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Why Big Insurers Like This Shouldn't Suffer Because of the Pestilence

2020-05-11 08:40:00

Hello, Share Smoothies. Well, it’s a hard act to follow. I refer to the amazingly successful online share show this wonderful site hosted on Saturday. Pity any analyst that has to think of an idea that was not given a thorough look-over at that share-packed event. Especially as the long list of speakers was the best the UK can offer. But allow me to highlight a larger company which I don't think was mentioned. Though it's been impossible to take it all in as yet...


Profits Rise for this Giant Insurer In a More Hostile World

2020-02-28 08:17:45

Hello, Share Sizzlers. You might think insurance companies aren’t such a good bet these days. What with stronger hurricanes, floods and the new virus. But wind and floods cause a rush of worried new customers while people seek more travel protection in case they’re forced to cancel their plans. So the outlook for RSA Insurance Group (RSA), formerly Royal Insurance, is possibly even more positive than the encouraging set of full-year results it’s just published...



As the World Gets Scarier, You Might Want to Consider this Great Protector

2019-11-08 08:20:50

Hello Share Takers. I have holdings in two big British insurance companies. Both have share prices presently doing better than most other Footsie jumbos. Legal & General (LGEN) is the better bet from the p/e point of view - at only 8.9x. The other choice RSA Insurance Group (RSA), the old Royal Insurance company, has a p/e of 17.3. Never mind, the City is pleased with RSA’s progress...


Big Insurer RSA Sells more Premiums as Divi Rises and Claims Fall

2019-08-02 08:10:58

Hello, Share Squeezers. The insurance sector has been static as of late, after a few months of steady progress earlier. It’s those Brexit fears and the low pound that’s to blame, just as it is with banking stocks which are similarly mired. But one of the big companies, RSA Insurance Group (RSA) - the old Royal Insurance Company - has just released numbers which are encouraging...


Step-Carefully-Stephen Helps Another Member of the Royal Family

2019-05-13 08:27:35

Hello, Share Smashers. Regret lasts a long time in Shareland and I still kick myself for sitting tight when RSA (RSA) was about to be taken over by Zurich four years ago. I should have sold before the deal (and the share price) crashed to the deck. Never mind, the share price has since been gradually recovering and I am still well into profit on paper...


A Lacklustre Trading Statment, but RSA Still Shows Signs of Royal Share success

2018-05-11 00:20:27

Hello Share Crimpers. My favourite insurance giant is Legal and General (LGEN). But the old Royal Insurance, now called RSA (RSA) is still in my bag. And it’s doing rather nicely, if not brilliantly. In share price terms, at least.


Profits Up, Divi Up, Premiums Up. What's Not to Like About RSA?

2018-02-23 01:05:46

Hello, Share Pickers. Previously, I’ve recommended the old Royal Insurance Company which is now RSA (RSA) to your further probing. And having now reviewed last year’s results, I’m rather glad I did.


Things Are Looking Up in this Royal Family. Could Be Worth a Few Sovereigns

2017-05-05 00:01:37

Hello Share Gobblers. My relationship with RSA Insurance Group (RSA) goes back to the long-gone days when it was Royal Insurance. And it has generally not been a happy one.


No!, You Do Not Have Permission to Panic, Corporal Jones. Ref: Brexit

2016-06-25 04:15:05

Hello Share Flexers. Well, that was turn-up and no mistake. Did anyone really expect us to leave Europe? Certainly not the bookies.They are rarely wrong in political matters, but they were this time. The odds started out very favourably to Brexit punters, then shortened, but on the eve of the big vote, Paddy Power was offering 8 to 1 on for remaining and five to one against leaving. Boy did they get it wrong!


Calling All Divi Hunters. Insure that You Look at RSA.

2016-05-04 00:16:05

Hello Share Shoppers. If you’re a regular reader of this delectable website you’ll know that I like to keep an eye on RSA (RSA) the old Royal Insurance set-up. Time for an update, I fancy.You may recall there was a nasty shock for long-time shareholders like me when an offer from Zurich insurance was withdrawn last year.


Big Profit Explosion Could Send RSA Shares Even Higher.

2016-02-26 01:22:46

Hello Share Shufflers. Well, that was a nice surprise in these dismal times. The old Royal Insurance company, combined with the Alliance. has had a difficult few years. But the latest results from RSA (RSA)showed a sparkling improvement. And the shares rose 12%, which is exceptional for a Footsie giant. 


Malcolm Stacey's share tips of the year Number 2 - buy Royal & Sun Alliance

2015-12-31 03:26:21

Let me confess. The main reason I choose the old Royal Insurance, Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) as my second New Year tip is that it has a good chance of being taken over in the next twelve months. 


As They Try Hard to Make it All Up to Me - RSA Could be Worth a punt.

2015-11-26 00:47:42

Hello Share Shapers. I could cheerfully kick RSA (RSA)  the old Royal Insurance company in the teeth.


Is This a Right Royal Opportunity? Ref: RSA.

2015-10-12 00:16:58

Hello Share Pitchers.  Royal Insurance, or RSA (RSA) as it’s been known for some time now, is going through a very funny period.


That Royal Disaster May Just Be a Slight Set-back In the End. ref: RSA.

2015-09-24 23:34:46

Hello Share Hawkers. The RSA (RSA) saga has been an unmitigated disaster for me, more or less since I first bought the shares at least 15 years ago.


How I Avoided an RSA Disaster - Then Walked Straight Back Into It.

2015-09-21 23:39:20

Hello Share Fans. Well, that was a bummer. There I was expecting Zurich to put in a strong offer for RSA (RSA) the big insurance combine. There was talk of £5.50 from the present going rate of 5.15p which had already been boosted greatly by the preliminaries to merger.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: RSA: A Bottom Fish Opportunity After The Rug Is Pulled

2015-09-21 04:47:06

I have to confess that although M&A moves in a very volatile and largely bearish summer London stock market should have been very enticing, the RSA (RSA) share rally and decline have totally passed me by. But now that the deal with Zurich Financial is off, what does this mean for the share price after the drop?


Royal & Sun Alliance: it is not you but me…

2015-09-21 02:08:36

Bit of a Swiss surprise today with the news that Zurich Insurance is ending its 550p bid for Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA).  Normally when a proposed deal falls apart it is because the bidder has found something dodgy in its detailed due diligence – and let’s face it insurance accounting is opaque at best.  However this time the issue is all with the seemingly not-so-prudent Swiss with the management at Zurich noting ‘the deterioration in profitability in certain parts of the(ir) General Insurance business’ which it has to sort out first before it could even consider completing a bid on another insurance company like RSA. 


RSA Merger Hope Leaves Us With a Difficult Decision.

2015-07-28 23:31:30

Hello Share Sweepers. Bloomin’ Heck! While I still agonise over whether I should accept the offer for Dragon Oil (DGO) shares from a bigger oil company, I get landed with another difficult choice over an insurance giant. That insurance set-up is RSA (RSA) the old Royal Insurance lot.


Join the Royal Family – the Frog May Become a Prince.

2014-06-03 07:04:00

Hello Share Tweakers: Royal Insurance, or RSA Insurance (RSA) as they're known these days, has been a loser in my bag. I've held them ever since I dated Boudicea. But they've done nothing big for me.


RSA - a minefield in which angels fear to tread

2014-03-27 07:47:28

RSA (RSA), once gloriously known with Shakespearean imagery as Royal Insurance and Sun Alliance, - before the sum of the parts were merged and reduced down to a mere abbreviation - has announced a rights issue to ensure that it has enough capital in the balance sheet to keep regulators content. It is not a share that I have bothered to look at previously, but the scent of rotted shareholder value draws me in for a closer look.


Play the Protection Game in Shareland - ref Legal & General and RSA

2014-01-18 10:42:06

Hello Share Fans: We've had some awful weather. Floods and wind all over the place, causing a lot of damage.


The Biggest Mistake I Make – Ref RSA

2013-11-13 07:06:32

Hello Share Dabblers: You have to be so careful in Shareland not to put too much dough into one stock. It is the biggest mistake I often make and I need to call a halt.

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