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Persimmon's Purse Could Start to Bulge Even More as Housing Demand Builds

2021-01-14 08:10:36

Hello, Share People. My rosy spectacles for the house building game continue to be in place. And today’s suggestion for your further investigation is Persimmon (PSN). Despite the fact that early in the pandemic its building sites were closed down, this giant has not been as affected as you might think.


I Should Buy Persimmon Shares as the Big Builder Behaved Beautifully in Lockdown and Could Prosper Now

2020-08-19 08:25:12

Hello, Share Chums. Persimmon (PSN) is one of my favourite housebuilders. Its half-year results, just out, confirm my optimism. Ok, its profit has taken a knock, this time it was a pre-tax £292 million compared to £509 million last year over the same six-month period. But the group has had a great start to the second half...


Supply v. Demand and Low Interest Mortgages Could Help Persimmon Beat the Virus Storm

2020-04-29 08:44:49

Hello, Share Swappers. In better days I suggested you look at Persimmon (PSN), the big builder. Well, now the company looks as though it might be among the first Footsie players to get going again. After shutting shop on nearly all its building projects in response to the outbreak, it's now begun a gradual return to work beginning last Monday...


As Persimmon Builds Its Reputation, we could See a Perkier Share Price

2020-03-03 08:21:24

Hello Share Gatherers. Persimmon (PSN), the builder, made profit before tax of £1.04 billion in its last full year. However, that marked a reduction on last time of 4.5%. But one reason for that performance is that fewer homes were sold. And that’s probably not surprising, as the big home builder plans to concentrate more on quality from now on...


Persevere with Persimmon And You Could Pick Up the Perk of a Pretty Divi

2019-11-11 08:21:00

Hello Share Trouncers. Housebuilders continue to stay high on my list. That’s despite government plans to end the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme by 2023. Persimmon (PSN) is worth your further consideration in my view, not least because of a prospective dividend yield of 10.3%...


Pass the sick bucket! Persimmon goes on a charm offensive

2019-07-04 09:30:58

You know I have had a bit of a downer on housebuilders for a good little while now. More recently - back in April – I noted on Persimmon (PSN) that:


Despite the £1 billion profit...Persimmon's had a dodgy start to the week

2019-02-26 03:00:30

Did you see the weekend press article that mentioned Persimmon (PSN) might lose out on future Help to Buy contracts? As I started discussing here just under a year ago, such support mechanisms distort, fail to help the really needy and have allowed the housebuilding sector to do rather well in terms of profitability. This in turn led to the bonus scandal at Persimmon, where clearly a remuneration committee were asleep at the wheel in not capping more aggressively the rewards senior executives could make…


How Persimmon Continues to Build Cash Despite Falling House Prices

2018-08-22 07:24:12

Hello Share Sighters. There are quite a few house builders to choose from and while some can't seem to go wrong, others do. One of the current factors in a builder's favour, or not, is where you operate. Persimmon (PSN) is based in York and most of its building goes on in areas which are not currently hit by a Southern fall in prices.


BREAKING: Jeremy Corbyn will have a field day as Persimmon bosses get to trouser £650m thanks to the taxpayer

2017-09-27 01:39:40

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are going to have a field day with a £650 million fat cat scandal which will explode within months at £7 billion FTSE 100 housebuilder Persimmon (PSN). Even as an ardent capitalist I am nauseated by this example of obscene fat cattery which shames capitalism,


Persevere with Persimmon, People and You may Perceive your Share Price Build

2017-09-04 00:12:16

Hello, Share Twisters. Two months ago I commended the big builder Persimmon (PSN) to your attention. The share price then was about 2220p. As I write, it’s 2636p. But there is further to rise, I fancy.


Persimmon Points the Way in the Gallop to Build Desperately Needed New Homes

2017-07-06 00:01:47

Hello Share Stackers. Though it sounds like a hero from Ancient Greece, Persimmon (PSN) is a popular British house builder. And it’s doing better than many of its competitors.


Builders Bashed By Brexit? - Tell That to Soaraway Persimmon

2016-08-24 00:00:29

Hello Share Thudders. Despite the huge falls which befell builders once the Euro-vote results were known, I keep faith with the bricks and mortar trade. The whole world seemed to feel that Brexit was particular bad for the property market - since it was argued that foreigners would no longer want to live here. There is however increasing evidence that foreign buyers couldn’t care less whether we are in Europe or not.


Persimmon – reckons “too soon to judge” Brexit result impact, but is it?

2016-07-05 03:25:45

UK housebuilder Persimmon (PSN) has emphasised that “trading through the first half of the year has been strong” and that “we believe… the UK housing market will continue to provide good opportunities”. Hmmm...


You May Keep your Head Above Water by Playing Housey-Housey with Persimmon.

2015-12-30 02:55:23

Hello Share Scribblers. This old punter believes that house builders, some of which have been on a roll in the last six months, will continue to be on one. I’ve looked at the odd building firm on this venerable website, but I don’t think I’ve pulled a magnifying glass on Persimmon (PSN) for a long time. 


Persimmon - sell down to 1000p

2014-07-03 10:30:56

Persimmon (PSN) reported a surge in revenues boosted by rising house prices. The UK house builder sold 30 per cent more houses this year as it continues to benefit from the UK housing market recovery. With the introduction of government incentives like Help to Buy the housing market is showing no sign of losing momentum.

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