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A Big Turnaround for Tullow Could Become even More Impressive on the Back of the Bouncy Oil Price

2021-11-12 08:17:21

Hello, Share Tooters. This ancient punter has written recently on how Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.) shares may be undervalued on the strength of a soaring oil price. And the same could be said of smaller producers, like Tullow Oil (TLW).


Rushing to Snaffle Oil and Gas Shares? Don't Forget to eyeball Tullow

2021-10-11 08:09:59

Hello, Share Tweakers. You don’t have to be an Einstein to guess that share prices for oil companies should keep on rising, at least for a bit. Myself and more able analysts have commended Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.) recently but there are other experienced producers around and Tullow Oil (TLW) looks to have been rather overlooked by the City.


I Followed the Fellows in Tullow and Lost Money. But Now Things are Looking Up

2021-09-16 08:14:53

Hello Share Finders. This old punter doesn’t often discuss Tullow Oil (TLW). This is because it’s lost me money since I bought about 10 years ago, and it’s only been treading water for quite some time. However the share price just shot up on a six months results report just out. The reasons for the rise look convincing.


The Fellow Who Follows Tullow Hasn't Had it Easy, but Perhaps Salvation Is at Hand

2021-03-12 08:05:56

Hello, Share Lovers. I’ve loyally held shares in Tullow Oil (TLW) for 5 years or so. Worst luck! At one stage, and it was a long time ago, the shares multibagged. But presently I’m down about 60%. Of course, the virus knocked the stuffing out of what value remained for me. But with the oil price soaring, there’s a chance that Tullow may fare better soon.


Do You Still Want to Follow the Fellow Who Follows Tullow?

2020-03-13 08:23:30

Hello, Share Rockers. This old punter has held Tullow Oil (TLW) shares since Abraham was a teenager. But I’m inclined to sell now. Perhaps not at the moment as the virus continues to have its wicked way, but that won't last forever. The latest figures, which don't really reflect the virus effect, are not that good...


Tullow – ShareSoc bang on the money re failed executives

2019-12-13 11:44:36

Just now and again ShareSoc is bang on the money. Today Cliff Weight, always the voice of reason at ShareSoc, has laid into the culture of paying off executives who have failed with large golden goodbyes and warm words about parting by mutual agreement. The bosses at Tullow failed, have destroyed shareholder value and should have been fired in disgrace. Cliff writes


Follow the Fellow Who Follows Tullow Following an Exciting Find

2019-08-13 08:33:31

Hello Share Punters. From time to time, I’ve opined that Tullow Oil (TLW) has perhaps been treated too harshly by the city. But then almost all but the biggest oilers have been tainted by the big oil crash of 5 or 6 years ago. At one stage, I was up about 300% on my long-standing Tullow holding, but after the crash I was back to par. And the shares haven't done much better since. Never mind, things are bucking up as it's just announced a very positive result for a major exploration in Guyana. Well, just off its coast, actually...


Tullow Set to Recover in the Wake of Oil Price Rally

2019-06-28 08:12:58

Hello Share Peepers. Having dumped most of my smaller oil companies to concentrate on giants like Shell (RDSB) and BP (BP.), I still find myself with the second-tier oiler Tullow Oil (TLW). About ten years ago I was nursing huge paper profits on this one. But there has been a gradual erosion, so now I’m back to par...


A Rush of Ebony Nectar Means Tullow May Be Worth Following Again

2018-11-19 01:20:49

Hello, Share Zappers. I once had a serious funny turn when I thought I’d sold my Tullow Oil (TLW) shares just before a massive upward valuation. Sighs of relief when I realised I had forgotten to hit the sell button in the last few minutes of the Friday trading.


You Might Want to Follow the Fellow Who Follows Tullow, Again

2018-07-02 00:22:23

Hello, Share Sorters. One of the big British oilers whose share price I expect to see escalate, once the penny of rising oil prices finally drops, is Tullow (TLW).


Why I Hope to Get Back All My Fallen Investment in Tullow Oil

2018-05-21 00:08:03

Hello Share Strikers. In recent weeks, nay months, I’ve advocated buying shares in the big oilers, like Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.). I was very lucky here. And I still think there’s some way to go, with the price of Brent Crude once again at the top of the tree.


This Big Oiler's Slippery Slope Skids into a Buying Chance in the Wake of the Black Recovery

2018-01-31 01:11:34

Hello, Share Chillers. We have two reasons the Footsie is flat at the mo. One is the usual January post-Christmas party hang-over. Shares rose fast just before the 25th in a rosy cloud of Yuletide optimism. But, as nearly always happens, January produces a headache.


Headwinds of Debt, Inflation, Over-Valuations et al Could Be Cancelled Out by this Big Factor.

2017-11-04 00:35:10

Hello, Share Smashers. At the mo, there are some nasty threats to our shares prices. High consumer, corporate and national debt. Comparatively high PE ratios. Over-cooked company valuations, low wages, higher inflation and a bull market, past its sell-by date. But all those perils can be offset by the following massive factor…


Follow the Fellow Who Follows Tullow

2017-06-09 00:15:31

Hello Share Swabbers. I’ve held Tullow Oil (TLW) shares for as long as I can remember. At one stage they were up 120%. Nowadays I’m down by 50%. Like all the other big oil producers the share price has been attacked by the falling value of Brent crude. But Tullow seems to have suffered more than most.


Financial results of many oil producers will disappoint in 2017

2017-01-02 10:48:30

Looking at the performance of many oil producers over the past few months you could easily be forgiven for thinking that their problems are over and all is rosy within the sector once more.


Follow the Fellow Who Follows Tullow.

2016-06-16 00:15:11

Hello Share Bunnies. Tullow Oil (TLW) shares I've held a long time. Too long, as it turned out. Not many years ago they doubled my outlay in a year or two. Then, like nearly all other big oilers they were hit a year ago, or so by the big black stuff crash. Actually the share had been on the back foot before that. But I reckon Tullow could be on the march again. Over the last few days, the advancing oil price has decided to take a rest. But not for long, I fancy. You can see my reasons in a few recent examples of my modest Shareprophets column.


Red Flags at Night: Tullow Director Pledging Shares For a Loan

2016-02-12 01:01:34

Last night at no-one-is-watching o'clock (6.15pm) fully listed Tullow Oil (TLW) released an RNS entitled Director/PDMR shareholdingAt first sight it appears to be a disclosure of option awards. Nothing to get excited about then. But there was also a notification of options being exercised, with some being sold to meet tax liabilities. Still not all that exciting? Read on, and we learn that....


Time to build a position in Tullow Oil

2015-12-19 06:25:43

The oil price is on its knees, but I think we’re very close to being at a stage where its time to start buying oil producers for the longer term. The trick is going to be picking those that are strong enough to survive in the current climate, and avoiding those that could get into serious trouble with their debt.


Reduced hedging to cause more pain for oil producers

2015-12-06 05:05:40

Oil producers have had a terrible year, but I think there could be more of the same to come and we will see some more casualties. Unfortunately oil is one of my favourite sectors and it has performed abysmally over the past 12 months or so, thanks to the crash in oil prices, with WTI currently sitting at around the $40 area, and Brent at circa $43.


More pain to come for the oil sector

2015-08-13 01:06:05

Oil companies have been hammered again in recent months, but I think there is still far worse to come for some of them. Reading the bulletin boards you could probably be forgiven for not realising the extent of the problems that many producers will be facing in the near future, as some investors are sticking their heads in the sand and expecting a quick bounce back in the oil price – as they have been for months now!


Buy Oilers as Low Amber Nectar Prices Can’t Last Long.

2015-07-23 23:53:11

Hello Share Cats. Nobody talks about oil shares much anymore. It seems the low price of crude has taken its toll on those of us who have invested big time in oil companies, both big and small.


Tullow Oil shares offer plenty of long term upside

2014-12-11 05:28:49

Some of you will think that I’ve taken leave of my senses to even be looking at anything in the oil sector at the moment.


Tullow Oil: time to live up to its reputation

2014-02-25 14:21:49

By most valuation measures it is hard to make a case for buying Tullow Oil (TLW). In fact, were Tullow an ordinary oil producing company it would probably be impossible. But Tullow isn’t an ordinary oil producing company. Even after a dreadful year or so in the field, which has led to a 37% drop in its share price, it still sports the reputation of being one of the world’s preeminent explorers. And it has aggressive plans for 2014.


Tullow Oil: Bear Trap Rebound From Below January Support

2014-02-06 10:36:52

In many ways, as far as Tullow Oil has been concerned, in the post September, period the price action has actually been “too bad to be true”. On this basis, the type of dead cat bounce rally we were treated to yesterday could be seen as par for the course. I say this, even thought the shares were unable to sustain the sharp January support bear trap rebound from below £8.18.


Tullow Oil – Analysts have valued it incorrectly – VSA

2013-07-25 11:56:04

Ouch. Bitch. Miaow. Top resources broker VSA has initiated its coverage of Tullow Oil (TLW) with a detailed note claiming that all the other London analysts have valued this stock incorrectly. Ouch. Bitch and miaow again.

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