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Rosslyn Data Technologies – “Directorate Change”. Bring back the porno man?

2021-04-06 14:32:30

For the Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT)/porno man reference see HERE. Meanwhile, a “Directorate Change” announcement from the company today states that this “leading global big data technology company, today announces that Roger Bullen, CEO, is stepping down” but that “he leaves the group in a good position for the next stage of sales-led growth under Paul Watts”. Hmmm...


Rosslyn Data Technologies – argues “a clear path” forward… but not shown in H1 trading & what if there’s not?

2020-01-15 08:30:38

Although still down from above 7p as recently as November, shares in Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) are currently up approaching 25%, towards 6p, on the back of a “Half-year Report” and “Contract Win”


Rosslyn Data Technologies – “a leading global big data technology company” which has won two “large” contracts. Really?...

2020-01-08 15:40:09

“Rosslyn Data Technologies plc (AIM: RDT), a leading global big data technology company, announces that it has won two large contracts”. Sounds interesting if these contracts are “large” for a “leading global” big data company…


Rosslyn Data Technologies – “generated cash from operations”… but what about other assets v. liabilities?

2019-05-29 13:40:39

“Rosslyn Data Technologies plc (AIM: RDT), a leading global big data technology company, is pleased to issue the following trading statement in advance of its results announcement for the year ended 30 April 2019, which is scheduled to be released in September”


Rosslyn Data: profits warning x2, cash crunch, misleading RNS's, wrecked balance sheet – what is not to like?

2018-06-26 02:16:27

Oh for the days when Rosslyn Data was run by that colourful chap who seemed embarrassed about his career in pornography. These days a boring bean counter is at the helm but the company is still a dog serving up a double profits warning topped with a meagre dose of jam tomorrow today. The balance sheet is a total wreck and surely another bailout placing is needed.


Well spotted Roger Lawson - The Sharesoc man inadvertently discovers some big red flags at Rosslyn including a looming profits warning

2017-10-20 06:07:23

Roger Lawson of ShareSoc bought a few shares in Rosslyn Data (RDT) as a recovery punt in a placing. That he was able to get EIS relief added to the attraction although I still worry he will lose money on this company which I have highlighted many times (HERE) as a howling dog even by the standards of AIM. Lawson attended the AGM yesterday and reports back on what appears to have been a curate's egg in his mind. I think he is being well generous.


Winner of the Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest - sponsored by Rosslyn Data

2017-05-08 02:41:56

It's congratulations to a longtime poster, first-time winner whose contributions have been almost exclusively on ShareProphets.


New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest - sponsored by Rosslyn Data

2017-05-07 00:19:42

The old-bailout-disguised-as-acquisition switcheroo demonstates that Rosslyn Data (RDT) has what it takes to be a Bulletin Board Moron of the Week sponsor.


Rosslyn Data – why are you hiding the related-party nature of this dog of a deal?

2017-05-02 00:48:11

Tom Winnifrith has already covered the hidden bailout placing aspects of the Integritie deal announced by Rosslyn Data (RDT) last week (HERE) but I thought it worth elaborating on the deal (which looks like a real dog) and asking the simple question: why haven’t you told your shareholders about the related-party aspects?


Rosslyn Data - moves goalposts with bailout placing to hide its abject failure

2017-04-26 01:46:06

Floated at 33p by Lagos Securities, or Cenkos as it prefers to be known, on the back of a prospectus that forgot to mention critical damaging information, Rosslyn Data (RDT) has been a serial disappointer and was clearly set to run out of cash this year, despite numerous protestations from its discredited management that this was not the case. And so today, the oldest trick in the book - a bailout placing dressed up as an acquisition. The price of the bailout, just 4.5p.


Rosslyn Data - bring back the porno man, trading statement is yadda yadda yadda

2016-11-28 06:45:01

I am beginning to miss Charles Clark the former CEO of Rosslyn Data Technologies ( RDT), the man who had forgoitten about his career in pornography. His successor Roger Bullen is long on the yadda, yadda, yadda in today's trading statement but misses out on what we really want to know. That is a bad sign.


Rosslyn Data - Statement Needed as shares keep sliding

2016-11-11 05:06:41

osslyn Data Technology (RDT) shares continue to slide and now trade at only 9.75p - valuing this company at just £7.4 million. It listed two and a half years ago after Cenkos signed off on a misleading prospectus at 33p and it has been downhill ever since. The company insists it will not run out of cash before it his breakeven. We shall see.


One less AIM CEO with a career in porn - Charles Clark "reshuffles himself" at Rosslyn Data

2016-06-20 03:49:15

AIM Dog with fleas Rosslyn Data (RDT) has announced a wholesale reshuffle of its boardroom which saddens me greatly as it now means that there is one less AIM CEO who had a career in porn. Farewell Charles Clark for you will be missed.


Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No.2: Rosslyn Data: Above 200 Day Line Should Lead To 27p

2015-09-12 01:38:07

It is interesting that as far as Rosslyn Data shares have been concerned over the recent past, they must have qualified for some kind of award for consistency on the stock market in terms of the price action.


Rosslyn Data Technologies - now tell us about the client losses

2015-06-07 07:26:43

Another week goes by and another pitifully small director share purchase is announced by Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT). Its thick as pigshit and thoroughtly odius piece of excrement PR man Tim Blythe might advise the company that this will fool mug punters into buying. But I sense folks have wised up to this. If Hugh Cox reaally believed in Rosslyn he'd be filling his boots. Small scale purchases are clearly just an attempt to ramp the shares ahead pf a placing. We are not spoofed. Small scale share purchases are a red flag. But I promiosed more bad news for Rosslyn, so here goes.


Friday After-Hours RNSs: Rosslyn and Powerfilm (Red Flags at night, shareholders’ fright)

2015-05-25 06:43:55

Two after-hours no-one-is-watching o’clock RNSs caught my eye from Friday evening last week. Both look to me to be clear-cut sell signals. 


Charles Clark of Rosslyn Data briefly forgets about his career in porn - here's a video reminder for him

2015-05-16 05:41:33

My big gripes with Charles Clark of AIM Cesspit listed dog Rosslyn Data (RDT) are that its IPO prospectus was misleading and that it is rapidly running out of cash. I really do not care about its CEO Charles Clark's brief stint in the porn industry bit he seems jolly keen not to discuss it and perhaps he needs a bit of a reminder of how exciting his life could have been.


1 More Question for Rosslyn Data Technologies

2015-05-09 08:56:18

Shares raced ahead almost across the board on Friday. Even dogs like Rosslyn Data (RDT) managed to eek out some gains but its stock still languishes at 14.25p despite a raft of meaningless huff and puff releases and well down on its IPO price of 33p a year ago. And so I have a small question for the heavily loss making firm.


Rosslyn Data Technologies – and this is why it is losing customers

2015-04-23 04:59:14

When is Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) going to serve up a trading statement ‘fessing up to the speed of decline in its UK business, the cashburn and the urgent need to raise bailout capital this year? And when will it ‘fess up to investors about how the IPO prospectus of last year was misleading – a matter I have raised with the FCA – as to the impact of departure of key personnel before flotation? You want another example of that? Here you go.


Rosslyn – why doesn’t your supposed big US partner think you are worth mentioning?

2015-04-08 05:35:15

I have noted before how Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) seems to have been economical with les actualities in its IPO document, how it is rapidly running out of cash and how kee it must be to protect the share price ahead of an inevitable bailout fundraise. And that brings it to its huff & puff RNS of 23 February 2015 – “Rosslyn Data Technologies signs major partnership in the US higher education sector”.


Easter Spot the Difference Competition – ref Rosslyn Data

2015-04-05 06:13:17

It is my contention that when Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) - formerly Rosslyn Analytics - floated on the AIM Casino it was fully aware that its ex sales director (James Courtis-Pond) and CTO (Steve Hayward) were already in direct competition with it at Anydata Solutions and failed to disclose this in the prospectus. I have written to the FCA about this HERE demanding an enquiry.


FCA asked to investigate Cenkos and Rosslyn Data Technologies over IPO Prospectus

2015-03-27 05:57:05

Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) floated on the AIM casino on 29th April 2014 having raised £10 million at 33p. Cenkos acted as Nomad and broker and will have earned almost £700,000 from this company. The shares are now trading at just 13.375p –this has been a disastrous IPO for those who backed it and I have today written to the FCA asking it to investigate Cenkos and Rosslyn to see if the prospectus for the IPO was misleading.


Rosslyn Data Technologies – Please tell me about your former CTO?

2015-03-25 06:27:14

Yesterday I recorded a Bearcast special on Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) HERE – I have received a number of emails suggesting that my bearishness is bang on the money. It now seems obvious to me that the company was effectively bust pre IPO, that its core UK market is not growing and that a cash call is looming. But it gets worse.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - A Butchers at Rosslyn Data

2015-03-24 03:52:45

This is a single company podcast special -a detailed look at Rosslyn Data. Its shares are sliding today and I would strongly advise against bottom fishing for a number of good reasons.


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