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PowerHouse Energy - Does its so called "technology" even work?!

2020-06-08 09:01:24

Tom Winnifrith has written two articles recently about PowerHouse Energy (PHE), firstly noting how Zak Mir is promoting the stock and secondly how there are a bucket (shop) load of 0.5p warrants outstanding; separately Peter Brailey has noted the absurdity of the valuation as being "quadruple bonkers".  But today I want to ask a more basic question: does its so called "technology" even work?


Powerhouse Energy – the legacy of bucket shop placings

2020-06-03 12:05:39

At every step the last few days have seen Powerhouse Energy (PHE) show everything that is wrong with life among the dregs of the AIM Casino.  Today a new chapter but as a reminder....


ShareProphets readers tips for 2020 competition – end May update

2020-06-01 11:25:00

Having asked for readers tips for 2020 for the prize of 1/2 litre of Tom Winnifrith's Greek Hovel olive oil (2020 harvest) HERE, the following is an update on performance at the end of May (to be eligible needed to have selected, on a per username basis, a buy & sell pick from the LSE or AIM casino and the stocks not to have been suspended at the commencement of 2020)...


Is Zak Mir still a Good German - the Powerhouse Energy ramp

2020-05-30 11:44:07

I noted that in terms of the Eurasia Mining (EUA) scandal, my old friend, the Sith Lord Zak Mir played his part in the promote only becuase he was obeying orders. Now I see that he is pushing shares in almost insolvent Powerhouse Energy (PHE) ahead of its merger with almost insolvent Wastte2tricity. Peter Brailey exposed the ludicrous nature of Zak's ramping HERE yesterday.


Powerhouse Energy – Bonkers valuation or quadruple bonkers?

2020-05-29 12:34:05

I reviewed Powerhouse Energy (PHE) just after Christmas and concluded the £15 million market Cap was bonkers. The share price has motored on regardless and now the company sits with a £58 million valuation, and that’s before the dilution from the Waste2Tricty deal. Is this a clear sign of PI driven investment madness?


ShareProphets readers tips for 2020 competition – end February update

2020-03-03 08:22:11

Having asked for readers tips for 2020 for the prize of 1/2 litre of Tom Winnifrith's Greek Hovel olive oil (2020 harvest) HERE, the following is an update on performance at the end of February (to be eligible needed to have selected, on a per username basis, a buy & sell pick from the LSE or AIM casino and the stocks not to have been suspended at the commencement of 2020)...


Powerhouse Energy – Pre-Santa update with nice presents, but it remains a SELL

2019-12-30 08:04:13

Powerhouse Energy (PHE) provided an interesting update on 23rd December which would see the company merge with Waste2Trricty Ltd and address one reason I called this a Sell back in August. Nice as this news was to the investment case, thie shares remain a sell.


Powerhouse Energy – Technical risks and no commercial clarity..and a placing ahoy. What’s not to like?!

2019-08-25 14:28:58

The UK government has committed to a carbon neutral policy by 2050. Achieving this aim will require a massive shift from hydrocarbon fuel sources for electrical power generation, building heating and vehicle fuel sources to alternatives. We are also increasingly hearing about plastics and the need for a good disposal route. Powerhouse Energy (PHE) appears to provide one potential means of investing in these trends. Unfortunately it does not tick my investment boxes at all!


PowerHouse Energy - Toyota excited & impressed as proves up its technical abilities

2018-11-29 03:37:06

If the headline grabbed you and you are here to learn of a few home truths about the madcap plans of PowerHouse Energy (PHE) to commercialise its crazy DMG technology, then you have come to the right place. If you are one of those BBMs shouting down the company's efforts, and screaming warnings of death spiral funding is the only way PowerHouse will get its groundbreaking technology rolled out, then I'm going to disappoint you. You see, the crazy thing about this game, is if you have the foresight and will to engage with management of companies, you often (not always) get a helpful response, and sometimes the response may dispel some of the fears spread around the BB's for the tripe they often are...


This Rags to Riches Wizard Could Motor with Toyota Tsusho if All Goes Well

2018-11-28 01:04:00

Hello, Share Swallowers. One big advantage of the share game is that we investors can actually help to change the world for the better. We do, for example, have more power than the ordinary voter. A good company to invest in is one which wages war on the overuse of dirty energy, like oil, gas and coal...


UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Keith Allaun of Powerhouse Energy Group

2018-05-09 00:35:10

I rather like Mr Allaun although as you know I am not heavily into this green malarky but the world is and thus I see the merit in the shares. Anyhow Keith can explain the Powerhouse Energy (PHE) story better than a climate change denier like myself so over to him. 


Why I might be prepared to give Powerhouse Energy another chance

2018-04-30 00:31:21

Powerhouse Energy (PHE) is a company which I have previously been very negative on, and rightly so given its performance over the past few years. The company specialises in waste-to-energy production, either in the form of generating electricity or producing hydrogen for fuel cells, but in the past its gasification technology has failed to really take off in the way that investors had hoped.


PowerHouse Energy - updates on 2017 progress, a good year ahead - BUY

2018-01-14 04:34:27

PowerHouse Energy (PHE) has updated on its progress in 2017 and what it is now looking to achieve – concluding “we enter the new year focused on delivering the commercialisation of our DMG technology during 2018, and we remain confident that hydrogen from waste plastic will emerge as a preferred fuel for road transport”


Powerhouse Energy – successful validation work to inform commercial roll-out: BUY

2017-11-24 23:53:50

Waste-to-energy company Powerhouse (PHE) has announced “Completion of Pre-FEED of Commercial DMG System” - though the shares have currently responded lower…


Powerhouse Energy – commercial newsflow starts with Qatar MOU - BUY

2017-09-24 03:04:46

Having in the last couple of weeks been slipping back from above 1.3p towards 1p, shares in August tip at a 1.25p offer price Powerhouse Energy (PHE) are now recovering on the back of a MOU for waste-to-hydrogen facilities” announcement. But they have a lot further to go.


Video: Keith Allaun of Powerhouse Energy speaks at UK Investor Show 2017

2017-04-07 06:11:52

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Keith Allaun of Powerhouse Energy (PHE) is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.


PowerHouse Energy still looks in serious danger of going bust

2016-11-20 06:39:03

It amazes me how some of these small AIM companies continue to operate for years even after they look dead and buried, and that certainly seems to be the case with PowerHouse Energy (PHE).


Powerhouse Energy hits back - says Nomad Allenby backed it in misleadng investors & denies fraud in leaked email

2016-04-04 00:01:20

Powerhouse Energy (PHE) withheld information from its investors for almost two years (the non payment of a legal claim) and then again failed to mention that this dispute was going legal for six weeks. It thus misled investors who bought shares in the secondary markets and in two placings on that false prospectus. I think that is slam dunk fraud as explained HERE. The Company has now hit back in an email to an ex investor - which I have obtained - saying that Nomad Allenby knew all about this withholding on information so it is kosher? That charge against Allenby is grave and it needs to respond to the email below discussing our coverage:


PowerHouse Energy looks set to be booted off of AIM at last!

2016-04-03 05:44:30

Far too many small companies on AIM achieve little other than constantly diluting shareholders with discounted placings and never come close to actually generating any sort of profit! PowerHouse Energy (PHE) is definitely one that falls into that category, but thankfully it looks as though it may well not be around for that much longer following the news that came on Friday.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Nighthawk Energy, Powerhouse Energy, Serica Energy

2015-07-30 03:58:21

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at Nighthawk Energy (HAWK), Powerhouse Energy (PHE), Serica Energy (SQZ)


Powerhouse Energy is definitely one to avoid

2014-12-29 00:43:07

If you look more closely at a lot of AIM companies it is hard to see why they are so popular with private investors. So far PowerHouse Energy (PHE) would seem to fit into that category, as despite being popular on the bulletin boards, it has yet to actually achieve much of what has previously been promised or in the expected timescales.

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