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Why Roger Lawson’s gagging proposals would be a disaster for AIM – Tim Baldwin & TXO case study

2019-08-23 15:59:19

As you know, Roger Lawson of ShareSoc wants to clean up AIM by, inter alia, forcing websites such as this to remove any article which a company deems defamatory merely on demand, in the way that Bulletin Boards already do. Lawson does not say who would judge when an artiocle could be republished but the implication is that it would be the new regulator he proposes. The case study which shows what utter folly this idea represents is Tim Baldwin and TXO.


TXO News from Tim Baldwin's office above the HIV offer you surely can refuse

2016-02-11 04:52:31

Our old friend Tim Baldwin of TXO, RAM and Cientifica infamy is still at it.  TXO (booted off the Casino in Mar 15) narrowly managed to avoid the stake through the heart when GBG did come through with a £250,000 loan to pay off some of the debt due on 31 Oct 15.  Tim no doubt managed to convince the rest of his creditors – estimated at another £250,000 to give him more time.  The question is, with the lobster pot closed to new lobsters, how to get more cash through issuing confetti?  Easy..


Is Tim Baldwin of TXO telling porkies?

2015-10-31 02:36:54

Oh dear. Disgraced Tim Baldwin of TXO (TXO) – the company booted off AIM earlier this year and now at financial death’s door - is apparently lying to either companies house or to his shareholders or to both.


TXO - is this the end my friend?

2015-10-24 03:24:33

In my last article o this zombie company I asked whether Halloween would be the final date for TXO?  It would certainly look as though the Board of TXO believes it will be.  On 20 Oct 15 three of the NEDs walked.  They were:


Is Halloween the date when the stake is finally pushed through the heart of TXO?

2015-10-10 06:06:47

I am basing this question on figures given in the TXO (TXO) annual report. for 2014 - just released. I accept that those numbers may not be reliable as we have already noted that this board cannot always add up but on this occasion I give TXO the benefit of the doubt and thus ask when it is tits up time?


TXO finally files its annual report – Is there life after death on AIM? Pro tem, sort of.

2015-10-07 03:24:20

Booted off the AIM Casino in March after its Nomad walked, joke company TXO (TXO) run by Tim Baldwin promised a new listing on a Recognised Exchange in due course. I hope you were not holding your breath.  At least it has finally sent its report for the year to September 30th 2014 to Companies House although it has not bothered to update its website.


Athabasca Resources – A new miracle coming to the AIM Casino soon? The stench of TXO and Tim Baldwin

2015-09-29 02:50:35

Do you remember the ups and mostly downs at TXO?  It was booted off the AIM Casino in March 2015 because, rather than accepting the offer of a new Nomad which was conditional on the CEO, Tim Baldwin, and one of the Non Execs, Chris Foster, quietly stepping down, Tim decided it would be better for shareholders for the company to be booted off AIM and seek an alternative listing elsewhere. That has not happened nor has the much promised Annual Report to 30 Sep 14 been produced and is now 6 months late). You may also remember that TXO had a 20% shareholding in Athabasca Resources which was going to list on the Casino bringing vast wealth to TXO, thanks to the great deal Tim did getting in on the ground floor.


TXO to be booted off AIM – boss Tim Baldwin insists shareholders will be relaxed. He is wrong

2015-03-22 13:52:18

TXO (TXO) has – after two months of searching – failed to find a Nomad to act for it after the resignation of Northland. Consequently it will be boosted off the AIM casino next week.


TXO – Tim Baldwin’s 2015 AIM train wreck?

2015-01-24 07:30:00

I asked in my last article  “What are the chances of TXO beating the hex of publishing results on the final day possible meaning you are bust before you get to publish the next set?” the answer that has been given over the past few days seems to be: two hopes and one of them is called Bob, the other is called No!


A very happy New Year for TXO shareholders – not!

2015-01-11 03:58:46

First they get the news that Smart Win has appealed against the rejection of its summary judgement motion; totally immaterial of course, regardless of what happens, because as explained here  “the chances are better of winning the jackpot in the national lottery just buying 1 line for 1 week than they are of TXO (TXO) actually seeing any money.. [because]… Smart Win is a shell set up by two major Chinese companies and has no assets”


TXO and the Truth about that Court case in New York

2014-11-02 05:22:19

Having seen how warmly received  my last article  about this wonderful AIM investment company was, I have been itching to do another one, but wanted to wait to see the outcome of the “Smart Win” summary judgement hearing which took place in New York on Thursday.  The side that TXO (TXO) is on – Empire Energy is the defendant, but has a counter claim for $3 billion.  Tacky US legal tactic: you sue me for $Ms, I countersue for $Bns, you back down and drop the whole thing, or we spend ages and loads of money on lawyers creating a complete pantomime, which just makes the highly principled and well intentioned US legal system look like the Keystone Kops.


TXO – This Just Does not look quite tickety-boo

2014-10-26 07:13:43

As we discovered last weekend AIM is the Mother Theresa of world stockmarkets which is why recent releases from TXO (TXO) stand out so horribly amid this ocean of virtue and transparency.


TXO - Tim Baldwin explains and puts the case on video

2014-08-09 06:02:54

Do you understand what oil junior TXO (TXO) does? It seems a tad complicated and its CEO Tim Baldwin seems to attract "mixed" Bulletin Board Comment. In this video from UK Investor show Mr Baldwin puts the case for buying shares in TXO.


Q&A with Tim Baldwin of TXO PLC

2014-01-18 10:35:14

We met up the other day with Tim Baldwin, the executive chairman of AIM listed TXO (TXO) to seek an explanation of the goals of the company


TXO PLC – A speculative punt, not without merit

2013-04-12 08:13:39

Some of the numbers talked about for potential revenues and profits from this project are telephone numbers but this is a start-up. And so one must view this as having enormous potential but at this stage it is potential.

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