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Avanti to delist its AIM casino shares – shareholders lose 99%, founder makes close to £20m

I was once a believer as shares in the satellite company Avanti Communications (AVN) soared to 800p+. But I saw the light many moons ago. Today they languish at 0.5p as the company has announced that it is to delist from the AIM Casino. For six years this website has been warning about this disaster in waiting now we are 100% vindicated. Are there lessons to be learned? You bet....


Avanti Communications – “can look forward to a positive future”… other than some increased competition, falling capacity prices & debt issues etc!…

Avanti Communications (AVN) has announced results, with CEO Kyle Whitehill emphasising “we can look forward to a positive future. We have an enviable network of assets, demand in our coverage is growing and the actions taken in the last 12 months to re-focus the business and to bring in new commercial talent to the executive team should bring rewards in the near term”. The shares have responded… er, by remaining down at 1.625p…


Avanti - Calling all morons: back our bailout with more of your cash. PS We will probably still go bust anyway

How the bombastic Welsh prick David Williams, the former CEO of Avanti Communications (AVN) must be laughing today. Having sold millions of pounds worth of shares himself at almost £8 as he urged others to buy, pushing ramptastic broker notes out for everyone to see, the ruin he left is today fully exposed. But Williams has made £15 million from this wheeze so he's happy.

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