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American Water Shortages further boost the Share Price of this British Leak Blaster

2020-09-16 08:10:54

Hello, Share Baggers. A sad story of the moment is all those folks in Oregon who’ve lost their homes and their possessions. Could you live with that? The tragedy will focus minds on the value of water in that beleaguered state and its neighbour California. The shortage of rainfall over there has caused fires to spread and destroy.


Dry America Looks Fertile Ground for this Gushing Water-Saving Outfit

2020-07-20 08:21:50

Hello, Share Tweakers. Water may be in good supply in Britain’s rainy July, but there’s a real shortage in the middle and west of America. Folks there really need a company that can deal with leaks and wring the best out of meagre supplies. That’s why I’ve previously commended to you an ambitious outfit called Water Intelligence (WATR). Until now, the share price hasn’t lived up to expectations though and, after some useful upward activity last week, I’m still down about 4%...


Another Rare Word to Highlight A Bouyant Company whose Shares Could Soon Bubble Up

2020-07-07 08:25:53

Hello, Share Shakers. We often say on this startlingly good website that a beleaguered company’s shares are defying gravity. But there are some outfits unfairly held back by the same unreliable force. One such firm, I suggest, it is condign to consider is Water Intelligence (WATR). And just like companies that suddenly stop ‘defying gravity’, a reverse process could take place for this enterprising venture...


Bumper Results for the Watery Company That Stops Leaks, but It May Not Be Too Late to Dive in

2020-02-11 08:18:36

Hello Share Trundlers. As predicted, the full-year numbers from Water Intelligence (WATR) look to be a bumper set and the share price rose on the news. A few weeks ago I was well down on my fairly new investment and now I’m nearly back to par. I’m rather confident that better is still to come. Let’s have a look at the trading update info...


There's a Hole in My Bucket Company Could Stream Ahead on Climate Change

2020-02-07 08:12:31

Hello Share Prinkers. The more imaginative sci-fi fans among us claim that water is the gold of the future. It will become such a valuable commodity because it’s going to get much scarcer. And while this notion may seem fanciful, that some areas will become more drought-prone is borne out by present-day facts. Consider California and Australia, for example. One company which I brought to your attention last year should benefit hugely from growing water scarcity...


Water, Water Everywhere and this Intelligent Outfit Drinks in Higher Profits

2019-08-08 08:22:26

Hello Share Chasers. Never let it be said that I’m not topical in my observations. And during a hot summer, our minds turn to water and its conservation. Not so long ago I suggested you look at Water Intelligence (WATR)...


Why Short-Term Punts Nearly Always Annoyingly Turn Into Long-Term Holdings.

2019-07-06 08:48:00

Hello, Share Munchers. There was a time when day traders were rather common. And in those days, spreads were no smaller and broker commissions were generally higher. Yet nowadays hardly any armchair tycoons like us end up short-term trading, never mind using a 24-hour turnaround.  


Poolside Tycoons Might Take a Peek at this Swimming Leaky Pipes Doctor

2019-05-21 08:07:32

Hello, Share Splashers. As the weather warms up, let’s probe a company which has a lot to do with domestic swimming pools. Water Intelligence (WATR) doesn't supply them, but it keeps a close watch on them with some whiz-bang technology. And it makes a lot of income by finding and stopping up leaks (may I topically plug my famous share winners' book Poolside Tycoon at this stage)...


Water Intelligence - A Surprisingly Intelligent Investment?

2016-06-13 04:40:37

This morning saw annual results released for Water Intelligence Plc (WATR), which owns American Leak Detection, Inc. This primarily US-based business (clue is in the name) uses infrared and other advanced technologies to find and fix water leaks. I’m sceptical of US companies on AIM but will try to approach this with an open mind!


Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No.1: Water Intelligence: 200 Day Line Bounce Targets 80p

2015-09-01 01:39:36

In the case of Water Intelligence (WATR) it can be seen from the daily chart trace that this is a share which has been around for quite a while, it is just that it has not hit technical analysis radar until now. Below I share a share price target. 

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