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David Lenigas pot play – a shameless ramper doesn’t change his spots

Ok, so Horse Hill is now shown to have been a great big 100 billion barrel piss take. David Lenigas does not mind. He is no longer involved with any of the Horse Hill stable of related party companies he helped to create. He’s probably sold his shares. He’s almost certainly made millions of pounds and so he needs a new game,a new crock of shite to ramp. Step forward AfriAg (AFRI) on the NEX lobster pot and the tweet below.


Exclusive: David Lenigas run Afriag Global under formal investigation in South Africa

I have been shown emails which confirm that NEX Markets listed AIM refugee Afriag Global (AFRI), founded and run by David Lenigas is now under a formal investigation by South Africa's Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC). Given the allegations about Yusuf Kajee and Paul de Robillard, the key players in Afriag earlier today, the company and those involved are now likely to come under inense scrutiny from regulators in London.


Afriag Global – after-hours placing….or was it Doriemus?

NEX-lobster pot listed Afriag (AFRI) slipped out a 4.45pm placing announcement last night – a no-one-is-watching o’clock special, raising enough to keep the lights on but not much more. But there seems to have been a spot of confusion over which company was issuing the RNS. Was it Afriag or fellow David Lenigas company Doriemus (DOR) – also of the NEX province?

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