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Stanley Gibbons – cash compared to prior COVID-19 expectations “currently down only slightly”, BUT...

2020-04-29 14:26:22

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has updated including that “all areas of the business remain open and functioning other than the physical shop” and “the coin market has remained quite robust in recent weeks and we have seen evidence of more people showing an interest in both coin and stamp collecting”. However, the shares have currently responded lower, to 2.5p...


Stanley Gibbons – Proposed Refinancing including vastly discounted equity… but good news?

2018-02-23 08:01:27

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced a Proposed Refinancing, including raising £6.2 million at 2.5p per share… and the shares have currently responded more than 15% higher on yesterday, above 5.5p…


Stanley Gibbons – awful interims as shareholders prepare for a shafting

2018-01-01 10:51:18

AIM-listed Stanley Gibbons (SGI) published its interims on Friday 29 December – the last trading day ahead of the New Year break. Worse still, it released them at 11.07am on a stock market half day. Talk about no-one-is-watching o’clock. Unfortunately, there was plenty to watch – and none of it pleasant for the company’s shareholders.


Stanley Gibbons – Guernsey investment division administration

2017-11-21 09:25:51

The recent history of Stanley Gibbons Group (SGI) together with a 12:15pm “Update” announcement don’t suggest good news… and the news is its Guernsey investment division has appointed administrators…


Stanley Gibbons – results & a revised division sale see shares slide again

2017-10-02 03:59:40

Collectibles group Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2017 and a revised sale of a division. The shares have currently responded more than 13% lower towards 8p…


Stanley Gibbons – with a sale already having been delayed, an “Update on Interiors Division”. Uh oh…

2017-08-04 04:00:10

End December-announced half-year results from Stanley Gibbons (SGI) showed, after a net £3.3 million of ‘exceptionals’, a pre-tax loss of over £6 million and noted, with net debt at £16.5 million, it “working on a number” of balance sheet initiatives. In May it announced a £2.4 million sale of a major part of its Interiors division and, with this then delayed to 3rd August, we now have an “Update on Interiors Division” announcement…


Stanley Gibbons – is it guilty of market abuse with statement claiming a bid approach that was not?

2017-06-12 00:47:24

On Friday some punters paid up to 13.5p for shares in Stanley Gibbons (SGI) after it claimed that it had received a bid approach. The shares are now c11.5p to sell after that was exposed as er...just not true.


Stanley Gibbons bid approach - maybe mad Edi is not mad after all?

2017-06-11 09:05:57

This has been an awfu sharel tip and so, as a shareholder myself, I almost welcome an end to my suffering. I am sure the bidder is looking to pick up assets on the cheap and won't pay anything like a full price but at least the shares are up by 2.125p to 13.25p mid.


Stanley Gibbons – further disposal boosts the balance sheet, is there now a buy case?

2017-06-04 05:28:51

This has been a dog of a share tip from us but is there now a case for a small buy as a recovery play? Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has followed the recent sale of a major part of its Interiors division with an announcement of a £1.4 million sale of its interest in operator of the annual Masterpiece London art and antiques fair, Masterpiece London Ltd.


Stanley Gibbons - a curate's egg update

2017-05-13 01:14:04

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) “is pleased to announce the sale of a major part of its Interiors division and to provide an update on its current trading and the restructuring”


Stanley Gibbons – sells rare Indian stamps for record £500,000

2017-04-25 00:41:29

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced it “has sold one of the rarest pieces of Indian Philately to a private collector-investor in Australia for £500,000, the highest price ever paid for a single Indian philatelic item”.


Stanley Gibbons - dire interims but...

2017-01-05 04:31:48

This is one of our worst share tips and also one of my (TW) worst investments of recent years. Collectibles group Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced further dire results - this time for the six months ended 30th September 2016 - though “is optimistic that the trading of the group is now beginning to reflect the giant strides made through the restructuring plan in a year of substantial transition” (including a completely new board of directors).


Stanley Gibbons Dreadful Results

2016-10-05 03:02:56

Only posters on the LSE Asylum get it right 100% of the time. That is why they are all millionaires but are so generous that they still share their wisdom with the rest of us. Steve & I don't always get it right. Since we launched the Nifty Fifty website almost four years ago our second worst tip has been Stanley Gibbons (SGI). Overall we are still c20% per tip up with an average holding period of less than a year. But this one has not helped our average. 


Stanley Gibbons: Good news and Bad

2016-07-19 00:44:55

In a detailed update there is good news and bad from Stanley Gibbons (SGI). Let's start with the good news as it has been rare in coming from this company of late.


Stanley Gibbons - take up open offer, we are

2016-03-15 08:30:54

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) “is pleased to announce that it now proposes to raise £13.0 million (£12.3 million net of expenses)”. It shouldn’t be. 


Stanley Gibbons - another awful day

2016-03-13 12:16:40

Shares in Stanley Gibbons (SGI) fell sharply on Friday to just 22.5p on the back of an announcement that the company “is very close to concluding the terms of an equity fundraising of approximately £13 million by the issue of new ordinary shares at a price of 10p”. Aaagh. We have called this terribly. Only BB Morons always get it right we have got this wrong and can only apologise. Are we selling? Where next for the shares?


Stanley Gibbons - where to start?

2016-02-25 02:55:44

We start with an apology - this has been an awful share tip. If only we were Wildes or Bulletin Board Morons and got every tip 100% right. But we are human. So apologise. Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced that it “now believes that for the year to 31 March 2016 the group will report an adjusted loss before tax of between £1 million and £2 million”, that it“is in the process of raising approximately £10 million of new equity” and the appointments of a new nominated adviser & broker (finnCap) and new auditor (BDO). Hmmm.


Stanley Gibbons Interims - bad as expected but...heck I've bought the shares

2015-11-22 08:17:54

About ten days ago, Stanley Gibbons (SGI) announced (piss poor) results for the six months ended 30th September 2015 and stated that “the board expects that the group will deliver materially higher revenue and profit in the second half of the financial year than in the first half, partially assisted by this year's auction calendar being more heavily weighted towards the second half”. So I've bought some shares for FIML at 99p.


Stanley Gibbons Trading update - average down

2015-09-25 03:28:44

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has updated that “it is currently uncertain whether high value sales completed by 30 September 2015 will be at the level required to achieve the group's internal budgets for the first half of the year” but that “the directors continue to believe that the group will achieve market forecasts for the full year ended 31 March 2016”


Tom Winnifrith’s Easter share tips (buy) No 3 – Stanley Gibbons

2015-04-06 07:43:37

Yes I know that it has just had a profits warning and that the old adage is that warnings come in threes. But I do not expect that to be the case with Stanley Gibbons (SGI) and so it is my third share tip for Easter at 249p.


Stanley Gibbons profits warning - buying op?

2015-04-03 04:03:35

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has disappointingly announced that “because a number of anticipated high value sales within the group's retail business were not completed in the run up to the (31st March) year end… it is expected that results will be materially below current market expectations”. The following updates with the shares now 8.5% lower in response at 241p-246p…


Tom Winnifrith’s seventh share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Stanley Gibbons

2015-01-03 06:20:21

As I explained in my Christmas Day 10 macro themes for 2015 I generally cautious on UK equities – hence my decision to run with 5 buys and 5 sells in my NY selection (three more to come by Sunday night). As such my seventh tip is one you may deem cautious but I see 35% capital upside in it plus dividends and very limited downside. I refer to Stanley Gibbons (SGI), a buy at a 290p offer and at up to 300p with a target of 400p.


Stanley Gibbons, very strong interims - buy

2014-11-19 02:23:00

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2014 and that “the board look forward to the second half of the financial year with confidence”. Good News fr our readers at the Nifty Fifty but there is more to come!


Stanley Gibbons buys Mallett, you should buy Gibbons

2014-10-01 12:45:53

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced a recommended £8.6 million (60p per share) cash offer for Mallett plc (MAE) - one of the oldest established antique dealers in the world, specialising in furniture and works of art and with interests also in restoration. Gibbons sees the move as “furthering its ambition to become a global auction house for collectibles” and considers it “a logical and affordable next step for us to acquire a valuable brand and relevant assets. The Mallett business will expand Stanley Gibbons's expertise into an adjacent collectibles area, drive significant cross-selling opportunities across the combined businesses and build a stronger auction platform in the collectibles marketplace”.


Stanley Gibbons Property Sale – That is Real Asset backing: Buy & TNAV explained re Quindell

2014-08-07 10:04:09

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced it has exchanged contracts on a £4.5 million sale of its freehold property at Adelphi Terrace in London, with completion scheduled on or before 17th November. The company added that by this time all of its specialist collectibles trading and auctions divisions will be co-located at its Strand premises. 


Stanley Gibbons – we are 40% ahead on this share tip but more to come

2014-07-31 05:33:58

We tipped Stanley Gibbons (SGI) at a 225p offer price on the Nifty Fifty and with the shares now at 310p we are – dividends included more than 40% ahead but following yesterday’s AGM statement we still see material upside in the shares.


Stanley Gibbons – well ahead on this tip far more to come

2014-06-29 10:48:26

I tipped Stanley Gibbons (SGI) at 225p back in November 2012 on my Nifty Fifty Website. We have picked up a 3% yield along the way and the shares closed Friday at 290p. So not a bad share tip so far. But there is a long way to go. The stock is still a buy.


Stanley Gibbons: Buy at 278p – target 400p

2014-06-27 14:49:08

In the wake of 15 month results out today from stamp and coin retailer Stanley Gibbons (SGI), the house broker Peel Hunt has published a buy note at 278p with a 400p target.


Stanley Gibbons, the dividend paying AIM stock stamps its mark online

2014-04-22 06:49:58

Philately is a pursuit that many view on a par with watching paint dry, but it can involve large sums of money. When it comes to stamp collecting, and other similar investments, Stanley Gibbons (SGI) is probably the best known company in the business, having been established back in 1856.


Stanley Gibbons – good results, we are well ahead on tip but what next?

2014-04-02 06:54:53

Ahead of changing its financial year end from 31st December to 31st March (to provide management with an improved level of visibility of the performance of the enlarged group throughout the financial calendar), Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced 2013 results.


Stanley Gibbons – share tip winner up 67%, but is there more to come?

2014-02-26 09:04:00

At the end of last month, leading stamps and collectibles group Stanley Gibbons (SGI) announced a £1 million acquisition of Murray Payne Ltd, a leading expert business in British Commonwealth philately. At 375p, shares of Stanley Gibbons are 67% above the 225p offer price at which they were added to the Growth portfolio of the Nifty Fifty in late 2012. The stock has continued its positive momentum into 2014.


Stanley Gibbons - a cracking share tip but far more to come

2014-01-17 09:10:26

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has been a cracking share tip from myself and Tom but following a trading statement yesterday I reckon that there is more to come.


Stanley Gibbons: Buy - 2 Year Trend Channel Towards 400p

2013-12-24 09:00:27


The cloak of anonymity provided to the Closet Chartist means that within reason one can take pot shots at the hubris of those in the financial markets and beyond. For instance, did anyone really get Gold and mining stocks right since the bubble burst at the end of 2011?


Stanley Gibbons bids for Noble Investments – a double win for my readers

2013-09-16 16:02:38

Noble Investments (NBL) has announced that it has received an approach from Stanley Gibbons (SGI) of a possible takeover of 255p per Noble share (circa £42 million) – comprising 192.5p per share in cash and 62.5p in new Stanley Gibbons shares – which, if made, it has indicated it is likely to unanimously recommend to shareholders. Since I have tipped BOTH stocks on my Nifty Fifty website I am celebrating, but what now?


Stanley Gibbons interims – look forward!

2013-08-08 16:15:20

Leading stamps and collectibles business Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced results for the first half of 2013. These show an adjusted pre-tax profit of £1.61 million on revenue 17.2% higher than in the corresponding 2012 period, at £17.24 million, generating earnings per share of 5.03p, down from 6.61p. The following explains what is going on…


Stanley Gibbons – The Funny Old world of The Stamp Industry Rumour Mill

2013-07-06 01:15:36

An email arrived Friday from a reader in the Stamp Industry. The Stanley Gibbons (SGI) Flagship store on the Strand was shuttered up. The world on the street was that staff were being briefed about a shock boardroom departure. Cripes… er not cripes.


Stanley Gibbons - a stamp of approval as a long-term investment?

2013-05-02 09:32:14

AIM-listed Stanley Gibbons (SGI) is a market leading stamps and collectibles business and brand. In a current economic environment of uncertainty, where safe yield is hard to find and with the internet facilitating accessibility, the company yesterday reported “continued strength of the global philatelic market” and “new high net worth collectors entering the market”.

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