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Royal Mail Posts Numbers that Show it could Deliver a Better Future

2021-05-24 08:11:42

Hello, Share Stitchers. Royal Mail (RMG) currently has a P/E of about 10. That’s half my usual average and suggests the stock could be a bargain. Remember gang, that this is a company which benefitted hugely from the pandemic. When you can buy few non-food goods any other way, why shouldn't the mail bags swell.


Royal Mail Posts a New Forecast that Delivers Jolly Prospects for Shareholders

2021-03-16 08:17:20

Hello Share Trackers. This family has held Royal Mail (RMG) shares since the privatisation in 2013. And I don't think we have faced better prospects for the stock than we do now. The pandemic has helped with more people buying online, as well as sending parcels to friends and relatives they can no longer visit. But even before the virus, growing numbers were buying stuff over the net.


Royal Mail could Deliver Strong Parcel Profits Even When the Shops Re-open

2021-02-15 08:05:25

Hello, Share Collectors. An outfit which has continually disappointed this old punter shows signs of at last bucking up. And given the surge of interest in online selling, that’s not surprising. Royal Mail (RMG) has just reported that revenues rose by a fifth in the third quarter. A record number of parcels were delivered home and abroad...


Royal Mail Doesn't Do as Well as You Might Expect from a Surge of Parcels. But Could Post Better Results Later On

2020-11-20 08:14:15

Hello, Share Trackers. As I’m moving house next year, I’ve been downsizing by selling stuff on eBay. So I know something about parcel delivery. If you have a tiny parcel to send, Royal Mail (RMG) charges £3.10. If you have a bigger parcel, Royal Mail can still charge £3.10. When you want to send a very heavy parcel, Hermes does a cheaper deal. And parcel delivery is an area which is the most promising for Royal Mail...


Royal Mail Posts its Numbers - and I'm Inclined to Sell My Shares

2020-07-01 08:22:45

Hello, Share Pickers. Though the latest numbers from Royal Mail (RMG) could have been worse, I’m not altogether happy about holding my bunch of shares much longer. A tiny part of this view is unfairly coloured by personal experience. One package I recently wrapped carefully came back in bits (I was compensated). And prices for some parcels have gone up...


Can Royal Mail remember it is a private company?

2020-06-25 10:40:27

Royal Mail (RMG) really should be renamed Royal Wail by long-suffering shareholders. Today's full year to the end of March numbers are unsurprisingly in two parts, although the gap between pre-Covid lockdown and the last few months is not as wide as seen by other corporate names. If only this could solely reflect a necessity, utility-style, business at the heart of our national life...


We Can All Look Forward to Rising Share Prices Once the Virus Peaks... but Here's Another Share that Could Rise Faster than Others

2020-03-30 08:14:26

Hello, Share Thinkers. I’m indebted to the reader who added a few useful suggestions to my weekend piece on the 22 benefits of self-isolation. Both for his ideas and the comforting general view he added which went something like: ‘Once it’s over, we can all look forward to 10 years of rising share prices’. That’s what happened after the 2008 bank crash. Meanwhile here’s another share in my current series that could benefit from the crisis...


A royal wail from Royal Mail

2020-02-06 09:25:47

You can always rely on the Royal Mail (RMG), right? As a postal service I think it is a world leader but the trouble is that in today's world that is far from enough. Today's nine month trading update may have started with an assertion that 'we had a busy Christmas season...overall, our recent trading performance has been broadly in line with our expectations', but dig a little deeper and issues emerge. After all, there is a reason why the shares are at an all-time low today, at not even a third of the 600p level achieved in early 2018…


Trading Update Review: Restaurant Group and Royal Mail

2019-02-02 02:56:39

Trading updates have been coming through thick and fast over the last few days, accompanied by an influx of tipster tips and broker ratings. In this week’s article, we review two companies that have attracted the highest number of tips over the last seven days, and assess whether consensus sentiment is positive or negative in each case.


Royal Mail is Not Delivering the Same Profits as 2017 and May be Given a Miss

2018-10-09 07:10:25

Hello, Share Spinners. With the shops already beginning to stock up Christmassy things (shame!), businesses significantly affected by the Yule spirit will soon begin to bounce up. Or not fall as quickly as they might have done, according to their own unique circumstances. One such company is Royal Mail (RMG).


Share price shockers at easyJet and the Royal Mail

2018-10-02 09:01:28

A rough old start for certain large cap UK equities this week. Tom has already commented on Ryanair (RYA) and today's September traffic from the same company does nothing to encourage me to bottom fish here. By contrast, the knock-on impact on easyJet (EZJ) shares - which I loved up on these pages on Saturday - has been pretty savage, pushing the shares down 10% odd since the Friday close…


Royal Mail gets time to buy?

2018-08-14 09:35:08

Who would have thought a stodgy stock like Royal Mail (RMG) would be such a trading counter? Over the last year alone it has moved between a sub four quid share price and pushing 630p a share...and when I look back over the last year it has been one of my top active selection larger cap names. I have not owned the name for a few months now but it has come back on my radar today as its regulator Ofcom has just slapped it with a £50 million fine.


Newer Ways to Communicate May Deliver Royal Mail A Disappointing Future

2018-07-18 07:17:25

Hello Share Shapers. Royal Mail (RMG) is not a share I would buy more of. I will however hang onto those I do have for a while longer. Though I really ought to be looking for a good exit point I think.


Time to pass the parcel on the Royal Mail

2018-01-06 10:42:25

 hope over the festive period all your Christmas cards and parcels were both received and sent successfully.  Personally I still await the successful delivery of a book I self-gifted...but rather than turn this into a self-centred rant I thought we would talk about the Royal Mail (RMG).  


Royal Mail - second class post can be the value option!

2017-08-31 04:10:00

In a world of omnipresent instant communication and next day delivery options, I am not really sure there is that much difference between the first and second class letter service - and I am certain that many of you reading this in rural communities can barely distinguish between the two. Anyhow, Royal Mail (RMG) has itself been downgraded this morning with the news it is out of the FTSE-100 and into the mid-cap melee known as the FTSE-250.


You Might Not Want This Share Suggestion Returned to Sender

2017-07-26 00:03:36

Hello Share Shedders. When I invested in Royal Mail (RMG) on the golden day it went public, I made an instant paper profit. I sold the shares soon afterwards at an even bigger gain. However, others in my family, hung onto their shares. And since July 2016 there has been a slough of despond.


If You Return Some Shares to Sender, You Might Post Lower Profits

2016-08-01 00:08:27

Hello Share Trundlers. There are folk who think investing in Royal Mail (RMG) is doomed to failure. They point to falling numbers of letters coming through our doors and the possibility of big companies like Amazon to arrange their own deliveries.


C'mon Postie, Don't Be Slow, Your Shares in Royal Mail Could Go Man Go.

2016-06-02 23:49:12

Hello Share Crunchers. Let me send you a letter recommending you research Royal Mail (RMG). I believe, though am not entierly sure as I don't look too closely into her finances, that my wife still holds some shares. So I am not entirely unbiased. Though I sold mr Royal Mail stock some time ago for a tasty profit - and have no plans at present to buy them back. This is not because I believe the share has a limited prospect of rising, but because this family already owns enough Royal Mail shares. Eggs and baskets and all that.


Royal Mail Could Deliver, Thanks to Automation and the On-line Shopping Bug.

2016-04-21 00:13:49

Hello Share Springers. I sold my shares in Royal Mail (RMG) ages ago, but my wife hung onto hers. I think so anyway, as I only usually look at my own portfolio. The reason I sold was because I feared competition from a hoard of other companies which seemed happy to cash in on a booming parcel trade. Obviously, the surge in internet shopping is making that little market much more attractive.


Don’t Let Your Bursting Christmas Post Fool You - Royal Mail May Not Deliver a Rosy New Year.

2015-12-11 21:07:55

Hello Share Sprinters. I trust you made a packet out of Royal Mail (RMG) when it was privatised. I sold my shares fairly quickly, and did very nicely. My wife held onto hers and is still in profit.


Royal Mail: appealing portfolio stodge

2015-11-20 06:43:10

Six months ago after rhapsodising about the 4.5%+ dividend yield I described the Royal Mail (RMG) as:

‘…a brand that has persisted for hundreds of years and it is not going away.  As a balance to your blood, guts and violence capital gain stocks it works’  

And in that sense the outperformance versus the broader FTSE-100 index since then has been pleasing to note albeit still down a handful of percent since the call was made versus 10% for the UK’s large cap index.  Of course you can’t eat relative performance…but that’s where that dividend comes in. 


Royal Mail: sit back, get your letters/parcels delivered & pick up the dividend

2015-05-21 07:04:45

Eleven months ago at the height of England’s World Cup debacle I mentioned the Royal Mail (RMG) as a stock to buy.  Fast forward to today and stock has made a few percent for any investor and there’s been a healthy enough dividend yield of 4%+.  


Zak Mir's Bull Stock of the Day: Royal Mail Group Full Blooded Recovery Towards 570p Indicated

2015-05-19 01:01:47

To put it mildly it has been a rather rocky ride as far as shares of Royal Mail Group have been concerned since they came to market in the autumn of 2013. But at least from a technical perspective there has been a method in the madness given the way that after declining quite sharply in early 2014, support came in repeatedly at initial post IPO sub 400p levels. 


Royal Mail - buy after results?

2014-11-28 05:17:28

Having come to the conclusion that Royal Mail (RMG) shares looked good value at 390p in early October, I was chuffed to see the share price then rise to above 460p. Less gratifying is to see it fall to 417p after the recent publication of the company’s first half results to 30th September. 


Royal Mail Announces Results and a Threat to Universal Service

2014-11-20 08:43:31

Royal Mail (RMG) has announced its results for the six months until the 28 September. Profits were down slightly from £233 million last year to £218 million this year. The issue of ‘Universal Service’ (the universe comprising of the United Kingdom in this case) is a key one to the company.


Royal Mail shares at 390p: it’s the postman at the door; wake up! Smell the coffee and sizzling bacon!

2014-10-03 14:47:19

Having seen the share price of Royal Mail (RMG) reduce by a quarter (from 526p to 390p - last seen) since my initial assessment last May, I thought it opportune to have another look to see where now are in valuation terms?   


Royal Mail: Buy, Sell or Hold?

2014-09-17 11:46:56

Royal Mail (RMG) shares are trading at 419p with a yield of 3.17% and a PE of 3.25. Royal Mail is known throughout the UK as a ‘universal service’ provider of letters and parcels.


Good value in Royal Mail with its €500million bond issue

2014-07-25 12:18:08

Royal Mail (RMG) has just reported that it has launched its first commercial bond issue for Euros 500 million. Is that a good thing? Certainly, since part of logic of the business being floated was to get it out of the National Accounts and most particularly, out of the clutches of Her Majesty’s Treasury and its cost cutting acolytes. The fact that the Treasury has failed to meet earlier targets as promised, to get the Nations’ finances in sufficiently good order to win an election, the cutting goes on. There is little doubt that the Royal Mail would have had a hard time of it competing with the NHS and education for funds. So at least it can now raise cash for the kind of investment needed to build future revenue, profit and earnings flows.


Forget the football wail have a look at the Royal Mail

2014-06-20 07:19:52

Despite the inevitable national torpor following events in Brazil yesterday it is time to pull yourself out of the depths of misery and think about shares.  Well today one share in particular: the Royal Mail (RMG).  Now you probably remember trading this one late last year (or early this year) and selling your IPO allocation somewhere either side of the 6 quid level if you were clever, lucky or both.  Have you checked the share price recently?  No longer a ‘6’ in front of it. Not even a ‘5’…but a ‘4’.  The low 480s to be precise at the time of writing.


Royal Mail at 526p: money in the post.

2014-05-24 14:20:56

I didn’t comment on Royal Mail (RMG) on flotation because there was plenty of coverage. Now we have had a moment’s hesitation after the first annual results, I have had a look.The shares are not attractive on the basis of the valuation of these first annual results; with a PER of 21.4 and an annual dividend yield of 2.4%. 


Royal Mail Group: Buy - Above 550p Still Leads To 650p

2014-01-24 12:26:16

One of the better rules as far as stocks or markets are concerned is to go with the trend unless or until it is impossible to do so. This rule may be applicable to Royal Mail Group  (RMG) where the great IPO rip off continues in terms of the rally from the end of last year. 


The Closet Chartist Tip of the Year Number 1: Buy Royal Mail Group To Target 800p While Above 550p

2013-12-23 09:50:16

Mr Tom Winnifrith (who along with a “very close” mutual friend of ours had the idea for Shareprophets) regards this website, associated businesses and those who work for them as the “Rebel Alliance.” This may be a somewhat romantic notion, but it is not far off the mark either - given the utter freedom of speech allowed here.


Royal Mail: Likely to see 480p Before A New 540p Target Hit

2013-10-22 11:23:15

Only a madman or a chartist (or both) would attempt to make a call on a new issue like Royal Mail (RGM) so soon after its stock market debut. So soon after the desperate Government’s fire sale to get a few pennies on board with which to bribe the Great British public at the next election. Am I a cynic? Was the taxpayer robbed? 


Royal Mail - sell at 475p

2013-10-17 07:38:53

The great Royal Mail (RMG) IPO has been a success. Listed at 330p the shares are now 475p. That rather vindicates my call to stag the issue but now it is time to bank gains and sell. And here’s why.


Up and Down We Go – ref Royal Mail

2013-10-17 00:12:32

Hello Share Fans: Just so you know – I am what they call a momentum trader. This means I am mostly concerned with whether a share is going up or down, rather than the nuts and bolts of its valuation.

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