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Royal Dutch Shell – are we nearly there yet?

2020-09-22 08:29:35

I commented on Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) back in May when the share price stood at 1175p, concluding I could be a buyer at a sub 1000p share price. That day has arrived, so I thought it was opportune to update on my thinking...


Royal Dutch Shell – Why I remain caution, but optimistic

2020-05-17 16:45:35

I commented as part of my share tips at the recent share conference on Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) and why I remain cautious about re-purchasing my previously largest individual shareholding. As Tom noted I am perhaps the gloomiest bear on the planet currently, but I make no apologies for that – it’s just how I see things. With Shell I see material risks in the near term over and above oil price, and as always it’s worth reviewing the detail.


Oil Companies May Be Vulnerable to Climate Changes, but I'm Not Dumping My shares Just Yet.

2020-02-22 10:44:39

Hello, Share Changers. As someone who owns shares in oil giants, like Shell (RDSB) BP (BP.) and Tullow (TLW) not to mention a few smaller plays, it hurts to write this modest article. But I really do fear that we may be looking at the beginning of the end for fossil fuels. While two economists at that huge bank J P Morgan have interesting related views on the subject. 


A nudge on Royal Dutch Shell for the 2020s

2019-12-21 14:09:11

Excellent news about Malcom's 'big relief' yesterday  but I have a different interpretation about a company he mused about earlier in the week: Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB).  


Why I'm Going Lukewarm on my Biggest Shareholding

2019-11-07 08:22:28

Hello, Share Swappers. There aren’t many share analysts who talk down their own book. But when the need arises, I’m prepared to do it. My biggest holding is in Royal Dutch Shell B shares (RDSB). But though I normally suggest you look at this huge company with a view to buying, I am now curbing my view...


If Royal Dutch Shell is going to be a utility has got to buy big

2019-03-25 03:10:55

So news today that Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) is going all vertically integrated and looking to expand its nascent utility arm by renaming its 2017 purchase of First Utility as Shell Energy and offering new customers a discount on their fuel bills. As part of an ongoing slow shift away from classic fossil fuels, this approach has some merit to it...but it leads to one very obvious question: how is Shell going to make this business even mildly relevant to its business?


As Banks and Brokers Up their Targets, Shell A and B Shares Could Crack Open Buying Opportunities

2019-02-18 01:22:53

Hello Share Pacers. Recently I opined that BP (BP.) was possibly a better bet than its rival Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA and RDSB) at the moment. But there’s not much in it, and it might be a good idea to take out the insurance of investing in both jumbos. The thing driving both shares at the moment is, of course, the rising oil price...

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