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Smith & Nephew's new boss has to focus on performance and not pay

2019-11-01 09:30:39

I do like 'The Smiths'. No, this is not some sudden disclosure of retrospective appreciation of the collected musical works of Morrissey and Marr, but rather an observation that you can make a conceptual case for respectively DS Smith (SMDS), WH Smith (SMWH), Smiths Group (SMIN) and Smith & Nephew (SN.). Certainly such a strategy would have been nicely remunerative on a year-to-date basis. Today though, whilst I am still penning love notes to DS Smith and have identified a price I want to get active in at WH Smith post its new big deal, the wheels have fallen off at Smith & Nephew a bit…


Smith and his Nephew Who Keep People on their Feet Do the Same for the Share Price

2019-02-25 01:20:42

Hello, Share Followers. It’s a sad fact of life that knee and hip replacements seem very common at the moment. I bet you know a few senior citizens who’ve just had it done. The growing surge of diabetes is also taking its toll on our legs. A company which focuses on artificial joints and limbs is Smith and Nephew (SN.)...


Update on three ideas: Smith & Nephew, ConvaTec, Equiniti

2018-05-07 01:39:39

A quick catch-up with three names I have written about in the past and who have published a corporate update in the last few business days.  First, Smith & Nephew (SN) which is Europe's biggest artificial hip and knee producer and hence exposed to an unfortunate ageing population growth trend.  However, as I noted in my last write-up, this is a company that has underperformed recently and not only is shuffling its top team but also has attracted the interests of an activist investor...which is kind of an interesting combination. 


Hip Priest! (Or why I am warming up to Smith & Nephew)

2018-02-08 03:00:08

Of course the title is a nod to the sad passing of music legend Mark E Smith a couple of weeks ago...but given the demographic of readers on this website I expect many of you are familiar with his 1981 penned epic which so famously was also used in The Silence of the Lambs. As one wag put it in a YouTube comment 'i find its (sic) the perfect song to play when you're being chased through your dungeon-like basement by an FBI special agent'. Absolutely! Anyhow...back to finance and investments.


A Few Reasons Why Smith and his Nephew Might Cure our Share Blues.

2016-08-12 00:00:04

Hello Share Touchers. The medical world is going to keep on expanding as new cures and treatments come on the market in the wake of huge scientific advances these days. I once wrote articles for a big global company on efforts to defeat the common cold. I also wrote a popular book on the subject, called Attishoo.


Hips, Shoulders and Knees Suffering as Much as Your Shares? Call for Smith and his Nephew.

2016-01-16 01:55:35

Hello Share Twirlers. Maybe it’s because I’m getting (nay, am) old that I find myself ever more drawn to companies with a medical bent. I’m also aware that my modest column often makes mention of the fact that much of the population now begins to look rather ancient and in need of crutches to get around.

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