheduled for Thursday, but it seems that the board is making a last-ditch effort to get the application withdrawn.


NMC Health – lender goes for administration. Looks like Game, Set & Match to Muddy Waters

2020-04-05 20:56:59

Hat tip to reader RT with this link, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) which has a reported $981 million exposure to NMC Health (NMC) has applied to court to have NMC placed in administration, apparently to safeguard the future of the company, according to Reuters. Well, whatever – but it looks like game set and match to bear raider Muddy Waters.


The $6.6 billion dollar fraud NMC – the black hole expands & the CFO walks

2020-03-25 08:50:32

Oh dear, oh dear – it is going from dreadful to even more dreadful at NMC Health (NMC), which was suspended in the wake of Dr Shetty’s unreported dealings and a whole load of undisclosed debt coming to light – placing the viability of the company under heavy question. Yesterday we learnt that the debt position has increased from the estimated $5 billion to reach $6.6 billion. The whole outfit is surely toast...


BREAKING: NMC Health “discovers” another $2.7 billion of hidden debt – surely this mega fraud is bust

2020-03-10 17:10:17

Even the journalist smearing PR mothers at FTI consulting could not polish the steaming turd that was today’s 4.11 PM update from the, until recently, FTSE 100 member NMC Health (NMC). The level of fraud is staggering.


NMC Health – Another Bombshell as chances of a zero heavily increased

2020-03-02 10:46:31

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This morning fully listed NMC Health (NMC) has issued a statement which forewarns of a calamity. In short, it looks as though the chances of a zero being on the cards has increased markedly. Needless to say, ShareProphets readers were well warned to get out whilst they still could – and I hope you all did, for I would not wish to be holding this stock now in the light of what follows.


Breaking: ShareSoc launches NMC Shareholder action group

2020-02-28 09:22:24

Good news for shareholders in now suspended NMC Health (NMC), the establishment suits at ShareSoc have launched the NMC Action Group (NAG) to help realise value for sghareholders. The release is below:


NMC Health – the specialists in locking stable door after horse has bolted have stepped in

2020-02-28 08:20:05

Scandal after scandal, suspension, sacking the CEO, the CFO on extended sick  leave, a whole bunch of boardroom resignations, the admission that Muddy Waters was on the money but it is far worse and finally the chocolate teapots have woken up to the fact that there was something wrong at NMC Health (NMC).


KERBOOM: NMC Health – shares now suspended, Muddy Waters at match point, where are the apologies?

2020-02-27 09:20:17

Yesterday (natch, after hours, at no-one is watching o’clock) came the bad news from NMC Health (NMC) which saw it Game Set and (almost) match to Muddy Waters. Now shares in NMC have been suspended. Has Muddy Waters moved from 5-0 up in the third set to match point?...


Game Set and (almost) match to Muddy Waters after diabolical after hours fess up from FTSE 100 member NMC

2020-02-27 00:00:01

Natch the bad news came after hours, at no-one is watching O’clock. With journalist smearing FTI Consulting doing the PR turd polishing what else would you expect?  My pal Carson Block of Muddy Waters whose dossier first exposed the cesspit at NMC on 17 December 2019 HERE noted “At this point, the company’s announcements speak for themselves and seem to be even more damning than our initial report was.” Indeed. Well let’s start with the apologies


More Astonishing Shetty Share Shenanigans: NMC really shows that TR-1s are for little people as Shetty admits to a short

2020-02-24 15:30:18

Another day, another announcement from fully-listed NMC Heath (NMC) regarding the share shenanigans of its founder and now former co-chairman. Today we learn that the good Dr Shetty appears to have taken out a 7 million share short position and had been using his shares as part of a general pledge to secure a current $30 million term loan! Did we know about this before the start of the year? Er…


NMC – now Shetty appoints Houlihan Lokey to assess “strategic options”

2020-02-23 10:37:29

It was reported by Reuters on Friday that founder and now former co-chairman, the good Dr Shetty, of fully-listed NMC Health (NMC), which has been gradually revealing stunning undisclosed share transactions by Shetty and two associates, has appointed California-based Houlihan Lokey Inc to advise on strategic options for….portfolio and debt restructuring, according to a familiar source.


We know of no reason for the share price movement…oh please

2020-02-22 11:28:20

In these volatile times shares can move wildly in both directions for all sorts of reasons. And after any sharp movement the regulators will put a call into the company, or on AIM to its Nomad, after if, perhaps there is something that it might wish to release via RNS.


NMC – more Shetty shares shenanigans disclosures: what on earth is going on?

2020-02-21 11:01:21

NMC Health has updated once again over the shareholdings fiasco surrounding former chairman and founder, the good Dr Shetty, Mr Khaleefa Butti Omair Al Muhairi ("Khaleefa Bin Butti") and His Excellency Mr Saeed Mohamed Butti Mohamed Khalfan Al Qebaisi ("H.E. Saeed Bin Butti"). Today’s disclosures are again shocking and continue to show that TR-1s are for little people.


NMC Health: Surely shocking Shetty shareholdings shenanigans shouldn’t sink any lower?

2020-02-19 10:29:13

Shamed Dr Shetty outfit NMC Holdings (NMC), whose days in the FTSE100 are surely numbered, has updated on the latest apparent news from the good doctor, who waked the plank over the weekend. This is in relation to his holdings in NMC and those of Khalifa Bin Butti and H.E. Saeed Bin Butti held via BRS International Holding Limited.


NMC Health – founder and two associates walk the plank with immediate effect in wake of shares scandal

2020-02-17 10:34:34

Muddy Waters must be laughing all the way to the bank right now – or it would be if Carson Block and his team were not in bed. Fully-listed NMC Health (NMC) – and a member of our elite FTSE100 (at least for now) – has announced the departure of its co-chairman and founder, the good Dr Shetty, along with two placemen appointed by principal shareholders Dr Shetty, His Excellency Mr Saeed Mohamed Butti Mohamed Khalfan Al Qebaisi and Mr Khaleefa Butti Omair Yousif Ahmed Al Muhairi. This is in addition to the departure last Friday (again with immediate effect) of the abovementioned Mr Khalifa Butti Omeir Bin Yousef as the scandal of undisclosed share pledges, sales and transfers has become marginally (but only marginally) less murky.


NMC – shocker, and the read-across to Finablr is too.

2020-02-15 11:25:10

Fully-listed NMC Health (NMC), under a short attack by Muddy Waters, has updated on the shenanigans of the holdings of founder Dr Shetty and those of Khalifa Bin Butti and His Excellency Saeed Bin Butti and associated companies. It seems that a stack of shares were indeed pledged and have been sold as enforcement of security. Oh dear, oh dear – I wonder what the chocolate teapots round at the FCA will make of this, especially as it sounds as though the Bin Buttis has their shares pledged and sold without their knowledge. And then there is the read-across to Finablr (FIN) which appears to be grappling with the same issues.


NMC Health – was possible offer announcement a lie?

2020-02-11 11:41:30

Shares in NMC Health (NMC) made something of a recovery yesterday, back above 900p, on the back of seemingly competitive takeover interest. However, how true was the announcement from the company?...


BREAKING: Muddy Waters "NMC is reminiscent of Enron"

2020-02-11 08:18:57

I see that my pal Richard Jennings of Align is tweeting like a Bulletin Board Moron, welcoming a falling share price in NMC Health (NMC) as an opportinity to buy more shares. Whatever. I think on this one I  remain firmly with Carson Block of Muddy Waters and view this as an accident that is already happening but will get far worse. Today Carson has compared NMC to Enron.


NMC Health and Finablr – has Dr Shetty been a very naughty boy?

2020-02-10 11:20:43

NMC Health (NMC) has announced highly preliminary approaches from Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) and GK Investment Holding (GKI) regarding possible offers for the company. But in tandem, a second RNS from NMC suggests that Dr Shetty’s holdings and others’ may not be all they appeared to be. This was accompanied by an RNS from Finablr (FIN) suggesting similar shenanigans may be on the cards regarding the same people. Both companies are trying to get to the bottom of it, but from my perspective it all stinks and I would not be hanging around to find out what the true position actually is with either.


Muddy Waters vs NMC Health Round ...whatever

2019-12-23 15:40:07

Last week NMC Health (NMC) attenpted to "refute" Carson Block of Muddy Waters bear dossier with a long RNS. But its shares kept sliding. So today we got another round.


Breaking: Muddy Waters goes short NMC

2019-12-17 11:39:51

I see that some plonker at the Evening Standard has just dismissed Carson Block of Muddy Waters as a "ridiculous, conspiracy theorist". Au contraire Carson is a serious bear raider who is almost always right with his bear calls. Today he has announced that he is short of NMC Health (NMC). Carson writes:


Footsie Health Jumbo from the Middle East to announce numbers which could rally a recent share dip

2019-08-15 08:20:30

Hello Share Placers. The United Arab Emirates seems to be attracting a bad press at the mo, for reasons which are all over the news bulletins. So we need not go into them. Nevertheless, today’s commendation from moi is for a company based there...


Zak Mir's Bull Call of the Day No. 1: NMC Health: Technicals Point To 1,000p

2015-11-25 05:27:07

With shares of NMC Health, it would appear that we are viewing a mature bull situation. This is said in the aftermath of a one year break to the upside within a rising trend channel from December last year.

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