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Fancy an Investment in the Final Frontier? Put Your Telescope Up to Inmarsat

Hello Share Pals. I’ve been holding fire over the British space firm Inmarsat (ISAT) recently. And that’s not just because my more intelligent colleague Tom has been critical of my earlier commendations. It’s some time since Tom commented on Inmarsat, so I’m not sure he holds to his earlier critique which held that satellite communication was no longer the encouraging sector than it once was...


Malcolm Stacey misquotes me but is wrong about Inmarsat anyway - don't fight the tide

Malcolm Stacey is old enough to know about King Canute. In fact he is so old that he was there as a boy when the King sat in his chair on the beach and attempted to turn back the tide. Malcolm surely you remember the day as if it was yesterday? In which case why do you forget this valuable lesson when it comes to Inmarsat (ISAT) and your article today in which you misquote me and get it wrong in so many other ways.


This Share Has Got Life, Jim - but Not as Tom Knows it

Hello Share Puddlers. I’ve previously commended to you the outer space firm of Inmarsat (ISAT). It sends satellites up there to help with mobile phone signals in difficult places, like Everest. It also provides navigation for ships and planes.

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