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Yu Group – Something does not add up here

2021-02-23 12:20:00

AIM-listed alternative energy provider Yu Group (YU.) shares have been on a tear ever since it released a trading update on 26th January this year. The shares moved up from a previous close of 120p to close the day at 195p. Today, last seen, the stock is up to 355p having been as high as 370p but something just does not add up here.


Yu Group – Very Positive Trading Update, BUT something is missing……

2021-01-26 13:27:31

AIM-listed alternative energy provider Yu Group (YU.) updated the market this morning with a trading update which reads extremely positively. The shares are up by a very impressive 40%, but something was missing in this morning’s release. Will investors piling in this morning come to regret it?


Yu – hoo ……………why are the shares off 10% (with a placing surely imminent)?

2020-12-16 12:36:35

I have been flagging up for ages that AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) needs to raise money. After all, by its own admission it will run out of cash by the end of the year. Now, all of a sudden and with no news, the shares are off by 10%.


Yu Spoof! Boardroom buying

2020-11-13 15:49:43

AIM-listed and due for an imminent placing Yu Group (YU.) released a Director Dealings announcement this morning. Given that it has already admitted it needs more cash, my spoof sensors were set ablazing.


Yu Group – ignore the spoofery, keep selling

2020-10-05 10:36:00

AIM-listed energy provider Yu Group (YU.) has this morning announced a new 'Long-Term Incentive Plan' for directors and senior management. The terms, from a shareholder perspective, look OK but Yu’s balance sheet suggests to me that this is more about spoofing investors than rewarding management...


Yu Group – major downside risks (if you actually read the statement carefully!)

2020-10-03 12:46:02

Last week's interim results for Yu Group (YU.) show net assets of £3,753,000 but this includes £4,730,000 of a deferred tax asset. Without this asset, the group would be technically insolvent as liabilities would exceed assets.


Yu Group – Interims show it is indeed Placing Ahoy: SELL.

2020-09-30 14:11:23

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) announced its Interims to June this morning – deadline day, never a good sign – and the balance sheet shows it is in a mess.


Yu Group – appoints fraudsters' favourite SP Angel as Nomad/Broker……guess what comes next

2020-08-13 09:34:00

Yet another Red Flag was hoisted above AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) Towers this morning as it announced its pleasure at appointing SP Angel as Nomad/Broker. Whilst I have little time for any Nomad, surely ex-appointee Shore Capital carried a little more gravitas than the Nomad to Versarian (VRS) and Eurasia Mining (EUA) not to mentiuon the MySquar )MYSQ) fraud where it turned a blind eye to crime, and SP Angel’s broker side has been hit with the scandal at Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX). But did Shore Capital walk, or was it pushed?


Yu Group – Now AIM Regulation says F*** YU!

2020-08-10 09:49:06

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) has this morning updated on the investigation by AIM Regulation into the shambolic mis-reporting of profits/receivables etc which saw the company write off c. £10 million from its 2018 accounts. The result? A £300,000 fine - surely far too light - which has been waived for co-operating with the enquiry! The lesson from AIM Regulation for less than scrupulous AIM Directors is that fraud is no problem – just get on with it and we’ll do nothing at all. There is no moral hazard.


Yu Group trading statement: never mind the cash……feel the placing coming this way and SELL.

2020-07-31 08:17:18

AIM-listed alternative energy supplier Yu Group (YU.) yesterday offered up a half-year trading statement ahead of interims on Wednesday 30 September (deadline day to avoid suspension - a bit of a Red Flag). Having always advertised plenty of cash but turning out to be running short in the net current assets department, is it any different this time? I fear not.....


Fuck Yu Group – unconvincing AGM piffle

2020-05-21 11:14:17

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) has released its AGM statement to be delivered to an empty room at 11.30 today. Of course, the empty room is because of the continuing COVID-19 restrictions, but that is not my gripe. It is the statement, which offers absolutely no insight at all.


Feck Yu – FY19 numbers say sell but now it could be a zero

2020-04-06 11:25:31

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) has delivered its FY19 results – this despite claiming it would defer them in line with the FCA’s moratorium (which did not apply to AIM companies)! CEO Bobby Kalar was pleased with the positive results so far as the company recovers from an accounting scandal but I’m not so sure that shareholders should be.


Yu – Do I Smell a large Rat? Still a SELL.

2020-03-25 08:56:27

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) has offered up a Covid-19 statement and delayed its results, mindful of the recent request from the Financial Conduct Authority. Except that the FCA’s request as per its RNS released ended with This statement does not apply to AIM companies. Do I smell a rat? You bet!


Feck Yu Group – adjusted normalised bullshit trading statement doesn’t fool me!

2020-01-28 10:56:32

AIM-listed energy supplier with recent accounting issues Yu Group (YU.) has released a full year trading statement. Like its half year trading statement last year, it is again full of holes: it tells us about the cash, but what about payables? And whilst losses appear to have been reduced, references to adjusted EBITDA don’t fool me: the company is still leaking cash.


Office ramparoonie RNS Reach from Yu Group. How will it pay?

2020-01-23 13:05:00

This morning we were treated to an RNS Reach from AIM-listed and surely running out of cash Yu Group (YU.). We are told that it has agreed the commercials for its new purpose-built office facility in Leicester describing it at a state of the art sales and innovations office to house growing sales, marketing and product teams. Well, woopiedoo! But how will Yu pay for it?


YU Group – new facility, but I don’t think we are being told the whole truth. Still a SELL

2019-12-16 11:01:46

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) released an update this morning detailing in part a new hedging facility with SmartestEnergy Limited. On the face of it, it is good news but I rather suspect that when the dust settles it will be seen as not so good. As ever, on AIM, it is not what is said that matters: it is what is unsaid.


Five Slam-Dunk sells for 2019 – October update

2019-10-06 09:22:22

My slam-dunk sells for 2019 are looking better and better (if you are a bear). In my last piece (in September) the average had got almost back to flat but the interim results season took its toll on one of the portfolio and I am now in profit.


The joke that are TR1 rules – Yu group

2019-10-03 15:08:46

If you cross certain percentage ownership of a listed company you are meant to submit a note to that company, a TR1, within days. The company then alerts investors via RNS. But the system is a joke as we see again today with Yu Group (YU.)


Told Yu!

2019-09-18 09:01:28

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) released its interims this morning. For all the hope and bluster, as predicted, the balance sheet says it all for me and the shares are currently down 17% to 122.5p.


YU cannot be serious – interim trading statement full of holes: still a sell

2019-07-30 08:42:26

AIM-listed utilities provider Yu Group (YU.) has offered up a trading statement for the first six months of the year. The numbers offered are full of holes, leaving more questions unanswered and we are told there will be an adjusted (ie bullshit) EBITDA (double bullshit) earnings loss of between £2.5-£3 million. Goodness knows what the actual bottom-line loss will be then. And as for the cash figures offered...


YU Must Think We’re Stupid

2019-05-19 14:40:16

Yu Group (YU.) has been the AIM darling this past week and I see the usual suspects are out in force telling the
masses how the company should trade at many multiples blah blah blah. I wonder how many millions all
these guys have made seeing as they put Warren Buffett to shame in finding truly undervalued shares.


Fecking YUseless Chocolate Teapots discontinue investigation

2019-05-16 11:00:15

Never mind that a £10 million (or thereabouts) black hole was found in the accounts of AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) and it raised £11.6 million in a placing last year on the back of dodgy accounts, the chocolate teapots at the FCA have discontinued their investigation, according to the company this morning...


Yu Group – FY18 results and a lack of cash (despite the headlines)?

2019-05-15 15:03:31

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) has posted its much awaited results for the year to December 2018 – much awaited because during the year it ‘fessed up that its previous numbers had been less than believable. The opening lines make good reading – and the market has reacted well, marking the stock up by a whopping 67%, last seen, to 155p but I wonder about that.


Yu-hoo! Why are the shares down 13.5%? Statement needed, surely?

2019-03-27 07:42:46

Shares in Yu Group (YU.) have been slipping for a few days, and today they are off by 13.5% at just 75p bid, 85p offer. Of course, we already know that it was making up its numbers until the appointment of the new FD and the bean-counters have been crawling all over the company since then… has the FCA. A few days ago the stock was at around 120p, so why the drop?


SPOOOOOOOF or Snouts in the trough? YU’ve gotta be joking

2019-02-26 07:52:44

Sometimes a company issuing options can have a positive spin. Think Big Sofa (BST) under the new management of Kirsty Fuller, having ‘fessed up the uselessness of the previous regime and where options were handed out at 3.5p but only exercisable if the shares clear the 6p mark.


Yu – reading through the numbers

2019-02-02 02:56:58

As Tom Winnifrith said in his Bearcast on Wednesday, Yu Group (YU.) offered numbers in its latest trading statement which are completely meaningless – and thus its net cash position could be anything. I’ve been trying to piece some of it together.


Yu Group – “Trading Update and Change of Auditor” justify the share price rise? Feck yu…

2019-01-30 07:50:39

Supplier of gas, electricity and water to businesses, Yu Group (YU.) has updated on 2018, including ‘confirming’ some prior guidance and CEO Bobby Kalar emphasising “with a strong balance sheet and a focussed and dedicated workforce, I remain confident in the underlying business, the significant market opportunity available to us, and the long term success of our proposition and I am absolutely driven to put us back on track”. The shares have responded currently more than doubling, to above 150p. Hmmm…


ShareProphets RNS Translation Service: Yu Group ‘fesses up (again) as shares collapse another 22%

2018-12-20 05:14:04

And so at last we have the results of the forensic accounting review which followed the confession from AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) on 24 October 2018 that its accounts were, in effect, a work of sheer fiction and has seen the company’s £12 million placing at £10 per share being investigated by the FCA. We already knew that the bill would be around £10 million – but now it is going to be around £13 million. As ever, the ShareProphets  RNS Translation Service is on hand to help us understand all this (original in bold).


F*CK YU – now the FCA investigates as suspicions of securities fraud mounts

2018-12-19 04:02:58

On Monday I wondered out loud what was happening about the forensic investigation into various accounting matters – including accrued income recognition and impairment of trade debtors at Yu Group (YU.). Then there was the small matter of a £12 million placing on the back of FY17 accounts which now appear to be somewhat questionable. Well blow me down with a feather: now the FCA has notified the company that it intends to conduct an investigation and the shares (which I called a bargepole of the highest order on the initial ‘fessing up of 24th October) have now fallen below half of the IPO price of March 2016.


YU – all silent in run up to Christmas (so far….)

2018-12-17 04:49:07

Back on 24th October, AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) issued a devastating RNS regarding accrued income recognition, impairments of trade debtors and the shares collapsed 80%. Then on 5th November the company announced that it had appointed PWC and DLA Piper to carry out independent forensic investigations and promised to update the market in due course. So how about that update?


Fuck Yu! Shares crash 80% as accounting review commences. Uh oh….. surely this is another £12m of AIM fraud?

2018-10-24 13:30:58

AIM-listed Yu Group (YU.) only joined the Casino back in March 2016, via a placing at 185p. Since then it has been a one-way street for shareholders, with the stock rising to a peak of over £14 in March of this year. And then the Finance Director resigned…..


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