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Slater & Gordon: Dire results, board sacked, UK exited, Debt for Equity near wipeout - the curse of Quindell

2017-09-01 00:20:11

Oh dear me, how long is the shadow caused by the king of the fraudsters Rob Terry and his Quenron (QPP) monster? Slater & Gordon (SGH) the Aussie law firm that bought 94% of Terry's assets in 2015 has now officially been brought to its knees with the board all fired, and shareholders almost wiped out, as part of the end game announced yesterday in Oz.


Slater & Gordon faces new (third) class action - this explains the mad Quindell deal

2017-06-08 02:51:57

Aussie law poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) has admitted that it has received another claim for damages to add to two existing class action suits. The latest is from lawyers Johnson Winter & Slattery Lawyers acting for investor Babscay and alledges that there were misleading representations in the company's 2013, 2014 and 2015 financial statements. This sheds a very interesting light on the £649 million purchase of Quindell (QPP).


Slater & Gordon joins the Minus 99% club - the curse of fraudster Rob Terry: the end is nigh

2017-03-01 01:10:21

When Aussie Poltroons Slater & Gordon spunked £649 million to buy the worthless fraudulent assets of Quindell (QPP) circa two years ago its shares were A$8. They have crashed another 30% today to just 7 cents putting S&G in the 99% club. The signs are growing that the end is not just 90 days away (when it must conclude a debt for equity deal with its banks) but perhaps rather sooner.


The Curse of Rob Terry - Slater & Gordon more disastrous results, 90 days to wipeout!

2017-02-27 01:05:21

Oh dear. Oh dear. Interim numbers from Aussie law poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) are out today and are dismal. The company now has just 90 days to cut a deal with its bankers or it is lights out and any deal will see shareholders wiped out. The shares - A$8 when it spunked £649 million to buy Quindell's (QPP) fraudulent assets - are now just 12 cents. Where's the ouzo?


Slater & Gordon - if it was f**ked before it is now double f**ked: UK legal changes

2017-02-23 04:32:02

Oh dear, oh dear. This is not going to make the debt for equity talks Slater & Gordon (SGH) is engaged in to stave off bankruptcy any easier. The Government has published proposals which will screw its UK personal claims business, effectively making it worthless.


More terrible News for Aussie Poltroons Slater & Gordon - it can blame the Daily Mail

2017-01-29 06:42:00

Oh dear, oh dear. just when you thought things could not get any worse for Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH). They just have. And big time as the UK Government finally takes action against the most literal ambulance chasing lawyers and that means our pals S&G.


If Slater & Gordon did comedy they'd issue a press release like this...oh they did

2017-01-12 07:51:16

Following news of the latest investigaton into it cooking its own books, shares in Aussie law firm now trade at 29 cents down from c$8 when it blew £649 million buying 92% the assets of Quindell less than two years ago. Blowing up your balance sheet buying the biggest stockmarket fraud in 30 years is not a smart move. And as such I am delighted to see this release from the Aussie poltroons: 


Slater & Gordon in new probe - was it cooking the books pre Quindell? I reckon it was.

2016-12-21 01:10:40

Oh dear, it just gets worse and worse for Aussie law firm Slater & Gordon (SGH), the near bankrupt owner of the fraudulent Quenron (QPP) businesses. It has now fessed up that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has served it with two notices to produce documents relating to an “investigation into the accuracy of financial records and accounts of the company for the period between 1 December 2014 and 29 September 2015”.


Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon go after Watchstone (formerly Quindell) for £53m - a pox on them both

2016-11-30 03:43:00

The Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) who recklessly paid £649 million for the fraudulent businesses of Quindell has announced that it is making a claim on £53 million of that still held in an escrow account by Watchstone (WTG). Slater says that it has obtained an opinion from an independent barrister in respect of the warranties given and the escrow cash and that the brief says it has, on balance, a prospect of success. Oh dear. The only winners here will be the lawyers (other than S&G).


Slater & Gordon shares are worthless - look at the debt (AFR Scoop)

2016-11-07 01:36:57

The price for buying the fraud that was Quindell (QPP) will be the death of Slater & Gordon (SGH). When its shares do eventually hit zero, or near as damn it, investors should remember that it was not just Aussie poltroons such as Andrew Grech to blame but also the fraudster in chief Rob Terry. And the shares will hit nil. If you are in any doubt look at the debt.


Slater & Gordon rewarding failure, balance sheet still crocked

2016-11-05 02:35:15

You don't need the brains of Jason Donovan (irony BTW) to see that the purchase of the fraudulent legal assets of Quindell (QPP) by Slater & Gordon (SGH) was a dire error. Surely heads must roll at the Aussie poltroons? In fact, with the shares now at A$0.34, down from A$8 at the time of the deal, failure must be rewarded. Speaking at Slater's AGM, chairman John Skippen stated:


Cash strapped Slater & Gordon tries to get £50 million from Watchstone with legal threat

2016-09-19 02:03:21

Aussie poltroon Slater & Gordon (SGH) has finally woken up to the fact that the Quindell businesses it bought for £647 million last year were worthless frauds and as such it has today said it is taking legal action against Watchstone (WTG), the renamed Quenron corporate entity. I fear the Aussies are merely throwing a Hail Mary pass and that its case is doomed. Its shares are not 95% down since the deal at just 40 cents for no reason.


Slater & Gordon warns of FY loss of more than A$1 billion - ta very much fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell shame

2016-08-25 00:15:29

This is not quite what Slater & Gordon (SGH) promised its shareholders when buying the fraud Quindell (QPP) in early 2015 - today there was a pre results profits warning. The management tried to polish it up but a turd is a turd however one views it.


Fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell infamy thinks near-bust Slater & Gordon got a bargain - you couldn't make it up

2016-04-24 03:06:18

Fraudster Rob Terry has given an exclusive interview to the Sunday Telegraph which is sheer comedy at numerous levels but shareholders in Slater & Gordon will not be laughing for Terry really kicks them in the goolies. S&G shares were $7.95 when it bought 92% of the Quindell business. A year later they are 29 Aussie cents. But Terry says:


Edison: when is your follow up to the worst research note ever ( Buy Slater & Gordon) due?

2016-04-16 09:52:03

I am not 100% up to speed on the comings and goings at paid researcher Edison so am unaware if its star analyst The Right Hon Charlie Gibson is still on a police curfew and wearing an electronic ankle bracelet after his spot of bother trying to give a member of the working classes, who happened to be a rozzer, a damn good thrashing. On the subject of convicts (well at least those descended from them) and damn good thrashings I note that shares in Aussie law firm Slater & Gordon (SGH) are now 28 Aussie cents having been A$2.67 on 23rd September 2015 when Edison published a note proclaiming "valuation - considerable upside" and flagging triggers for a re-rating. Hmmm... so that is a fall of c90% in the seven months since that buy note - is that the worst research note of the past 12 months?


Photo: Slater & Gordon Due Diligence clever cats in action - should we buy now?

2016-04-02 02:29:28

Thanks to reader J for this photo of the top cat from Slater & Gordon (SGH) staring at his screen wondering whether to buy Quindell (QPP)or not. With a deadline of Sunday midnight this is our latest caption contest. Simply post your entries in the comments section below.


Slater & Gordon shock resignation Moana Weir talks of "lights out - sinking ship"

2016-03-30 01:01:50

Last Thursday as it struggled to meet its monthly wage bill Slater & Gordon (SGH) was also rocked by the shock resignation without notice of its senior Legal Counsel Moana Weir, the woman who had to advise it on any corporate legal issues such as insolvency and potential fraud. We still do not know why Moana walked without notice after less than six months on the job but here are a few shocking quotes from Moana.


Just a bit more bad news for Slater & Gordon...

2016-03-11 03:12:25

Oh dear, can life get any worse for Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH)? Er yes of course it can. And in fact it just has...


Tom Winnifrith Bonus BearCast: A Slater & Gordon Employee getting the sack asks what he should tell his kids

2016-03-02 03:10:51

An employee of Slater & Gordon (SGH) is berating me on twitter for being heartless as I celebrate his firm going down the pan and asks how he should explain to his kids about his job loss and their impending homelessness. In this podcast I explain why his job loss is good news for society, why it is indeed something I celebrate and what exactly he should say to the kids as he prepares to pimp his Mrs at King's Cross in order to put food on the family table.


Slater & Gordon shares off another 17% at just 26 cents from $8 after Quindell deal - reader poll - when is ZERO

2016-03-02 01:46:09

Slater & Gordon (SGH) shares fell another 17.46% today to just 26 Aussie cents. They were A$8 less than a year ago after it spunked $1.3 billion buying the Quindell fraud for reasons it still has not explained. The question is not IF the shares will hit ZERO but when? Is it it by March 31 when it has to renegotiate bank covenants it is set to breach, by June 30 ( year end), September 1 (when I reckon it is out of cash), or October when Auditors must sign off on its horrific FY accounts. Or never. You can vote now in our when does S&G hit A$0.00 poll? Deadline is 7 AM March 3rd.


Slater & Gordon shares crash to just 32 cents as the curse of Quenron savages value - target ZERO

2016-03-01 04:39:58

If you spunk A$1.3 billion buying a fraudulent business like Quenron and leaving yourself drowning in debt as is Slater & Gordon (SGH) your shareholders are going to get 100% fucked it is only a matter of when. 


Slater & Gordon Beer & Popcorn Results Debacle Podcast Part 3 - why did S&G's board crash the car

2016-02-29 00:37:56

In part two of this series I showed why analysing today's interims leads to just one conclusion - shares in Slater & Gordon (SGH) are going to zero or near as damn it. That podcast can be accessed HERE. Now I look at quite why the poltroons who run S&G did the Quindell (QPP) deal in the first place and why they overpaid so monstrously for a fraud


Slater & Gordon Beer & Popcorn Results Debacle Podcast Part 2 - Car Crash - for S&G insolvency beckons

2016-02-29 00:37:35

The interims for the 6 months to December 31 2015 from Slater & Gordon are a car crash. A$1.2 billion was spent on buying the Quindell (QPP) fraud, now the madness of that is laid bare. Slater's board should be strung up with piano wire. The shares are heading to zero or near as damn it. This podcast contains a full results analysis.


Slater & Gordon Solutions – a lesson learned

2016-02-28 05:02:50

I mentioned last week that Deputy Sheriff Towers had a small matter which needed to be resolved with Slater & Gordon Solutions (SGH). As Tom Winnifrith readies his Castlemaine XXXX and popcorn for tonight’s excitement down under as Slater and Gordon publishes its results, I thought I’d pass on my experience of dealing with the UK outfit.


Slater & Gordon shares suspended - Castlemaine XXXX & popcorn Monday with results

2016-02-24 01:20:54

Trading in the shares of Aussie poltroons, the law firm Slater & Gordon (SGH) has been suspended on the ASX ahead of interim results on Monday with the imbeciles flagging that there will be a material write-down of its British assets, notably the fraudulent businesses bought from Quindell (QPP). Oh dear...this is not going to end well for S&G is it?


Got a replacement car via Slater Gordon Solutions? Share your experiences!

2016-02-20 01:26:50

How does Slater Gordon Solutions rate when it comes to taking a replacement hire car to cover the period of having repairs made following a car crash? Did all go smoothly, or were there any nasty surprises? 


Slater & Gordon, Helen Cutler Tribunal is this what the Aussies want to hide at ACH?

2016-02-09 05:03:49

I have noted before that Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) are closing down the ACH unit bought from Quindell (QPP) with a book value of £30 million and have admitted that the reason is in part to avoid bad publicity. So is this what they are trying to hide? Perhaps it is this...


Slater & Gordon - shareholder wipeout within weeks? Heads Must Roll

2016-01-31 11:30:27

The Sunday Telegraph is reporting that Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SHG) has called in experts to look at a restructuring of its borrowings as the problems caused by the £600 million acqusition of the fraudulent operations of Quindell (QPP) mount. This should come as no surprise to ShareProphets readers - I explained HERE on November 21 2015 exactly why S&G was a ZERO. The shares - A$8 after the Quenron purchase are already down to 62.5 Aussie cents. The fact is that with a market cap of A$222 million but debts of A$700 million it will be out of cash - unless it defers debt repayments - by mid year.


Slater & Gordon trying to bury the Quindell fraud at ACH - admits to reputational risk in internal email

2016-01-06 05:43:31

You thought that Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) - target price ZERO - were trying to be clean and transparent when it comes to the crap they bought from Quindell (QPP). Think again. We have obtained internal emails which show that the reverse is true.


Christmas comes early - another Slater & Gordon profits warning - bankruptcy a cert for 2016

2015-12-17 00:53:32

Thank you Santa for this early present. Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) have issued another profits warning with its UK businesses, notably those bought from Quenron (QPP), blamed. Bankruptcy in 2016 now looks a slam dunk cert.


The aussie press turns on Slater & Gordon

2015-12-05 03:01:41

Naturally my eye is initially drawn to the swimsuit special at the top of this fine Australian publication, the Herald Sun, which a reader has winged over to me. But no, apparently it is the lead seems that even the natives in the land where everyone is descended from a convict, are getting pissed off with Slater & Gordon (SHH) as it hurtles towards bankruptcy and a 0 cent target price.


George Osborne finishes off Rob Terry’s good work – Slater & Gordon is heading for zero

2015-11-26 00:54:30

Last weekend I explained HERE how the purchase of the fraudulent and grossly overvalued business of Quindell (QPP) by Slater & Gordon (SGH) earlier this year threatened the Aussie poltroons with a drowning in debt wipe-out – quite simply it is not generating any cash, thanks to Quenron. This afternoon things got worse, much worse. Thanks to Chancellor George Osborne, shares in S&G are now almost certainly heading for zero. It is now the short of the century

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