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Yourgene Health – shares soar on “Contract manufacturing agreement for COVID-19 test” announcement...

2020-03-27 09:10:32

“Contract manufacturing agreement for COVID-19 test” announcement from Yourgene Health (YGEN) – and the shares currently more than 30% higher on the back of it, to 15.75p…


Yourgene Health – Elucigene DPYD now approved for Australia, adding to confidence

2020-02-19 09:30:00

Yourgene Health (YGEN) has announced Elucigene DPYD has been approved for sale in Australia – and the shares have currently responded slightly higher, further towards 15p…


Yourgene Health – interims & emphasises “firmly on target”…

2019-12-04 15:30:28

Yourgene Health (YGEN) has announced results for its half-year ended 30th September 2019 and that “at this interim stage we are firmly on target to deliver full year results in-line with market expectations, with consensus analyst forecasts looking for revenues of nearly £17m for the year ending 31 March 2020, a considerable jump from last year's £8.9m”


Yourgene Health – half-year trading update boosts shares… looks much more to come

2019-10-15 08:34:10

Yourgene Health (YGEN) states it “provides a positive trading update for the six months to 30 September 2019” – and the shares have currently nudged higher towards 12p, to capitalise the company at circa £70 million…


Yourgene Health – new product launch, still a buy - 70% upside?

2019-09-22 15:16:31

As expected, Yourgene Health (YGEN) has launched Elucigene DPYD at the Bionow Precision Medicine Conference in Manchester…


Yourgene Health – an AGM statement from the Adam Reynolds keyboard (lacking numbers), but…

2019-09-18 09:00:00

An AGM statement from Yourgene Health (YGEN) includes that it “is delivering rapid growth in line with our expectations” and “confident of the growth strategy we have set ourselves to deliver enhanced shareholder value”


Yourgene Health – director appointments and share buying round-up

2019-08-20 12:00:50

Updating on Yourgene Health (YGEN) earlier this summer we noted Adam Reynolds buys 900,000 shares at 11p. A “Directorate Change” announcement now sees him emphasising an appointment bringing “experience in commercialisation strategy, M&A and business development within the industry majors, as well as his extensive US contact base”


Yourgene – results and explanation as Tom Winnifrith plans to sell but Steve does not

2019-07-11 08:32:28

Tom writes: The bottom line is that I shall be selling the FIML shares but am giving you at least 24 hours notice. This is NOT a financial call but an ethical call, as I explain, and Steve Moore, who will cover Yourgene going forward, explains why he is not selling his shares on the results and where he sees them going...


UPDATED FOLLOWING MENACING LAWYERS LETTER: Yourgene at 13p worth 20p: Stifel initiates coverage

2019-07-10 10:40:06

Finally the research powerhouse that is Stifel has initiated its coverage of its corporate client Yourgene (YGEN) with a detailed note which is below. A senior officer at Yourgene supplied the note to me. In the past on every occassion this has happened. On this occassion Stifel has demanded that I withdraw the note and pay it £750 or it will throw the book at me. I have taken the note down. If it wants the £750 it can ask Yourgene directly. What is the point, I wonder, of hiring a big name broker to produce research and then trying to reduce the number of folks who read that research? Whatever.


Yourgene – Adam Reynolds buys 900,000 shares at 11p, chat with the great man

2019-06-09 09:26:11

Reynolds now owns 6.35 million shares in Yourgene (YGEN), 1.1% of the equity and though not a dominant portion of his net assets, still a material amount. So why did he buy? I chatted it through with him and his simple answer is “because the shares are cheap and I could.”


Yourgene: Acquisition, placing, FinnCap fired, my trust lost for good but the shares are bloody cheap

2019-04-23 15:25:38

I have known for a while that Yourgene (YGEN) was to upgrade its broker from FinnCrap to Stifel. It is a big upgrade. But I was told that FinnCap would be kept on as joint broker for three months during part of which Stifel is in a research blackout period. Something happened last Wednesday and FinnCap was fired with immediate effect. I shall endeavour to establish what it was but maybe it was just that FinnCrap’s last research note was so bad that it was felt that no research for 40 days was better than another note from the same shite analyst. Perhaps FinnCap did something worse. I am digging. What you, my fellow shareholders want to know about is the placing and acquisition.


Yourgene – FY Trading update, Do the maths - this is incredibly good!

2019-04-09 02:00:20

As you know my only concern over Yourgene (YGEN), where I remain a loyal shareholder, is an ethical one. A full year trading update, though badly crafted - note to board: sack useless PR - is incredibly impressive and removes any financial doubts. The shares have not yet responded. They will. At a 12.75p offer fill your boots at up to 15p – this stock will soon be in the roaring twenties and is a STRONG BUY...


BREAKING: Now Illumina sues Yourgene Rival – Great News

2019-04-01 02:04:54

In its dark days as Premaitha (NIPT), this company was dogged by bully boy US giant Illumina which tried to put it out of business with a claim for patent infringement. New boss Lynn Rees not only sorted that out but as part of the deal, entered a partnership with Illumina. Now the bully boys are on our side.


Yourgene – Egypt “news” in the loosest term: Strong Buy

2019-03-26 09:22:56

It is hard to get terribly excited by the latest news from Yourgene (YGEN). Indeed is it really news? But fear not there is far more exciting material in the pipeline...


Video: Lynn Rees of Yourgene - my Q1 2019 nap pick

2019-03-08 04:21:08

Okay he is Welsh, but there is no doubt in my mind that the new boss of Yourgene (YGEN), Lynn Rees is a class act. He recorded an interview with Proactive Investors yesterday which I viewed as very encouraging. I am expecting another very upbeat trading statement within weeks to confirm that the debt free company is now profitable and with big operational gearing and surging sales, should become very profitable really very quickly indeed. And that should driv e a material re-rate fior the shares which are now 10.75p - 11.25p, My target remains 20p and this was my Q1 nap pick and I'd expect by April the shares to be a lot closer to that target than to where they are now. Judge for yourself.


Yourgene – debt cleared this is an amazing deal: STRONG BUY (plus comment on Hardman)

2019-02-19 04:07:59

Companies often describe deals as “transformational” without any real justification. Yesterday’s deal by Yourgene (YGEN) really is a game changer and is fantastic news for we loyal shareholders.


Video: Zak Mir interviews Adam Reynolds at the UK Investor Show City Forum

2019-01-24 04:22:35

With the Sith Lord Zak Mirinterviewing him, Adam Reynolds had nothing to fear. But there were questions from the audience that were far more daunting and interesting than those posed by Britain's worst chartist.If you are, like me, a holder of Optibiotix (OPTI), Yourgene (TGEN) - my Q1 nap pick - Big Sofa (BST) - my tip of the year - or Conc epta (CPT) you will want to watch this. I have never been more bullish on the quartet. This will be our year and I know Adam feels the same. The next City forum hosted by the Sith Lord is February 25. Put the date in your diary now.


Yourgene – launch of new upgraded NIPT test: Buy

2019-01-11 06:10:29

Yourgene Health (YGEN) - the company formerly known as Premaitha - has announced the launch of the Sage™ 32 plex test, a new high throughput non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) and analysis solution for clinical laboratories...


Yourgene (Premaitha as was) – interims, numbers shite but still a strong buy?

2018-12-06 01:30:25

There is, for we long suffering shareholders, light at the end of the tunnel though a first read of results from Yourgene (YGEN) for the six months to 30 September 2018 does not exactly bring a warm feeling. But there is a new CEO, Lyn Rees, and he seems to have a clue. Of course the Illumina patent issue was only settled during this period and that should be born in mind. To the numbers…


FinnCrap: Yourgene (Premaitha as was) shares to double

2018-12-03 06:59:36

Okay FinnCrap is FinnCrap and caveat two it is house broker to Yourgene (YGEN) so take this all with a bucket load of salt. But, I agree, the shares are cheap. So here is what analyst Mark Brewer emailed out this morning after interims:


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