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Three Brains Bailey is Right - this Great British Giant Should Benefit from Continuing Safeguards in a Post Covid World

2021-02-25 08:09:00

Hello, Share Strivers. I don't think I’ve returned to Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) since the virus struck a year ago now. So let’s see if my commendation still holds. The full year figures are as encouraging as you’d expect from a company that does hygiene and health in such a big way. Like-for-like income rose by nearly 12% to £14 billion...


Condoms are strong for Reckitt Benckiser

2021-02-24 12:31:09

Back in October here I wrote positively about the health and hygiene giant Reckitt Benckiser (RB.), noting that an £80+ share price target was not crazy. Back then the shares were just over £70 each but today they are about sixty quid. So what has gone on and has the story changed or not?


Reckitt Benckiser – still more than just a Covid-19 beneficiary...

2020-10-20 09:18:20

Back in July I loved up the health and hygiene giant Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) and noted 'my target remains over £80 a share'. Well - let's face it - it was not too difficult to be optimistic about a company during the time of a huge healthcare concern whose brands include Dettol, Vanish, Air Wick and Harpic...even before you consider FinishDurex, Gaviscon and Strepsils. You get the gist: Reckitt is a consumer staples giant well-attuned to today's backdrop. And you can see this in today's third quarter update...


Why the Dettol King's Share Price Should Keep Rising on the Virus Effect

2020-08-28 08:15:20

Hello, Share Takers. I’m beginning to feel like a hygiene nut, but here’s another company that should do well out of fighting the virus. And this time it’s one of the bigger British companies. Reckitt Benckiser (RB.), the Dettol king, is working hard to maximise its involvement with sanitation. For example, it’s set up a special department for helping big clients, like hotels and transport terminals, work out ways of cleaning out the virus from their premises. 


Want Dettol products or eCommerce condoms? Reckitt Benckiser is pleased to help

2020-07-28 10:14:39

year ago almost to the day, I observed about health and hygiene company Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) that 'this one has always been a buy for me in the lower £60s range'. Well despite going via the mid £50s in the early days of the market decline, this has ultimately worked out well as you would expect from a company whose brands include DettolVanishNurofenFinishHarpic and Durex. Many would have regarded at least one - if not more - of these products as 'must-haves' during the darkest days of the pandemic. So no great surprise to see today's first half numbers being described as showing a 'strong underlying performance coupled with Covid-19 tailwinds'...


Giant Health and Hygiene Company Boosts Income in the Crisis - and is Set to Continue the Boom

2020-05-01 08:22:19

Hello Gang. Though it’s rather uncomfortable to say it, here’s another company that appears to be doing rather well out of the virus outbreak. Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) has given first-quarter numbers, and the net revenue of £3.5 billion is 13% better than the same period a year ago...


Reckitt's is in good health...despite its dull Health business

2019-07-30 11:15:10

It is all about cuts in today's FTSE-100 news. For consumer staples giant Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) the most striking aspect of today's half-year update is the line 'Full year LFL net revenue target revised to +2-3% (from +3-4%) to reflect the slow start to the year'...


Reckitt Benckiser announces a US$1bn plus new hit...and it is good news

2019-07-11 09:30:46

A month or so ago, I noted that Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) was a 'lower £60s buy in anticipation of a share price beginning with a '7' plus some solid dividend wrap-around...and a call option on that full split potential'. The rationale for this was not just the company's range of top products (VanishNurofenDettolDurex, etc.) nor even just potential upcoming split or a recently announced management evolution which I think is overdue. It was also centred on the likely resolution of the company's legacy problems with its ex pharmaceutical unit Indivior (INDV)...


Jumbo with Some of the Best Brands in Home Medicine Points the Way to a Healthy Future

2019-02-20 01:06:53

Hello, Share Revellers. The mission of Slough-based giant Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) is to bring health and happiness into peoples’ home. This ‘consumer health and hygiene outfit’ does it in 60 countries across the globe. It’s bringing cheer into shareholder portfolios, too. While some Footsie members struggle, this jumbo continues to boost both revenue and profits...


Big Boss to Leave Durex Firm by end of 2019. A Buying Opportunity?

2019-01-18 01:14:10

Hello Share Tumblers. As someone who decries the continuing white male domination of Blighty's biggest firms, I'm rather sad to see that the big cheese at Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) is leaving. He's one of a very few top movers in the 100 companies of the Footsie who are not in the dominating WM category. In most of his 8 year tenure as chief executive, Rakesh Kapoor has done great things for the share price. However, in the last three years the shares have underperformed…


What Do Harpic, Nurofen and Durex Have in Common? - A Safer Haven in a Share Picker’s Storm.

2016-01-13 01:14:35

Hello Share Mashers. Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) is one of those Great British shares which sometimes misses the radar - but the cautious investor might be attracted. This company, which likes to call itself RB, is sometimes ignored by share critics. And yet it is doing rather well among its Footsie peers.

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