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So that's why this Adaptable Engineer has Held On to its High Share Price

2020-05-15 08:16:55

Hello, Share Gatherers. The share price of one of my babies Spirax-Sarco (SPX) has held up in the virus crisis. I wondered why, and think I’ve found the reason...


Spirax-Sarco May Sound Like a Star Wars Hero but it's Respected in the City - For Good Reason

2019-11-28 08:18:27

Hello, Share Pickers. One of my longest-held shares was the big engineer Spirax-Sarco (SPX). I sold for a big profit. Only to see the blooming stock keep on rising. Recently, unable to stand the strain, I bought the shares back. And annoyingly I nursed a 15% drop almost straight away. But now that paper loss is being eroded day by day. This company is well-run and usually reliable, making me think that the share price will keep on rising. It’s risen about 4% in the last couple of days...


As Spirax-Sarco Steams Ahead, It Looks Like Time for Me to Climb Back on Board

2019-05-20 08:20:12

Hello, Share Crumblers. Three or four years ago, I sold all this family’s shares in the big engineer Spirax-Sarco (SPX). The reason was that the company had such a long good run, improving year after year, that I thought that all good things come to an end. However, the outfit has since gone from strength to strength. Typical!...


Spirax Sarco Steams Ahead - And I Jumped Too Early

2017-06-02 00:10:58

Hello Share Topplers. There are a lot of companies with shares that I’ve sold too early. It’s never wrong to take a profit, they say. But of course it is - if that company rises like a rocket after you sold.


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