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Zoetic, another trading statement: that don’t impress me much, even the morons are starting to agree with Shania Twain

2021-05-17 14:00:17

But at least it wowed a few morons and shares in this grotesque fraud opened sharply up although you can only fool so many morons for so long and the shares are now down 0.5p on the day at 63p. They remain 62p overvalued and here is why.


Zoetic – is this is a record for FD resignations? But it's not all very bad news, some of it is just bad news

2021-05-04 14:16:40

10 weeks. Just ten frigging weeks. That is how long Paul Ferguson lasted as CFO of the fraud Zoetic International (ZOE) between his appointment and his resignation today with immediate effect. So what on earth is going on? Back in the good old days on 15 February, the fraud announced:


Leverage can hurt bulls as well as bears – watch Zoetic collapsing

2021-04-30 08:44:27

Given that it has lied on an industrial scale to investors, regulators and consumers and managed first half sales of just £54,000, I think it will not surprise anyone terribly that I view the fair value of shares in Zoetic International (ZOE) as 0p. But I published all the evidence of the malfeasance and parlous financials and the shares still headed to well over 100p valuing this company at more than £200 million. That was two months ago. Now they are 57p to sell and falling fast. If you can short you should do so as this should be a penny stock really very soon.


Is 4.3p as a target for the Zoetic fraud too high? Green Roads deal suggests 0.5p is more accurate

2021-04-28 09:08:41

To be fair, I never said that my target for this fraud was 4.3p, I just explained how, if you made wildly optimistic assumptions about current year sales then on a read-across from Love Hemp, 4.3p was fair value. I actually think 0p is fairer as Zoetic International (ZOE) is a fraud which will eventually run out of other people’s money. But a corporate deal in the US suggests yesterday that, maybe, fair value is 0.5p.


Love Hemp – the read-across is that Zoetic at 67p bid is worth 4.3p MAX!

2021-04-27 09:05:03

Once upon a time, there was only one CBD company listed in the UK, Zoetic (ZOE). It lied to investors, regulators and customers and was pumped by unscrupulous investors and PR veterans of the China fraud scams, and its rarity value and the lamentable failure of the woke dullards at the FCA to address all that lying saw the shares ramped to ludicrous levels. But now more CBD businesses are listing and that throws a spotlight on valuations. The clear read across implication is that Zoetic shares are going to crash.


EXPOSE: Getting a US OTC listing will see our shares soar – the big promoter lie in town: case study the fraud Zoetic

2021-04-24 16:25:06

On the 8th January 2021 the fraud Zoetic International (ZOE) announced that its shares had started trading on the US OTC market, OTCQX and the shares jumped by 10% on the news. For the big lie being pushed by shameless promoters of frauds and other penny dreadfuls listed in the UK is that such a listing will put a rocket under the shares.


Zoetic: Allenby and Buchanan now complicit in making claims the UK regulator has not authorised. Naughty boys.

2021-04-16 10:38:22

Today’s lack of profits/sales warning and associated deceits from the fraud Zoetic International  (ZOE) also made claims about forthcoming UK product launches which surely the UK Regulator will regard as unfounded. I guess Financial Advisor Allenby and PR spinners Buchanan are happy to be party to such rule breaking as they put their names to this release. I guess both have bills to pay so sod actually obeying rules.


Zoetic one hell of a joke trading statement – it is what it does NOT say that should alarm investors

2021-04-16 08:41:05

The fraud Zoetic International (ZOE) has released a trading update. Natch, there are lorry loads of jam tomorrow but it is what it does not say that should give investors looking at a £157 million market cap ( at 80p) a real panic attack. The lack of critical data here is the monumental red flag.


Zoetic – this is not significant but it is not bad news: PS How about a trading statement?

2021-04-06 09:41:54

Zoetic (ZOE) owning morons are getting terribly excited by news that its products are NOT to be removed from the very few shelves on which they gather dust here in the UK. This is all to do with a tightening of the rules for selling CBD as an ingestible.


Now the Zoetic numbskulls up the harassment and try to hack the Tom Winnifrith computer via some phishing!

2021-03-19 13:40:10

Late night menacing phone calls from hired bully Seth were spurred on by Zoetic (ZOE) shareholders. There is the online trolling. New twitter accounts sent up to impersonate me and spit out bile just at me crop up weekly. I can’t remember if it was this lot who posted death threats or Supply@ME Capital (SYME) owning morons. One act of harassment blurs into another when you expose frauds. Last night I got a strange email which is below..


A lesson for morons owning Zoetic, Supply@ME Capital etc - a tweet that did not last well from 2013

2021-03-11 11:32:37

Folks owning shares in frauds or Bulletin Board Morons always, for a time, crow at the stupidity of ShareProphets as such stocks, like shooting stars, can rocket before the final collapse. Natch shareholders do not see this. They are convinced that ShareProphets and its writers are shorting, which we are not and that temporary share price strength is a sign that they are right. Here, for such folks, is a tweet from a moron called Spencer Freeman who used to plague me seven or eight years ago.


Zoetic Death Spiral announced as institutions give the fraud a big swerve

2021-03-09 15:26:10

On January 28, the fraud Zoetic International (ZOE) announced that it really did not need any cash. That was an outright porky as events today showed. Here is that RNS cherry:


Was this an April Fool’s day MONSTER lie from Zoetic or what? Or doesn’t anyone care any more?

2021-03-05 14:18:41

In the old days misleading investors with lies or grotesque exaggeration was frowned upon but it seems we live in a new modern world where this sort of thing is just fine and dandy. Let’s go back to April Fool’s day 2019.


BREAKING: Zoetic: another big problem emerges – those unpaid staff and potentially illegal option awards

2021-03-01 11:46:16

Those who think that they can harass me to stop me exposing unpleasant truths need to think again. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. With the FCA and FDA both having a butcher’s at the way Zoetic International (ZOE) has lied to investors, regulators and its, very few, customers, the heat is on. But a whistleblower has emerged and it gets worse for a company which is almost out of cash and living on vapours.


Zoetic – it is what it does not say that should alarm you not the ramptastic claims

2021-02-24 14:57:01

On 19 November 2020, the fraudsters at Zoetic International (ZOE) announced a big claim. Today we have another. Natch the shares are up but what those morons buying need to focus on is what is not said rather than what is said.


BREAKING: Letter to the FCA: Zoetic and the illegal reverse takeover & other matters

2021-02-16 12:45:49

That Path could not get FCA approval for a prospectus involving a deal with Zoetic International (ZOE) as emerged yesterday should confirm that the floor shitters are all over the fraud which has lied to its, very few, customers to investors and to regulators and which is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.  I have today written to the FCA to raise new concerns as to whether Zoetic can remain listed without issuing a fresh prospectus, which it cannot afford. The detailed letter is below:


Zoetic (lack of) Progress Update - impeach Nick Harriss of Allenby for allowing such deception

2021-02-15 09:23:48

Natch the statement talks of big numbers but the reality is that this trading statement is a statement of failure to meet expectations in earlier statements and a fess up of lost contracts. Of course the moronic shareholders in Zoetic International (ZOE) love it. Where do we start? On 3 September 2020 when we were told:


BREAKING: The fraud Zoetic – how soon before the cash runs out and the company crashes in tits up alley? Weeks?

2021-02-12 10:59:53

Having established, beyond any doubt, 9 days ago that the £143 million capitalised Zoetic International (ZOE) has lied to investors, regulators and its, very few, customers HERE, yesterday I showed how it was trying to cover up its crimes and, in doing so, was revealing that it had been using fake customer reviews, HERE.  Quote why anyone would hold the shares now defies belief so let’s now turn to how soon the company will go bankrupt. Because, to misquote Britain’s greatest ever Prime Minister, “the trouble with frauds is that eventually they run out of other people’s money”.  So how close to the precipice is Zoetic and can it be saved?


New bombshell Zoetic dossier: The attempted mass cover up of the multiple LIES told to regulators, investors and consumers

2021-02-11 14:21:03

There is a masive cover up underway of the way Zoetic International (ZOE) has been lying to investors, its few customers and regulators on an industrial scale.Today I expose that cover up. It is no surprise that the FCA is looking long and hard at this company as it confirmed to me in this email late last week. In the wake of the bombshell dossier from eight days ago, HERE, the company has been working round the clock to cover up what it has been doing. However...


Zoetic- a deafening silence

2021-02-09 16:16:34

Zoetic International (ZOE) has yet to respond to my bombshell dossier of six days ago which showed clearly it lying to investors, regulators and its  - very few – customers. The silence is deafening.  There are two possible explanations.


BREAKING: Zoetic – dossier passed to Food & Drug Administration

2021-02-08 14:17:28

As you are aware, the Standard List is regulated by the FCA which is now considering my explosive dossier on Zoetic International (ZOE) published last Wednesday. But while the FCA considers its position, which as I have pointed out to it, should not be in any doubt, it must act; there is a regulator which can cause it far more trouble. When not engaging in a quick spot of pre-luncheon badger-slaughtering, I have contacted the FDA.


BOMBSHELL: The FCA gets back to me on Zoetic and where does this leave the company?

2021-02-07 14:16:52

Tomorrow, I shall publish my correspondence with the FDA in America which has the power to shut down the entire business of Zoetic (ZOE) for its serial rule breaches. But for today I stay in dear old Blighty. I published the dossier showing the lies and law-breaking of Zoetic (ZOE) on Wednesday and naturally, being a fine upstanding, badger-hating member of the financial community ensured that the FCA saw the entire document. At 8.36 PM on Friday the regulator got back to me. It says:


Zoetic International - meet the ramper in chief, like the company, a habitual liar

2021-02-05 09:10:40

Yesterday I showed, outside a paywall, a slam dunk and material lie told by Zoetic (ZOE). It is one of countless lies it has told to mislead investors.  But as well as doing its own lying/ ramping, the stock is aggressively promoted by a 3%+ shareholder who also seems prone to telling porkies. It is time to meet John "tell us a tall" Story.


Photo article Zoetic – the cover up begins

2021-02-04 15:13:21

It seems that today’s demonstration outside of a paywall that Zoetic (ZOE) commits fraud by lying to investors has only spurred morons to buy more shares! They are shrugging off yesterday’s bombshell dossier which they did not read but you can HERE. The Company is not ignoring the dossier but is already seeking to cover up some of its crimes as you can see below.


Let’s make this easy for the FCA & other morons – Zoetic tells slam dunk material lie to investors to deceive them!

2021-02-04 08:26:28

The FCA will by now have had ample opportunity to read yesterday’s explosive dossier on Zoetic (ZOE) HERE. I sense, however, that most folks owning the shares will not have done so since they think not paying £1.99 for a day pass is a cost saving as they prepare to kiss goodbye to their savings. Whatever. It is a false economy for you morons. But for the cheapskates, outside the paywall, I offer you one slam dunk and material lie from that dossier. And companies that tell monster lies to deceive investors are frauds, are they not?


Burn the shorters: meet Scuba Steve, now a Zoetic owning moron

2021-02-03 13:45:09

Of course the short interest in Zoetic (ZOE) is utterly miniscule. But of you are a moron like Scuba Steve that does not matter. You will not have read a dossier dealing with facts which shows why the shares are worth 0p and why the FCA should suspend trading. You are a moron. Meet Scuba Steve as he buys Zoetic today.


BREAKING: The 60 Red Flag Dossier - Zoetic, a £150m capitalised company is between 90% and 100% overvalued

2021-02-03 08:15:46

This uber-ramped but almost insolvent company will not like what follows. Since it is 100% fact based and verified there is little it can do, but if it wishes to threaten me with legal action the response will be "see you in Court Bitchez!". I shall be ensuring that my numerous concerns are brought to the attention of my good friends at the FCA later today.


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