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Utah shales have been the death of many companies and I don't see TomCo being an exception

2019-07-04 11:25:39

TomCo Energy (TOM) seems to have become very popular all of a sudden with the share price almost doubling in the last few days.


TomCo - damning assessment after latest discounted placing from City's No 1 oil analyst

2019-03-20 02:57:44

I warned you that Tomco (TOM) was pumping ahead of a placing. Some poor saps ignored that advice and paid up to 4.5p per share earlier this week. I hope they lubed up well as this morning £600,000 was raised at just 2.75p. Ouch! But this money will be pissed away just like all the other monies this POS company has raised. The City's No 1 oil analyst, Zac "the Knife" Phillips of SP Angel is damning in his morning email to clients. The great man opines:


Tomco: the ramp continues but with placing ahoy, the City's No 1 oil analyst far from convinced

2019-03-18 04:12:05

Well before the end of June, Tomco (TOM) needs to get away another placing to avoid crash landing in its up alley. To that end, the £3.9 million market cap at 4.3p is a complete rum 'n; coke. Bt the ramp is underway ahead of the next bailout and thus we have a statement today which has failed to impress the City's No 1 oil analyst. Zac "the knife" Phillips of SP Angel writes:


Tomco Energy - in the land of the blind...

2018-12-03 07:20:56

The real issue with Tomco (TOM) is that it will be out of cash within three months. another issue is that no-one really trusts it. Oh.. and its assets are shite. Other than that it looks like a great company. Today it tried to puff the share price ahead of an inevitable placing as discussed in bearcast HERE. The City's No 1 oil analyst Zac "the knife" Phillips of SP Angel is damning. The great man writes...


Tomco – the shysters are back on the AIM Casino as Turner Pope agrees to act as broker

2018-11-19 04:35:32

I know. I know.  The price of coke and also of hookers is going up. I blame Brexit.  What we need are frictionless borders so we can import more of both from Albania to keep the City boys happy. Pro tem that means brokers need to hold their noses (so to speak) and act for anyone.  Even proven shysters like Tomco (TOM).


TomCo – London’s broker of worst repute quits claiming association damages its reputation

2018-11-16 01:16:46

SVS Securities did a bailout placing for the fraud MySquar (MYSQ) days before its downfall, knowing full well that the company was a wrong ‘un. That had to be reversed PDQ as it emerged that the ex CEO had half inched almost a million quid..  Suffice to say it will act for almost anyone and its reputation is of being a thoroughly low grade and morally bankrupt operation. So when it quits an account to protect its reputation you know that the company in question is toxic. Welcome to long time uber dog Tomco (TOM)


Don't buy into the Tomco spike - its shares are truly worthless

2018-04-09 04:49:58

Shares in Tomco (TOM) are up by 40% today at 2.2p-3p thanks to a jam not even tomorrow but one day statement. But caveat emptor. The City's No 1 oil analyst Zac "the knife" Phillips of SP Angel warns that the business is just plain worthless. He opines:


Tomco Energy; how much longer will the LSE ignore forward selling of placements?

2014-10-07 13:16:38

Tomco Energy (TOM) is not a company I have researched. In fact, I don’t really know anything about Tomco other than one fact. Its placement on September 26th was forward sold. Just look at the chart below and it is clear as day what happened. In the year leading up to September 17th, Tomco traded in an end of day close range of between 1.1p and 1.675p. This valued the business at between £20.5million and £31.3million. Suddenly, on September 18th, Tomco’s share price started to nosedive. In the space of a week it dropped roughly 25% to close at 0.82p on September 25th. The following morning, I imagine to the shock of most ordinary shareholders, Tomco announced it had raised £1million (before expenses) at 0.5p. Apart from the wanton destruction of shareholder value, what is saddest about yet another sordid little episode on AIM, is that whoever is behind this blatant market abuse cannot be remotely bothered to cover their tracks. They know the AIM Regulation team will pass the buck and say it’s not in their remit to investigate. They know the FCA will do nothing about this. They know no one will be punished. How much longer will the London Stock Exchange sully its reputation by allowing this wretched behaviour to go on?


UK Investor Show 2014 video- Paul Rankine of TomCo

2014-04-17 22:40:00

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Paul Rankine, CEo of Tomco Energy (TOM)


TomCo - Great Regulatory News, we are on the march

2014-04-11 06:15:22

TomCo Energy (TOM) has updated that following regulatory approval the company it is following in the path of (Red Leaf Resources) now “is moving forward with construction of its demonstration project to prove that its oil shale technology is commercial on a large scale”


TomCo – 2014 could be a “transformational year” – Fox Davies

2014-01-14 09:09:12

AIM listed oil shale stock TomCo (TOM) has submitted a Notice of Intention to Commence Large Mining Operations to the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (DOGM). 


Buy TomCo Energy at 1.3p

2013-08-23 05:42:17

TomCo Energy (TOM) has seen its shares all over the shop of late, forcing the company to issue a statement saying there was nothing afoot. Could it just be that the shares are cheap? I think so.


TomCo Energy at 1.1p worth 6p (or 11p) says broker Fox Davies

2013-06-17 04:25:59

Fox Davies has initiated its coverage of shale oil play TomCo Energy (TOM) at 1.1p in a detailed 68 page report. The broker argues that the shares are worth 6p or potentially 11p per share.

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