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As the Zoo Becomes Bigger So Should the Share Price

2021-09-21 08:06:07

Hello, Share Mashers. As a bit of a bloodbath sweeps through most of our shares, just one of my portfolio has put on any significant value. That’s because Zoo Digital (ZOO), a Sheffield company which provides subtitles for movies and tv, has posted an encouraging trading update. At its AGM, the Chairman Gillian Wilmot said the company is seeing ‘strong momentum’.


This Zoo Stayed Open During the Lockdowns and its Future Might Be a Roaring Success

2021-08-03 08:05:44

Hello, Share Casters. Companies connected with TV and films look worth consideration in the present uncertain climate. One of my babies in this field is Zoo Digital (ZOO). It’s produced numbers fairly recently that show Covid has not been a problem for it. And no wonder, when you supply dubbing and subtitles to foreign TV shows. The pandemic confined zillions of us to our sofas – and it was hard for programme makers to keep up their normal output.


Take Another Look at this Niche Player in what Looks Like a Surging Market

2021-05-25 08:15:07

Hello Share Fans. One of my share babies making progress during the lockdowns is Zoo Digital Group (ZOO). This is a niche company which supplies subtitles and dubbing to film and tv companies who want to sell their wares to foreign audiences. And it won't have escaped your notice that TV channels have been broadcasting loads of foreign shows and films to fill the gaps caused because covid restrictions have limited the making of home grown productions. The share price tells a happy story. It's risen from 92p to above 130p in three months.


This Zoo Never Shut in the Lockdowns and could Now Open Up to More Success

2021-04-21 08:14:20

Hello, Share Troopers. Another company set to do well both now and in the future accelerated by the covid crisis looks to be Zoo Digital Group (ZOO). I’ve commended this Sheffield outfit to you before, and its latest trading update supports my optimism. This is a company which is cloud based, but before you stop reading allow me to spell out my belief in a rosy future.


Zoo Digital – “confirmation of successful fundraising”. Just how successful is it?...

2021-03-31 12:15:49

“Confirmation of successful fundraising of £7.4m”-titled announcement from self-styled “world-leading, technology-enabled localisation and media services” group Zoo Digital (ZOO). Just how successful is the fundraising?...


Let's All Consider Going Back to the Zoo as Telly Watching Booms in Lockdown

2021-02-01 08:12:50

Hello, Share Thrashers. Let’s consider one of my earlier recommendations that’s almost doubled in the last three months. This was not a prediction of great genius on my part as the rise was... well, quite predictable. I’m talking about a Sheffield company which is taking advantage of the boom in telly-watching caused by enforced home captivity...


Let's All Go to the Zoo as Sales Rise Even in Covid-Racked Show Business

2020-09-24 08:10:53

Hello, Share Toasters. A share which I’ve earlier recommended has been a disappointment lately. That’s because Zoo Digital (ZOO) is a contractor to TV and film companies and we all know how they’ve been affected by the pandemic. But a report to Zoo’s annual general meeting shows that the company is actually thriving...


How the New Normal Could Produce Abnormal Share Risers.

2020-06-27 10:30:34

Hello, Share Changers. The Covid-19 attack has had interesting effects on armchair tycoons like us. One bizarre example is that shares in Zoom Technologies rocketed by 250%. Only then was it realised that punters were getting mixed up between this company which has nothing to do with internet conferencing and another Zoom which does (Zoom Video Communications).


Sheffield Dubbing King Looks Set to Prosper from Hunt for TV Fillers

2020-05-07 08:21:20

Hello, Share Pickers. With ITV announcing a disappointing performance, you might think that the television world is taking a big hit from the virus. But the opposite may be the truth. ITV may have lost a lot of advertising, as there’s no point in blowing your trumpet when the shops are shut. But loads of locked-down folks don’t have enough imagination to turn to their pastimes other than the screen in the corner...


Zoo Digital – adjusted EBITDA “ahead of our expectations”… but what are the expectations? And why “adjusted EBITDA”?

2019-09-18 14:40:57

Zoo Digital (ZOO) has updated including arguing “good progress” towards being “a leading next-generation media localisation business that offers a unique combination of software and customer service to the film and TV industry's leading players”. With a current market cap of sub £60 million, sounds good…


What do Zoo, the Crown Jewels, the Chinese and the Scarlet Claw All Have in Common?

2019-01-26 02:02:34

Hello, Share Pals. I’ve been looking at an old Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes classic called the Scarlet Claw. It reminds me somehow of the tax return I should be filling in before the January 31st deadline. I hope you’ve done yours.


Zoo Digital – from November “confident in the prospects” to now “significantly below expectations”. Uh oh…

2019-01-22 05:30:24

I wrote on Zoo Digital (ZOO) in September (“confident in the prospects”, so why the share price slump? HERE), concluding, despite the shares then falling to circa 140p, that; ‘I thus suggest the valuation leaves no room for any disappointment – and remind that great valuations tend to lead to great disappointment if expectations are not met. Indeed, even if strong growth is delivered, since the valuation is so far from what is being financially produced, there is still significant scope for sentiment to see the shares lower. As such, currently a sell / avoid.’ The shares closed yesterday at 115p and today a “Trading Update”


Zoo Digital – “confident in the prospects”, so why the share price slump?

2018-09-27 15:15:49

An AGM update from tv and movie subtitling and dubbing group Zoo Digital (ZOO) includes “we anticipate overall full year performance will be in line with expectations”. The shares have though responded to the update currently approaching 20% lower, at circa 140p. Hmmm…


The Zoo Gates Are Still Open for a Possibly Rising Share Price

2018-07-31 07:22:39

Hello, Share Shovers. There are times when I'm so confident that a share is worth your further investigation that I feel I should keep on banging the drum. I sometimes do this when there is no immediate news to go on. And that's for the simple reason that when jolly news does break it's not always the best time to dive in. One should try waiting till the kettle is off the boil.


It's Still Zoo Time as I Show Why the Big Dubber is So Favoured by some of the World's Biggest Show Biz Brands

2018-07-13 07:02:39

Hello Share Minders. When I first commended Zoo Digital (ZOO) to you in October the share was 63p when it had recently jumped over three months by 300%. Now it’s 149p. So another increase of much more than 100%. But in my view there is scope for even more improvement. I do not have more hard news to back this view, but I have been reviewing why this company is so popular with so many show business brands.


As Demand for Its Services Continues to Grow, It May Be Worth a Visit to the Zoo

2018-04-24 00:15:38

Hello, Share Carriers. Zoo Digital (ZOO) has a catchy, simple name yet it labours under a jargonistic description as a ‘provider of localisation and digital distribution for the global entertainment industry’. I do wish companies which expect us to invest in them would use language everyone understands.


Nicky-Nacky-Noo! Here's A Diddy Signal for How Well a Share is Likely to Perform

2018-03-13 01:19:48

Hello Share Packers. Very sadly, my Christmas present has died. I’ve always wanted to see Ken Dodd live. And my thoughtful son Jack bought me a ticket to his May appearance in Manchester - and Doddy’s death is a dire blow to anyone with a sense of humour. Which has nothing to do with my subject for today. As now’t currently strikes my fancy by way of a blistering tip, I’ll cheekily enlarge on a couple of thoughts on this glittering website by the brilliant David Scott. He begins a long article with a couple of the best ways to gauge share value.


With a Stunning Client List and a Soaring Share Price, It's Feeding Time at Zoo

2018-03-07 01:19:16

Five months ago, this tired old punter suggested you take a look at Zoo Digital (ZOO). Historically, this Sheffield outfit has been a big failure for me. Though I’m gradually clawing back my original stake.


I'm Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, as this Recent Three Bagger Keeps on Rising

2017-10-27 00:02:06

Hello, Share Swoopers. Back in the mists of time, I was keen on shares in the gaming industry. The shine went off when I discovered nearly all my investments were plunging down the wrong path. At the same time, another company to let me down was Zoo Digital (ZOO), which I stupidly thought was a designer of games. It’s not. It had revolutionary ways of producing dvds for the entertainment industry.


Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No.2: Zoo Digital: 15p Target At 2014 Price Channel Top

2016-01-12 02:19:34

Zoo Digital was identified quite recently as a potential technical recovery situation, and it would appear that the stock has delivered for the bulls in a decent way, especially over the past couple of weeks.


Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day: Zoo Digital: A Floor Found To Line Up A 14p Target

2015-07-07 01:04:20

If there is a theme in the technical analysis this week it is just to show that the name of the game here is not always related to momentum buying, but that on occasion there are very useful looking opportunities to bottom fish. This is something which can be gleaned from the present daily chart set up for Zoo Digital (ZOO).


Penny Shares – A Warning.

2015-04-15 01:20:34

I've just had a very good day with a few long-held penny shares. They include Zoo Digital (ZOO) up 11%, Enables It (EIT) up 22% and a massive 57% hike by Ascent Resources (AST).

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