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I use Ocado but not JD Sports Fashion. But do I buy either of the shares?

2021-09-14 12:00:48

I have got my second Ocado (OCDO) delivery of the month arriving later this week. I admit it, from the perspective of a supermarket shopping delivery, I am a bit of an Ocado fanboy. Of course that does not mean I think the stock is cheap and you may recall during my update on the name here a couple of months ago, the share was a no for me given ‘even next year’s EV/EBITDA multiple is probably over a 40x multiple’. So why are the shares down further today?


This Space Age Supermarket Wizard Has Ambition in Spades

2021-07-13 08:11:03

Hello, Share Shapers. Supermarkets are doing rather well at the mo, motivated I suspect by the take-over interest in Morrisons (MRW). However, I can see more reliable drivers for the online supermarket Ocado (OCDO), which has risen in prominence during the lockdowns. My brighter colleague Chris Bailey has already commented on this baby, but the situation is fascinating so allow me to put in my two bits worth.


My Ocado delivery is arriving later but how about its shares?

2021-07-11 14:36:17

I believe there is a football game at 8pm later today (sorry Italy, but someone has to lose) but - helping to make sure the family has a range of nice things to eat and drink whilst watching the game - Ocado (OCDO) is dropping around at the house in a few hours time. It might describe itself as ‘a publicly-traded company that develops software, robotics, and automation systems for online retailers’, but specifically in the UK it has switched from working with Waitrose to now working with Marks & Spencer (MKS).  


Has Ocado peaked at Last? I am Short (Again) at 2250p

2020-12-19 16:00:18

A few years back, Ocado (OCDO) was one of the most reviled companies in the UK with the shares regularly topping Short Tracker’s most shorted table, peaking in 2016 with 20% of the shares out on loan. The short interest is now negligible as the bears (myself included) have been sent packing with the relentless, almost tenfold, rise of the share price over the last few years which has only recently looked to be running out of steam.


With Armchair Food Shopping Set to Increase What Can Go Wrong for this Home Delivery Doyen?

2020-09-22 08:18:07

Hello, Share Trappers. Many of you will be wondering how much dosh is currently being made by Ocado (OCDO) because of the virus. At one time, some investors avoided the stock because online supermarket shopping was considered to be not that popular. But now the pandemic has shifted more focus to armchair shopping, well, what could go wrong?


The Virus-Led Online Food Surge Should Stay Post Crisis and this Space Age Giant Could Prosper

2020-06-16 08:12:58

Hello, Share Keepers. One company to benefit from the lockdown is Ocado (OCDO), the online supermarket. This, of course, is no surprise given the huge numbers advised not to leave their homes. Last year, I would never have brought Ocado to your attention as I expected strong competition for online deliveries from longer-established supermarkets. But Ocado is now making full advantage of the unhappy situation by seeking to expand fast...


All Supermarkets Should Make Money in the Crisis, but this Online Specialist Probably Stands out

2020-03-27 08:16:17

Hello, Share Peekers. In the past, some of the companies I hold that announced they couldn't keep up with demand have seen a sudden drop in the share price. It once happened to Creightons (CRL), the supplier of household stuff. My reaction then was to think ‘What a nice problem to have’. And I immediately bought more shares. Soon the company stock was at an all-time high. I’ve a feeling something similar might happen to Ocado (OCDO)...


This Futuristic Company's Robots Career Around Warehouses Fulfilling Orders. Santa Take Note.

2019-12-19 08:20:56

Hello, Share Crushers. And thank you to all those kind souls who wished me well on my visit to the hospital to discover why I’m seeing headless ghosts. I’m a bit nervous about the results but will let you know. Meanwhile, today’s choice for your further investigation is an unusual kind of business...


This Week: BP Beats Estimates & an Unfortunate Week for Ocado

2019-02-09 00:54:08

BP (BP.) and Ocado (OCDO) released annual results on Tuesday this week and the market initially responded well to both: BP finished the day up +5.2%, with Ocado +4.2%. Things have taken a turn for the worse for Ocado following news of a fire at one of its fulfilment centres in Andover. Shares in the online supermarket are -14.4% since Tuesday’s close. In this week’s article we take a look at whether these events have altered broker and tipster opinion about the future of both firms.


Ocado – fire incident “now under control”, but having expanded last night

2019-02-06 03:55:57

Having announced yesterday lunchtime that “a fire started in a section of the ambient grid of our Andover CFC… The incident and the measures being taken to contain it appears to have affected a proportion of the mechanical handling equipment and some of the grid… Andover suspended operation this morning preventing further fulfilment of orders”, a further update today from Ocado (OCDO) commences; “Unfortunately the fire which started yesterday morning in a corner of the ambient grid was not contained as we believed, and last night expanded”...


Online Supermarket King Should See Shares Rise with Superior Selling Technology

2018-12-28 01:15:09

Hello, Share Samplers. Online shopping is likely to grow even faster in the future than it has in the recent past. A company well placed to take more than an average advantage of this fact is Ocado (OCDO). And that’s because this retailer has a super duper system for fulfilling orders that other companies will also want to use - at a price.


Stockmarket crash performance update: start of 2018 top shorted London-listed shares

2018-10-16 14:58:32

Early this year we showed the ten top shorted London-listed shares at the start of 2018. After the recent market slide and compared to end-September, how's the latest performance?...


Ocado – interims argue ‘beginning to change the way the world shops’. Beginning to translate financially then?

2018-07-10 15:26:28

Ocado (OCDO) has announced results for its half year ended 3rd June 2018, with CEO Tim Steiner reckoning “the success of our technology platform continues to be demonstrated… we are beginning to fulfil our ambition to change the way the world shops”. Is this also beginning to be demonstrated financially then?...


Half-year performance update: start of 2018 top shorted London-listed shares

2018-07-04 08:58:48

Early this year we showed the ten top shorted London-listed shares at the start of 2018. After the latest month, how's performance?...


Ocado valuation continues to reach even crazier heights

2018-05-19 03:28:26

Ocado (OCDO) has seen a significant rise in its share price in recent weeks and seems to have gained upwards momentum, but I would question how long that will last and still see it as very expensive at this point in time.


It is easy to see why Ocado is heavily shorted

2018-02-25 03:31:22

It isn’t hard to see why shopping delivery firm Ocado (OCDO) is one of the most shorted shares on the market, given its current valuation.


Different Fortunes For the UK's Two Most Hated Stocks

2017-12-03 04:30:25

The fortunes of London’s two most shorted companies, Carillion (CLLN) and Ocado (OCDO) have differed sharply of late.


How About Ocado - if You Think On-line Shopping is Set to Get Even Stronger?

2017-07-07 00:05:52

Hello Share Smoothers. Ocado (OCDO) is one of those annoying companies which does not give you a clue as to what it does by its name. It is in fact an online supermarket. And it should have been called something like ‘The On-Line Supermarket.’ Never mind. Silly names is just one of my personal irritants in the share picking game.


Sell the Ocado Rally at 300p

2017-06-23 07:51:00

Until recently the stock market has been very kind to Ocado (OCDO), with the shares in May rising from 250p to nearly 320p valuing the enterprise at north of £2 billion. The company has though never remotely justified its market cap on fundamentals and has therefore needed to tease investors with hints of a huge, game-changing, deal.


Cautious Ocado Statement sees shares slipping, shorters holding on for the win

2016-09-13 07:02:30

In my preview of Ocado’s Q3 trading statement, I suggested that the market cap was probably just too big. The statement released this morning is a win for the shorters as the shares retreat 14% to 276p.


Ocado Preview: London’s 3rd most shorted stock

2016-09-11 04:17:00

The Ocado (OCDO) share price remains volatile, as investors try to figure out whether this unusual business is headed for success or failure. Short interest remains incredibly high, and currently represents about 17.5% of shares outstanding, making it a top 3 bear target in London! Let’s take a look in advance of next Tuesday’s Q3 trading statement.


Ocado - a compelling short

2016-04-29 23:47:54

Bears have a saying “never be short in company” but I have made an exception to this rule today and reopened a bear at 308p in Ocado (OCDO)  the second most shorted company on the market (after Carillion). 


Ocado Group – trading update reckons “steady progress”, but what about cash generation?

2016-03-15 05:00:31

I previously updated on online retailer and technology group Ocado (OCDO), questioning whether its results for its year ended 29th November 2015 really represented “good progress in a challenging market environment” HERE. The following reviews a latest trading update – this time emphasising “we are pleased with the steady progress in our business”. Hmmm…


Ocado Group – full-year results, it reckons “good progress”. Really?

2016-02-02 08:09:50

Online retailer and technology group Ocado (OCDO) has announced results for its year ended 29th November 2015 trumpeting “good progress in a challenging market environment”. Really?


Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day: Ocado - The Strongest Supermarket?

2015-06-30 00:26:08

It is ironic that its “real” counterparts have struggled to prove themselves to the market, while with difficulty even turning a profit online grocer Ocado has been one of the more resilient plays at least in share price terms. 


Ocado ... Obfuscation warns the Dark Destroyer

2015-01-14 09:50:35

You can sometimes tell more from what a company doesn't tell you than what it does. Take for example, Ocado's (OCDO) -  market cap £2.4 billion -  trading update for the Christmas 2014 period, released this morning.  


Ocado Group – is the progress and outlook sufficient to justify the £2bn+ valuation?

2014-12-11 08:00:47

Online grocer Ocado (OCDO) has updated on the final 16 weeks of its year to 30th November 2014, including commenting that it is “pleased with the continued steady growth in our business against the backdrop of a more competitive grocery market”. Is this though enough to help justify the current more than £2 billion market cap? – with the shares, although down from more than 600p earlier this year, having recovered to a current approaching 350p after falling towards 220p in October.


Ocado – sell into the rally

2014-08-23 08:13:09

Shares in Ocado (OCDO) have become somewhat volatile of late. Last year this was hardly the case: the shares simply rose every day to everyone’s general bemusement and in many cases, my own included, considerable financial cost. 


Follow the founder: Sell Ocado

2014-02-27 07:20:53

Ocado (OCDO) has investor and traders dumbfounded by the continued rise in its share price. Today stock exchanges hands at 617p. Short of drafting in an Alan Turing type character to bust open the enigma's code, I’m at a loss to explain this.


Sell Ocado (OCDO): And The Difference Between Ocado And Meals On Wheels Is…

2013-05-10 04:07:13

One of the unique aspects of Shareprophets is the depth of research which goes into every article. As part of this research it emerged that Ocado’s older counterpart Meals On Wheels is also a non profit making organisation.


Buy Ocado (OCDO): Lack Of Profits Not A Problem For A £1bn Price Tag

2013-05-03 00:52:12

You might have thought that there would be some relationship between the share price of online grocer Ocado and the amount of money the group is making.


Sell Ocado: Below 149p Risks A 120p Retest

2013-04-15 11:26:06

As most of us are aware, the spirit of the age is to reward failed people, business models, banks, and countries, while holding in contempt those who are successful. In November online grocer Ocado (OCDO) was bailed out, despite having never really achieved more than a token profit over the past decade, trading on a forecast p/e of over 200 next year.


OCADO - Outlook Challenging And Dangerously Overpriced?

2013-01-23 06:40:45

Shares in UK online grocer and FTSE-250 constituent Ocado Group (OCDO) closed more than 6% higher, at 101p, yesterday on the back of news that the high-profile ex-Marks & Spencer boss Sir Stuart Rose is to take a Non-Executive Chairman role at the company. With this following a trading update from the company last week, the following is my take on the current investment proposition here…

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