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SHOCKER: Trainline just how much contempt does it have for its customers and how much profit does it make from very dodgy partners?

2021-01-04 12:27:07

Thanks to Covid, Trainline (TRN) is pretty screwed and will stay so for a good while. Indeed with leading law firms and others today announcing that 50% of staff days post any lockdown would be at home, the amount of business travel post lockdown is going to crater. The face to face business meeting is like the horse drawn taxi or funny BBC comedies using words like frog, things of the past. Even in pre Covid times, Trainline generated sod all cash. But how did it make that cash?


Trainline, now the CFO is dumping shares and he’s right, the valuation is nutso

2020-12-05 10:59:54

There was a telling exchange in a Downing Street press Conference this week between Jonathan Van Tam and the deputy PM Boris Johnson. The real PM, Princess Nut Nuts, was elsewhere plotting the Long march to a full green revolution. Van Tam suggested that Covid restrictions such as face nappy wearing and social distancing might need to stay in place, essentially, forever. The deputy PM said that he was not so sure about that and it might be good to get back to normal at some point. Cue frosty glances.


Trainline: Dire Interims bring us back to the share dumping by soon to be ex CEO Claire Gilmartin

2020-11-05 13:17:32

Today, Trainline (TRN) has served up utterly dismal results for the six months to August 31. They are shocking and indicate that things will get worse and need to be taking in the context of the scandalous behaviour of soon to be ex CEO Claire Gilmartin.


Those murky share sales and management changes at Trainline make it a compelling short

2020-10-25 18:35:08

I have been on the case of Trainline (TRN) for some time but events this week now mark this stock out as a compelling short.  The deadwood press will not say so because they concern a female CEO, a poster girl for woke corporatism. But since I don’t hold with this PC shite I simply look at the facts.


Claire Gilmartin to quit Trainline seven weeks after massive share sales – I call her out for utter bullshit

2020-10-20 08:55:15

The deadwood press gives Ms Gilmarrtin an easy ride because she is a female CEO so will not call her out for bullshit and her convenient share trading. But, having no truck with such woke niceties being a gender blind meritocrat, let’s tell it as it is on the day Claire has announced that she is to step down as Trainline (TRN) CEO in six months time. For starters, her company has not delivered for investors, is in crisis and clearly never will deliver.


Surely the boat has sailed for Trainline plc?

2020-07-29 10:59:45

I am not a great train traveller so cannot boast vast first hand experience of using the online booking service Trainline (TRN). However that does not stop me noting that at 415p the just under £2 billion market cap is quite utterly absurd...


Is Trainline ever going to make sensible profits?

2020-05-10 12:57:23

Normally a positive experience with a company makes me much more likely to want to buy its shares.  Back in the day when I used to jump on trains and go places, I used to use Trainline (TRN) quite a lot to book tickets.  At the end of last year it even told me how much money I had saved booking through it.  Well - as regular readers will know - I do love a bargain - and I find the website quite useful in spotting when there is one to be had, especially if I am booking a few weeks in advance. 


Trainline's rapid growth will be derailed and the market cap looks ludicrous - short

2020-04-20 11:56:49

Most of the shares I cover here are from a longer term investment perspective, or ones which I think will go a lot lower and are best avoided.


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