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Reabold Resources – Proof it struggles with reality

2020-07-17 09:19:47

Reabold Resources (RBD) have fired the next shot in the battle for Deltic Energy (DELT) with its RNS today. In doing so it has confirmed why I have such a negative view on the company. It appears to struggle to understand plain English and indicates what, to me, is spivyness of the highest order.


Deltic Energy – Crap offer from Reabold Resources – Sod Off

2020-07-16 09:16:45

It would appear Reabold Resources (RBD) is looking to take over Deltic Energy (DELT) with an all share deal that values Deltic at less than the cash on the balance sheet. My response to Reabold as a shareholder of Deltic is simple – sod off at any share conversion valuation.


BREAKING: Reabold Resources – Time for the Authorities to seek answers, letter to FCA

2020-04-18 18:44:55

I commented previously about Reabold (RBD) and the undisclosed recipient of 420 million shares handed over as consideration for the acquisition of Gaelic Resources Ltd and the large share transactions on 31st January. Yesterday’s TR1 confirmed that Miton was not the seller. So that only appears to leave one option – the recipient of the 420 million shares. With no appropriate disclosures it’s time to write to the FCA – so I have.


Hard analysis of Reabold Resources: The only conclusion – Californian assets are crap

2020-02-27 14:37:03

Every time I look at Reabold Resources (RBD) I find more questions and reasons to dislike the Californian operations the company has, regardless of how often it shouts that they are great assets. I remain with no answers to questions I have raised with respect who sold these assets to the company and gained the benefit of the £3.1M million consideration. Yesterday the company outlined 2019 H2 production numbers from these assets. That raises even more questions.  


Reabold Resources – TR1 next week – or not? And whay that really matters!

2020-02-02 10:47:02

I commented on Reabold Resources (RBD) in September, and in particular highlighted the company had some serious questions to answer related to the Gaelic Resources Ltd transaction. I note some 520 million shares being declared as sold in large transactions (over 15 million per declaration) on Friday. What’s going on?


Top broker Andrew Monk of VSA defends Shareprophets for doing its job & exposing discounted placings

2019-10-07 09:01:17

As Andrew Monk of VSA, rightly, says in his morning email, Shareprophets and I do not need defending but he does so anyway. Punters are pissed off that we reveal placings such as that of Reabold (RBD) last week. Would they honestly prefer that companies just ramped shares via ramptastic RNS's and podcasts with Justin the Clown so they overpaid in the secondary market ahead of a discounted placing to City insiders and spivs? Really? Do my critcs really enjoy such financial flaggelation so others can prosper?  Anyhow Monk goes on thus: 


EXCLUSIVE: Reabold – Winnileaks strikes again, up to £30 million placing set to be announced 8 October

2019-10-04 08:50:15

Thanks to the Winnileaks service I have in my possession the presentation Reabold Resources (RBD) is serving up as it endeavours to raise up to £30 million. I gather it is tough going. The deal will come as a shock to joint brokers Turner Pope and Whitman Howard as it is Stifel Europe that is acting as broker. The presentation says the deal will be announced October 8. Ho Ho.


Reabold Resources – This is all rather smelly to me..

2019-09-28 09:38:15

I commented on Reabold Resources (RBD) a few days ago and considered the company has some serious questions to answer related to the Gaelic Resources Ltd transaction. Yesterday Reabold put out its interim accounts. It answered two minor questions I had raised, but not the substantive questions I posed – who owned Gaelic and what is Dero Parker’s involvement?






Reabold Resources – Who did you buy Gaelic from and more questions…?

2019-09-26 13:06:10

Reabold Resources (RBD) acquired assets in California just over 12 months ago when it bought Gaelic Resources Ltd. I can see some serious questions for this company to answer both relating to the transaction and what has happened since in relation to this asset.


Updated: Reabold - £10 million discounted placing underway: source

2018-09-05 10:26:25

A reliable City source tells me that Reabold (RBD) spent much of yesterday attempting to get a £10 million fund raising away.  If this is the case it is going to have to be at a steep discount and the shares are trading down 9% at 0.75p-0.85p indicating something is afoot. I have contacted house broker Turner Pope giving it the chance to deny and…


Red Flags at Night: Reabold Resources 0.5p after-hours placing (closing share price 1.25p)

2016-01-09 08:11:42

AIM-listed Reabold Resources (RBD), with just £294,000 of net assets as at June 2015 is another of those sub-scale investment companies which would have to be run by Warrne Buffett on steroids in order for it to generate enough money just to keep the lights on. Yesterday at 5.45pm on a Friday, with the shares having closed for the day at 1.25p (valuing this fine enterprise at £3.5 million, according to ADVFN), a no-one-is-watching o'clock RNS announced a placing of 40 million shares at just 0.5p to raise £200,000 - a bit of electricity meter money. Something for the weekend, sir? Yes please - I'll have a nice spot of dilution at a whopping 60% discount.

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