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Concha – keep the lights on placing (by Peterhouse) at the dead of night. Or was it broad daylight?

Last night it was announced at 4.43pm that AIM-listed investment company Concha (CHA) had raised gross proceeds of £420,000 in a keep the lights on placing at 0.35p. The company trumpets that it was at a discount of 8% to the close the previous day, which makes it seem good value, although the shares cratered from 0.57p at around 1pm on the day of the announcement. No insider dealing there, then. 


Concha - Stop bleating on Ve - you screwed up please no second helpings

Dear Chris Akers. Excuses are like arseholes. We all have them. And no-one cares. And that brings us to today's announcement from your company Concha (CHA) regarding its disastrous investment in failed unicorn Ve Interactive.
Despite there being stacks of red flags Concha invested c £4 million in Ve in a £1 billion valuation, a decision which we pointed out at the time was completely bonkers.


Oi Concha - Ve Interactive has gone bust where is the RNS?

Naughty naughty naughty. On Tuesday night Ve Interactive, the daft money guzzling new media start up into which Concha (CHA) unwisely invested on a £1 billion valuation went into administration and was at once bought ( one assumes for peanuts) by management and certain existing shareholders. Since Concha has not a lot of cash it is hard to see it being involved. But where is the statement? AIM Rules say something about timely disclosure yet we have had 24 hours with no RNS. Nope make that 36 hours...

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