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EXCLUSIVE: Northern Petroleum: Argentine Unit heading for bankruptcy court - when was it going to tell investors?

2016-09-20 07:45:48

And there was I thinking that if AIM listed companies had bad news they had to issue an RNS? Well maybe Chris Cleverley has re-drafted the rule book because Northern Petroleum (NOP) seems in no rush to fess up to the impending collapse of its Argentine subsidiary.


Northern Petroleum - Tells us about the Alberta Bonds & when you expect to go bust?

2016-02-19 04:32:25

Northern Petroleum (NOP) shares have slumped again today by 13% to 2.25p-3p. I fear it is going to get an awful lot worse with 0p a perfectly plausible target price. There are two problems.


Northern Petroleum insists it wont run out of cash - I disagree

2016-01-22 01:49:38

Northern Petroleum (NOP) has today announced it has completed its Rainbow deal in Canada and hapless CEO little Keith Bush has insisted that cash is not an issue. The, heavily spun, statement skips critical details and the fact is that Northern will be out of cash a lot sooner than most folks think. This looks terminal.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Infastrata, Northern Petroleum, UK Oil & Gas

2015-10-13 04:40:08

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares in Infastrata, (INFA) Northern Petroleum (NOP) UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and setting share price targets for all three stocks


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Featuring Northern Petroleum, Reach4Entertainment, Sefton Resources, Thor Mining, Transense Technologies, Wishbone Gold

2015-06-11 02:28:34

Featuring Northern Petroleum (NOP), Reach4Entertainment (R4E), Sefton Resources (SER), Thor Mining (THR), Transense Technologies (TRT), Wishbone Gold (WSBN)


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Allied Minds, Northern Petroleum, Plethora Solutions

2015-05-21 23:47:14

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at Allied Minds, Northern Petroleum and Plethora Solutions.


Northern Petroleum – sack the board!

2015-02-14 05:38:23

As a company director it is hard to admit that you are wrong. And thus good money is thrown after bad. That is what is happening at Northern Petroleum (NOP) and for shareholders to get anything back the board must be sacked now.


Northern Petroleum – what a total fucking omnishambles of an RNS

2015-02-10 09:24:00

I have already explained in my Bearcast why Keith Bush, the CEO of AIM casino POS Northern Petroleum (NOP) should be taken out and strung up with piano wire for the contempt with which he has treated the owners of this company where he has been rewarded for abject failure. But today’s RNS requires further comment as it is a classic in omnishambles obfuscation. 


Northern Petroleum forced into issuing a (lack of) profits warning but why is it still not coming clean

2015-01-13 02:52:02

A vicious Bearcast at the weekend appears to have forced Northern Petroleum (NOP) into issuing a profits (or lack of) warning but it is still not coming clean with its long suffering shareholders – why does this company regard transparency as a four letter word? The shares are off again today to 10.5p but remain a sell with an initial 5p target. 


Tom Winnifrith BearCast 11 January

2015-01-11 04:19:25

This is a two part podcast. First I look at Northern Petroleum and its woes and explain why I have a 5p target for the shares ( now 11.5p) the a section on earnings visibility and valuing companies that might be breaking the law or ripping off their customers.


Northern Petroleum and its alarming (and poorly disguised) cash burn

2014-08-08 09:33:00

At the year-end Northern Petroleum (NOP) reported its cash in Euros – 26.5 million. Yesterday it boasted of its cash balance in dollars $22 million. I guess someone might have fallen for that sleight of hand – it could have been transparent and used a number of 16.5 million Euro. But transparency and Northern? Enough said.


Northern Petroleum UK asset sale at give-away price – just how bad is the cash position?

2014-07-24 06:39:44

I noted here the other day that Northern Petroleum (NOP) is heading for a cash call. Today it has announced the sale of its UK assets for £1.5 million to UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). It’s a great deal for UK Oil & Gas but it tells you that Northern needs cash. Fast.


Prostitute Researcher Edison talks bollocks as Northern Petroleum plans a bailout cash call

2014-07-19 07:31:02

Northern Petroleum (NOP) is running out of money. A cash call is inevitable and it will happen before Christmas.  Hence prostitute researcher Edison has “reinitiated coverage”. That means Northern has paid it a cheque to write bullshit so that private investors are suckered into buying the stock before institutions buy in at a whopping discount. The Edison note says it all. It is a classic.


Northern Petroleum – Boardroom bonuses for what FFS? Shareholders can fight back today

2014-05-16 06:53:33

A copy of the Northern Petroleum (NOP) annual report lands on my desk. Thud. A lot of trees went to produce this weighty tome which places undue prominence on 'elf n safey, Corporate & Social Responsibility, etc, etc. That is all a smokescreen of sanctimony to mask an act of brutal AIM Cesspit crony capitaism. Naturally I turn straight to page 87 of 96 and there it is. Bonuses for directors! WTF?


Northern Petroleum: Canada Update and meeting the new head honcho Keith Bush

2013-08-27 07:46:30

Northern Petroleum (NOP) announced last week that 3D seismic data purchased and interpreted since the company acquired its leases in northern Alberta, Canada “has increased the number and type of drilling opportunities available on the land… (these) include the identification of undrilled reef structures as well as reefs which may benefit from drilling up-structure from the previous entry point”. With also formal assignment of existing wellbores from previous operators taking longer than usual (the drilling of a new well and a side track not affected by this), the company notes that “the final proof of concept well sequence will be adapted to reflect this”


Northern Petroleum at 32p worth 35p to 179p says Edison

2013-07-15 10:19:10

Commissioned researcher Edison has published a detailed note on Northern Petroleum (NOP) following recent management change in which it claims that the shares, now 32p, could be worth anything between 35p and 179p.


Northern Petroleum - Boardroom Changes CAN Matter

2013-06-17 07:51:12

AIM-listed oil and gas company Northern Petroleum (NOP) has announced the departure of director Maurice Eaton who joined the company in 2007 and became Director of Operations in June 2011. The company added “Maurice's departure is the first of a series of changes to board roles and executive responsibilities including the roles of Chairman and Managing Director planned during 2013”.


Northern Petroleum: Results and Chat with MD Musgrove

2013-05-15 09:25:35

Northern Petroleum (NOP) has been a very disappointing performer for quite a while and the shares are currently a further touch lower today on the back of results for the calendar 2012 year.


Sell Northern Petroleum (NOP) Down To 20p: The Emperor Was Always Naked

2013-05-01 02:58:20

While dissing the likes of Gulf Keystone (GKP) or Xcite Energy (XEL) can instantly lead to one having the popularity of an Operation Yewtree suspect, it beggars belief that despite a crushing share price collapse over the past couple of years no one appears prepared to admit that the bull argument died around the same time as the parrot in the Monty Python sketch.


Northern Petroleum Board Upgrade – A Step in the Right Direction

2012-11-09 12:57:05

I tipped oil and gas producer and explorer Northern Petroleum on, the site I founded in 2000 and edited until this September at 13.75p. The shares raced ahead to almost 150p but have since declined to just 64.75p. But news out today suggests that the company is making a step in addressing one issue it has, next up we await drilling news from Guyane.

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