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Here's Another Health Outfit that should Continue to Get Better, even After Covid

2021-02-22 08:16:49

Hello, Share Chums. Shares in ambitious outfit I commended to you not long after the pandemic struck hasn’t performed as well as hoped. But I’ve not lost faith, as the latest full-year results look good. And we all know the plague will last longer than we first thought. Despite the virus’s benefit to the company, my own holding has been absolutely static for many months now. But I’m looking forward to a ‘coil spring’ effect...


As Doctors Are Up Against it, So Are Their Surgeries. Good Old Primary Health Properties to the Rescue

2021-01-13 08:10:21

Hello, Share Holders. As you know, family doctors are really busy at the moment. And the government is hugely reliant on them to dispense the vaccines and pick up some slack from bursting hospitals. As hospitals continue to be overburdened - and likely to stay full after the virus, as the job of catching up on delayed treatment is rolled out - then doctors are likely to be even more involved in our wellbeing than they are currently.


Here's Another Health Jumbo Which Should Prosper Once the Virus Recedes

2020-07-10 08:22:25

Hello, Share Shifters. If you’re looking for a probable virus-proof investment, you might consider Primary Health Properties (PHP). This is a company I’ve recommended before, which provides up-to-date properties for doctors surgeries, health centres and the like. And you can imagine they are likely to be in more demand these dangerous days. The company has been expanding and its collection of medical buildings now stands at £2.5 billion.


Doctor, Doctor I Feel Like a New Share. Then Take a Look at Primary Health Properties

2020-02-13 08:25:52

Hello, Share Breakers. Allow me to return to a company where a lot is going on and which seems to be progressing nicely. Primary Health Properties (PHP) buys up and builds new doctor’s surgeries and other kinds of modern health centre...


Take A Peek at this Healthy Property Firm That Keeps on Getting Better

2020-01-02 08:15:31

Hello, Share Pickers. Primary Health Properties (PHP) is an outfit which develops and improves the rental income of buildings used for first-stage health care. What excites me about this line of work is the fact that an aging population which refuses to adopt simple methods to stay more healthy, will increase demand for years to come...


Marriage of Two Medical Peas in the Same Pod Should Keep Shareholdings Healthy

2019-01-25 01:10:59

Hello share players. It usually makes sense when two companies which do the same thing merge together. Cuts down on premises, staff and paperwork. And it’s good news for shareholders in Primary Health Properties (PHP) which has married up with MedicX (MXF). PHP will hold seven-tenths of the new set-up.


Primary Health Properties targets further expansion

2015-10-21 01:42:39

Buying and developing sizeable modern health centres and renting them to general practitioners has been proving a profitable game for fully-listed Primary Health Properties (PHP), a UK real estate trust which aims to boost its present £1.1 billion of assets by at least £100 million a year and hopes to see rental growth in the sector accelerate from its present unexciting 1%. Having made nearly £37 million pre-tax in 2014, the London-based company is proposing to move to quarterly dividend payments and to carry out a four-for-one share split, after lifting net asset value 10% in the first half of this year to £377.5 million or 339p a share, with interim pre-tax profits up 47% to £32.4 million, helped by a £2.2 million interest rate derivatives gain, on a 5.2% increase in rental income to £30.6 million.

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