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William Hill May Recover Higher Profits - But I Probably Wouldn't Bet on it

2019-01-23 01:10:42

Hello Share Trundlers. Though I’m a client of William Hill (WMH), I don’t buy shares in bookmakers. That’s cos I think they can bring unhappiness to those who go beyond betting as a bit of fun. But even if I was the world’s greatest fan of betting companies, I would currently avoid William Hill shares...


William Hill wants its American boy way too much

2018-08-05 10:18:12

I enjoyed Malcolm's piece on William Hill (WMH) yesterday.  I too had checked out Friday's results statement which included (inevitably) a Gareth Southgate picture on the cover of its analyst presentation document.  Goodness only knows what they would have done if we had actually won...


William Hill Has a High Hill to Climb to Overcome the Recent Curb on Gambling Machines.

2018-08-04 07:15:43

Hello Share Pushers. First of all, an admission of bias. I avoid investing in gambling firms. This is because I like to think my money goes into making stuff or providing services which actually add to world values. And I think most gambling is often a waste of money with little concrete being produced. I realise this is kill-joy puritanism, but I can't help it.



Ciaran O'Brian of William Hill you really are speaking as an unacceptable face of capitalism - re FOBT

2018-03-07 04:18:27

As a libertarian I really do believe that you should be allowed to spend your money on whatever you want - it is your pocket book and your body. Drugs, guns, sex, nicotine, even books written by crooked Hillary Clinton it is all fine by me and so too is spending your own cash on a Fixed Odds Betting Terminal (FOBT) at William Hill (WMH).  But the Government plans to slash the maximum you can wager on a FBOT from £100 a pop to as little as £2 because it wants tgo hbelp problem gamblers. It is nanny state. I should oppose HMG. But a BBC Radio 5 interview with Hill's spokesman Ciaran O'Brien has made me think - O'Brien really is the scum of the earth.


William Hill is a Jolly Good Bookie, But I Still Won't buy its Shares

2016-08-19 00:12:29

My bookmaker is William Hill (WMH). I find it to be friendly, efficient and generous with its odds. And on the very rare occasion when I've found the service fell a bit short, customer service has been quick to rectify matters. I’ve also been doing rather well out of it lately, having bet that we would vote to leave the European Union at very attractive odds and quite reasonably betting against England and for Wales in that recent European football farrago.


William Hill – Fundamental disagreement over revised offer, but good signs that shares are underpriced

2016-08-15 06:01:48

This morning brings separate announcements from 888 (888) and Rank Group (RNK) on the one hand, and their desired target William Hill (WMH) on the other. The two sides continue to be poles apart when it comes to the mooted merger of the three entities. Despite the rationale put forward by the suitors, I reckon the board of William Hill are right to ignore the offer for now.


William Hill – Churning out decent results with an interim CEO

2016-08-05 03:16:41

William Hill (WMH), subject to recent speculation of a takeover offer from smaller rivals 888 (888) and Rank Group (RNK), produced a decent set of interim results this morning.


William Hill, 888 and Rank to form a super-casino? Perhaps not

2016-07-25 03:51:14

Gambling investors (investors in gambling companies, not investors who gamble) are today digesting confirmation that 888 (888) and Rank Group (RNK) are considering a possible offer for William Hill (WMH).


Will You March Up the Hill - Or Come Marching Down Again? Ref: William Hill

2015-10-28 00:40:56

Hello Share Samplers. I am a text account customer of William Hill (WMH) the big bookies. As such, I make a bit of gelt always betting against British sports people. My reasoning is that the odds are skewed in favour of the foreign party, because so many people bet on UK competitor out of daft patriotism.


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