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Toople – observations on the Prospectus: More red flags for Tea Vicar?

2020-02-04 12:36:56

Perma dog Toople (TOOP) published its Prospectus today so I took a quick look through the tome and draw out some interesting elements below. Suffice to say the document is strewn with red flags and unanswered questions but demonstrates quite clearly the unacceptable greed of certain City advisors. They will prosper from this deal. Those owning the shares will not and this stock is utterly uninvestable at any price. So here is today’s list lof red flags and questions from the document.


Toople & the DMS deal: the questions are mounting

2020-02-03 09:48:54

Over the weekend I flagged up more questions that are begging about the purchase of DMS Holding 2017 Limited announced by uber dog Toople (TOOP) on Friday.  So far no response. So here are a couple more for financial advisor Cairn, of Cloudtag infamy, to ignore completely.


Toople – now about that acquisition sloppily and misleadingy announced yesterday: is there really a £900,000 black hole?

2020-02-01 13:19:59

Yesterday I raised a number of concerns relating to the acquisition announced by uber-dog Toople (TOOP).  I fear there are more. We can start with the fact that the RNS needs to be re-issued as it refers to the wrong companies. Then there is a matter of a potential £900,000 black hole which could sink Toople completely…


Toople: placing, Results, What’s not to like? Everything, that is what

2020-01-31 13:47:28

Ramped by Bulletin Board Morons, Toople (TOOP) is the sort of uber dog with fleas that should have been shot and put out of its misery eons ago. Today we have results, an acquisition and a bailout placing. Let’s start with the numbers.


Toople – from less than 2 weeks ago “cash… sufficient to allow business to continue with the growth plan” to…

2019-05-28 15:57:59

Writing on provider of telecom services to UK SMEs Toople (TOOP) less than two weeks ago, I questioned “cash… sufficient to allow business to continue with the growth plan”. Really?. Now an announcement; “Repayment of Debt and Private Placing”


Toople – interims, “cash… sufficient to allow business to continue with the growth plan”. Really?...

2019-05-15 11:40:30

Previously writing on provider of telecom services to UK SMEs Toople (TOOP), it was argues “tremendous progress”… but what about to that ‘positive cash flow generation’?. Today results for the company’s half-year ended 31st March 2019 argue “this has been an excellent six months for the company… Current trading is strong with another record month in April and a healthy new business pipeline… initiatives and our excellent product offering and customer service will, we believe, ultimately set us on the road to achieve our stated goal of long term future profitability”. The shares have currently responded, er, towards 0.50p – more than 7% lower…


Toople – argues “tremendous progress”… but what about to that ‘positive cash flow generation’?

2019-03-22 04:25:27

An AGM statement from provider of a range of telecoms services to UK SMEs, Toople (TOOP) commences “over the last few months we have made tremendous progress and I am very pleased to announce that Toople is showing strong growth, proving that our strategy is working” – and the shares have responded currently to 0.27p, 8% higher…


Toople – shows contempt for ordinary investors with “delighted to announce” placing

2018-09-11 10:00:48

“Major Contract Win” announcement from Toople (TOOP) on 29th August followed the prior week “contract win demonstrates that Toople is excellently placed” and saw the shares soar to more than 0.92p. I warned with an attempted bailout financing looking on the horizon, sell / avoid, and the shares had settled somewhat around 0.75p before a now “Proposed placing to raise £2.2 million”


Toople – “Major Contract Win”. Just in-time for a major bailout financing?

2018-08-29 10:03:12

“Major Contract Win” announcement from Toople (TOOP) sees shares in the company currently soaring higher. What’s the detail?...


Toople – “contract win demonstrates that Toople is excellently placed”. Er, how’s the balance sheet?

2018-08-23 15:11:45

“Contract Win” announcement from Toople (TOOP) has presently failed to inspire the shares. Let’s take a look…


Toople – Let’s hear it for Epsilon Investments, a modern-day St Jude

2017-06-20 01:28:08

A blast from the past yesterday as I note that the Singapore-based investor, Epsilon Investments, has acquired 10 million shares in Toople (TOOP). As Epsilon’s history shows, it really is the modern day patron saint of lost causes, AIM’s very own St Jude; although I wonder if it recently had a very narrow escape.


Toople Placing Dam Squib, shares collapse, but bankruptcy postponed

2017-06-05 00:13:21

As predicted over the weekend shares in Toople (TOOP) have collapsed this morning after Friday's after hours announcement of a £2 million fund raise at 2p. Suckers were invited to take part as the Friday closing mid was 3.25p. The spread now is 2p-2.5p so any flippers hoping to flip will be frustrated.


Toople - market intelligence

2017-06-04 05:18:35

I suggested yesterday that Toople (TOOP) might not raise the minimum £1.15 million it needs as part of its £2 million Primary Bid placing. Knock me down with a feather.


Yes you should join Primary Bid NOW but do not take up its Toople offer whatever you do

2017-06-03 00:05:41

Primary Bid's latest offer is its first non AIM placement. It boasts this as an achievement. But the company is Toople (TOOP) a proud member of Cynical Bear's Sub Standard XI. It is a dog and while I urge you all to join Primary Bid now HERE, I also urge you not to take up this offer.


Toople – Roll up, roll up, anyone fancy investing…..before it topples that is?

2017-06-03 00:04:08

After hours on Friday, Toople (TOOP) announced an offer of a lifetime, namely to subscribe in a placing to raise up to £1.9 million at 2p having spent the £2 million it raised a year ago (at 8p). This shouldn’t come a big surprise as the business announced in March that funding would be needed; however, I still think it is worth reiterating a couple of points.


Toople – Business plan failed and new funds needed: anyone surprised?

2017-03-23 02:47:55

I last commented on Sub-Standard Shocker XI member, Toople (TOOP), at the start of February (HERE) following its final results on 31 January, in which I was sceptical of its going concern claims and thought funds would be needed shortly. Funnily enough, it has now announced that the business is struggling and it needs new funds. No great surprise.


Toople – Surprise, surprise, the Breith comeback has been a flop…..and it’s still a sell

2017-02-12 03:24:33

In May 2016, I commented on the forthcoming IPO of a David Breith-connected business, Toople, which joined the Sub-Standard List raising £2 million at 8p (see HERE). It currently trades at 3.25p, a disappointing 60% drop in a mere eight months, but I thought I’d take a closer look at its recent maiden full year results to assess where it goes from here.


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