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Sabien – Truell-y, Madly, Deeply, this Peterhouse special stinks

2021-01-20 14:54:04

Sabien (SNT) has been around for years developing boilers that were going to revolutionise the world. Whatever. Floated at 52p per share in 2006, its shares now trade at 0.1p after more catastrophic news. Losses to date are in excess of £5 million but at least it has been providing a steady source of coke and hookers cash for London’s Nomads, brokers, PR fluffies et al. Today came a real shocker.


Sabien Technology – “significant contribution” thanks to Alan O'Brien… so re. the “business review”!...

2019-11-05 13:35:40

Previously writing on Sabien Technology (SNT), last month I concluded that with a market cap of circa £3 million, the current fundamentals saw me continue to avoid. Today a “Directorate Change” announcement – and the shares currently circa 4% lower on the back of it, to 0.23p – a £2.7 million market cap…


Sabien Technology – but I thought “addressable market remains attractive, supported by our pipeline”?...

2019-10-18 16:15:20

Early last month I noted on ‘M1G’ and ‘M2G’ boiler energy efficiency technologies company Sabien (SNT) the subscription is for £326,427 of shares at 0.11p each, with it added “on 11 June 2019, the board announced that it expected to report revenues for the year-ended 30 June 2019 of approximately £1.2 million (2018: £0.51 million) and a small profit before taxation (2018: loss of £1.65 million). The board confirms that it has traded in-line with expectations… net cash (excluding the proceeds of the subscription) amounted to approximately £0.67m as at 2 September 2019”. There has since followed the results and now, after the shares have recently shot higher, a “Corporate Update”


Sabien Technology – new Chairman argues “bright future for the benefit of existing and new AIM investors”. Hmmm…

2019-09-04 08:29:18

prior sell tip of the year“manufacturer and supplier of M2G, an energy efficiency technology” Sabien Technology (SNT) has announced “Board changes, subscription and trading update” – with new Chairman Richard Parris arguing “with the UK committing to a carbon neutral economy by 2050, I believe that there is an opportunity to create a next-generation technology platform, pivoted around Sabien's core technology, that can exploit global energy efficiency markets, especially in the US. I look forward to supporting founder and CEO Alan O'Brien and his team to transition the business into this bright future for the benefit of existing and new AIM investors”. Hmmm…


Chris Akers, Sabien and Justin the Clown – who has been a very naughty boy then?

2019-02-12 04:45:54

In his lamentable podcast yesterday Justin the Clown commented on Sabien Technology (SNT) suggesting that it was either “punt of the week or investment of the year”. This was seized upon by “colourful” stockmarket operator Chris Akers who sent out the tweet below.


Sabien -99.7% value destruction since IPO, another bailout placing, it won’t be the last

2018-11-23 07:25:38

Oh dear! Bad news from the boiler room. In this case I refer not to the offices of Peterhouse Corporate Finance, broker to this dog but to Sabien (SNT) itself, yet another company that planned to revolutionise the world of boilers when it raised money at 52p and listed in December 2006. Today’s latest bailout placing is at 0.1p and the owners of the 400 million pieces of confetti issued will end up owning 64% of the enlarged equity. More dilution vicar? It will not be the last.


Sabien Technology – “New Order Received”, a 2017 sell tip of the year update

2018-06-07 06:00:46

2017 sell tip of the year at a 3p bid price from myself, Sabien Technology (SNT) has today made a “Corporate Update New Order Received” announcement…


Sabien Technology – places again, a 2017 sell tip of the year update

2018-03-26 06:30:10

Earlier this month Nigel Somerville reviewed just how bad the financial position was at Sabien Technology (SNT). Today a 'Fundraise and appointment of sole broker' announcement…


Sabien Technology – looking back over a (correctly called) Steve Moore dog

2018-03-07 05:36:33

Thumbing through the top list of losers today I can’t help but notice that AIM-listed Sabien Technology (SNT) is top dog, so to speak, having dropped 36% today on no news. I wonder what is behind this drop! Does somebody know something?


Why an ASA complaint is such a major red flag - case study Sabien

2017-10-18 02:34:57

Natch the AIM listed uber dog Sabien (SNT) never got around to mentioning it but, like Purplebricks (PURP) today, it was censured by the Advertising Standards Agency, ASA, back in January 2013. Good companies just do not need to mislead clients.


Steve Moore Sell tip of the year, Sabien Technology - TIMBERRRRR…

2017-03-29 07:50:51

Noting the balance sheet in conjunction with its trading, towards the end of 2016 I put forward Sabien Technology (SNT) as a sell tip for 2017 at 3p – questioning at what price another attempted bailout fundraising so soon after the previous one? We now have the answer…


ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017 Number 8 Steve Moore says Sell Sabien Technology

2016-12-26 02:45:56

With prodigious cash burn the focus of my other sell tip of the year, the focus on this one is the balance sheet in conjunction with current trading…


Sabien Technology – yet more delays. Cash crunch ahoy (again)?

2016-11-30 01:10:22

Previously writing on boiler technology company Sabien (SNT) last month, I noted a considerable improvement in sales performance needed otherwise its funds will continue being used just to keep the lights on. The following updates with the shares currently more than 6% lower, at 3.75p, on the back of an “AGM Statement”.


Sabien Technology – dire full-year results, expects “considerable improvement”. Er?

2016-10-25 03:51:28

I previously wrote on boiler technology company Sabien (SNT) last month – ‘£750,000 placing “to continue growth strategy”, AKA to keep the lights on…’. The company has now announced results for its year ended 30th June 2016...


Sabien Technology – “£750,000 placing to continue growth strategy”, AKA to keep the lights on…

2016-09-16 07:00:43

Previously writing on Sabien Technology (SNT) in July, I noted its seeking to reduce the nominal value of its shares “in order to allow the company to issue new ordinary shares should it decide to do so”, concluding that somehow, I’d guess it would decide to do so! - see HERE. Today we have an announcement of “£750,000 Placing To Continue Growth Strategy”...


Sabien Technology – GM to reduce nominal value of shares + “three month's cash to cover working capital”. Hmmm…

2016-07-13 06:03:10

Sabien Technology (SNT) has released the update provided at a General Meeting held today. Why the General Meeting? … “to effect a reorganisation of the company's share capital… the nominal value of the company's ordinary share capital needs to be reduced in order to allow the company to issue new ordinary shares should it decide to do so”. Hmmm...


Sabien Technology – more problems (& some pure comedy) in the boiler room

2016-06-02 04:10:25

“The board of Sabien Technology Group plc (AIM: SNT), the manufacturer and supplier of M2G, an energy efficiency technology, announces that the company now expects to report revenues of c. £0.9m and a loss of up to c. £1.7 m in the financial period to 30 June 2016”. Hmmm, let’s read on... ‘UK pilot programme’, ‘Sales pipeline’, ‘Overseas pilot programme’ and finally ‘UK trading’… “results for the current financial year stem from the withdrawal of a number of large prospects from the opening pipeline at 1 July 2015 and a reduction in contract value of a number of sales”. Uh oh…

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