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Worthington boss Doug Ware, the FCA, Proceeds of Crime Act - I am sure this is all a big misunderstanding

2018-07-18 08:43:38

The extract from the Land Registry below is in the public domain and looks like a huge misunderstanding to me. Worthington (WRN) may be in administration but it seems the FCA have a few questions for its  former boss Doug Ware. I am sure there is a perfectly innocent explanation for all of this.


Son of Worthington Whetstone suspended as FCA raids Aidan Earley

2018-04-20 00:13:44

I merely report the facts. Yesterday at 9.30 AM the matched bargain market Britdaq suspended trading in Whetstone (WHET) shares. Why? Well I suspect the clue is that the FCA paid a visit to Aidan Earley. I have not been able to speak to Aidan so just lift from his own blog his account of other events which I do without comment other than to say that I feel genuinely sorry for his wife and kids as it cannot have been pleasant at all. Over to Aidan...


Worthington Liquidators Report published - it was all the fault of Tom Winnifrith was it not?

2018-03-11 06:32:41

If you believe certain prize Bulletin Board loons the demise of Worthington PLC (WRN) was all my fault. Moreover since the company had massive asset backing I should be hung drawn and quartered. Well sorry to break the news to you chaps but the Liquidator has published his first report. The news ain't good....


Whetstone , the son of the late Old Mother Worthington fails to gain stockmarket listing

2018-01-05 01:34:58

Just when shareholders in Worthington (WRN) thought they would have tradeable golden tickets once again it appears that Whetstone Capital, the son of the late Old Mother, has had its NEX Markets application rejected. We had been expecting trading to start within days but Allan Biggar, the chairman of Whetstone, has posted the bad news. Mr Biggar writes:


Old Mother Worthington has a son - meet Whetstone Capital

2017-12-19 06:30:26

Well I never, it appears that the Worthington (WRN) Crew has indeed listed son of Worthington (WRN)or at least has filed an admission document. It looks as if Whetsone Capital  (WHET) shares will start to trade on the NEX Markets lobster pot on January 5th.


Winner of the Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by Bell Pottinger

2017-09-18 02:37:10

Juicin Drumroll is going to accuse me of going easy on Aidan Early because he submitted a bunch of very funny moronic comments about the Worthington Newco yet he still didn't win. "Shenanigans!," I hear in the distance. "Rascality!"


Winner of the Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest sponsored by Roger Lawson

2017-07-24 01:00:50

It's a clear win for a bulletin board moron this week. The stupidest thing that I have read all month and I have looked at Nadine Dorries blog this month.


Worthington: Newco website launched – initial thoughts

2017-05-21 02:03:56

At last I hear you cry. It is finally here after months of foreplay - the new Newco website. Delights awaited no doubt but I wasn’t quite sure what form they were going to take. Anyway, it was with baited breath that I clicked on the address indicated in Aidan’s latest blog to ascertain what was behind those gilded gates. Noble Resolve has arrived – let’s take a look.


Sub-Standard Shockers XI Results review – Comedy Central

2017-05-01 01:43:36

It’s annual appraisal time for the squad members with annual results for the year to 30 December 2016 due in for many of them by 30 April. It was always going to be the strong favourite that most would leave it to the last minute so thought I’d provide a quick summary of who announced and when and include some commentary on each.


EXCLUSIVE: Worthington: Newco website unveiled – are you sure it’s not Flagship Global, Aidan?

2017-04-18 03:41:04

On his blog, Aidan Earley recently denied that Newco is Flagship Global Corp, which I always thought was the most likely contender for Newco, and it may be that he is telling the truth. However, having now gained access to the pre-launch Flagship Global website, it looks incredibly likely that it is Newco or, perhaps more accurately, that it was going to be at one point. Take a look.


Winner, as it were, of the Bulletin Board Moron of the Week

2017-04-17 03:12:02

There were a raft of quality entries in last week's Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest sponsored by Master Investor, as you can see HERE. But the clear winner was prolific LSE moron Fonters, (submitted by Juicin Drumroll) who seems to think that those who shorted Worthington shares will find its liquidation a bad thing: 


Worthington - more progress but may need to roll a double six to get trading

2017-04-14 01:14:41

Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. Further to my previous piece (HERE), Aidan Earley has updated his blog this week setting out progress on the launch of Newco and the issuance of share certificates to the Worthington shareholders. To be honest, I admire his tenacity and efforts here as it appears to be quite a tortuous route and sometimes I wonder whether it would be easier to defeat the Warlock of Firetop Mountain.


Worthington: Actual progress - I must be seeing things!

2017-03-25 05:02:45

Well, not much comedy gold to mine this week but Aidan Earley does appear to have kept to his side of the bargain and it would be churlish for me to ignore it. Yesterday he updated the long-suffering shareholders of Worthington (WRN) on the distribution of shares in Newco. A few questions remain; nevertheless, after about two and a half years of one delay after delay, any half positive move in the right direction should be applauded. So let’s take a look.


The Worthington comedy continues: Flagship sunk but there’s definitely a Plan D….probably

2017-03-18 03:14:38

It’s going to be a sad day when the Worthington (WRN) and Newco saga finally comes to a sorry end as it is comedy gold and Aidan Earley’s latest offering doesn’t disappoint. I thought I’d set out the full “announcement” that came out on Thursday with my commentary.


Praise the Lord! Very Bad News for Aidan Earley - 2 emails

2017-03-06 03:34:03

Aidan Earley, the long term close business partner of Craig Whyte, is suing me for £50,000 for libel because I have, he claims, damaged his good reputation as a businessman and financier. As our research team looks at the 52 UK companies where he has been involved since starting his career in 1988... well that can wait. But before Mr Earley continues with this farce I should like him to consider two emails I have received from Mr Tony Keeling... oh dear, oh dear Aidan.


A Second Letter to the Insolvency Service - explicit evidence that Aidan Earley ( banned as a director) was a shadow director at Worthington

2017-03-01 01:12:29

Yesterday I asked the Insolvency service to open a formal enquiry into whether Mr Aidan Earley was acting as a shadow director of Worthington (WRN) at a time (when he was barred as acting as a director. If Aidan is guilty he faces up to two years in jail and could be on the hook for Worthington's liabilities (including its vast pension fund deficit) when it went bust. Time to put the Surrey mansion on the market? For I now have a killer email which I have forwarded on to the insolvency service as you can see below.


Aidan Earley sues Tom Winnifrith for £50,000 for libel - he's avin a bubble

2017-02-28 07:41:39

Aidan Earley will serve me later today with a libel suit. Very decently - and I mean that - he emailed me an advance copy last night. He has put it up on his website and I link to it below. I draw your attention to page 3 (oooh er missus).


Acting as a shadow director when disqualified carries a maximum sentence of 2 years - Aidan Earley investigation requested

2017-02-28 05:15:18

If you are barred from acting as a director but defy that bar by acting as a shadow director ( doing the job without the title) you can face up to two years in jail and be personally liable for the liabilities of the victim company if it goes bust. Aidan Earley was barred as acting as a director for five years on 23 July 2013 over the disgraceful events at Wood Hall Realisations which you can read about HERE. Worthington (WRN) has gone bust and I have today formally requested that the Government's insolvency service which investigates such matters launch a formal enquiry into whether Mr Earley breached his order.


Spot the Difference No 2: Aidan Earley v Doug Ware

2017-02-19 04:14:41

A tougher second puzzle for the day. I’m not one to buy into the conspiracy theory that Aidan and Doug are one and the same but recent antics by Aidan on his blog show that they are very much hewn from the same cloth.


Worthington Group: Plan C is afoot – Flagship Global Corporation is rising from the ashes!

2017-02-07 03:38:42

I have no ambition to get embroiled in any legal battles so will be careful what I say here but I couldn’t help but comment on what looks like the new exciting chapter for Worthington (WRN) and its shareholders, namely the recent rise in the share price of the grandly named Flagship Global Corporation (FGCN: OTC Pink)


Apology to Aidan Earley - you are in fact a twice Discharged bankrupt but...

2017-01-25 08:43:31

Yesterday I accused Aidan Earley of being an undischarged bankrupt, on the basis of two conversations with the administrator of that bankruptcy, the firm of Kingston Smith. My Earley denied that this was the case and I apologise. I was misinformed. Mr Earley is in fact a (twice) discharged bankrupt. Aidan I am sorry. If I make a factual error I always apologise and run a correction..


Tom Winnifrith writes to Aidan Earley & his dumb lawyer: see you in Court Bitchez

2017-01-24 08:38:16

On 10th January the convicted felon, serial liar,, bankrupt and man banned from being a company director after the Wood Hall fiasco, Mr Aidan Earley instructed his lawyer to write a menacing missive to me (at the wrong address.). Today I have replied. I will not be removing evidence of the Worthington (WRN) fraud as Mr Earley wishes, if needs be I shall the bitchez in Court and - like last time - win.  My letter, sent just now, and the letter sent by Earley's lawyer are below.


Worthington - I speak to the liquidator & its bad news for the board but why is the LSE in denial?

2017-01-06 06:15:20

This gets more surreal by the day. Yesterday I spoke to the official liquidator who is dealing with the Worthington (WRN) case. He is rapidly getting up to speed and will be speaking to "other agencies" about what went on. A full report explaining why the company went bust will be produced and it will be naming the director and shadow directors if they are found wanting. Indeed it may be used as supporting evidence if and when other agencies pursue this matter. The bad news...


Shares in Worthington have traded for 30 days in 3 years & another odd factoid

2017-01-01 04:01:45

Convicted criminal, multiple bankrupt and barred company director Aidan Earley claims I brought the firm of Worthington (WRN) - of which he was a shadow director and which is now in liquidation - to its knees. But here is an odd factoid the criminal pea-brained shithead, who is now the pin up boy of Cloudtag morons, ignores.


NO JOKE: Cloudtag Morons rush to hand their cash to criminal Aidan Earley crowdfund appeal

2016-12-30 01:04:20

Honestly you could not make this up. Convicted felon & libeller Aidan Earley, of Worthington (WRN) - now in liquidation - infamy, has responded to his new found fans, largely Cloudtag (CTAG) owning morons, by setting up a crowdfunding appeal to help fight me in the Courts. Used to chucking their moiney down the pan so far, 28 morons have sent £1,114 to Mr Earley. He won't believe his luck in finding folks who are so stupid.


If Aidan Earley is about to get your posts on ADVFN removed - copy them and send them to us and we will publish in full.

2016-12-29 01:26:28

Convicted criminal Aiden Earley has today sent a lawyers letter to ADVFN (AFN) threatening it, unless it removes posts made by certain individuals within 48 hours. The insurance policy ADVFN has is standard for Bulletin Boards and means that it is almost certain to remove the posts even though it knows that they are not defamatory in any way shape or form. So much for free speech in the UK.


Convicted criminal Aidan Earley threatens Tom Winnifrith and ADVFN as Worthington loses another Court case and really is BUST now.

2016-12-28 06:59:42

Oh dear, Oh dear. The end is not only nigh it has arrived for the fraud Worthington (WRN). On 19 December it appealed against the Court Order putting it into liquidation. The case was held at what convicted criminal Aidan must regard as his home from home, the High Court.


Why have shares in Worthington, the fraud now in liquidation, not been booted off the LSE yet? Ask the SFO?

2016-12-25 00:41:57

The fraud Worthington (WRN) where ex prisoner Aidan Earley has now exposed himself as a shadow director, went into liquidation on November 21. So why have the shares not been slung off the Official List by the UKLA, part of the FCA? I talked to the FCA last week.


Today's Advent Reading is from The Book of Earley Chapter 11 Verses 12-17 - Praise be the Lord

2016-12-21 01:16:11

And on the second day in the town of Banstead in the province of Norfolk, Jesus led his disciples into the Temple. And the money changers in the Temple were filled with a great fear, having heard tidings from the shepherds that Jesus had driven their trade from the Temple in Jerusalem.


Today's Advent Reading is from The Book of Earley Chapter 11 Verses 2-7

2016-12-20 07:40:16

Lo and it came to pass that Jesus and his followers were travelling in the land known as Norfolk to the small town of Banstead. And as they entered the town they encountered a man who told all that he was of great faith.


Worthington's Aiden Earley accuses Tom Winnifrith of insurance fraud over office fire, threatens numerous legal actions, BB Morons jubilant

2016-12-17 02:13:39

Yesterday, in the late afteroon, Worthington (WRN) promoter Aiden Earley emailed to say that as a result of a bearcast of 4 December he was taking legal action against me. Having relistened to that bearcast HERE he was talking cock. But that was just a pretence, for earlier that day Earley had launched a fantastic website threatening to destroy me which has delighted Bulletin Board morons who invest in frauds. Here are some of the cracking tweets I have received:


UKLA & Worthington - this is surreal

2016-12-02 21:20:37

This is beyond satire. On Friday night, as it does every night, the UKLA published via RNS its list of companies subject to potential bids and guess what? Worthington is still there. Worthington as in the company where an administrator has now been appointed and a first gazette published? Yes that is the one. But it gets better.


Worthington Group - the fat lady is shuffling onto stage: First Gazette published

2016-12-01 09:19:43

Oh dear, oh dear. Those Worthington (WRN) shareholders who were dreaming of buying a mansion in Monaco with their golden tickets might wish to brace themselves for bad news. as you can see below the First Gazette notice for striking off has been published and an administrator appointed. On the terraces at Banstead Athletic the chant is already starting "you're going down with Golden Saint, you're going down with Golden Saint" Nuff said.


Sub-Standard Shockers XI November update – Two body-blows this week: I’m starting to despair

2016-11-24 03:17:36

By anyone’s standards, and this team’s standards are pretty low, it’s been a shocking week with a winding-up petition being issued against the team leader and general inspiration, Worthington (WRN) and player manager, Senterra Energy (SEN) having to ‘fess up to a failed deal with its share price collapsing as a result. How did the rest of the team get on!?


Worthington - Winding Up Order issued: fan, shit, hits, the

2016-11-22 01:33:33

Oh dear, oh dear, this really does look like it is game over for old mother Worthington (WRN). It had been looking to get a Creditors Voluntary Agreement aways so that the grateful taxpayer, viz The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) got to fund its gaping deficit, and a share of future profits went to other - mainly related party - creditors but 90% of profits outside litigation winnings where it was 50% - would go to shareholders. Of course 90% of ZERO is ZERO but the pretence was there. However..


Worthington - Bad News from Greenland

2016-11-18 02:18:19

Is the long running farce Old Mother Worthington (WRN) finally coming to the end of the road? I am surprised that the company has not put out an RNS to keep its loyal investors informed but there is bad news in Greenland.


Worthington - hold the beer and popcorn: High Court appearance & Winding Up Order delayed

2016-10-25 03:43:38

Drat. There was I expecting to hear the winding up petition for the Worthington (WRN) CVA had gone through as planned at the High Court yesterday as scheduled. In the aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed world of Doug Ware and Aiden Earley this was meant to be good news. But at 9.52 AM today the white rabbit popped up with an announcement:


Exclusive: Worthington Shyster Allan Biggar facing homelessness as past business sins catch up with him

2016-10-22 04:56:37

Oh dear, oh dear. Don't tell the bulletin board morons on the LSE Asylum but the house of cards that is the fraud Worthington (WRN) is now collapsing faster than you can say "golden ticket". Already facing personal bankruptcy proceedings as we revealed here, disgraced Allan Biggar now faces the loss of his marital home as we can reveal today.


The Worthington CVA - this is comedy genius

2016-10-18 07:23:21

Prompted by our shock revelations yesterday Worthington (WRN) has been forced to put out a statement to explain why it itself is heading for a CVA. It really is comedy genius.


It is not just Worthington going tits up but the shysters behind it - Allan Biggar in Court

2016-10-18 06:11:49

Oh dear. More on the woes of the fraud Worthington (WRN) later as it heads for a winding up order. But it seems that one of the shysters behind this scam, Allan Biggar (see HERE) is also in the merde.


Worthington - Winding Up Petition to be heard in 7 days - Beer & Popcorn at the High Court

2016-10-17 01:46:53

Oh dear. Oh dear. The problem with frauds, as with socialists, is that - to quote our greatest ever Prime Minister, the blessed Margaret, eventually they run out of other people's money. And that brings us to Worthington (WRN) which faces a winding up petition in the High Court a week today. Beer & popcorn time!


Worthington - the shambles continues so what is the point of regulation?

2016-09-19 04:34:44

If you are someone who thinks that playing by the rules and being honest makes sense in the UK reguolatory environment think again. Just look at the much ramped Main Market listed fraud Worthington (WRN). Let's start with the latest news from the UK Listing Authority which came out at no-one is watching O'Clock on Friday.


Sub-Standard Shockers XI September update – bottom of the league form

2016-09-13 03:36:34

With the football season now in full flow, it is appropriate to assess the full squad’s performance to-date. Unsurprisingly, but still disappointingly, none of the squad is fit to even tie the shoelaces of Robbie Savage let alone play in the Premier League, but will the FCA do anything about it?


Bulletin Board ramper of the week result - its another Worthington winner

2016-08-19 04:27:11

At what stage do you think that the folk who bought into the Worthington (WRN) fraud will accept that they have lost everything? I reckon even after it has gone into administration some folks will still think they own a golden ticket. There were 15 entries into the last BB ramper of the week sponsored by Strat Aero (AERO) PR man, aka fake BB Moron sayitlikeitis, as you can see here. But the winner?


Worthington Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest Result

2016-08-08 01:49:51

Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner of the last contest of two weeks ago. The beauty of this winner from among all the entries you can see HERE is that he demonstrates a general point about the delusions of the common or garden lesser spotted Moron.


Worthington Shareholders Form Action Group, Titanic passengers on iceberg do same

2016-08-05 00:23:50

It might seem like a cunning plan to those who are dim enough to own shares in the fraud that is Worthington Group (WRN) but it is not going to get them very far. They have formed an action group and even set up their own website harvesting names which will only be passed to er....Worthington Group. Oh great let me sign up, I really want Craig Whyte, Aiden Earley & Doug Ware having all my details...can I give them access to my bank account as well?


Worthington - now Nuna 100% Bust what is plan C? Flagship ahoy?

2016-07-26 05:47:24

Now that NunaMinerals is in administration no-one other than the poltroons at the UKLA believes it will do a RTO of worthless fraud Worthington. So what next? Roll up Flagship Global Corporation which is listed on US OTC markets and is essentially bust. Perfect!. 


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week: back for Worthington's Final collapse

2016-07-24 00:30:26

As I noted earlier, Friday really could be Worthington's (WRN) last stand. No doubt its supporters on the LSE will have all sorts of excuses and will be blaming the usual suspects (me, Brexit, Evil) for their losses. This is too much of an opportunity to miss for we voyeurs of the moron community. But posts from other threads can also be submitted in the comments section below with a deadline of Sunday 24th July. I reckon Cloudtag (CTAG) and Highlands Natural (HNR) on the LSE and ADVFN asylums will prove happy hunting grounds.


Are the UKLA staff all crack whores or just brain dead? New Worthington shambles

2016-07-22 23:19:06

Today I must ask the very serious question: are the staff at the UKLA down at Canary Wharf all crack whores or are they just the stupidest folks in Britain. I ask this question because of the latest news from fraud Worthington (WRN).


Worthington drops Rangers claim, 5 PM Friday 22nd is ouzo time as UKLA will wake up then

2016-07-17 04:58:46

The farce that is the fraud Worthington (WRN) continues apace. The chocolate teapots at the UKLA are still publishing twice daily updates claiming that Worthington is considering an RTO with NunaMinerals, a company that is not only in administration but is also to be delisted in Denmark. its aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! all round at UKLA where the chocolate teapots still reckon that the deal is viable.


Sub-Standard Shockers XI Euros review – hmmm, more England then Portugal

2016-07-12 00:22:00

With the Euros coming to a close, it’s appropriate to assess the performance of the Sub-Standard Shockers XI over the last month or so. Well, you know it hasn’t gone well when the best performers are those that have been in suspension for the period.


Fraud Worthington: Now it is double brown bread, why is the UKLA so fecking useless?

2016-07-09 09:11:58

On Friday July 1 NunaMinerals was put into administration. I therefore suggested a day or two later, that the RTO whereby Nuna took over Main Market fraud Worthington (WRN) was off and that on Monday 4 July the UKLA would have to take action. Amazingly the chocolate teapots have done nothing. Truly these folk make the oxymorons at AIM Regulation look like a collection of Nobel prize winners. But it gets worse.


Downfall video: Doug Ware of FRAUD Worthington reacts to news of Nuna bankruptcy

2016-07-02 02:37:20

I did not create this but whoever did feels kind enough to get me and ouzo in here somewhere. As I explained earlier  HERE Worthington (WRN) is now toast as of Monday Morning and it is time to call in the rozzers.


Worthington is now Officially fucked - "merger partner" Nuna declared bankrupt: time for the Rozzers to move in?

2016-07-01 23:58:48

The former CEO of Danish listed NunaMinerals was owed cash by the company and yesterday managed to get the company formally declarred bankrupt in a court in Greeland - see HERE. That means that Main market listed fraud Worthington (WRN) can no longer procrastinate and claim to be in talks about an RTO. So it must be game over for Aiden Earley, Craig Whyte and Doug Ware.


Watch out Real Madrid, the Sub-Standard Shockers XI is ready to take on all-comers

2016-05-30 11:29:30

Some of you will know I have a bit of a bugbear with the use of the Standard Segment of the Official List, particularly for small investment companies, so in the spirit of Nigel’s great work on the FilthyForty, I have compiled my very own football team of Standard List participants to follow throughout the forthcoming seasons.


Carry on Up the Worthington - why is the UKLA allowing the farce to continue - another extension

2016-05-28 01:15:26

Ooooooh is that a bankruptcy order in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Said Old Mother Worthington, played by Hattie Jaques. Aiden Earley, played by Jim Dale, gave a look of pretend shock and pinched Hattie on the bottom. Aiden is good at pinching. Craig Whyte, played by Sid James, is not in this film as he was detained elsewhere.


Worthington - surely this means that it is game over. its death in Greenland

2016-05-19 04:29:14

Shares in Worthington (WRN) have remaoined suspended for an eternity as we await details of an RTO by bankrupt Danish listed Nuna Minerals post its own refinancing by Green;land Mining, a company without a bank account. While we wait, Worthington has still not published its accounts for the year to September 30 2014 (not a typo). But now surely it is all over, the UKLA must simp;ly boot Worthington off the market ahead of its administration.


Worthington Acid Trip - you just could not make this up - who goes bust first in the Scandi threesome?

2016-04-20 07:46:10

Did someone drop some acid into my milk just now because I really feel that I'm on a quite amazing trip. Aceeeeeeed! Its Worthington (WRN) panto time.


Worthington, Rangers, the £20 million loan notes and the landlord of the Red Lion

2016-04-19 03:49:30

Brace yourselves: this is sheer comedy involving the fraud Worthington (WRN) and the Rangers pantomime brought to you from the bar of the Red Lion in Whiteleaf, Princes Risborough, Bucks where your host is landlord Tim Hibbert.


Allan Biggar leaves the Circle of Trust at Jericho but when will the Worthington walls collapse

2016-04-17 08:57:14

Until recently, dodgy Allan Biggar who is currently bankrolling Greenland Mining as a way of reversing Worthington into bankrupt Nuna, has been the respectable face of Worthington (WRN) - its all relative thanks to his membership of Jericho Chambers.


Worthington is just misleading the Takeover Panel re Nuna - when will this farce end?

2016-04-03 05:57:58

Heck. Everyone does the April Fool's thing don't they? And so the fraud that is Worthington (WRN) put out an RNS which we are meant to think is serious but is in fact a joke. Or in this case The Takeover Panel and LSE appear to think that it is serious but everyone else knows that it is just a joke, like spaghetti trees in Italy or Chelsea fans pretending they have always "supported the blues" from before they were good.


Worthington Spot the Crook/Caption Contest - Nuna Minerals AGM Photo

2016-03-10 02:05:42

Nudged by a reader as we await the imminent death of Old Mother Worthington (WRN) in the snows of Greenland we bring you our latest spot the crook/caption contest - a photo of the Nuna Minerals AGM. Over to you, answers in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight today.


When Will Worthington die in the snows of Greenland? It is looking grim.

2016-03-06 04:29:25

The farce at the fraud that is Worthington (WRN) continues and it looks as if it will be in the snows of Greenland that the final rites are read. Things are moving fast.


Red Flags at Night: Worthington delivers a cracking April Fool

2016-03-05 03:43:29

I just can’t help myself: fully listed (sort of, as it has been suspended since 13 October 2014 so it is more a case of the undead as it still has not been booted off the main market) Worthington Group (WRN) issued an RNS after-hours last night. Was it the long overdue results for the year to September 2014, which were promised to be released in March 2015 in an RNS released in Jan 2015, but are still outstanding almost a full year late? 


Piss Poor Deadwood Press Journalism of the week - Sunday Times falls for Worthington Con

2016-02-22 04:06:20

The deadwood press is part of the problem not the solution. It is corrupt, staffed by folks seeking their next career in PR and so who print what they are told and also staffed by lazy mothers who think they have a right to be served stories on a silver spoon without any fact check. This week's howler from the deadwood press is from the Sunday Times.


Near bankrupt Worthington exposed again by the Arctic Journal - Greenland Comedy continues

2016-02-06 03:40:17

It is good to see that the comedy show at Worthington (WRN) continues and now that must read publication, The Arctic Journal is on the case, exposing the latest problems for this worthless company.


Worthington Group - it's not all bad news

2016-01-17 01:36:12

Tom Winnifrith's piece on Friday reminded me of a rare good news story to come out of Worthington Group (WRN) over the festive period and it relates to Oleg-Serguei Schkoda. 


Worthington Group - tell us about the Prosecuting Solicitor please?

2016-01-15 02:51:48

Oh dear, looks like a few more troubles at 't mill for joke company Worthington Group (WRN). Last week I asked why Worthington had not been dissolved for failing to file its accounts for the year to September 30th 2014. It seems as if the wheels are turning at Companies House in Cardiff...


Worthington - just where are your Bloody accounts?

2016-01-09 03:42:49

The Year end of Worthington PLC (WRN) end was September 30th. But as yet we have not seen an annual report. For the avoidance of doubt I refer not to the year ended 30 September 30 2015 but September 30 2014.


The Bulletin Board Moron of Last week was a Worthington loon – can you beat this in the Nov 1 contest?

2015-11-08 09:39:40

The Globo (GBO) boards provided some cracking examples of Bulletin Board Moron insanity last week. I particularly liked the post “Should I have listened to the drunken blogger TW?” Yes Moron you should have been heeding my warnings on a whole range of stocks for three years but I guess you are happy staying in the Council House. But the Globo loons were trumped by a classic from a Worthington (WRN) backer:


Worthington – still avin a giraffe, but for how long can it continue?

2015-10-17 07:28:30

Another deadline arrives and it is yet again missed. How long can the long running farce of the takeover of Old Mother Worthington (WRN) continue?


The Most Amateurish Annual Return in Corporate History – Rangers, Worthington and the knitting patterns

2015-10-09 00:22:47

Hat tip to a reader for flagging up this gem from Companies House, an Annual Return submitted for The Rangers FC Group Limited, part of the Worthington Group (WRN) which thinks it can extract £10 million from creditors of Old Rangers. This is sheer genius mickey-mouse stuff thanks to clown Richard Spurway.


Worthington - with CV's like this how can anyone take it seriously?

2015-10-01 23:43:37

We all know that Craig Whyte and Aiden Earley have "colourful pasts" and that Doug Ware is a greedy bastard of no ethics as we showed again earlier HERE, but the supporting cast at joke company Worthington (WRN) are even more hilarous. How can anyone take them seriously? I am grateful to a reader who is clearly a Worthingtonologist for posting twice about Nick James. Who is Nick?


Worthington - yet more questions raised by Companies House Filings

2015-09-26 04:10:27

Hat tip to one of our readers who I know works in the small cap area and thus knows his onions for today's bit of Sherlocking on Worthington (WRN). For any Worthington investors this is yet another Red Flag 'fest. For any Rangers (RFC) fans scared that the claims of Law Financial & Craig Whyte may make against the club have any grounds, read this and LOL.  Enjoy. 


Worthington & Law Financial to face first strike off notice in 5 days - Reader Post of the day

2015-09-24 23:41:58

A cracking entry from the comments section - this has to be reader post of the day. It seems that Worthington PLC (WRN) is just five days away from its first notice of being struck off for failing to file documents at Companies House. Also up for strike off is Law Financial which is trying to extract money from Rangers (#RFC) but will clearly fail if this is an indication of how organised it is This cracking post reads:


Aiden Earley clarifies Worthington Keighley mystery – it was all the fault of Companies House

2015-09-17 07:23:05

It appears that the puppet nominal CEO of Worthington (WRN), Mr Doug Ware, is away because it is Aiden Earley who has been in touch to clarify the position regarding the earlier article…Worthington has done nothing wrong…natch. 


Worthington – is this another killer revelation? Back to Keighley

2015-09-17 02:41:14

The flurry of recent filings by companies linked to Worthington/Craig Whyte/Aiden Earley and their puppet Doug Ware has thrown up what appears to be a killer revelation regarding the deliberate deception of investors and it concerns what was the only real asset of value that the Old Mother ever owned – the factory at Keighley in the welfare safari of West Yorkshire.


Worthington & the Court Order – what is going on? And another deadline looms

2015-09-14 03:51:07

Followers of worthless Old Mother Worthington (WRN) have been intrigued by a filing at Companies House on Friday “S1096 Court Order to Rectify” -  oh dear perhaps we should not mention the word “court” to Worthington shadow director and ex Rangers FC (RFC) boss Craig Whyte. What is going on?


Craig Whyte in custody, Worthington claims against Rangers now surely worthless

2015-09-02 01:42:20

A day of drama in the soap opera Rangers FC (RFC) – a nest of vipers, saw Charles Green arrested and Craig Whyte re-arrested, the latter now held in custody. This surely makes the Law Financial/ Worthington (WRN) claim utterly worthless.


Rangers payout delayed – this is back to the Worthington scam

2015-08-31 01:57:33

Oh what a tangled nest of vipers is Rangers FC (RFC). I refer not to the club in its current incarnation but to scandals past. It is scandals in the plural and at the heart of them is Craig Whyte, business partner of Aiden Earley – the driving forces behind Worthington (WRN).


Worthington – gets another 42 days to be taken over by bankrupt Nuna: the comedy continues

2015-08-06 02:57:28

The Old Mother Worthington (WRN) comedy show rolls on. The worthless fully listed, but suspended since last year, enterprise has today been granted another 42 day extension to allow Danish listed but bankrupt Nuna Minerals to take it over.


The Great British Entrepreneur awards con – roll up Aiden Earley, Rob Terry and Jon Stretton Knowles of Life on Marbs (episode 3 now live)

2015-08-06 01:27:39

Do you want to win an award as an entrepreneur? Shimples Sheeples, Aiden Earley of Worthington Group (WRN) is here to help. Might I suggest that the Great fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) and his old pal Jon Stretton Knowles of Life on Marbs and the Quindell fraud sign up right away.


Worthington – 48 hours and a question for the oaf Doug Ware

2015-08-05 00:33:10

Where are we with the complete joke that is Old Mother Worthington (WRN)? It is getting interesting again. You may remember that Aiden Earley and the merry gang had decided not to seek a retention of their full listing in London which is a great shame as the prospectus would have been a hoot, but instead to reverse into bankrupt Nuna Minerals in Denmark. Hmmm.


Twitter Ramper of the week #1 - can you beat this entry from Chris Oil?

2015-06-14 13:17:56

As an alternative to Bulletin Board Moron of the week this week we launch a new contest - twitter ramper of the week and as it is our debut all tweets going back to May 8th are eligible. And that meas that to win the contest you have to show a tweet which is either criminal or just mindless ramping that beats this one from market abuser Chris Oil.


All Worthington articles - the fraud series - now back up

2015-06-14 01:13:44

We got the ex parte injunction lifted. we won. Tonight pizza hardman Darren Atwater has reloaded all articles in the Worthington (WRN) fraud series. You can check out our complete Worthington coverage HERE


Worthington - Well I never: Meet the Biology Teacher/ladybird expert turned ace investor

2015-05-18 01:34:53

While Worthington (WRN), pro tem, remains a UK listed stock, the Takeover Panel is forcing all sorts of revelations today which raise a few awkward questions for Doug Ware, the boss of this POS.


Exclusive: Old Mother Worthington to list in Denmark

2015-05-15 07:14:37

Aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! We can exclusively reveal that Worthington (WRN) is now in advanced talks to gain a listing and it is in Denmark.


Worthington: Curiouser & curiouser said the white rabbit as the acid trip continues:

2015-04-26 05:11:18

I remain convinced that the chances of Worthington (WRN) relisting are somewhere between no hope and Bob Hope but a hell of a lot closer to the former. But while we dance the charade that it may regain a listing the RNS statements it puts out beg ever odder questions, I am heading down a wormhole with the white rabbit as I try to follow what is going on in the great Worthington acid trip. Try following this for starters:


Old Mother Worthington gets screwed in Greenland

2015-04-23 05:38:54

We are still to hear from Worthington (WRN) as to its intentions of becoming a global conglomerate listed on four exchanges around the world but meanwhile one of its preposterous operations already seems to be in deep merde. I refer to its claims made about GREP, a company exploring for rare earth minerals in Greenland. This is comedy and you could not make it up. Well Worthington could.


Bulletin Board Moron of the week Competition 16

2015-04-17 23:57:54

By popular demand it is back. As ever the rules are simple. Filthylucre and Bananabob cannot post their own comments on this website as entries as they are just too good. But any other comment on a Bulletin Board or twitter is eligible. The most ludicrous or idiotic statement wins.


Worthington Group – I might not be on acid but it feels like a really bad trip

2015-04-16 02:25:01

Shrooom…another lump of sugar said the dormouse?. If you insist. I took the tab as I prepared to read the latest RNS from Old Mother Worthington Group (WRN). Sitting on a tangerine cloud a group of mad hatters posted comments franticly on the LSE asylum.  Actually I haven’t taken any drugs for years but every time I read a release from Worthington I feel that I am having some sort of ghastly flashback. Is that Doug Ware I see chatting to the Queen of Hearts. Off with Tom Winnifrith’s head! No it was not the Queen, it was Aiden Earley or was it Craig Whyte? Anyhow, yesterday’s RNS was mind blowing. Shroooooom!


Breaking: Aiden Earley of Worthington to speak at UK Investor on Faith & Money

2015-04-01 01:01:48

The news breaking this morning is that Aiden Earley of Worthington (WRN) is the latest speaker to be announced for UK Investor Show on April 18 in Westminster.  If you have not yet got your tickets you can do so HERE.  The talk will last for 40 minutes and Mr Earley will then take questions.


Tom Winnifrith Worthington WTFCast - 31 March

2015-04-01 00:40:48

Fraudster Rob Terry buying into disgraced and worthless broker Daniel Stewart? Labour saying it was the party of deficit reduction? Can life get any stranger. Yes it can thanks to old Mother Worthington (WRN). Its latest RNS just takes bizarre to a new level, something I discuss in this podcast special.


Worthington the video it is not sure it wants you to see

2015-03-26 04:22:17

Yesterday a new video appeared on the website of Worthington (WRN). Then it er..disappeared? This is all rather confusing and must be very confusing for UKLA as it decides whether to allow the shares to relist. Luckily we captured the video and so are happy to bring it to a wider audience. And we have more news.


Will Worthington Shares ever trade again? I think not…and win 2 of the day for the Sheriff of AIM

2015-03-24 04:59:12

Over the past few weeks I have raised what I believe to be very serious concerns about fully listed Worthington (WRN). Its shares are currently suspended as the UKLA awaits a re-admission document and I do not expect them to ever trade again. Indeed they could be formally de-listed within weeks. And here’s why. 


Into battle at 10.30 at the High Court in the case of Shyster vs Tom Winnifrith

2015-03-11 02:50:44

I am not sure if I feel confident. The British legal system is daunting but I know that what I have done in revealing the acts of Aiden Earley is the right thing to do. It is in the public interest, most notably for Jerome pensioners and shareholders in Worthington as well as stakeholders in Rangers FC, that the truth comes out.


URGENT APPEAL For the “Fighting Aiden Earley of the fraud Worthington (and Rangers FC) Fund”

2015-03-09 07:29:47

My first meeting with my barrister as I seek to have the Aiden Earley injunction lifted is on Monday afternoon and will cost £1000 +VAT. My lawyers’ fees are already in excess of that. The hearing at the High Court on Wednesday will cost several thousand pounds and so I ask for your URGENT help in getting this injunction lifted so we can expose more stock market crime.


Aiden Earley of the Worthington Fraud thinks I trashed his reputation? Who is the scumbag kidding?

2015-03-08 09:20:13

Aiden Earley has obtained an interim injunction against me publishing certain documents he admits are genuine because I might damage his good reputation. Who on earth is he kidding? There are large number of reasons why this man is a Pariah in the City, a scumbag, almost universally despised. And so here we go on explaining to Worthington (WRN) shareholders the track record of your dominant shareholder and the man who has created the omnishambles of a fraud that is your company. 


Aiden Earley of the fraud Worthington – can’t even serve an injunction on Tom Winnifrith properly

2015-03-06 01:46:21

You would have thought that with all his court experience (you know the jail term for accounting fraud, being disqualified as a director, etc), Worthington (WRN) shadow director Aiden Earley would be able to serve an injunction properly. Oh no…


Photo article: Tom Winnifrith served with injunction thanks to Aiden Earley, shadow director of fraud Worthington

2015-03-06 00:37:53

Did you know that Aiden Earley claims to be a devout Christian who prays for ninety minutes a day?  Reading his emails one could be forgiven for doubting that but whatever. The injunction has arrived. I have been served. A nice man - pictured below - just knocked on my door and it is here.


Worthington – a Question for Aiden Earley about the £140,000 + VAT your sister invoiced to the fraud

2015-03-05 00:56:48

Yesterday Worthington (WRN) shadow director Aiden Earley obtained an interim injunction against me and I expect it to be served today and that will, until March 11, stop me using any emails or documents attached to emails.  It does not stop me using other sourced material and thus we now turn to how Aiden Earley’s sister appeared to be earning so much from this fraud.


Worthington’s Aiden Earley gains interim injunction v Tom Winnifrith: Fraudster Bitchez to be seen in court 11 March

2015-03-05 00:55:17

Aiden Earley, the shadow director of the fraud Worthington (WRN) – who borrowed £375,000 – from the company as soon as he gained control, using money borrowed from convicted felon Kevin Sykes, today obtained an interim injunction against me.


Thanks to Mossad and the CIA Tom Winnifrith evades Police again and is back in UK untraced

2015-03-04 01:54:21

Doug Ware of the fraud Worthington (WRN) may have reported me to the Police but I made it through border control without a hitch. I am back in the UK so can return calls from the FCA about Worthington tomorrow. But my fellow players in the global shorting conspiracy came in handy once again


The Worthington Fraud part 21 – Lets Lie about the value of the factory (more leaked emails)

2015-03-01 07:32:07

When Aiden Earley gained control of what became the fraud Worthington (WRN) the only assets it owned were a 44% stake in a tiny and loss making firm Trimmings and an unused factory in Keighley, West Yorks, in the Grim North. In order to pretend that Worthington was solvent so as to commit stockmarket fraud, the folks appointed by Earley had to commit accounting fraud, that is to say lie about the value of the factory as the emails below demonstrate.


The Worthington Fraud Part 20 – When Aiden met Doug

2015-03-01 00:34:12

Doug Ware became CEO Of the fraud Worthington (WRN) controlled by Craig Whyte’s business partner Aiden Earley in July 2012. But how and when did Aiden meet Doug? The following confidential email and document (note the author) shows there is “history” and casts neither man in a great light. 


Worthington fraud part 17: Doug Ware running scared and meanwhile can he explain why his financial adviser quit – another leaked letter emerges?

2015-02-27 01:07:29

Worthington asked me for an address where it can serve legal letters on me for libel citing all sorts of legalese as to why I should comply and adding that if I had nothing to hide I should have no concerns. I have nothing to hide as it is a fraud and so I provided an address. Eight days ago I demanded that Worthington’s lawyers provide a service address for Doug Ware…


The Worthington Fraud Part 16 – another killer email From Ware to Craig Whyte

2015-02-23 05:42:07

So Doug Ware insists that he moved immediately to clear any links with Craig Whyte when taking over as CEO of the fraud Worthington (WRN) in 2012. As I showed earlier that was just not true – HERE. Now I have another killer email, this time it is Ware to Whyte in May 2013!


The Worthington fraud part 14 – CPS, Shola Adeniran and Jerome

2015-02-22 02:53:29

Entrepreneur Shola Adeniran appears twice in the sad tale of Worthington (WRN) and he has hitherto been painted as one of the villains. Au contraire. As I shall demonstrate. His tale is a warning of the read fraud at the heart of this company.


The Worthington Fraud part 13 – 2014 Interim Results That Deceive (back to Rangers FC)

2015-02-22 00:04:30

The results for the six months to March 31 2014 for the fraud Worthington (WRN) were finally released on 29th August 2014. A child of three should have been able to see through them but on the Bulletin Boards the enthusiasm was almost overwhelming – the investing public fell for it hook, line and sinker.


The Worthington Fraud Part 12 – Who benefits and Bulletin Board Censorship

2015-02-21 12:11:09

I shall return with more leaked documents and analysis of the Worthington (WRN) fraud tomorrow but I digress with a great post showing who benefits from this fraud which was deleted from the ADVFN thread and I explain exactly why.


Breaking: Smears and Sinister Threats from Worthington PLC and its shareholders

2015-02-21 10:28:53

The fraud Worthington (WRN) has sent me another quite deranged lawyer’s letter on which more later. But suffice to say that I have supplied it with an address on which it can serve papers as I am happy to see the bitchez in court. However….


The Worthington Fraud part 11 now to the Mining assets, you could not make this stuff up

2015-02-21 09:11:42

Doug Ware has talked of making Worthington (WRN) the new Hanson, an international conglomerate and a key division of this is its Mining Operation. Sadly the truth about this operation is that it is a total joke as I shall now demonstrate.


The Worthington Fraud part 10 – back to the media “purchase” and Allan Biggar

2015-02-21 04:08:27

It is hard to know where to start with the Worthington (WRN) fraud this weekend so deluged am I with material and as such I can promise you a stream of articles but let’s start by going back to the “purchase” of its media interests – Equity Media Partners. This is going to shock you.


The Worthington Fraud part 8 – Craig Whyte and Equity Media Partners Ltd

2015-02-20 05:13:17

Earlier today I posted documents which raised serious red flags about the media acquisition made by the fraud Worthington (WRN) – Equity Media Partners Ltd. Oh dear Mr Doug Ware it gets worse. Guess who set this company up in the first place a year before Worthington bought it? Yes…it was the Worthington Company Secretary Richard Spurway and he was acting with Craig Whyte (of Rangers FC fame) and Whyte’s long time business partner Aiden Earley. The email from Spurway below makes that clear. Oh dear. Oh dear. 


The Worthington Fraud Part 7 – back to European and Asian

2015-02-20 03:55:02

Thanks to the tawnyport poster on the ADVFN Bulletin Board for flagging this up. Unlike the wankers at the FT I’m happy to give credit where credit is due. Part 8 of this series has a stunning email or two and is a bombshell but this helps set the scene. 


The Worthington Fraud Part 6 – Doug Ware & Craig Whyte what a coincidence

2015-02-19 03:22:26

Yesterday I demonstrated quite clearly that protestations from Worthington CEO Doug Ware that he had severed all links with Craig Whyte when Doug became CEO on June 1 2012 were ...untrue. But now I bring to your attention a quite remarkable coincidence. Oh dear Doug, a bit more explaining to do you scumbag.


The Worthington Group Fraud Part 5 – Secret Document Linking Craig Whyte to Doug Ware emerges - look at the date!

2015-02-18 08:02:42

On Monday of this week Worthington PLC (WRN) CEO Doug Ware published a defamatory document about me (HERE with my response) and said he had reported me to the Police. In it he insisted that on becoming CEO on 1 June 2012 he had moved immediately to sever all links with Craig Whyte. He has made that claim before. Unfortunately, for Worthington shareholders what Mr Ware has stated is quite simply NOT TRUE as another leaked document I publish today shows. So what else have you misled investors about Doug?


Video: Tom Winnifrith Responds to the Worthington Statement - Bring on the Police

2015-02-17 04:30:19

I presented in Clerkenwell last night and a video of my ten minute talk rebutting in full a statement of lies by a company engaged in fraud was recorded. Worthington has reported me to the Police. I am not afraid as I have done nothing wrong. Worthington is a fraud and I welcome the chance to hand over documents that prove that to the Old Bill. However, I would rather go to jail that reveal my source and will not under any circumstances reveal my source.


Worthington Reports Tom Winnifrith to the police & talks bollocks

2015-02-16 09:29:17

The fraud that is Worthington PLC has issued a statement saying that it has reported ,me to the Police for publishing documents which it appears to concede are genuine. Thanks for clearing that matter up. Worthington says the documents were stolen although they make it clear that was not by me. Indeed.


The Worthington fraud series part 3 – The case of the well dodgy invoice

2015-02-16 05:54:34

My series on the fraud that is Worthington (WRN) continues today with an invoice that raises all sorts of questions. By now the bully boy lawyers for Worthington who have threatened me with action should be starting to sense the scope of the material I am sitting on and there is buckets more to come. The invoice comes from 2013 and is linked to Rangers Football Club.


Worthington – I am going to piss all over you, literally

2015-02-16 05:17:55

And so the lawyer’s letter – well email – from Worthington PLC (WRN) to me has arrived. And as with lawyers letters from Quindell, Sefton, blinks, Globo and others it is now on display at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House. In fact it is on display in the gents as you can see below.


The Worthington Group Fraud part 2 – 1st damning leaked email

2015-02-15 01:42:20

I have still not received a formal claim from libel from Worthington (WRN) but just to give the fraudsters a taste of who and what they are up against here is a quite damning leaked email which shows that company funds are not being used properly and that Worthington lies to its investors. Boy this is fun and The Sheriff of AIM has a lot more where this came from.


The Worthington fraud part 1 (1st confidential document published)

2015-02-14 04:02:39

This is the start of what will be a long series relating to the abject fraud that is Worthington (WRN). Please can the company note that The Sheriff of AIM responds to letters from bully boy lawyers not with silence but by publishing more. The first confidential letter from your two bit lawyer will be displayed in the urinals at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza as of monday. Literally, I am going to piss all over you guys.


Tom Winnifrith looks like a homosexual traveller…whatever

2015-02-11 10:21:02

What does a homosexual traveller look like? I have no idea. Is there anything wrong with being a homosexual or a traveller or both? Of course not. But if you are a shareholder in Worthington (WRN) apparently this counts as abuse. 


Is Worthington to follow Quindell, blinkx and Sefton and send me a lawyer’s letter? Round 2 with Pinsent Masons?

2015-02-11 08:13:54

Great News! Is it once more into the breach dear friends? Can I add a lawyer’s letter from Worthington (WRN) to those already received from blinkx, Globo, Range Resources, Sefton, Quindell, and other scumbags? I wonder. In case you are tempted Worthington “your company is a fraud” – I have seen off bigger scumbags than you and I really do not fear you at all.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Announcements from No-One is Watching O'Clock and silly legals issue

2015-01-31 09:20:02

There was a spate of announcements at No-one is watching O'Clock yesterday. But I was watching and so this podcast covers Worthington, Speymill, Sefton & Brokerman Dan and Afren. Moving on I look at legal and other silliness by companies including TXO and the Big Dave Lenigas vs Doc Holiday Stellar Resources affair.

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