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Announcement Imminent for Prairie Mining. Oh, the Suspense!

2019-04-06 01:02:20

Hello, Share Bunnies. To describe Prairie (PDZ) mining as speculative is to err on the mild side. Its prospects of rocketing the share price seem good, except for a dispute now in the hands of the Polish courts. Until the dispute is settled, I suppose anything might happen.


My Guy Fawkes Night Tip Won't Help Your Bonfire Blaze but its Rise or Fall Is Still a Burning Issue

2018-11-05 08:10:36

Hello, Share Triggers. Let’s review a share which presents green supporters among us a bit of heart searching. Should we buy shares in a company which hopes to mine loads of coke in Poland? We have to bear in mind that coal is the dirtiest mass fuel of all when it comes to the threat of global warming.


Carry Me Back to the Old Prairie as Its Burning Plan Might Soon Be Back on Track

2018-08-29 07:19:56

Hello Share Smashers. Prairie Mining (PDZ) is a company which does coal in Poland. For those who know my Puritan tendencies, that seems an odd kind of company for my support. Does not coal cause air pollution and contribute to global warming?


Prairie Enters a Legal Tussle. But Have its Shares Been Oversold?

2018-04-10 00:11:43

Hello, Share Wallowers. In recent months I’ve featured Prairie Mining (PDZ). It has an interest in two projects in Poland where the company hopes to produce coal suitable for turning into coke.


Prairie Shares Make More Hay as a Big Bank and a Top Hedge Fund Buy in. Bagger in the Making, Mayhap?

2018-03-23 01:05:36

Hello, Share Smirkers. It’s nice when a big bank buys loads of shares in a smallish company as the shares tend to rise in value on the news. This has just happened in the case of one of my earlier commendations: Prairie Mining (PDZ).


Take a Look at Prairie and You Might See Greener Grass on the Other Side

2018-02-21 01:14:51

Hello Share Splurgers. The name Prairie Mining (PDZ) might give an impression that it’s a green company. Yet it deals in coal. But this coal is ideal for making coke, and from school days I think this is a cleaner alternative to the stuff we burned to keep the ‘frost flowers’ from the inside of our windows in the ‘fifties.


Fancy Doing the Okey-Cokey with a Miner Called Prairie?

2017-12-07 01:28:55

Hello, Share Sweetners. I rarely bring a developing miner to your further scrutiny. I prefer to leave all that to my mining expert colleague Gary. Also, I’ve been burned quite a lot by disappointing mineral and metal finds in the past. But any road up, let’s have a look at this one.


2011-03-21 01:00:00

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