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Nostra Terra always talk a good game but never seem to deliver - it's hard to see it being any different this time!

2020-10-14 13:35:14

If there was an award for the worst performing oil and gas share listed on AIM over the past decade there wouldn’t be a lack of contenders, but Nostra Terra (NTOG) would definitely be in the running!


Nostra Terra – deceiving investors with a misleading RNS yet again?

2020-04-22 09:14:25

I am not sure how Nomad Strand Hanson managed to sign off on today’s misleading RNS from Nostra Terra (NTOG) but maybe we have all just come to expect that Matt Lofgran et al are just allowed to say whatever they wan t with no comeback. This is the AIM casino after all.


Nostra Terra, the deception, the Dilution the stitch up. J’accuse Matt Lofrgran

2020-04-08 11:47:20

On April Fool’s day there was an upbeat statement from Nostra Terra (NTOG) promising all sorts of good things. What it neglected to mention was that trade creditors had risen to £230,000 as the cash burning enterprise had no cash and so imply could not afford to pay its bills. One of those owed cash (£60,000) was Nomad Strand Hanson, boy how it must have been hoping for a placing….


Congratulations Flip Flop: Ben Turney triumphs at Nostra Terra

2020-03-03 11:57:39

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) is a basket case but at least flip flip Ben Turney has engineered a boardroom revolution which gives it a slim chance of not going bust. Well done to Ben who, you may remember, discussed Nostra Terra in a recent ShareProphets Radio free podcast HERE.


BREAKING: The Letter Matt Lofgran and Nostra Terra do NOT want shareholders to see

2020-02-14 09:35:56

Yesterday another dog cursed by the hex that is a Gervais Williams investment, that is to say Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), published details of a sack the board EGM and the management’s case for staying on. What, in a cowardly fashion, it refused to do, as I believe it should have done is publish the letter that the requisitioner, Eridge Capital run by flip flop Ben Turney, wanted to send to shareholders. Fear not… the letter, outside of all paywalls, is below. Nostra Terra shareholders should read it and vote to sack chairman Ewan Ainsworth - in light of the scandalous pay revelations below - and hapless Lofgran after this bombshell.  Sack the board!  


Nostra Terra was forced to come clean on Matt Lofgran’s poison pill – this is no way to run a public company

2020-02-12 14:52:39

On 5th February 2020 Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) lied to shareholders as it admitted that Matt Lofgran had signed a secret deal that seems to give him a job for life however badly he runs the company.


How do Nostra Terra's advisors Strand Hanson really feel about their client? Hint..

2017-07-05 00:18:02

We all have nicknames for companies and they usually imply something about how we feel about them. So for me Quindell (QPP) will always be Quenron for reasons that should be obvious. So how does Nomad Strand Hanson feel about its client Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG)? The hint is perhaps in the image below taken from Strand's latest corporate brochure boasting of recent deals that it has completed....


The continuing saga of Mosman's, oops sorry Nostra Terra's, Pine Mills oil field

2016-11-30 01:26:23

If it wasn’t for the fact that plenty of small private investors will probably have lost money that they can’t afford to at this time of year, the latest RNS from Mosman Oil and Gas (MSMN) would almost have been amusing, it was so farcical!


Nostra Terra turns to North Africa

2015-10-09 02:23:39

US-focused AIM underperformer Nostra Terra Oil and Gas (NTOG) has teamed up with junior market pariah Independent Resources (IRG) in a potentially transformational $3.5 million (£2.3 million) deal to acquire a half share in Egypt’s East Ghazalat oil producing concession, containing proven and probable reserves of one million barrels.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Beowulf Mining, Nostra Terra, Sirius Petroleum, Serica Energy, Vast Resources, W Resources

2015-10-06 23:32:11

Featuring shares in Beowulf Mining (BEM), Nostra Terra (NTOG), Sirius Petroleum (SRSP), Serica Energy (SQZ), Vast Resources (VAST), W Resources (WRES), with share price targets for all these minnows.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Nostra Terra Oil & Gas, Pantheon Resources, Serica Energy

2015-09-03 05:19:31

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), Pantheon Resources (PANR), Serica Energy (SQZ) and offer some share price targets.


Video of Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas at ZaksTradersCafe

2015-06-25 01:14:46

The second PLC presenter at Zak's Traders Cafe on Monday was the ever likeable Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG). Rather than present he opted to be interviewed by the Sith Lord. The video of that and him taking a few questions from me is below


Nostra Terra; expansion drive makes this a speculative buy

2015-06-16 01:16:25

Waiting for more drilling results from recent acquisitions and looking for fresh deals, US-focused Nostra Terra Oil and Gas (NTOG) is ‘now able to go for some bigger opportunities,’ declares chief executive officer Matt Lofgran, as the company digests last month’s agreement to obtain 1% of the 35,000-acre San Miguel property in South Texas. He says Nostra Terra, which doubled production last year to 35,380 barrels of oil equivalent, hopes to benefit from the depressed state of the oil market by picking up more hoped-for bargains, after securing the White Buffalo prospect in Wyoming and acquiring two properties on the sought-after 870 million-acre Eagle Ford oil shale trend in South Texas.


Video of presentation by Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra at UK Investor Show

2015-05-12 02:19:26

I like Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) and regard him as a good and decent guy doing his best for shareholders. He was among the CEO's presenting at the UK Investor Show 2015


Exclusive Interview with Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra – buy at 0.34p – target 0.6p

2014-09-07 10:08:03

Following its recent acquisition of a 100% interest in the White Buffalo Prospect from Ward Petroleum located in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming I caught up with Matt Lofgran, CEO of AIM listed Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) for a chat and what he said makes this stock look very interesting. 


Nostra Terra set to go on a bull run

2014-08-22 08:59:58

It’s been a long time since I wrote up Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG). The feisty oil minnow fighting for attention amongst the bigger, riskier AIM oil exploration companies. Let’s start by saying that this company are run by a team who are decent, honest individuals trying to get their message across against a cacophony of noise from more voluble oilers. The message often gets lost. That is about to change significantly. 


A Good Guy from the Oil Sector - Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra in video action

2014-07-27 07:42:44

Following my revelations HERE earlier about US Oil & Gas (USOP) you might want to run a mile from this sector. But there are some CEOs who I judge to be good honest folk and among them is Matt Lofgran of AIM listed Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG)


Interview with Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra, the shares are a buy at 0.3p target 0.6p

2014-07-04 10:26:05

Following the growth of interest in US fracking companies listed on AIM I contacted Matt Lofgran CEO of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) for his views and thoughts about Nostra and general views about the US peer sector listed on AIM. It strikes me that Nostra shares could double from 0.3p. 


Northland: Nostra Terra at 0.27p worth 0.37p

2014-06-20 09:23:25

 The initiation of coverage note from Northland Partners on AIM listed Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) sees it claiming that the shares, now 0.27p, are worth 0.37p. 


UK Investor Show 2014 video - Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra

2014-04-23 22:37:00

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Matt Lofgran of Nosta Terra (NTOG)


Nostra Terra: forgive and forget the past, the future looks encouraging

2014-04-09 08:50:11

Nostra Terra (NTOG) is one of those AIM companies that had a terrible reputation. It is typical of many small oil companies in that it has historically followed the path of disappointment, dilution and a declining share price, to the extent that its market cap now sits at just below £8 million.


Pizza & Beer with Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra – my thoughts

2014-03-29 19:31:55

Last Thursday Matt Lofgran, the non drinking CEO of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) and Gary his thoroughly decent PR man, who drinks for both of them, hosted a pizza and beer evening at Real Man Pizza in Clerkenwell.  It was fun and being a strictly salad and mineral water man I have a clear memory of what happened.  As I left, Matt & Gary were plying a party of pretty young female students with wine and having a great old time.  So we are all happy. But what to make of Nostra Terra?


Free Pizza & Beer with Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra and Tom Winnifrith – 27 March

2014-03-24 08:17:17

Matt Lofgran, CEO of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NOTOG) wants to buy you a pizza and a beer on Thursday 27th March and to explain the investment case for his firm.


Nostra Terra - Audio Interview with CEO Matt Lofgran

2014-02-10 15:54:36

Back in 2013 I caught up with Matt Lofgran CEO of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), Today I caught up with Matt again to offer up some explanation to Ntog's revitalised price action since its recently announced credit facility with Texas capital bank.



Oiler Pair Trade. BUY Nostra Terra, Sell Petro Matad

2014-01-17 10:40:02

Some of you may remember my very good call on Oilex (OEX) at 2.5p which is already up to 3.25p after just 56 days (see HERE). Today I introduce to you two more oil companies, one to buy and one to sell.


Nostra Terra Oil & Gas: Initial 2 Year Support Line Towards 0.25p – buy with 0.4p target

2013-12-09 11:21:34

It is just as well that the Closet Chartist is excused having to ponder over the fundamentals of a company like Nostra Terra (NTOG) since I cannot make head or tail of its RNS today. 


Nostra Terra at 0.39p: Bear Trap To 0.3p, But Still A Grudging Buy To 0.55p

2013-10-29 15:59:59

It is perhaps unfortunate that Nostra Terra is such a closely followed stock and divides opinion so greatly. That is because, from a technical perspective, the ideal scenario would probably be to avoid making calls on what is even at the best of times a very volatile and fiddly charting proposition.


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week – LSE Nostra Terra Board

2013-10-25 14:09:50

As ever there is stiff competition for this award – I note the valiant self-nomination of Luke Woods. However the winner has to be a poster calling himself “Shareprophets” on the LSE Nostra Terra (NTOG) Board. For the avoidance of doubt we do not post on any board as Shareprophets.


Nostra Terra – Richfield victory: Xcap Comment

2013-09-04 07:28:58

In a very positive development for AIM listed Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) it seems to be making progress in its claim against Richfield Oil & Gas for $1.5 million plus fees, according to an RNS announced on 3rd September. House broker XCAP has published a detailed not on the significance of that announcement.


Doc Holiday vs Mining Maven: Nostra Terra vs Goldstone Resources

2013-08-27 07:27:21

Our penny stock resources guru Doc Holiday has challenged our friends at Mining maven to a share tipping contest. Doc will over the next few days pick five oil stocks, Mining Maven a five mining stocks. Let battle commence ( c'mon Doc!):


Q& A with Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas

2013-08-02 01:14:03

Today shareprophets speaks to Matt Lofgran about the highs and lows of running a small cap oil and gas company – namely AIM listed Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG)


Nostra Terra Oil & Gas – at the UK Investor Show 2013

2013-07-31 10:49:18

CEO Matt Lofgran presents at the UK Investor Show. 


Nostra Terra – worth a flutter?

2013-06-28 09:26:32

I have run the slide rule over Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) like many small cap E&P companies. I note as a backdrop a positive AGM statement earlier this week and while I reserve the right to change my mind on a company with a few too many shares in issue, today I focus on historic trading swings.


Buy Nostra Oil & Gas (NTOG): The Dirty Charting Work Is Done

2013-05-26 06:34:34

Although I am no Red Adair when it comes to the world of oil & gas exploration, I did attempt to engage in conversation regarding this particular field with an amiable representative of Nostra Oil & Gas at the UK Investor Show last month.


Nostra Terra Oil & Gas – It gets better & better

2013-05-01 06:48:16

Just when will investors realise how good the potential is for Nostra Terra Oil & Gas? (NTOG)


Buy Nostra Terra Oil & Gas at 0.51p

2013-04-16 06:43:19

I moseyed down to the UK Investor show at the weekend sneaking around "incognito." A jolly good time I had. My first port of call was of course Leyshon Resources (LRL) who promptly disappeared out of sight leaving its stand unattended for the next 20 minutes or so. I gave up & headed over to the Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) stand where believe it or not CEO Matt Lofgran was being told by the Lothbury PR Guy, Gary Middleton,  “Not to leave the stand unattended"

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