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Dev Clever – shares suspended: Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind

It looks like its turkey twizzlers only for the morons owning this stock on this Christmas Eve.  As I have noted many times, Dev Clever (DEV) has been monstrously overvalued on fundamentals, promoted by ramping and worse. At 30p the company is valued at £180 million which for a loss-making entity, run from a lock up on an industrial estate and with half year sales of just £2.4 million is bonkers. But at least you could trade out of you wanted. You can’t now. The company says that it has asked the FCA for the suspension of trading in its shares. Just like you used to ask the headmaster to beat you for sinning at school. Whatever...


The stink at Dev Clever: what does “no later than 30 September 2021” mean to you?

On 12 April Dev Clever (DEV) a company already drowning in red flags exposed on this website announced the £54.75 million all share purchase of VLPL in India and we were told that “This acquisition of VLPL will be subject to the publication of an FCA approved prospectus by no later than 30 September 2021.  An additional 30 million ordinary shares will be granted to VLPL CEO, Ankur Aggarwal, as an earnout consideration subject to achieving key milestones.” Wind forward to 30 September and ...


Photo article: The industrial estate lockup HQ of a company capitalised at £221 million!

Welcome to Unit 1, Ninian Park, Ninian Way, Wilnecote, Tamworth B77 5ES. The global head quarters of a company losing money and capitalised at £221 million. That company is Dev Clever (DEV). Our past coverage suggests that there should be a forest of red flags flying around this building. There is not. But is it really plausible that this small lock up can be the HQ of a company which, with its shares at 36.5p, is capitalised at £221 million?

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