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Cloudcall – AGM trading update, just how deep the ‘V recovery’?

Cloudcall (CALL) CEO Simon Cleaver is “delighted to report that the deep-V recovery we saw in 2H 2020 has continued into 2021, with sales activity continuing to strengthen across all territories”. Why then a 73p share price, comparing to 115p reached earlier this year and approaching 200p in 2018?...


CloudCall – “a high degree of confidence that… on-track to meet its future goals”… so why the share price decline?

“CloudCall (AIM: CALL), a leading cloud-based software business that integrates communications technology with Customer Relationship Management platforms, announces the following trading update for the six months ended 30th June 2019”. Hmmm – despite late March-announced results including “it is encouraging to see early indications of the impact those investments will make in the future coming through towards the end of the year… pleased to report a strong start to 2019”, not ‘pleased to announce’?...

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