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A Giant Utility Ditching Retail Activity and Gas could Power into a Sparky Future

2020-02-03 08:10:41

Hello Share Chasers. Once the Tories surged back into power, you might have expected companies previously threatened by nationalisation to enjoy a big jump in their share prices. Well, there was some improvement, but not exactly a big jump in most cases. So it’s possible that the utilities, for example, could see some more jolly share action before long...


Price provides information and incentives

2019-08-11 16:18:24

The quote above was said to me by my Economics teacher at the state comprehensive school i attended many, many years ago.  It was probably the wisest sentence uttered to me during my formal education (besting even the wryly amusing comment by my microeconomics lecturer during my undergraduate studies that 'life is a trade-off problem') as it underpins the rationale for the market over any 'the collective knows best' alternatives.  


Headwinds Might Threaten this Gas and Electricity Giant, but the Dividend Still Has Power

2019-04-11 07:10:08

Hello, Share Pushers. I suspect not many of us will be over-keen to invest in the bigger power supply companies. The headwinds are worrying. Government caps on prices, big competition from smaller and cheaper companies, fuelled by comparison websites, and the rising oil price. And we could probably think of a few more...


SSE - as went 2018 goes 2019

2019-02-08 02:07:26

Regular readers will know very well that I regard anyone who has a significant portfolio position in UK utility Scottish & Southern Electricity (SSE) as a hardcore dividend muncher with an effective stock market investor profile age of 85 years old…


Seasonal embarrassment from SSE

2018-12-17 02:00:00

Just over a week until Christmas and no sign of an imminent end yet to sloppy RNS updates. The headlines are going to be taken by the profit woopsie from ASOS (ASC) after it too agreed with Mike Ashley's November retail omnishambles comments of a few days ago and pulled down its growth and margin hopes. Thematically, it is much more than a survivor due to its online focus but it goes to show that it’s not easy out there. Anyhow, for those of you tempted by Sunday's Next (NXT) related musings, the in-price available has got that bit naturally cuter... However it is Scottish & Southern (SSE) that I wanted to write about…


SSE - hot air from the FTSE 100's most boring company!

2018-07-19 09:00:22

I assume that dividend munchers are feeling a bit glum today as the FTSE 100's most boring company (as I previously dubbed it HERE), Scottish & Southern Electricity (SSE) is seeing its shares fall by 3% odd percent. So what is going on?


Will the FTSE-100's most boring company be allowed to be interesting?

2018-03-29 01:25:28

You may disagree with me (and feel free to post your selections in the comments below) but I think the FTSE-100's most boring company is...Scottish & Southern Electricity (SSE). I introduced this concept back in November, where I also observed that a proposed bit of consolidation in its core power supply/distribution business might actually provide something to write about other than an ultra-tedious dedication to the dividend (and very limited - if any - capital growth).


SSE - the FTSE-100's most boring company does something of interest

2017-11-08 05:40:04

The most boring company in the FTSE-100 by far is in my opinion SSE plc (SSE, Scottish & Southern Energy). Admittedly utility companies are not meant to be sexy but SSE with its lack of growth and grinding up dividend payment (which encompasses pretty much all of its free cash flow) is the ultimate tortoise. Don't worry I know the hare and tortoise fable and my own investment style is hardly rabid but shoot me now if I make this one a top ten portfolio position at any time before the age of 85. However...


Here's a Power Play for Divi-Lovers, but the Share Price May Not Move Much

2017-09-29 00:15:59

Hello Share Crimpers. Dividend hunters among you may want to consider SSE (SSE) shares. The prospective yield of Blighty’s third biggest supplier of electricity and gas is a juicy 6.7%. It’s attained this jolly figure after increasing its pay-outs every year since the turn of this century.


SSE is worth putting on your Watchlist!

2014-08-24 06:55:00

SSE (SSE) shares are currently trading at 1497p offering a yield of 5.79% and on a PE of 11.9. The dividend is covered around one and a half times, and the company has a good track record of consistently increasing its dividends. Many of SSE’s senior figures have said that dividend payment is one of their main priorities.


SSE attracts investor attention - time to sell?

2014-03-22 08:58:03

My jaded eye caught sight of a market news item that a major investment banking house is tipping SSE (helpfully it used to be called Scottish and Southern Energy) the utility shares. The share price (last seen) was 1504p; at that level the shares sell on an historic dividend yield of 5.6%.  


Scottish & Southern – Speculative Buy

2014-01-01 11:44:36

“Millebandalised” SSE (SSE) shares are an analytical challenge. In recent weeks they have become less obscured and opened to more solid consideration; and arguably, shares for adding to a speculative buy list on both technical and fundamental considerations.  


SSE – a share to now avoid

2013-11-08 09:28:11

The politically astute strike by Ed.Milliband on energy companies was a 'game changer' for the shares as well as politics. SSE (SSE) which I had reviewed last August, months before the Milliband intervention, was a share which existed to pay most of its earnings out as dividends. 


SSE: attractive at 1554p

2013-08-21 09:39:42

I have returned to SSE (formerly Scottish and Southern Electricity) the third largest independent public company supplying electricity to the UK after weakness in the share price has come down from its May high of 1690p to 1554p last seen; a decline of 9% It is back to below its trend line.


SSE annual results: Wait to buy

2013-06-08 07:14:49

Events have fully justified my earlier bullish judgement elsewhere that SSE (SSE) shares were good value on a then estimated 6% prospective dividend yield. The share price rose with grace and charm to a recent May time peak of 1690p, from whence profit taking brought them down to a share price of 1627p last seen having done better that the FTSE 100 Index over six months in a bull market where risk stocks have been rising.


SSE: on an estimated dividend yield of nearly 6% a buy

2013-02-18 11:01:36

There are two things about energy supplier SSE Plc (it was until recently known as  Scottish and Southern Electricity - which used to prompt thoughts of hairy highlanders incongruously tossing cables at a vicarage lawn tea party presided over by Miss Marples) which makes its shares a good dividend income play. But also, a share with some potential for long term capital appreciation relative to the FTSE 100 Index.

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