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EXPOSE: Sleazy Tony Baldry’s Westminster Group slammed by FDA for untruthful covid boasts

2021-03-08 08:10:20

Oh dear, there has been no RNS about this but it appears that Westminster Group (WSG), the serial AIM laggard run by ex Tory MP, sleazy Tony Baldry of the fraud 3DM infamy, has been very naughty and has been slapped down by the US FDA for making untruthful covid claims on its website. Tony: you are a scumbag. This is a shocker.


Everything that is wrong with the City: as Westminster Group and sleazy Tony screw shareholders, the LSE lavishes praise

2020-12-03 10:13:50

Three announcements came this morning from Westminster Group (WSG), the cash-guzzling AIM promote run by sleazy ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy. All add to Tom Winnifrith’s 5th rule of investing: If the porcine piece of slime Tony Baldry is involved, sell.


Westminster Group – interims emphasise “a significant move forward”… not on the balance sheet though!

2019-08-15 14:20:56

Westminster Group (WSG) has announced results for the first half of 2019 emphasising “a significant move forward” and “we look forward to a strong full year performance significantly ahead of 2018”. The shares have not really responded though – currently remaining sub 10p…


Westminster Group – following ramptastic announcements earlier this month… surprise, surprise (you were warned)…

2019-07-25 14:26:00

Previously writing on Westminster Group (WSG), I concluded last week where’s the cash for that coming from? The shares are currently down to below 13p, but, natch, still avoid / sell. Now the company “is pleased to announce a placing… to raise £1million before expenses together with the issue of warrants”. Surprise, surprise…


Westminster Group – new Tema Port full scanning operation established… so formal agreement finalised then?

2019-07-17 14:20:38

Shares in Westminster Group (WSG) spiked to around 17p earlier this month and closed at 14p yesterday. Now the “supplier of managed services and technology-based security solutions worldwide, is pleased to provide an update on its operations at the new Tema Container Port, Ghana”


Westminster Group – “significant developments that demonstrate the benefits of this strategy”. Really?

2019-06-18 13:46:49

Managed services and technology-based security solutions group Westminster (WSG) has updated including “trading for 2019 has started on a strong note with both order intake and revenues ahead of budget… over the next few months and years we have an opportunity to achieve unprecedented growth from the prospects we are pursuing” – and the shares have currently responded to 8.5p, more than 40% higher…


Westminster 2018 results – the ghastly truth, the fudges to stop it being marked insolvent

2019-05-24 10:05:33

And so having promised us 2018 sales of £7.2 million and an EBITDA profit on January 29, simply to get a bailout placing away on February 8, the ghastly truth now emerges. Westminster’s (WSG) 2018 results are shite and bar an accounting fudge they would have shown the group as insolvent. Let me explain.


Westminster clarifies on its 2018 “profits” – surely it over-egged before bailout placing?

2019-05-22 12:41:43

If Westminster Group (WSG) was regulated by the SEC not the weedy poltroons at the FCA and the Oxymorons at AIM regulation, shamed ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy would this morning be sweating like the dirty pig he is. Let me explain.


Westminster – a French farce of an acquisition by fatso Baldry and accounting mayhem

2019-05-01 12:30:42

On 29 January 2019 Westminster Group (WSG) the dog chaired by ex Tory MP Tony “fatso” Baldry of 3DM infamy issued a ramptastic trading statement to ramp its shares up to 12p allowing it to do a bailout, keep the lights on, placing at 10p a few days later. Now, as it prepares for its next bailout placing we have more grim news marking the company out as utterly uninvestable. First the mess of its accounts.


Westminster Group – contract award ‘delight’… but still balance sheet fright?

2019-04-24 15:00:21

“New $3.48m USD Contract Award - Asia” announcement from Westminster Group (WSG) – with Chief Executive Peter Fowler “delighted to be able to announce this latest new contract award for large scale screening solutions, which has been secured after a prolonged period of negotiations” and the shares currently higher, towards 9p, in response. Hmmm…


Westminster Group led by disgraced former Tory MP Tony Baldry: discount placing ten days after mega ramp

2019-02-08 01:59:22

The behaviour of Westminster Group (WSG) chaired by disgraced ex Tory MP , Sir Tony Baldry of 3DM fraud infamy, displays everything that is worst about the AIM Cesspit. Today we have a £500,000 placing via newly appointed joint broker the low -life team at SVS. But just ten day ago it was all so different.


Westminster Group – “pleased to announce” an acquisition… but isn’t it short of cash?

2018-11-08 07:40:25

Westminster Group (WSG) “is pleased to announce the acquisition of security and risk management company Keyguard UK Ltd”. But wait a minute; isn’t Westminster itself short of cash?...


Shamed ex Tory MP Tony “Porker” Baldry of 3DM infamy passes Westminster hat around AGAIN to just keep lights on

2018-08-31 12:41:16

When a good company meets the salary expectations of “porker Baldry” of 3DM infamy as its chairman it will inevitably become a cash guzzler. When a bad company finds the loathsome lard bucket at its helm the outcome is not going to be a happy one for shareholders. And that brings us to Westminster Group (WSG) which has raised a paltry £500,000 (gross) today via seedy low grade bucket shop SVS just to keep the lights on until Christmas.


Fatso Baldry – when’s the Westminster Group bailout placing & at what price?

2018-07-17 12:33:32

Shares in Westminster Group (WSG), run by loathsome ex Tory MP slug, Tony “fatso” Baldry of 3DM infamy have slipped again to just 9.2p to sell.  Those who ponied up £750,000 in the last bailout placing at 22p, less than six months ago, must by now realise that backing a Baldry run company is financial hara kiri.  But things are going to get worse. You see the money's almost gone....


Will things be different this time around at Westminster Group?

2018-01-22 01:51:11

Westminster Group (WSG) is a company which I once had high hopes for, but in the past it has always been one which has promised the earth but has failed to deliver much of any real substance.


Westminster Group's paltry placing is not enough, Mr Market has given up

2017-09-26 01:22:00

At the weekend I flagged up that Westminster Group (WSG) was at death's door and needed a bailout placing ASAP. Today it announced that it has raised a paltry £750,000 gross at just 10p. Any company chaired by the loathsome ex Tory MP Tony Baldry, of 3DM infamy, is a no go for me but it seems that Mr Market agrees with the Sheriff. Here is why Baldry's Westminster is toast.


Westminster Group – shares bounce on AGM Statement, but what operational progress is there?

2017-06-30 00:06:20

Having recently again been in retreat, shares in Westminster Group (WSG) have risen approaching 20%, towards 16p, on the back of an AGM update. With I having concluded cautiously a few months ago, what developments have caused the bounce?...


Westminster Group – emphasises “pleased” & placing “oversubscribed”. Hmmm…

2017-04-19 01:55:21

Westminster Group (WSG) “is pleased to announce a placing” (to raise a gross £1 million at 10p per share) and “the conversion of the balance of the convertible loan notes issued to Darwin Capital Ltd eliminating the facility”. The shares have though responded more than 15% lower…


Westminster Group – having emphasised ‘elimination’ of Darwin Capital convertible loan notes in September, guess what…

2016-11-23 01:06:25

Having included as a ‘Key Point’ in its September-announced half year results statement “Darwin Convertible Loan Note debt reduced during period and eliminated shortly afterwards”, Westminster Group (WSG) is now “pleased to announce” £1.2 million of convertible loan notes… with Darwin! The following updates with the shares currently falling back well below 20p in response...


New Westminster Group NED: Ex Tory MP Tony Baldry a CV of shame - a loathsome pig

2016-06-30 01:42:37

I have not taken a view on Westminster Group (WSG) to date but it has done itself no favours at all with news today that it has appointed as its new NED, Tony Baldry, the Tory MP for Banbury until 2015 and a vile pig who demonstrates everything that is so repellent about the political establishment.


Westminster Group – “Financing & Trading Update” = discounted fundraising ahoy!

2016-05-12 03:47:35

An RNS announcement from Westminster Group (WSG) entitled “Financing & Trading Update”, the shares currently down approaching 17%, at 8p, in response. Uh oh, I think I can guess what’s happening here…


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Rurelec, Servision, Westminster Group

2015-12-24 02:50:21

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares in Rurelec (RUR), Servision (SEV) and Westminster Group (WSG) setting share price targets for all three stocks.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Inland Homes, Nighthawk Energy, Westminster Group

2015-11-09 02:40:41

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares of Inland Homes (INL), Nighthawk Energy (HAWK), Westminster Group (WSG) and offer some share price targets.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Eurasia Mining, Pinnacle Technology, Westminster Group

2015-09-06 03:54:32

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares in Eurasia Mining (EUA), Pinnacle Technology (PINN), Westminster Group (WSG) and set share price targets for all three.


Westminster Group will benefit from reduction in Ebola cases

2015-04-16 01:21:35

Just when it looked like Westminster Group (WSG) was finally about to start living up to expectations it was hit by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The AIM-listed company provides security services to governments and private companies around the world, so often the exact nature of its contracts are rather vague. 


Real Man Supports the Westminster Group Ebola appeal – will you?

2014-10-27 08:06:43

Real Man is not unaware of the Ebola crisis occurring in West Africa. I see that some pompous arses object to my use of the phrase “I’d rather drink a pint of warm Ebola” than (buy Quindell shares etc.) but that is because the English language is a joyful tool allowing such illusions to make a point not the preserve of pompous self-righteous prats (see my tweet hate mail at the weekend).  As it happens we have a long relationship at the restaurant with our friends at Medicins Sans Frontieres. And as such we are delighted to support an emergency Ebola appeal launched today by Westminster Group (WSG) an AIM listed company operating in the Ebola heartlands.


Westminster Group Video Presentation at ShareProphets Seminars

2014-10-18 10:24:12

The first presentation on Monday in Clerkenwell at the ShareProphets seminar was by Ian Selby of security group Westminster (WSG). This is not just a story about the temporary impact of ebola. Ian put the case well enough but there is clearly a sentiment issue right now.


Westminster Group an Open Letter to SP Angel…are you on the side of the Angels? PROVE IT!

2014-08-05 09:00:07

Earlier today I flagged the blatant insider dealing taking place ahead of the Westminster Group (WSG) placing announced yesterday. I have written to the broker to the issue SP Angel calling on it to take firm action to catch the City criminals involved. The letter follows.


Westminster Group Insider Dealing ahead of Placing – why are the City Spivs allowed to get away with it?

2014-08-05 07:16:17

Westminster Group (WSG) last Thursday decided to raise just over £1 million in a placing for reasons I understand and believe to make sense. When the calls from its broker SP Angel started to be made the share price was 50p in the middle. That was late Thursday afternoon.


Westminster Group Video - cheap as chips or another AIM loser - you decide

2014-07-26 08:53:33

Westminster Group (WSG) seems to divide opinion. There are some folk who think it is yet another loss making jam tomorrow AIM stock. Others (see HERE) love it and think the shares are cheap as chips. To help you decide here are the CEO and FD Peter Fowler and Ian Selby ( a good libertarian) in video action at the UK Investor Show.


Westminster Group has huge growth potential

2014-07-25 10:01:00

Westminster Group (WSG) is one of those companies that is yet to live up to its potential, but the right piece of news could change all of that. The company provides security services to various governments and private organisations across the world and is currently represented in 48 countries.


Doc Holiday interviews Westminster Group CEO, Peter Fowler

2014-04-24 06:31:51

In case you missed the recent interview with Westminster Group (WSG) at the UK Investor Show (click here), Doc Holiday has just released a new audio interview with CEO, Peter Fowler. Read on below.


UK Investor Show 2014 video - Peter Fowler & Ian Selby of Westminster Group

2014-04-23 23:01:09

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Peter Fowler / Ian Selby of Westminster Group (WSG)


Q&A with Peter Fowler of Westminster Group

2013-10-15 08:18:55

I met up with Peter Fowler, the CEO of Oxfordshire based security systems company Westminster Group (WSG) the other day and asked him a few questions to which he gave refreshingly detailed responses.

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