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Verseon: Another Woodford Dog goes to the great kennel in the sky

2019-12-19 09:22:31

This morning yet another AIM cancellation was announced: that of Neil Woodford uber-dog Verseon (VERS). Having failed to raise cash from a placing, failed in its bid to jump on the crypto-currency bandwagon and having failed with its fatally flawed proposal to do a sale-and-leaseback of its headquarters because that would have left the company with no cash, no income and no assets, shareholders voted through its AIM cancellation as from 7am this morning.


Vindication 2, Verseon – Neil Woodford dog to leave AIM, his investors losing 99%+ in 10 months, announces bonkers plans – are the directors on Acid?

2019-11-20 10:58:10

`Curiouser and curiouser!' cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English); `now I'm opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!' (for when she looked down at her feet, they seemed to be almost out of sight, they were getting so far off). `Oh, my poor little feet, I wonder who will put on your shoes and stockings for you now, dears? I'm sure I shan't be able! I shall be a great deal too far off to trouble myself about you: you must manage the best way you can; --but I must be kind to them,' thought Alice, `or perhaps they won't walk the way I want to go! Let me see: I'll give them a new pair of boots every Christmas.'


Neil Woodford uber dog Verseon – uh oh, comedy shit show

2019-10-24 11:45:39

Yesterday Neil Woodford backed AIM listed uber dog Verseon (VERS) announced the sale and leaseback of its HQ in Fremont California, bringing in a net $9.5 million which would still have left it insolvent. Today, uh oh the deal is off. This is a shit show of the highest order.


BREAKING: AIM-listed Neil Woodford Dog Verseon – polishes calamitous news but it looks like toast

2019-10-23 13:05:01

AIM-listed Woodford dog and wannabee computer-generated drugs developer Verseon (VERS) has announced the sale and leaseback of its headquarters in Fremont, California. It says the sale will provide working capital but in case the $34.7 million price tag looks like good news, it is most certainly not. This is a calamity and by my calculations Verseon could be technically insolvent even upon completion.


Neil Woodford out-of-cash dog Verseon – proposed sale of HQ buried in AGM notice: the Grim Reaper approaches

2019-10-19 13:14:24

It is surely now only a matter of time before this AIM-listed Woodford Dog is taken out and shot as an act of mercy. Out of cash, piled up with bills to pay, with no income, a failed ruse to play the crypto-currency game and with benefactor Neil Woodford now out of play, AIM-listed revolutionary drugs-from-a-computer generating machine Verseon (VERS) has announced it is looking to sell its HQ, the research, development and operations facility in Fremont, California. There is a slight snag, however, in that it is already mortgaged. What will the forced seller get for it?


Cash Hungry Neil Woodford Dog Verseon releases interims – when will this mutt be taken out and shot?

2019-10-01 10:44:22

AIM-listed Woodford dog and purveyor of revolutionary computer generated drugs Verseon (VERS) released its interims results yesterday – deadline day. A look at the balance sheet says it all as the company bleats that its Magic Money Tree (ie Neil-Knows-Best Woodford) is barren. It has no income, is piled up with debt and nobody wants to invest.


Neil Woodford Dog Verseon joins his 90% club. Is it insolvent and when is the crash landing due?

2019-08-05 10:08:54

Neil Woodford is in the press for all sorts of things – bashing by the Daily Mail (another one today), his partner selling his house -The Times which also tells us that he is moving out of biotechs. And on that score, I see that AIM-listed Verseon (VERS) has more than halved in price over the last few days. We’ve not had a statement from the company, although I fancy it is running out of cash quickly, but it seems that someone was very keen to get out last Thursday.


Neil Woodford Dog Verseon releases FY18 numbers. Material uncertainty? You bet…..

2019-06-30 12:17:46

Tom Winnifrith and I have already stuck the boot into Woodford Dog Verseon (VERS, but formerly VSN) as it raised yet more cash to keep the lights on in March. Of course, that fundraise fell to Neil Woodford who ponied up 105p per share for 7.5 million shares of the 7.7 million share issue. That was bad enough, but being near-enough the only investor in town (armed with other people’s money) he coughed up 105p per share when they were trading at 74p – madness!


Verseon Placing : Neil Woodford spunks $10m investor cash (again) at wrong price – all that is rotten in his failing empire

2019-03-19 01:32:05

Neil Woodford has today spunked £7.5 million more of his investors cash in a £7.7 million placing by joke company Verseon (VERS). It is a cynical and seedy waste of other folks cash which shows the moral rot that has set in at the heart of the crumbling empire of Britain’s most disliked, failing, fund manager.


Woodford Revolutionary Pharma-Dog Verseon launches blockchain nonsense. (PS- have you got $10m Neil?)

2019-03-18 03:48:05

In my piece of 24 January I predicted that AIM-listed Neil Woodford dog Verseon (VERS, but formerly VSN) would need more cash and this morning it announced its intention to raise $10 million through a subscription “for working capital” (yeah, more like ongoing losses…) Oh, and it wants to raise funds from a global investor base into its new blockchain security. Oh goodie, where do I sign up?!

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