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Defi here, Defi there, bloody Defi’s everywhere - more smoke and mirrors from Dispersion

The antics of the Mike Edwards/Jonathan Bixby gang at Aquis listed Dispersion Technologies (DEFI) have been well documented on this website. All sorts of scoundrels backed this in a heavily discounted pre-IPO round, the sort of scoundrels whose accounts at broker Pello ignore lockins and the smoke and mirrors continues today with news of an acquisition. The stench here is getting unbearable.


Dispersion Holdings Blimp Investment - this is so “2001 dotcom lunacy” can anyone explain it to me?

Maybe I am just a dinosaur. I wrote the same sort of articles back in 2001 asking why a start-up company with websites selling masturbating gnomes was suddenly worth £50 million. Of course clever young folks just said I was a dinosaur and that the world had all changed and I did not get it. These days it is NFTs and tokens. I have covered the tawdry Bixby/Edwards/Novum spivs enterprise Dispersion Holdings (DEFI) before but I challenge anyone to explain the business case of its latest investment.

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