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What is fair value for Remote Monitored Systems?

2021-06-18 10:21:58

Now that Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) has finally confessed that its much hyped face nappy business is a worthless piece of crap unable to deliver any of the sales contracts alluded to as directors pumped the shares so they could dump their holdings, you may ask what is the company actually worth? The answer will shock those conned into buying the shares by the silky words of Zak Mir and others.


Letter to AIM Regulation – Lying by Remote Monitored Systems & SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy

2021-06-10 10:06:26

The number of lies told by this company is so great that I have almost lost count. But then Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) is listed on the AIM Sewer where rule 67 states “Any company can lie to investors via RNS or in podcasts with Justin the Clown or that imbecile Zak Mir and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation will do absolutely nothing about it.” Okay I made that bit up. And so, with no great hope of it doing anything about quite blatant RNS lying, I have written to AIM Regulation about Remote Monitored Systems and its Nomad and broker SP Angel asking for an investigation into a new £1.5 million lie that emerged yesterday. The letter is below:


Meet some trolls who own shares in Remote Monitored Solutions, and here is a picture of a swimming pool in Greece owned by a real value investor

2021-06-09 15:22:58

For the past year myself and Gary Newman have repeatedly warned about the crazy valuation of Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), about the director lying – another one exposed today – and about the collapsing face mask bubble. We were met with derision and abuse for numerous online trolls.  On a day when our analysis has been wholly vindicated with Remote shares crashing, here are three of those trolls in action.


Vindication: Remote Monitored Systems car crash trading update as the face nappy bubble bursts

2021-06-09 12:53:56

At peak ramp, folks like Zak Mir were telling you that Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) would be drowning in cash from selling gazillions of its high margin face nappies. I warned repeatedly that this was pure fantasy. Today the grim truth has emerged and the shares have slumped. Worse will follow.


SHOCKING: Remote Monitored shows that on the AIM Sewer it's one free money rule for the spivs and another for the rest of us

2021-06-09 11:17:22

I shall turn to the abject full-year results and trading update from Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) in due course. Suffice to say, what is unfolding is exactly what myself and Gary Newman have predicted so many times and the shares, though down sharply today, remain on the bargepole list. The real shocker is buried in the waffle and the cashflow statement.


Remote Monitored Systems – an absolute horror of a trading update & a bonkers valuation

2021-05-05 12:30:04

Shame on all those such as Zak Mir who have promoted this bag of excrement for today’s trading update was a true horror both in terms of what it said but also what it did not say.  Starting with the latter: this is a trading update which admits that sales are SFA but made no mention of losses or the cash position. Why not? I put it to you that if the company was drowning in cash it would shout about it.  That it does not mention it at all screams out the possibility that another bailout placing is on the way. Then there is what is said which is almost as bad.


Remote Monitored Systems – does anyone believe this Amazon joke projection? Have a look for yourself

2021-03-16 10:04:26

Bulls of Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) or paid penny share hustlers, such as LSE Share Talk, are forced to make extraordinary projections about sales of Pharm2Farm face nappies in order to justify urging folks to chuck their cash down the pan by buying these shares. For the current valuation is bonkers. Just see for yourself and ask a few questions.


Remote Monitored Systems - is this tweet low grade ramping or outright market abuse

2021-02-08 10:15:55

Though he does not declare so in the tweet below, he has elsewhere: penny share huckster and known associate of Zak Mir, Mr Alex McKinley is a shareholder in joke company Remote Monitored Systems (RMS). You know, the maker of masks to stop covid spread that are so good its site turned into a covid hot spot. Yes, that fine enterprise.


You couldn’t make it up: Covid mask maker Remote Monitored Systems delays production as staff catch er…Covid

2021-02-01 11:03:36

Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) ’s Pharm2farm subsidiary has produced plenty of masks in trial runs so its staff should never have been short of protective masks to wear. So, on that basis, it’s not a great sales pitch is it: “our masks are so good our own staff caught and spread Covid.” No wonder this company has not got any customers.


Breaking: Remote Monitored Systems – now set to give away its first masks

2021-01-24 14:29:30

I can reveal that the first 50,000 masks produced by Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) subsidiary Pharm2farm will be given away free to NHS staff. There is absolutely no evidence that NHS staff are short of PPE right now so this gesture, though it will be seen as laudable by many, is wholly unneeded. It may thus be a PR hit but what does it say about commercial reality? First things first, I hope it goes to the NHS staff who need it most, such as these folk.


Remote Monitored Systems: More delays, Still no sales and past deceit exposed – this is madness

2021-01-18 10:45:14

No wonder ex boss Trevor Brown again sold every share he owned (as a result of exercising 1.4p options), dumping 24 million shares at 2.7p last Monday.  Today Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) fesses up to more delays and lays bare more deceit from historic RNS’s. Brown is lucky in one respect.


One of the seediest rampers in London says no need to ramp while ramping: when's the Pope abandoning catholicism ( while saying high mass)?

2021-01-08 14:15:38

The business model of AB McKinley and his LSE Share Talk company is to ramp penny share dreadfuls in return for a fee. At 2.8p, Remote Monitored Systems (RMS)  - no sales, cash c£3.5 million, directors sold 40% of the equity before a string of warnings, etc etc - is capitalised at £58 million. So AB is on the case "No need to ramp" he says before, er...ramping away. What a way to spend your life. Having folks like this on board is a classic red flag.


SHOCKING EXPOSE: The twitter pumping of Trevor Brown in the days before and the day he dumped all his Remote Monitored shares

2020-12-24 08:51:16

Braveheart (BIM), the investment vehicle run by Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) boss Trevor Brown who is also a major investor in Braveheart, sold ALL of its Remote shares on 16,17 and 18 November at 2.9p-5p, netting it c£15 million. Not only did Brown sign off on ramptastic RNS statements by Remote on 11 and 16 November pushing the line that the company would, by the end of November, have a machine in Nottingham producing Covid stopping masks but he was also active on twitter pumping the stock. Of course the machine did not arrive in November, something Remote fessed to on 26 November. With more delays since, trial failures and a bailout funding the shares have collapsed to 1.22p. Now back to the pump.


Remote Monitored’s disgraced board plays the victim and threatens their own shareholders: Brown and Ryan must go NOW!

2020-12-23 11:25:37

Okay, the pantomime at the theatre in Wrexham is cancelled this year along with Christmas thanks to the clinically insane leader of Wales, Mr Mark Drakeford. Instead, thanks to AIM listed Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), we are treated to a performance of a new pantomime. Chancer spivs Paul Ryan & Trevor Brown, your AIM Cesspit career is behind you! Oh no it’s not! Oh yes it is! Or it soon will be.


Remote Monitored Systems shareholder rebellion grows apace – spivs Paul Ryan and Trevor Brown look to be toast

2020-12-22 12:17:05

The advisor to Remote’s largest shareholder Gareth Cave, who wants to kick the chancers off the board, said on Twitter: “I started in the City almost 35 years ago. I have never seen anything like the shareholder revolt brewing at #RMS”. It does look as if Paul Ryan and Trevor Brown will be getting the order of the boot. Cripes, things are so bad that even fellow spiv and a long time promoter of this stock, the Sith Lord Zak Mir, has turned on the board. That is not a rat jumping ship. That is a flea on a rat jumping off the rat after it has jumped ship.


Sack the £18m spivs running Remote Monitored Systems or I am off says largest shareholder and key consultant Gareth Cave

2020-12-21 12:36:23

The spivs, Trevor Brown, c/o Braveheart and Paul Ryan, who sold their entire holding in Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) at between 2.9p and 5p for £18 million just eight days before a major warning, must be sacked says Gareth Cave the founder of Pharm2farm and its key employee and a man who owns 18% of Remote. Cave also wants the bailout £5 million placing at 1.25p massively restructured or pulled. I back Cave and here is why.


Remote Monitored Systems – sorry to Drone On...

2020-12-07 14:30:52

Two weeks ago Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) shares traded at 2.65p giving the company a market cap of £40 million. I warned you then in this column and have since been double vindicated. The shares are 2.25p now but that is still far too high...


10 days of AIM infamy for Remote Monitoring Systems – surely a Stewards needed?

2020-11-26 13:58:11

Shares in Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) have crashed by 19% today to 2.05p. Just nine days ago mug punters were paying 5p as, unbeknown to them, the two main directors flogged all of the shares in which they had an interest. This is a massive scandal and surely even the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation will figure out that a Stewards is needed ASAP.


Gareth Cave & his tweeting – not the real issue at Remote Monitoring Systems but a stinker none the less

2020-11-23 10:57:04

The Times newspaper today flags up a series of tweets which, almost certainly, break AIM Rules and relate to Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS), a company rapidly becoming the poster boy for the AIM Cesspit. They are not the hanging offence but there is a hanging offence out there...


BOOM: Remote Monitoring Systems, the directors are screaming that this is a slam dunk sell

2020-11-21 13:09:53

At 2.98p mid Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) is capitalised at c£45 million and has net cash of c£500,000.  If the name does not ring a bell at once, this used to be Strat Aero a drone business where the directors repeatedly lied and deceived punters as they ran it into the ground. Now there is a new team in charge and a new bandwagon to jump onto.


Remote Monitored Systems – after Friday ‘Chairman leaves, fundamentals shining through?’...

2020-07-14 08:33:29

Writing on Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) on Friday as its Chairman left “effective immediately, to pursue other opportunities”I suggested forget previous cash raised to support growth of the group's core areas of business, it needed to keep the lights on and more is to be required. With that from a market cap of £1.5 million, natch bargepole / sell. That was with the shares down from a prior closing 0.28p to 0.23p...


Remote Monitored Systems – Chairman leaves, fundamentals shining through?...

2020-07-10 10:55:04

Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) has updated including that it has “appointed John Richardson, a Director of GyroMetric Systems Limited, the group's 58% owned subsidiary, as Chief Operating Officer”, though also that “Nigel Burton, Non‐Executive Chairman of the company, has retired from the board, effective immediately, to pursue other opportunities”...


Letter to AIM Regulation re Remote Monitoring Systems & Shamed Nomad SP Angel of MySquar infamy

2019-12-11 14:18:45

I have today written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation with regard to Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) and its disgraced Nomad SP Angel of Mysquar (MYSQ) infamy, asking if monthly management accounts can be produced to justify statements made just three weeks before the last bailout placing on October 18. If they cannot be produced the regulator needs to take severe action against the company and its Nomad. I write


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