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Next plc remains a quality operator but are the shares a buy here?

2021-04-01 09:46:20

Back in late July last year I observed HERE that ‘Not every company is as smart or helpful as Next plc (NXT)’. Since then the stock has risen from below £57 to today’s price of over £80. So how is the clothing (and other) retailer getting on and is there any value today in the name?


What's Next for Next? Not Much in the Way of a Rising Share Price, I Fancy...

2020-09-30 08:15:39

Hello, Share Crunchers. It would take a brave investor to consider putting money into high street stores. This seemed true before the virus struck and is even more pertinent now. This week I commended Associated British Foods (ABF) to your further inquiries mainly because Primark’s low prices were likely to beat its competitors and so ride out the virus. But Next plc (NXT) is a different story, in my view...


Note to every business and investor out there: read & learn from the latest Next plc update...

2020-04-29 09:54:59

A quick glance at the FTSE-100 flirting again with the 6,000 index point level might have calmed the casual investor to think that everything was seamlessly slipping into a 'V-shaped' recovery. More experienced investors understand that there are multiple psychological, flow and - yes - fundamental factors at work. That it is complex out there is shown by the tone and content of today's trading update by Next (NXT), a company whose capability to work out a plan I have lauded before...


NEXT continues to educate mere mortals in the clothing retail space...

2020-04-14 13:19:25

You know my thoughts on Next (NXT) already: a business with a management team who have a plan. The last time I wrote on the stock - when it closed its online channel to ensure social distancing could be achieved for staff members - a couple of weeks ago, I observed that it was a company with 'an ability to both quantify the challenges and evolve its thoughts'. Suffice to say, these are both traits you want to see in management teams. Markets have pushed up further since I published that piece but do not break out the champagne yet…


Next's change of plan tells you more than romping markets...

2020-03-27 09:00:01

Just over a week ago, I highlighted the depth of the corporate plan unveiled by clothing retail behemoth Next (NXT) in response to the coronavirus challenges. It is always better to have a plan than not and Next was particularly strong in highlighting a range of potential scenarios including - in the most pessimistic scenario - a 100% fall in sales over the next few upcoming weeks. Well that may be coming to pass…


If only every company could share its plan like Next plc just did

2020-03-19 13:10:44

I own some Next (NXT) clothes but do not own any shares in the business, though I have to say I am super-impressed by today's very lengthy full-year update from the company. Forget the trading numbers in the year up to the end of January (they were fine), because naturally it is all about the coronavirus…


Oops...Next did it again (sort of)

2020-01-03 09:50:00

As the markets start to recover from their holiday slumber and consider what a new decade could bring, at least something in the corporate world has remained a constant: a solid set of numbers from clothing retail behemoth Next (NXT)…


If I was the head of Next...I'd be selling too

2019-10-16 09:50:50

Brexit excitements, eh? The merest whiff of some kind of deal and hello a rotation into UK domestic shares such as the banks, the housebuilders and - of course - retail. All good fun and certainly - as I talked about before - this is where most of the value in UK equities is currently...


What's next for Next? A Healthier Share Price, Mayhap?

2019-08-01 08:20:12

Hello Share Thrashers. From being sceptical about retailers being able to grow their share prices, I am beginning to change my mind. Well, for selected chains at least. One company which I think might buck a downward trend is Next (NXT)...


Thank goodness for Next

2019-03-21 02:44:51

I read yesterday that apparently 90% of people polled in one survey thought that the whole Brexit shenanigans are a national embarrassment. I think I am with the crowd on this one...which makes me happy to see a regulatory news statement from my old pals at Next (NXT), which wonderfully observes on the whole future EU relationship debacle: 'we can see no evidence that this uncertainty is affecting consumer behaviour in our sector'. Good news...but then Next, unlike so many of its other sector peers, is a quality operator as I have attested before – and can be seen in its numbers today...


What's next for Next? Online Sales Seem Set to Soar Even More

2019-01-04 01:03:37

Hello, Share Tweakers. Next (NXT) is another retailer that realises online sales are becoming more dominant over high street stores. And that has paid off. A last-minute burst of computerised Christmas shopping has been especially beneficial, according to the clothing giant.


Next - no retail apocalypse and no profits growth...but that's fine

2019-01-03 01:30:00

Happy New Year and all is good - as a larger-cap share watcher - to finally have some proper and pukka newsflow to write about again. It was getting dangerously close to me having to write about the millennial bleating about how stock markets shockingly could actually go down. The even better news is that you do not have to suffer one of my subjective retail runaround pieces akin to my mid-December musings HERE. Back then I observed that;


Next and Staffline under the spotlight next week

2018-12-29 02:45:08

Ahead of a more comprehensive review of annual broker and tipster activity next week, this week’s article focuses on two expected early-January trading announcements from Next (NXT) and Staffline (STAF). Strong returns on Next shares were wiped out during a disappointing second half to the year, while shareholders of Staffline will be happy with a return of over 20% in 2018. Both updates will be seen as important early indicators for their respective sectors, but are brokers and tipsters bullish about both companies’ future prospects?


Next! Personal adventures and observations in the current retail landscape

2018-12-16 04:13:06

As I have noted before, it is probably a good thing that the UK economy is not based on my personal consumption habits, especially when the highlight of my annual 'pre-Christmas trip to the shops' was purchasing an advent calendar marked down from its original price by over 75%... A very cheap way to buy some good quality chocolates (and - naturally - to ascertain the quality level I had to consume days one to fifteen in one sitting). 


Next, Dunelm, levels and confessions

2018-11-04 12:04:26

Interesting times for followers of more UK domestic focused shares in recent days.  Both Nigel and I have already discussed BT Group (BT/A) on these pages.  Meanwhile elsewhere, fears wax and wane over the omnipresent Brexit negotiations, which appears to be the biggest shorter-term influence on many UK listed names with high UK exposure. 


Next - damn that hot weather!

2018-08-01 09:03:57

Even a fashion luddite like me knows that clothing retail works best when you have a clear and distinct winter and summer period. The fashionistas and general public alike buy to look on-trend and functional as the temperatures respectively plummet or rise. In that vein then, the recent bout of extended hot weather was a retail bullseye - assuming, of course, that you have sufficient online capability to be active where increasingly the action is.


NEXT gives you all a late Christmas present

2018-01-03 02:40:10

Well done Next (NXT). Despite the Sunday Times suggesting a retail shocker last Sunday, the waxing and waning of the British weather helped the company to pucker up and generate a positive surprise in its full price sales metric as the company noted in its statement from earlier today:


Next - waxing and waning just like the UK economy

2017-11-01 03:40:25

Back in mid-September I told you to take your trading profits on Next (NXT) at around fifty quid a share. Today's update highlights again that currently the only way to play even UK retail names with good market shares, decent balance sheets and a propensity to chuck out dividends and undertake share buybacks is with a trader's hat on.


NEXT! Great winner but book profits and look elsewhere

2017-09-14 04:00:24

If I told you that UK clothing retail behemoth Next (NXT) mentioned this morning that earnings per share for the current financial year were now estimated to be down between 3.1% and 10.9% you would probably not want to buy the share after muttering about the downbeat UK consumer, nobbled by a lack of real wage growth and a slumped Pound. Well you would be quite correct in not wanting to buy Next shares today...because with the stock up a cool 11% it is once again pushing close to the 50 quid a share level I hoped for as a share price target in my writings on the stock earlier in the year (for example HERE).


Next remains cautious but the shares romp...and remain on sale

2017-08-03 02:43:44

Such is the current pessimism about anything to do with UK retailers that despite confirming that this financial year will see a fall in profitability of between 6.9% and 13.4%, it is perfectly logical that Next (NXT) shares should be up handsomely today.


Next - profit warning ahoy #2

2017-05-04 02:28:25

The seasons may have evolved a little but the message from FTSE-100 clothing behemoth Next (NXT) is basically unchanged. Life is still tough in a market where, in its words, ‘the UK consumer environment remains challenging’...


Next! Profit warning ahoy…

2017-01-04 03:45:58

I cannot remember the last time I set foot in a Next (NXT) shop, but then I am not really much of a shopper. It seems I am not alone as in a trading update today Next mused that in the year up to and including Christmas Eve full price sales were down -1.1% on last year.


This Thrilling Website's Assessed a Few High Street Stores, Recently. So What Next? - Next.

2015-12-18 01:08:11

Hello Share Scrimpers. I think all those dire predictions for the end of high street shopping have been overdone. The internet may be scooping up a lot of the Christmas custom. But we should never forget that tons of that profitable traffic is linked to the big retail stores anyway.


Next is a buy

2014-09-30 12:11:54

Last week I had a deco at Next (NXT) shares, noting that the share price had weakened somewhat. The share price then was 6,905p and arguably the share looked as though it had found some linear trend support. But something stayed my hand. Was it the god of markets placing a forbidding index finger on my shoulder? More probably it was the rating the market had given the shares. On consensus estimates for the current year to January 2015 the share at 6,905p was on a prospective PER of nearly 17 times. Next is a remarkably successful company and deserves its premium but even so……? 


Having under performed Next, AB Foods looks expensive per se and also relative to Sugar free Next

2014-01-20 16:29:38

Back in November I looked at ABF Foods (ABF) and thought it overvalued – it has looked highly valued for some time. The price then was about 2208p. It is now 2,658p - last seen - up 20%. 


The Next share price has underperformed M&S this year. Is it a buy?

2013-07-08 07:01:57

Well, if there is a case for buying Marks and Spencer (MKS) shares on the basis that it is more an investment in business model reform and not an investment in a recovery in the UK’s flat, stale and unprofitable economy and its stagnant consumer spending, is there also case for investing in Next (NXT) shares?

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